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Chapter List 325 Black Box Operation
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Hey!" Tang Rou smiled slyly, "I, you can only guess at random, but don't you think it is obvious enough for you?"
    "Ye Xiu, is it Ye Qiu? Right?" Tang Rou asked.
    "Yeah!" Ye Xiu calmly replied, which surprised Tang Rou. She thought that after seeing through this person's true identity, he should have a special reaction. Or make excuses to prevaricate, or ask yourself not to speak out, no matter what, at least it shouldn't be the appearance of a completely doesn't matter. If it really doesn't matter, then why do you want to change your name to hide your identity?
    Tang Rou couldn't figure it out. She looked at Ye Xiu, hoping to hear the story, but this time it was Ye Xiu's turn to show a sly smile: "Want to know the reason for using two names? But I can't tell you this."
    "Oh." Tang Rou's performance was also quite calm. Although she is curious, she will control her curiosity. She will not spy on secrets that are inconvenient for others to disclose. Just like Ye Xiu treats her. Seeing that her origin is unusual, she didn't dig up roots and inquire at the base to ask.
    "Can you talk to Guo Guo?" Tang Rou asked.
    "Whatever." Ye Xiu still not to accept as correct.
    "It's not hard to imagine her reaction when she knows it." Tang Rou said with a smile.

    "It's hard to say, maybe there will be a feeling of disillusionment." Ye Xiu said.
    After Tang Rou thought about it seriously, it was really slight nod: "It's quite possible."
    Ye Xiu hehe smiled and didn't say much. Tang Rou moved back to her position again, but Chen Guo hasn't seen him come back for a long time. After sitting for a while, the lights in the stadium started to dim. Obviously, the break was over. Tang Rou received a text message from Chen Guo complaining about the crowded toilet.
    Event continues, and what follows is the oldest event of All Stars weekend: gamers vs. Pro-player.
    It's no longer a game, this time, it's a real battle. Pro-player will come out to accept the challenge from the live audience.
    After the Master of Ceremonies announced the next Event, Ye Xiu looked at Tang Rou, and she saw that the girl looked a little bit eager to give sth a try. After hearing that Master of Ceremonies said that he would use the answering device on the armrest, he immediately put his hand up.
    After the Master of Ceremonies talked about the process, he began to introduce the upcoming Pro-player: Team Samsara's Blade Master player, Du Ming.

    Although not the top Great God, Du Ming is also one of the main players of Team Samsara. The basic skills are solid, the strategy is unrestrained, and he is also a very distinctive player, known as the "Berserk Blade Master". Taking advantage of the home game at this time, as soon as he appeared on the stage, he was immediately applauded and screamed, but there were no shortage of followers.
    Du Ming came on the court and simply accepted an interview, and then went to the competition stage. Master of Ceremonies, immediately began to greet the audience who wanted to challenge to prepare.
    "As soon as the electronic screen lights up, everyone can press the responder, and our system will pass a precise investigation of one millionth of a second to determine who is the first to press the responder. Please pay attention to the electronic screen. ,be prepared."
    The words of the Master of Ceremonies fell, and the audience suddenly became much quieter. There are still quite a few gamers who hope to play against Pro-player. At this time, they are all staring at the electronic display, just waiting for the moment it lights up.
    The electronic screen hanging in the center of the stadium not only lights up at the same time, but also makes a "ding" sound, which is exactly the sound of the system prompt in the Glory online game. At this moment, everyone hastily pressed the answering machine. The Master of Ceremonies at the scene also raised their heads. Whoever will become the first challenger will be displayed on the electronic screen immediately.
    "No. 23, row 18, area c!!!"

    The moment the result appeared on the electronic display, Master of Ceremonies also called out immediately.
    "Congratulations to this audience for the opportunity to challenge Du Ming." Master of Ceremonies said immediately after reporting the results. At this time, there was an uproar at the scene. There were already many people with good memory. Looking at this familiar seat number, they soon remembered that this was the seat that Su Mucheng had chosen during the second high jump. No., seems to be a beautiful girl from Battle Mage.
    "You're really good!" Ye Xiu was also surprised at this time. He didn't expect Tang Rou to press the responder the fastest.
    "Good luck?" Tang Rou was also a little at a loss. She really didn't dare to say that she grabbed it with her own strength.
    "Try harder." Ye Xiu said.
    "Of course." Tang Rou got up and walked toward the competition field again. The audience sitting around also looked surprised. The All Stars weekend event was able to be on stage twice, which is never before.
    It turned out to be a matter of Master of Ceremonies an eminent person has short memory. I didn’t notice any surprises from the seat number. I waited until Tang Rou came on stage again, and then I realized that this was the second link that had already been on stage. Once, one of the two beauties who performed very eye-catching.

