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Chapter List 273 Contender's Will Of The Seventh Stage
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Level 50 requires completing Awakening Quest to learn the Ability, of course, it is absolutely impossible to appear in a 31-level character out of thin air. However, at this time, the pale golden light on Soft Mist's body, as well as the sudden increase in attack speed and strength, are definitely Battle Spirit undoubtedly.
    Battle Spirit allows Battle Mage to continuously evolve in battle and improve its combat state. And this kind of evolution is achieved by playing combo.
    When combo 10 times, attack speed increases by 0.5, movement speed increases by 2%, and Strength increases by 30.
    When combo is 20 times, the attack speed increases by 1, the movement speed increases by 4%, and the Strength increases by 50.
    When combo is 30 times, attack speed increases by 1.5, movement speed increases by 6%, and Strength increases by 70.
    By analogy, there are seven stages, and this Seventh Stsge is a leap from before.
    Seventh Stsge requires 120 combos, attack speed can be increased by 6, movement speed by 24%, and Strength by 260. Compared with Sixth Stage, both the combo requirement and the element improvement have doubled.
    What is the concept of element promotion?
    Increase the attack speed by 6, which is almost the speed difference between the slowest Greatsword and the faster Tachi.
    Movement speed increases by 24%, which is 4% more than the full-level ElementleBoss Chaser.

    As for Strength increased by 260, this one is even more terrifying. A Battle Mage, without equipment, without any Element book to promote Element, the Strength of 3.5 grows, and the Strength at max-level 70 is only 245.
    The Ghost Formation of Ghostblade, the increase in Strength is 150 points at full rank.
    The Fire Element Chaser of Battle Mage can increase Strength by 125 points at full rank.
    For the seventh-order Battle Spirit, the increase in Strength is really terrifying.
    Wind Following Sword is an experienced gamers. Soft Mist comes fast, attacks fast, attacks past, and your HP drops faster! He clearly Awareness to this is Battle Spirit, more clearly Awareness to this is Battle Spirit of Battle Spirit Seventh Stsge. That pale golden light is proof. Only Seventh Stsge's Battle Spirit, the light can wrap the whole body so conspicuously, it is twice as bright as before, and it is easy to distinguish.
    The Battle Spirit of Seventh Stsge is terrible, but in fact it is basically impossible to appear in PK. 120 combos, all of these must be greeted to Wind Following Sword, he died early, where is he waiting for this seventh-order Battle Spirit?

    Seventh Stsge can basically only be achieved by quickly accumulating combo stages when there are multiple attack targets in such a melee. And Soft Mist, using the monsters who besieged her at this time, just accumulated the number of combo to 120 times, reached Seventh Stsge's Battle Spirit, and then launched an attack on Wind Following Sword with this state.
    As for where this Battle Spirit came from, Wind Following Sword will not be too strange.
    Event, it is this Christmas Event.
    The items obtained from the Christmas thief, equipment, potions, or anything, can be used by gamers, and after use, they can no longer be used to exchange gift packages with Santa Claus. These things are not tradable, non-discardable, and there will be no money when they are thrown to the system store, and they will be recovered by the system immediately after the Event ends.
    Obviously, sane gamers will not be quick at this moment, but this Soft Mist is obviously forced by the situation and used the same item that it had seized from the Christmas thief.
    With Ability scroll!

    The function of the attached Ability scroll is to attach a certain Ability to the equipment to improve the level of the equipment. Attach it once to increase the level of the Ability by 1, and attach it twice to get 2. The promotion of this level is not affected by the highest level*** of the Ability in the Skill Tree. In other words, originally using skill points to learn Ability that can only be upgraded to level 10, with the Ability scroll enchanting equipment, you can increase the level of Ability to 11, 12 or even 13.
    However, don't even think of endless promotion. Although this attached Ability scroll can always be obtained, the number of enchantments for equipment is limited.
    And it should be noted that that is the level of Ability to be promoted, which must have been learned by the character on the Skill Tree. If it is an Ability that has not been learned, then only when the enchantment is on the weapon, the Ability can be displayed in the form of level one.
    These settings are described in detail in every description attached to the Ability scroll. And Tang Rou enchanted a copy of the Ability scroll of Battle Spirit to the Scarlet Moon Lance of Soft Mist. Therefore, the 31st level will possess the iconic Ability of Battle Mage: Battle Spirit, which can only be learned at level 50 under normal circumstances.

    Moreover, the Christmas Event Ability, the system is very generous. On this scroll post, Soft Mist directly obtains the highest-level Battle Spirit. Obviously, it is just a temporary Event, and the game party is not afraid of disturbing the order of the game. They are so generous, just want the rookie gamers of the new server to have the opportunity to experience the combat style of high-level Ability in person, so as to consolidate their motivation to continue the game.
    Such considerations really helped Tang Rou a lot.
    To be honest, Tang Rou does not fully understand the settings. But Battle Spirit, the iconic Ability of Battle Mage, she often heard Chen Guo talk about, and it was quite clear. At this time, I saw such a scroll in the package, and the introduction said that it can be used by attaching it to the weapon, and I immediately used it without hesitation.
    In fact, under normal circumstances, with such a scroll post, Soft Mist only has a first-order Battle Spirit, which can only play the first stage buff form when it is 10 combo. It's just that at that stage, it can't play the role of heaven-defying at all.
    However, in the accidental setting of this Event, a Battle Spirit with a full order makes Soft Mist's strength explode.
    At level 31, there was a sudden increase of 260 Strength, which was far more terrifying than the increase at level 50 at level 70. Because the proportions are completely different.

