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Chapter List 276 Fight To The End
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Tang Rou and Su Mucheng worked together to clean up the monsters and Christmas thiefs, who were more than a dozen leapfrog residents. Among them, Tang Rou is still the main force of damage. With the Soft Mist of the full-level Battle Spirit, the attack power displayed is naturally unmatched by the Launcher Cleansing Mist of the same level.
    The monster was wiped out, killed the Christmas thief and recovered the stolen gift. Tang Rou controlled Soft Mist and chased Wind Following Sword.
    It's another Seventh Stsge's Battle Spirit, plus ElementleBoss Chaser's movement speed blessing, Soft Mist's movement speed at this time is 30% faster than normal! The sword aura was still twisting and twisting there, and was quickly caught up by the Soft Mist, which was rushing up straight in a straight line.
    Sword Aura believed oneself infallible and regarded Ye Qiu's Lord Grim as a great enemy. As a result, Lord Grim just dumped four monsters and came to play with him nothing more. What really troubled him at this time was Tang Rou who had been calculated by him before.
    Chi Mang together!
    Sword aura means it's too late to hide when I see it.
    Scarlet Moon Lance sent a Sky Strike. Sword Aura's Knock-up stood up, his body even turned and looked behind him.
    Scarlet Moon Lance "swizzled" back, but after that, he got through more forcefully, stabbed him in the chest, flicked Sword Aura's finger, and threw him to the ground.

    The direction is also very particular. Tang Rou gains wisdom from a ditch and pays attention to whether it will attract monster's aggro when attacking. This Circle Swing was clean and neat, and the shock wave did not hurt the resident monster who was chasing Sword Aura at all.
    Sword Aura was hit by the spear and fell to the ground, but the four resident monsters took the opportunity to be surrounded by them, and they were not polite at all. Moreover, the move combo and means of attack are not emphasized at all. When pointed or stepped on or pressed against the sword aura on the ground, the system judges that this is called an On the Ground attack.
    What sword aura pointed to was as if it was being eaten by a hungry wolf, and was immediately surrounded to death by these four, with only his head exposed outside, looking very weak.
    The sword aura pointed to struggling to swing a sword, split a monster, and a Roll got up. Just for a while, his HP has been bullied by four monsters by half. But before he could catch his breath, Soft Mist's spear rushed in front of him again. But this time Sword Aura was prepared, but jumped past. But Tang Rou wouldn't give up, one blow was like one blow, and the four residents monsters seemed to Tang Rou at this time to keep on the right side of everyone, and help her clean up this guy together.
    Sword aura looked at the HP and was raided one by one, and then can't beat, fleeing but nowhere to escape. The angle of view turned left and right, hoping to come to a flying fairy to save him.

    As a result, there seemed to be a real bang in the sky above. Sword aura pointed to a glance up, and there was someone on the roof opposite, but it was not his brother, it was Cleaning Mist.
    His Spitfire brother, was blasted back to the street twice, but chip away at a task and not abandon it, Aerial Fire jumped up again. The result was worse this time than the previous two. This flew, fell, and just turned around, I saw the muzzle of the black hole directly on my face, and I kissed it directly with an artillery shell, and even pushed and exploded. Spitfire went down before his feet were stable. . And this time Su Mucheng didn't need to pay attention to the others anymore, standing on the roof of the house intently and killing this guy.
    1 v 1, with gamers on one side and Pro-player on the other, the ending is not difficult to imagine.
    On Ye Xiu's side, Lord Grim stepped forward, but took the initiative to stop a few gamers who came to support on the other side of the street.
    Of course, these people are also Excellent Dynasty's Experts, and they also know that Lord Grim is great, but they don't know that this is Ye Qiu at all. If they knew that Lord Grim was so powerful, they would definitely not come to die at this time.

    How big is the difference in strength between Pro-player and ordinary players? Because everyone has different levels, it is not easy to come up with an accurate answer. However, in the promotion of each Club and each Team or some events, there will be Pro-player performances from time to time, inviting ordinary players to play a few hands, one by one, and that is not a matter of question.
    At this time, there were five Excellent Dynasty gamers rushing in. On the other side were the top Great God characters in Pro-player. There was really no suspense in this battle.
    However, these five people don't know that they only regard Lord Grim as powerful, so they are very careful with more enemies and less. They never thought that the difference in strength between the two sides is so large that they can no longer negate by being cautious.
    In the middle of the street, Ye Xiu took the initiative to attack with 1 v 5. Lord Grim Swift Run rushed forward, and the long range ClaBoss over there began to attack and sniper, but Ye Xiu easily utilized negate. The approaching speed was beyond the expectations of the five. Melee ClaBoss hurriedly prepared to make a move. Lord Grim released a Sword Draw earlier.
    Sword aura swept across, and manipulated the character like Ye Xiu to skip Sword Draw. You need to be fast with your hands, and with accurate eyes. You can't do it just by anyone. Even in the Awareness of ordinary players, jumping is not a means to escape Sword Draw at all. Their most commonly used technique is withdrawal.

