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Chapter List 267 Sin City
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Sin City, after stepping into this leveling area, even the weather has changed. The sky was densely covered with dark clouds and drizzle, and from time to time there would be a muffled thunder.
    The whole city is in an evil black tone, shrouded in rain and fog, making the visual distance of gamers very close. The rustle of the drizzle and the muffled thunder from time to time challenge the hearing of gamers. In Glory, many crises after the self are discovered by hearing and experience.
    . Of course, the aggro range of these residents has long been researched by gamers, but the average players have to rely on the mouse to slide over the confirmed coordinates to grasp the distance. Ye Xiu could see clearly, Lord Grim stepped forward.
    After seeing the residents move two positions to the left at 9 o'clock, Ye Xiu quickly seized the opportunity to let Lord Grim Swift Run rush over.
    backwards leap!
    The residents at 11 o'clock suddenly stopped and turned and walked back. Ye Xiu hurriedly manipulated Lord Grim to connect two backward leaps in succession, spinning around the edge of the residents' aggro range.
    30 degrees to the right!
    After confirming the positions of the three residents again, Ye Xiu made the next judgment, and Lord Grim rushed in at an angle 30 degrees to the right.

    During the movement, the character's perspective was constantly changing, observing the actions of the three residents. If you react slightly, make adjustments immediately. Finally, at a turning point, Lord Grim passed through the three residents without alarming any of them.
    The process is a bit cumbersome, but at least it is much more time-saving than killing a resident to open the way.
    "Are you all here?" After entering the block, Ye Xiu opened the friend bar to greet Su Mucheng and Tang Rou.
    "Here." Two people answered one after another.
    "Try harder!" Ye Xiu just said so. The three of them didn't need to meet at all at this time, and instead they were stealing thieves from each other. Although teaming is also allowed in the rules, the points assigned to each person will be greatly reduced if the team is formed. Whether it is team efficiency or single-player efficiency, this Event has just started, and no one has come to a conclusion in practice. But Ye Xiu judging from his experience, teaming up is to simplify the battle. Although the gains are small, the frequency is high. So if a single player has sufficient combat effectiveness, it is more efficient than a team.
    There is no doubt that Ye Xiu has combat effectiveness. Not only him, Su Mucheng and Tang Rou are far more effective than ordinary players, and they have no need to form a team.

    After greeted the two of them with a "try harder", Ye Xiu gave Tang Rou who had just arrived here a few words to be careful about in Sin City, lest her experience is insufficient to meet with unexpected failure.
    "Listen carefully. Although there are a lot of noises here, the sound of monster attacks will not be completely concealed. You have to get used to hearing the sounds you need in these noises." Ye Xiu just sent Tang Rou the last one. message. This one is not just dealing with Sin City, but a content that should be mastered in game skills.
    "Understood." Tang Rou message replied. At this point, the two people are actually separated by a computer nothing more, but they have to listen to the sounds in the game, so there is no communication outside the game.
    But Chen Guo didn't care about this. At this time, he glanced at Tang Rou's screen and was immediately surprised: "How many levels are you, come to Sin City?"
    While talking, he looked back at Ye Xiu and was surprised again: "You too!"
    The result did not wait for Ye Xiu to answer! Chen Guo was already very excited, and his finger directly stuck on Ye Xiu's computer screen: "Thief!!!"
    "See it!" Ye Xiu reluctantly communicated with people outside the game.
    "Hurry up!"

    "I don't want to alarm the monster!" Ye Xiu said. He had already been eyeing the Christmas thief, but this guy was being attacked by two Sin City residents. At this time, the two residents would definitely be alarmed. Ye Xiu wanted to wait for a suitable opportunity.
    Of course Chen Guo also understood Ye Xiu's intentions, so she ignored the game on her side and helped Ye Xiu to stare at him.
    The Christmas thief seemed to feel safe, so he squatted motionless in his corner. The two Sin City residents who were faced with each other kept dangling and dangling.
    "Hey hey! Get started!" Chen Guo suddenly bumped Ye Xiu.
    "There is still a position left on the right!" Ye Xiu said.
    "No?" Chen Guo muttered.
    Move the Ye Xiu mouse up, and when you click on the Christmas thief, it shows the coordinates and personality of the Christmas thief. When you click on the resident on the right, it is naturally the coordinates and personality of the resident.
    And these two characters are not on the horizontal axis or the vertical axis, but they can't be seen at a glance. The Pythagorean theorem must be used to calculate the distance between the two.

    This is the reason why ordinary players do not have a good grasp of this distance. There are so many steps, and the Pythagorean theorem is still unclear in most cases. If it is in battle, how can there be time for you to calculate this? Even in the current situation where there is more time, Chen Guo knocked out the calculator to calculate. When she calculated it, she found that when she was still a distance away, the resident was no longer in the original position. And Ye Xiu is still waiting calmly for the opportunity.
    "If you consume it like this, why don't you go up and kill them all together? You have this strength, right?" Chen Guo said.
    "Don't worry." Ye Xiu was unmoved, as if he was confident that he would get a chance.
    "I see when you will wait!" Chen Guo was saying this. The two residents on the left and right of the Christmas thief on the screen had already stepped out simultaneously to the left and right, and Lord Grim picked up the weapon in his hand at this moment. The fire flashed, and a shot was fired.
    The speed of the bullet is naturally extremely fast. Chen Guo could not hear the sound of Ye Xiu in the game. He saw that the shot hit the Christmas thief's forehead. A cluster of blood was blooming. The Christmas thief jumped up and rushed towards Lord Grim. come.

    At this time, the two residents on the left and right have turned around and strolled back. However, the attack was over, and the shot exploded outside their aggro range. At this time they turned around, and within the scope of aggro saw the Christmas thief rushing towards Lord Grim, but this was not what they would care about.
    It's just that momentary opportunity, I actually grasped it, the calculation of the distance, the consideration of the speed of the bullet, I am afraid that all of these must be understood. Can you do it yourself? Although Ye Xiu has long been known to be an extraordinary expert, when witnessing such a scene, anyone will put himself in and take a measure(s) of himself.
    Chen Guo did this, but the result was a severe blow. As for how Ye Xiu killed the Christmas thief, she didn't want to see it. Because she watched Ye Xiu's battle directly from his screen, Chen Guo couldn't understand anything at all. She had known this for a long time.
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