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Chapter List 289 Cooperation
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Not only Blue River came to the message, but the people from the three Great Guilds came to the message, Cold Night, Plantago Seed, and those who knew the identity of Lord Grim were colloquially known as Great God. In addition, there is Hazy Mist from Misty Castle, plus some other Guilds who come to test their mouths, as if they were not among the Guilds of Christmas thieves who greeted Ye Xiu to gather.
    "It depends." Ye Xiu replied to everyone with these three words.
    "Great God, it's not profitable for both of us to consume it like this!" Blue River replied. He had left manpower under the clock tower before, and finally witnessed Ye Xiu. They only had three characters. Many stolen gifts could not be taken away in the end. They were spawned by the system, which was really sad.
    Blue River and their veterans calculated from the points on the Christmas hunter list, and estimated the profits of the top two or three after this wave of large-scale monster gatherings. They found that this approach did not make them much gain. Benefits, but it was a big blow to other people like them. Everyone was worried about Lord Grim's repeated tossing like this. He was cheering after seeing him Offline before, but he didn't expect to come back in half an hour, so he had to come and find out.
    Collaborate with Lord Grim?

    It's not that no one has had such an idea. With this method of Lord Grim, it is quite possible to suppress other Guilds. By then, as long as the people of their own Guild can be on the same team with him, they can naturally guarantee the income, and the Christmas gift package will not be wasted.
    It's just that, after all, the scene of this monster gathering is quite big, and it is impossible for the gods and monsters to know it. Once exposed, they will definitely be attacked by other Guild groups. At that time, it is very likely that using a wicker basket to draw water will be empty, the leaderboard will not be impressive, and it will be a lot of losses to be beaten by many Guilds.
    After weighing and weighing in this way, Guild in the end, who had this intention, dispelled such thoughts. In the end, I came to test my breath. I just hope that Lord Grim will stop gathering blame like this, and everyone will develop peacefully and seek common interests. We don't ask for ranking, but at least don't make such moves to compress everyone's resources.
    Not only Blue River was the only one who made this persuasion, but others were also there to help analyze the pros and cons. At this moment, everyone was really like a friend.
    Ye Xiu could see it more clearly than they did. Speaking of these Guilds, they also suffered from unwarranted disasters. Originally, they didn't mean to deal with Lord Grim at all. Competing for leaderboard? Excellent Dynasty occupied 1 to 15 places, and after Guild leaderboard was far ahead, Guild already understood Excellent Dynasty’s investment in tenth server, and no one wanted to care too much about this temporary leaderboard.

    Only Excellent Dynasty cares about itself, and only Excellent Dynasty is unhappy after seeing Lord Grim's rocket-like usurp speed, so he dispatched Sword Aura and put Spinning SpID erweb Formation to deal with Lord Grim.
    As a result, the formation was broken, and Ye Xiu didn't want to continue entangled with them like this, and went straight to the Ultimate Skill. Although I didn't make a profit, Excellent Dynasty was injured unclearly. The loss of the top three seats has made them hate to death. What Chen Yehui didn't know was that Ye Xiu revealed the whole story to the Guilds, and many Guilds were immediately angry.
    If they dare to love them, they will be implicated by Excellent Dynasty, and they will act as substitutes together.
    Knowing this will not make the Guilds feel good about Lord Grim, but they hate one more object.
    Excellent Dynasty!
    Looking at this Guild dominating the Christmas Hunter list, it was quite uncomfortable. At this time, when I understood the whole story, many guild leaders immediately went to customize their business cards again.
    At this time, Ye Xiu took the initiative to put forward a suggestion.
    However, Ye Xiu's proposal for cooperation basically dispelled the concerns of Great Guilds before.

    Great Guilds wanted to cooperate with Lord Grim alone, so naturally they were afraid of being attacked by the group. But Ye Xiu means that everyone works together, just to exclude the Excellent Dynasty and others who like to make trouble.
    This suggestion is really to be together from the first beat. After several Guilds discussed contact with each other, they also found it very useful.
    The only thing that is more tangled is the distribution of stolen gifts.
    The points that kill the Christmas thief will be equally distributed to everyone in the group. But this stolen gift was picked up by ***. In this way, whoever picks up more and who picks up less will most likely result in disputes in the end. After all, this is not a Guild, but several, and everyone is actually competing opponent. Even if they want to cooperate, they still cannot trust each other.
    This problem has become the biggest obstacle at the moment. The heads of several Guilds have never said a way to convince everyone.
    "It's your luck!" In the end, Ye Xiu made a suggestion, "Anyway, everyone is in the same group, and they can't damage each other. Pick things, it's up to whoever is quick!"
    This is tantamount to an approach that hasn't said anything, but it is the most recognized approach right now. If this is the case, if you choose less, then you will only blame yourself for your slowness, and you can't blame the others.