    Wind Following Sword was quite quick to understand at this time, but unfortunately it was already too late. Although his experience is rich, Event is accidental after all, and the situation brought about by this accident is not part of his experience.
    Circle Swing was thrown down, Wind Following Sword was crushed to the ground, and HP continued to drop. This was only the fourth Ability that Soft Mist attacked on him, but his HP was only a little more than one-third left.
    Suddenly, the attack after 260 points of Strength increased, for him who was only 34, it was really unbearable.
    Wind Following Sword took a medicine quickly, but he didn't give up so easily. The seventh-order Battle Spirit is indeed terrible, but the Battle Spirit is by no means without flaws.
    Battle Spirit is a PaBoss ive Ability, there is no Ability Cooldown, and no duration. When Battle Mage learns this Ability, it will always have the characteristic of winning more and more victories through combo in battle. However, this buff is also variable.
    The stage statistics of Battle Spirit are based on combo. The combo is usually staged, and this statistics is naturally given to the character buff Element by the staged combo number.

    For the moment, Tang Rou's Soft Mist obtained a combo of 120 from the monster, which is naturally the status of Seventh Stsge. If she stops attacking immediately, her Element will remain in Seventh Stsge's state, and will never disappear.
    And when she attacked again, the character started fighting with the Seventh Stsge state, but from this attack, Battle Spirit also started a new combo statistics. If this time the combo is stopped at 10, then the Battle Spirit of Seventh Stsge will disappear and will be replaced by the Battle Spirit of First Stage.
    In other words, if you want to keep Seventh Stsge's fighting spirit at the end, then every character attack must end with a combo of 120 or more. Otherwise, the end of an attack will also be the end of Seventh Stsge Battle Spirit.
    Soft Mist rushed to Wind Following Sword and had given him four Ability attacks. All of them were successfully connected and were within the system's combo judgment. At this time, of course she still maintained Seventh Stsge's Battle Spirit, but as long as her combo was interrupted , Then Seventh Stsge’s Battle Spirit will immediately disappear. This point, Wind Following Sword is even clearer than Tang Rou.
    So, as long as you can dodge an attack, or an Interrupt attack...
    The red light flashed.

    While Wind Following Sword was still making his wishful thinking, an On the Ground attack by Soft Mist had already whipping on him. It was the forced fall of Circle Swing just now, and it cannot be rolled away with Quick Recover utilize. At this time, Wind Following Sword was about to flip it up, but unexpectedly the spear came so fast, it knocked him down again.
    Wind Following Sword suddenly panicked.
    On utilize, he was inferior to the other party. At this time, the opponent has Seventh Stsge's Battle Spirit, plus 6 attack speed, plus 24% movement speed, and the movement bonus given by her ElementleBoss Chaser. How can I avoid her attack?
    Just thinking of Chaser without belonging, an ElementleBoss Chaser on Soft Mist followed the On the Ground attack just now and caught Wind Following Sword's head. Fortunately, the Chaser attack is a magic spell(s) damage. The Strength of 260 points has nothing to do with it, and the damage is still normal. However, in this Chaser attack, Wind Following Sword, which exploded to the ground, flicked, and Soft Mist flicked the spear. A Sky Strike came early and picked him up in the air.

    "Can't hID e!" Wind Following Sword was really crying now. The Ability of Soft Mist just came again, plus the most fierce Falling Flower Palm, this time I promise to be dead! It's just that... In order to kill him at this time, Soft Mist ignored the monsters who rushed to attack her. This time, it is very likely that both sides suffer!
    Wind Following Sword knows that relying on oneself is impossible to turn around a hopeless situation, but there is still a little hope in my heart.
    Will there be? Wind Following Sword was thinking like this, and suddenly saw something like a stone rolling onto the soles of Soft Mist's feet.
    Wind Following Sword's heart suddenly burst into ecstasy. He tried to turn his perspective in mid-air, and immediately saw that one of the outstretched hands was retracting on one of the eaves.
    With a "bang", Grenade at the feet of Soft Mist has exploded, and the shock wave that was set off suddenly lifted her aside. Although there was a Quick Recover utilize hurriedly and did not fall to the ground, the Battle Spirit of Seventh Stsge of Soft Mist completely disappeared at this time.
    "Hahaha, beauty, the online game is not played alone!" Wind Following Sword laughed triumphantly.
    Tang Rou felt miserable. She had already seen one person appear on the roof over there, and at the far end of the street, more than one person came. She knew that at this time, she really had no chance.
    "You are quite right."

    At this moment, Tang Rou suddenly heard another voice in his ears. This voice is so close, it's as close as if it's a body, it's a real body...
    The first one! It rained heavily yesterday, and today is cloudless, the weather! You are shameless...
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