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Chapter List 298 Can Buy Out
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Tyrannical Ambition studied the dungeon guide by himself, and Ye Xiu was not too surprised. With this kind of mental reminder, no matter how much ability you have, I'm afraid anyone wants to try it. After all, one side is ***, on the other side, it takes a lot of materials in exchange for it.
    Not only Tyrannical Ambition, but Misty Castle, when he actively promoted to Hazy Mist, that guy also vaguely said haha, meaning it was nothing more than temporarily not needed.
    Ye Xiu knows it well, but doesn't break it. Even if the two study the guide spontaneously, it will only reduce his customers nothing more, but will not compete with him.
    After all, this is a secret weapon for fighting for dungeon records. If there is no time to hide it, it will definitely not be shared with other Guilds. Wouldn't it be that you can't live with yourself and create yourself a rival?
    Two Guilds who have bought Ye Xiu guides have rejected Ye Xiu's new guides. Ye Xiu also not to accept as correct, so he chose the third Guild calmly.
    "Is there another dungeon guide?" Blue River replied immediately after receiving the message from Lord Grim.
    "Yeah, you missed it last time, this time you have to seize the opportunity!" Ye Xiu said.
    "Last time Line Canyon, Misty Castle's record, was it because of the guide?" Blue River asked.

    "of course."
    "How to sell!" Blue River said decisively.
    A list of materials was immediately before his eyes.
    Blue River quickly scanned it and replied: "This...not what I said. I am afraid that there is no Guild in the tenth server that can rely on its own Strength to come up with this list."
    In this list, everything below the Line Canyon dungeon is no longer seen, all of which are rare materials of the Raging Flames forest dungeon. However, it hasn't been two days since the Guild of Raging Flames Forest has brushed it, and the material hasn't been brushed much.
    "It doesn't matter, it's not the first time we have dealt with each other, can we still be trusted?" Ye Xiu replied, the implication of course is: you can give it again.
    Believing in Blue River so much, of course, is not just because of the reputation of Blue Brook Guild. When the dungeon record was sold last time, Blue River gave up the dungeon record of Line Canyon that could have been obtained because of an agreement with Tyrannical Ambition. Obviously, this is a principled person. Even when his own Guild needed records to restore his reputation, he did not use the excuse of "not bother about trifles" to break his trust. Is there any reason not to trust such a person?
    "Okay, since you can rest assured, that's okay, as long as there are enough materials, I will give it to you immediately, and I will give you a guide." Blue River replied.
    "Give me an email, I will send you."

    After Blue River sent an email address, he then asked: "Can you ask, how many Guilds have been sold in this guide?"
    Blue River is obviously also a sensible person, and has not been naive. The value and purpose of this guide's existence were all sorted out last time. In any case, there is no reason to sell only one Guild. In fact, this guide will not be a guarantee for getting records, but just a ticket that is eligible to compete for records. In essence, the tenth server dungeon record is controlled by Lord Grim again, but Blue River already knows the identity of Lord Grim, he is convinced, and he has nothing to say.
    "Currently only your family." Ye Xiu replied.
    "Oh? Then... is it possible for us to buy out exclusively?" Although Blue River thought it was unlikely, he couldn't help but want to say it. This guide is sold out. There may be more than a dozen Guilds with Club background who will make a move. Other player formed Guilds may not be out of ideas. Buyout? It may cost ten times or twenty times the price. If any Guild is really required to bear it, then there is some the gains do not make up for the losses.
    " out..." Ye Xiu was also vague.
    "I'm going to receive emails." Blue River looked at it and thought it should be interesting, and immediately said nothing.

    Unexpectedly, after a while, Lord Grim sent another message and a new list: "If you buy out, this price."
    Blue River was taken aback, and then quickly looked around, only to find that the buyout price he had thought would never be achieved, but it seemed that it was not that difficult. Compared with the previous list, this buyout price seems to be just an addition to something. If it is in terms of value, there is nothing more than ten times or twenty times. It is almost twice as much as nothing more.
    Such an advantage was beyond Blue River's expectations. "Impossible?" Blue River murmured while trying to pull the scroll bar, but it turned out that there were only so many, and there was no follow-up.
    "Is there another message?" Blue River thought. After waiting for a while, the message flashed up. Blue River was relieved to take a look, but Lord Grim said: "How?"
    "That's it?" Blue River couldn't help but replied.
    Blue River hesitated. Not because of the high price, but because of the low price... the world is difficult! When the price is high, I can’t bear it and can’t afford it; when the price is low, I have to wonder whether the pie falling from the sky is poisonous. Although the other party gave him a high degree of trust before, Blue River is also very similar to toss a peach, get back a plum. But as a length of time, he has to market for Guild, he is not manipulating his personal interests, he needs reason, not act impetuously.