    Although backwards leap is also a jump, it is actually used as a retreat. At this time, the few people wanted to use this method to hide the sword, and their reaction was not too slow, but their calculations were not as sophisticated as Ye Xiu.
    Ye Xiu’s Sword Draw had long ago calculated that their response was backwards leap. So the distance of this sword is just right. Using the technique of backwards leap, it is a little bit worse. However, most people couldn't tell this slight gap at all. Several people thought they could avoid it, but in the end they were all hit. Swept by sword aura in backwards leap, this jump seems to have jumped farther.
    Those who can appear in Sin City at this time are by no means the weak. Several people have been cut off, but the Quick Recover utilize is all done very beautifully. After landing, they have already got up.
    As a result, in the next second, they saw their bodies being flooded with blue light and rising into the sky, and their bodies drifted into the air with the light.
    Rising Emblem!
    When Awareness arrives, look at the Lord Grim in the perspective over there. It's not moving at all. It's obviously just a Shadow Clone, but what about the real body?

    The real body is of course under them. At this time, they are raising the weapon, "banging" two shots in succession. Following the weapon, it turned into a Battle Lance, and another person flew with a poke. Turning around, waving his arm, the ear-splitting voice is Bengfei again. Turning around again, Battle Lance threw it down, but it changed back to Gun Form, with three "boom booms", an Anti-Tank MiBoss ile Ability, and three artillery shells pushed out another one.
    In just the time of Rising Emblem Knock-up, Ye Xiu completed four attacks to utilize, from the top and the bottom to accurately attack the four people, the brothers who were still together, suddenly flew towards collapse and fall apart. Quartet. The only one who fell back to the original place peacefully was a long range ClaBoss who was beaten by Lord Grim.
    The four who landed have repeated the previous story pointed to by Sword Aura. Surrounded by the residents of Sin City, they were spotted by the monster at once, and there was more than one attendant.
    For a while, should I take care of my fellow first, or should I go to rescue the remote who was about to be killed, or should I go to rescue the dying Sword Aura?
    Choose! What a difficult choice! But they didn't struggle for long, because Tang Rou took the lead to eliminate an option for them.

    What sword aura refers to, to be honest, really needs 1 v 1. With his experience and more skillful skills, he may not lose to Tang Rou, who is just a quick utility.
    It's a pity that he has too many eyes and must play that trick. Now Ye Xiu An eye for an eye, I am ridden by a monster; Tang Rou is also forced to use a stolen gift by him. At this time, Soft Mist had Battle Spirit, and the attack was fast and fierce. Even what the duel sword aura pointed out was no longer able to deal with it, let alone with four assistants.
    Sword aura refers to thinking.
    He had made this determination before, but it turned out to be misspelled. This time he made up his mind again, and his momentum had already withered a little, and he tried hard, but unsurprisingly, he was desperate to death.
    The meaning of the five people who came to the sword pointed to by sword aura is completely gone. I quickly wanted to save the guy who was being beaten by Lord Grim and escape, but it was easy to come, but it was extremely difficult to leave at this time.
    Tang Rou has cleaned up what the sword aura pointed out, and Su Mucheng live high and look down in the end also killed the Spitfire. At this time, it was three-to-five, and there was no suspense left to the opponent.
    In a moment, the opponent's Number One Player had fallen.
    Then, the second person, the third person...

    What sword aura refers to is dead. In the end, none of the brothers he recruited survived. On the street in the drizzle, Soft Mist stood stubbornly as before. She stood at the end because there were two more partners beside her.
    "Rough, really ruthless!!" Chen Guo in the end, who witnessed the whole process, commented. Not only the culprit, but even the possible accomplices were killed clean in the end, and it was completely overwhelmed. This PK was extremely comfortable to watch.
    Chen Guo was very excited. It was a pity that the Launcher on the screen was not herself. She was already a little yearning for the scene of fighting side by side with Ye Xiu and Tang Rou.
    What about these two people? Such a wonderful battle, must be very excited at this time?
    Chen Guo looked at the right, and it turned out that Ye Xiu's expression was extremely calm. No, it's not even calm, it's simply a lack of energy. This guy crouched as if he was about to lie down on the table. He was not Spirit at all, he was useless, and it made people look so angry.
    "It's okay, continue questing!" Ye Xiu said.
    "Oh!!" Tang Rou responded.
    Finished? That's it? ? ?

    Chen Guo couldn't believe it. After such a PK ended, he didn't even have any communication, so he went to the quest calmly? This is about to change oneself, such a battle of ups and downs in the end but seize total victory, enough to chat with partners excitedly for a week.
    ***It's starting, the first one!
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