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Chapter List 311 Opportunities Are Reserved For Those Who Are Prepared
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The passage to the outside of the pavilion is finally not too dark, and some lights are still reserved. Qiao Yifan walked outside in silence, and after a few laps, he realized that he was actually lost.
    Qiao Yifan doesn't know whether to cry or laugh, he must be so unfamiliar with the official match stadium! Alone, I couldn't find an exit.
    Failed and wiped over the floor on the competition stage, Awareness will probably end some of his career, and Qiao Yifan has survived. But at this moment, he couldn't find a way out, and couldn't help the sorrow in his heart anymore, and tears slipped down all of a sudden. Qiao Yifan raised his arm, wiped away the tears again and again, and threw them away.
    Sad, it forced his stubbornness. He didn't believe that he couldn't even find an exit. Wiping his tears, Qiao Yifan didn't recognize the direction, but just walked forward blindly.
    "You are so rash."
    Suddenly, a voice rang in the dark aisle. Qiao Yifan stopped, startled. Then he shook his head. This is nothing more in the aisle. What's so strange about hearing someone talking?
    Thinking about it, Qiao Yifan had already taken his own steps, but he heard the voice saying: "Where are you talking, let's go!"

    Qiao Yifan was startled, is this actually talking to himself? Stopping and turning around, a shadow in the aisle was stretched obliquely, and one person stood there, unable to see what eyebrows were in the darkness.
    "You... mean me?" Qiao Yifan was still a little unsure.
    "Yeah!" This person walked over and continued saying: "I understand your mind. You want to use this stage to show everyone your ability to use Phantom Demon, but your opponent selection is too exaggerated. Did you choose Li Xuan? What do you think?"
    The voice reverberated in the aisle. Qiao Yifan suddenly felt a bit familiar both in his voice and tone as he said more. When the other person walked up to the front and saw his eyebrows clearly, he found that he did not recognize him. Qiao Yifan is still at a loss. The other party has finished speaking. Qiao Yifan replied with some not knowing what to do: "I want to use Phantom Demon, so..."
    "If you are asking for advice and paying tribute to the predecessors, of course you choose Li Xuan. But since you want to show your ability to use Phantom Demon, then the last person you should choose is Li Xuan."
    Qiao Yifan was startled slightly. During the game, he faintly felt that he had a very incomplete consideration. Hearing this, he suddenly realized something.

    "No one in the entire Glory circle is more familiar with Phantom Demon than Li Xuan. If you want to reveal your Phantom Demon mechanical skill under his hand, of course you will be restrained to death. display one's slight skill before an expert, How can you show one-tenth of your level?"
    Qiao Yifan understands, understands thoroughly.
    He thought with the inherent ideas of each rookie in the rookie Challenge Tournament and chose Phantom Demon expert Li Xuan of the same ClaBoss. But he forgot that his purpose for participating in the rookie Challenge Tournament is completely different from others. He wanted to show Phantom Demon, but he chose an opponent who is most familiar with Phantom Demon. This is simply the biggest obstacle for himself.
    "Besides..." the other party continued, "Phantom Demon's more Awareness and mechanical skills are the most valuable in the Group. In duel competitions like rookie Challenge Tournament, Group Awareness and mechanical skills are difficult to reflect. Coupled with your shallow experience, you have only practiced for less than a month, and you have to challenge Li Xuan. I am speechless.
    "Ye Qiu Great God!!!" Speaking of this, Qiao Yifan finally knew who this person was before him. There are not many people who know him to practice Phantom Demon and know his identity. He started to be confused, only the sound was familiar, and he couldn't think of anything for a while. Hearing this person knows so much at this time, and then listening to this voice, he finally called out his identity.

    "Well, it's me." Ye Xiu is slightly nod. He basically doesn't show up in public, so all players who can recognize him are players of a certain level in the circle, like Qiao Yifan, who have never played in official match, although he is a pro scene, but I haven't seen Ye Xiu's true face.
    "You don't need to question your talents." Ye Xiu said, "but don't think that you can immediately recruit you into the team now. There are many potential people, but if you want to be favored by Pro Team, at least some In essence. With Phantom Demon, you are still far away. But you are still young, and you have time to continue to hone, and continue to wait for opportunities. It's only a month, and you want to challenge the No. 1 Phantom Demon? Glory is not as simple as you think."
    With a word, Qiao Yifan blushed.
    He always felt that he could not do it before, but after getting encouragement from Great God, he suddenly had confidence in himself. He felt that since Ye Qiu Great God can see his potential, there will always be others who can see that all he needs is such an opportunity and a stage.
    So he participated in this rookie Challenge Tournament.
    Choosing Li Xuan as the opponent is extremely poorly considered. He now understands this truth, but he will not dwell on this more.