    After the plan was finally established, the Group immediately began to form.
    Glory has a maximum of ten people in a team, and a maximum of ten teams in a Group, that is to say, a Group can accommodate up to 100 people.
    At present, there are as many as 12 Guilds participating in the cooperation. In the end, each Guild has eight people, scattered in 10 teams, plus Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng and Soft Mist, for a total of 99 people.
    Of course, the number of gamers owned by each Guild is more than that. It's just that the group has a limited number of people, so it can only be so. Focusing on points and experience can help them train an elite team with a more advanced level. So the 8 people who participated are all the top ones in their respective Guilds.
    Excellent Dynasty Guild conducted a crowded Tactic on the tenth server. Other Guilds did not want to make such a desperate move, and they were slightly inferior to the Excellent Dynasty. And the countermeasure they can take is to take the elite line.
    Excellent Dynasty Guild has more experts, and they can try to accompany a team, the most elite team. After all, dungeon's record score is enough for one team.
    The current cooperation is just to give them an opportunity to cultivate an elite team.

    If this cooperation goes smoothly, everyone's profits may not really be so great, but the key is that this cooperation will greatly weaken those Guilds who are kicked out of the game, and Excellent Dynasty happens to be one of them. After the increase, Excellent Dynasty will get less experience in the Event, and the level will be widened. Their population advantage will be subject to a lot of constraints in the face of the level advantage of the Guild elite teams.
    Without further ado, after the plan was finalized, the huge 99-person Group immediately began to act, and gamers began to disperse toward Sin City in all directions. The plan also started from finding strangers.
    As for the Lord Grim of Ye Xiu, Tang Rou's Soft Mist and Su Mucheng's Cleaning Mist are next to his side at this time, but there is no action for the time being.
    Not quite, the Guild gamers who rushed out have already had a few flips, but behind them all followed a Christmas thief.
    Ye Xiu manipulates Lord Grim to meet and attack!
    One after another, the aggro of the Christmas thief was quickly transferred to Lord Grim. Because they are all members of the same Group, no matter who the Christmas thief's aggro is on, it will not affect its ownership. Group means one, so in the group, the aggro of the Christmas thief will still be transferred. If you want to grab aggro, one does not fight, the other fights, and you will soon be able to take it.

    After several gamers brought the Christmas thief and left, Ye Xiu left a few Christmas thief without much effort, but then didn't stand there and started to walk around.
    Then the Christmas thief with a steady flow, either he would pick it up, or someone would send it off, in the end, it was constantly concentrated behind him.
    The train started again, and this time, the cars picked up faster, because this time Ye Xiu has more than 90 marketing assistants.
    "This guy is starting again!" Chen Yehui didn't know he was inside, but he was immediately annoyed when he heard a report from his subordinates that Lord Grim had started the train again.
    "Stop him anyway." Chen Yehui gave instructions.
    Excellent Dynasty's gamers head and face filthy with grime went to execute again. At a certain street, a team of gamers intercepted Lord Grim. Just as they were about to move forward, a Laser Rifle had already blasted at them. Su Mucheng's hands are faster than them.
    Tang Rou's Soft Mist also rushed forward with a spear, and the speed of the movement shocked all gamers. Battle Spirit, in the next 20 hours of this Christmas Event, Soft Mist will always have this Ability.

    Excellent Dynasty is also an expert, and I can always get entangled with Tang Rou. However, if such a high-level Ability that shouldn't have appeared here, who would dare to fight for it? As for Cleansing Mist, gamers expert and Pro-player, these nine words are enough to explain everything.
    The interception of a small group of men and horses easily broke a gap.
    Several people were still catching up, so they saw a scene that made them a little confused.
    Behind the road ahead, a gamer from the Tyrannical Ambition Guild passed by with a Christmas thief, and Lord Grim went up a few times and actually snatched the Christmas thief's aggro.
    The Christmas thief belongs to the First strike. This will happen. There is only one possibility: Lord Grim and Tyrannical Ambition's gamers are on the same team.
    This message was quickly teleported to Chen Yehui. Chen Yehui was taken aback and immediately understood what was going on: "Tyrannical Ambition actually cooperated with Ye Qiu?"
    Ye Qiu is the person of Chen Yehui disgusting, and so is Tyrannical Ambition. Don’t forget that Chen Yehui is still a member of Excellent Era, the guild leader of Excellent Dynasty Guild, the most disgusting Team, the most disgusting Guild, of course Tyranny and Tyrannical Ambition.
    Now two disgusting guys actually cooperate, disgusting plus disgusting, that is twice as disgusting.

    "Tyrannical Ambition dared to cooperate with Lord Grim, huh, this act recklessly thing." Chen Yehui sneered. He felt that Guild, who was cooperating with Lord Grim at this time, would be the target of a multitude of arrows, and this just gave himself an opportunity to unite everyone to sanction Lord Grim.
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