    "This...can I think about it?" Blue River replied.
    "Oh? How long?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "Is it all right for one day?" Blue River asked.
    "Okay!" Ye Xiu replied with a smile.
    How could he not know Blue River's mind? If you buy out, then you have to look at the value of this guide. Blue River will probably use this guide as an experiment right away, especially in the early morning, after the dungeon times are spawned, the actual combat will be performed on the tenth server. If it can really get a record of come first in triennial palace examinations, then come back then. , The buyout is not the guide, but the record.
    Can the guide help Blue Brook Guild come first in triennial palace examinations?
    Ye Xiu can't say this. After all, Tyrannical Ambition and Misty Castle have already mastered their ideas and started creating their own guides. Ye Xiu doesn't know what they will make. However, there is one thing he is absolutely confident: the guide made by Tyrannical Ambition and Misty Castle, in any case, can only be of the same level as his guide, and it is impossible to surpass it, because Ye Xiu believes that he has achieved extreme.
    There is no extreme battle between people, because people will improve and change.
    However, the system of dungeon, even if there is some randomness, is within a fixed range, and the limit is absolutely there. As long as the limit is reached, there is no fear that the other party will surpass it.

    Just wait for the early morning. Ye Xiu thought to himself, and then continued to play his game.
    The dungeon in Sin City has finished studying and brushing three times. From level 31 to 38, he naturally has to do those quests that reward Element and Skill Book, so he is also like Tang Rou, while flipping through the guide. It took one day to toss these quests.
    This sitting was another day without moving, and it was considered as leaving at dinner. Did not rest after the night, and continued to struggle. Chen Guo wondered if he could finish the night shift soberly without sleeping during the day. After getting the assurance from Ye Xiu, he ignored it.
    In the evening, Qiao Yifan is here with One Inch Ash to go online. Looking at the level of Great God and others, naturally, it has also greatly coughed up blood. Ye Xiu asked, and it turned out that Tiny Herb also had a collective event on the two days of Christmas. A small character like Qiao Yifan, how dare to lie and claim a ***Event like Su Mucheng did, but the result was that he didn't come online for two days.
    Christmas Event Qiao Yifan knows that such events are rewarded with great rewards. He also estimated that he might fall behind a little Level again, but he didn't expect to fall behind so much. At this time, I was remorseful. I knew it was so. It's better to hand over the account to the power leveling and then help out.

    Now, he doesn't even have level 31, and he is still at level 30. Great God is already level 38, and it is obviously difficult for the two sides to have an intersection. The Steamed Bun Invasion together is still at this level, but Qiao Yifan came to the tenth server for the Great God. What's the difference with Steamed Bun Invasion?
    Power leveling, only to find power leveling again.
    Qiao Yifan sighed, but he was helpless. On his own, he was completely powerless to recover the Level. He had to go to the professional power leveling.
    So Qiao Yifan didn't play much this night. After greeted with Great God in a hurry, he went Offline, contacted for power leveling immediately, and handed in the account card overnight.
    In a blink of an eye, midnight arrived again, and the gates of the dungeons in the leveling areas of the game began to be filled with gamers. These people who come to play dungeon as soon as they hit midnight dungeon are undoubtedly the most diligent gamers in the game.
    At this time, Ye Xiu had already sat in his duty position again. Tang Rou was still sitting in her exclusive position with Chen Guo, but Chen Guo went to rest before eleven o'clock. Everything is the same as before, without any changes.
    "Do you want to brush dungeon?" Tang Rou came to the message and asked. She had been clearing quests all day, and her head was about to explode.
    "Let's go!" Ye Xiu said.

    This time, it was not just the two of them. Su Mucheng was already online at night and was always clearing quests. She still had dungeon times before, but she didn't bother to go for one. At present, on the Sin City side of the tenth server, they are all the elites of the Great Guilds. They all have a fixed team, and the wild team does not exist in this place. At this time, Ye Xiu and the three of them passed by, and they could only form a team of three. However, at the door of dungeon, I saw a lot of familiar IDs. They were all the guys who had spent the Christmas quest together.
    Greet each other casually, lukewarm, and each enters its own dungeon.
    Three people are certainly not as efficient as five people, but it is certainly not difficult. Just talk a few words if you need to, and silently utilize when you have no words. The three of them *** all the way. Seeing that it is almost 12:30, they are still too early to penetrate the dungeon, but if it is a five-man team, especially for the dungeon record For the five-man team, this time is almost the same. Ye Xiu started to pay attention to the channel message, but until 12:40, no new dungeon record was born. Ye Xiu was thinking that maybe everyone made mistakes in the first wave. As a result, System Announcement issued: Tyrannical Ambition, which erased the record of Sin City dungeon originally belonging to Herb Garden.
    Although Jun Qin fell down, I couldn't fall down, so I tried to make a fist!
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