    Because this choice did not make him miss anything. Even if you choose other opponents, can you really show your talents enough to impress the pro team by practicing Phantom Demon in less than a month?
    Ye Xiu made him understand this, and made him understand that his thoughts are a bit impetuous.
    Qiao Yifan's thoughts changed at this time, and he quickly agreed with this statement. He never felt that he was a genius like Gao Yingjie, and Great God never gave him such an evaluation.
    In the beginning, Great God only told him that Assassin could not reach his potential, and Phantom Demon was more suitable for him, nothing more.
    I still need to continue to hone, hone to the day when it will truly shine.
    Qiao Yifan wiped the last tear from the corner of his eye, and the despair in his heart was suddenly wiped out. Because this time, he really saw himself clearly, and he finally straightened his position completely.
    opportunity? stage?
    It's too early to think about this now. Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, and what about him? At this moment, he was not ready at all, and he was anxious to seize some opportunities that looked good, but naturally he could only fall to the ground.

    But from this moment on, Qiao Yifan is determined not to think so much anymore. He only needs to concentrate on honing his mechanical skills. At the end of the Season, will Team accept it? This has been the biggest trouble, finally he figured it out.
    Is there a team to accept, what's the point of always worrying? It is possible to have these opportunities if you are advanced at your own level. Even if the Season is over and he is temporarily abandoned, it doesn't matter. I’m still young, I can continue to practice, continue to wait, the big deal, I’ll just start all over again and be a rookie again.
    The passage is still dark, but Qiao Yifan who wants to understand everything is suddenly bright.
    "Thank you senior." Qiao Yifan said to Ye Xiu gratefully.
    "Try harder!" Ye Xiu slight nod, turned around and was ready to leave.
    "What about you, senior?" Qiao Yifan suddenly asked loudly, "Why did you choose retirement so early?"
    Tiny Herb's people are the pro scene people who have dealt with Ye Xiu the most since his retirement. Every week in the spar bet, all of them lose head and face filthy with grime. Of course, there is an Unspecialized professional advantage in this, but everyone depends on the pro level, so the probability of not being able to win a game is too much. In addition to professional advantages, opponent's own mechanical skill level obviously must also be paid attention to.

    With such a level of mechanical skill, it is necessary to choose retirement. Tiny Herb has already had some discussions here. Qiao Yifan got rid of the knot completely at this time, but asked Ye Xiu loudly.
    Ye Xiu turned around and smiled again: "I'm also looking for opportunities!"
    Qiao Yifan was startled: "Will you come back again?"
    "Of course, although I am a bit older, I still want to give up!" Ye Xiu said, turning around, waving his hand to Qiao Yifan, and gradually disappearing into the dim aisle.
    Qiao Yifan stood alone for a long time before leaving. Suddenly in this mind, where to go seems to become clear. The aisle is still that aisle, after a few steps, it turns out quickly. However, the direction he turned out was not to leave, but to return to the stadium again, back to the gorgeous stage.
    In the competition field, a new round of Challenge Tournament is already underway. Because rookie Challenge Tournament uses characters, generally it is not possible to tell who the player is from the ID. But the character and overhead ID of the two players in this round is not such a strange temporary character.
    Delilo, Three Hits.

    These two are undoubtedly active professional characters in the league. In order to prevent veterans from taking advantage of the rookie Challenge Tournament, the rules that do not require their own account are established. But if rookie has a request, he can naturally use his account.
    In this Challenge Tournament, it was apparently that rookie made this request.
    Tang Hao, a second-year student of Team Hundred BloBoss oms, rookie was an obscure and unknown character in the first year, but after a summer passed, it seemed to have suddenly opened up. This season rose strongly and became Hundred BloBoss oms Captain Zhang Jiale. Suddenly After retirement, Team Hundred BloBoss oms is the absolute core figure.
    The only regret is that the Brawler character Delilo he used did not match his gorgeous god-level performance this season.
    As a second-year student, Tang Hao still has the qualifications for rookie challenge. However, players like him who have already initiated *** to the gods, even if they are rookie, are mostly disdain to participate in the rookie Challenge Tournament again. But this time, Tang Hao was chosen to sign up, and the opponent he chose was Lin Jingyan, the same ClaBoss player, and he asked for the direct use of his active account.
    The challenged veteran had no right to refuse, Lin Jingyan had to take his character Three Hits, known as Glory Number One Brawler, to the show.

    And the purpose of Tang Hao's game is obviously not a tribute, let alone asking for advice. In the current Glory circle, he has a loud voice, but Lin Jingyan, who is also a Brawler player, has many people who think that treasure knife does not age. This Challenge Tournament has a real challenge. Tang Hao seems to use facts to convince everyone.
    Because when he entered the venue to explain the reason for the challenge, Tang Hao only said four words: The new replace the old.
    The first one is coming. I have been working on Vitality for a day today, and I was almost exhausted.
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