    "Ahhh..." The Master of Ceremonies was also surprised that he needed to organize the language. After two beeps of "Ah", he was busy saying: "I can't think that the first person to get a challenge is an old friend! But as usual, you I still have to introduce myself to everyone, although everyone may already know you."
    "My name is Tang Rou, professional Battle Mage." Tang Rou smiled.
    "It's only been one month since I contacted Glory, and I got the opportunity to be on the same stage with Pro-player, and it was twice. Miss Tang, you are not so lucky!" Tang Rou was the most eye-catching one of all the audience on stage before. The Master of Ceremonies still remembered her condition somewhat.
    "Yes, I am honored." Tang Rou said.
    "So, let us look forward to your rookie's performance? Oh, yes, you still need an account, right?" said the Master of Ceremonies.
    "Yes!" Tang Rou slight nod.
    "How about using what you have used before?" the Master of Ceremonies asked.
    "Yes!" Tang Rou is of course no objection.
    After taking the account card, Tang Rou also boarded the competition stage. At this time, the audience was all talking about her super lucky. When Chen Guo came back from the toilet, when he heard about this, he was also greatly amazed by Tang Rou's character. On the contrary, Ye Xiu, amidst the exclamation of the audience, it was Awareness that might not be so simple.

    Tang Rou is talented in Glory. There is no doubt about this. People who have been in contact with Wang Jiexi are directly moved. And today, just under the noses of many Teams, Tang Rou has done a great job. If that performance alone is not enough to entice all Teams, then combining Tang Rou with the background of just playing Glory's rookie for a month, it will be a bit dull if you are not tempted.
    As for Samsara, taking advantage of its own home game, it can't be easier to get Tang Rou on the court again in such a session. Tang Rou appeared on stage for the second time, maybe it was really not luck, it was really her strength that helped her win.
    Ye Xiu thought about this, but the game on the court had already begun.
    Maps and the like were originally chosen by gamers, but Tang Rou didn't have a familiar map at all, so he chose a random one.
    The characters of the two parties appeared in the map quickly, rushing towards the center together, and after a while, they appeared in each other's line of sight.
    The two people didn't stop the character, and continued to rush forward. Their eyes were about to approach, and their swords flashed! But Du Ming has already decisively launched an attack first.

    Tang Rou was taken aback, and hurriedly utilize it, and the character slipped and gave way. She is also a person who likes to take the initiative to attack. She was already doing the exploit of the attack, but she didn't expect the opponent to move faster than her. For Tang Rou, this kind of passive situation is really uncommon. In the online game, no matter facing system monsters and gamers expert, she can usually seize the initiative as soon as she comes up.
    Du Ming missed a hit, but he didn't give Tang Rou a chance to fight back. The character turn the hand is another Upward Slash slanted out.
    Tang Rou's reaction was also very quick, and he quickly turned over again, flashing this Upward Slash.
    Triple Slash!
    Sword Draw!
    Rising Dragon!
    There were three attacks in a row quickly and smoothly from the hands of the Blade Master controlled by Du Ming. The sword light circulated in the Tang Rou character's body, and after barely dodge the Triple Slash, the Blade Master went around behind Tang Rou. Experience is the absolute weakness of Tang Rou. At this time, he was obviously insufficiently judged, and was eventually slashed behind him by Sword Draw. And after the Rising Dragon, Tang Rou's Battle Mage has been lifted into the air by Jianguang.
    Falling Phoenix Slash!
    After Rising Dragon hits Falling Phoenix Slash, this is a combo that no Blade Master gamers will be unfamiliar with, but at this time, it is used from Pro-player, which makes everyone feel more in one go.

    The sword light that flashed down from overhead made Tang Rou unable to dodge at all, and he was smashed into the ground and fell straight to the ground. Du Ming won, and Falling Phoenix Slash actually used a Falling Light Blade afterwards, and the sword flew to chase the Tang Rou character that hadn't landed yet.
    Tang Rou's expert speed finally broke out at this time. After touching the ground, a Quick Recover utilize quickly, and the character rolled aside. The silver light of Du Ming's Blade Master fell, but it was completely flashed. As soon as he raised his head, Battle Lance stabbed him like a viper. Du Ming hurriedly used a Guard, a character with a horizontal sword, sealed the Dragon Tooth with a sound, and slid back a few steps.
    Although the Guard was not stund successfully and the damage was reduced, it was also fortune-telling after all. In this case, the Magic Chaser of Battle Mage will be generated. Tang Rou has already used Chaser to launch. The ElementleBoss Chaser that was just generated immediately followed Du Ming and flew over.
    Magic Chaser automatically tracks the target and cannot dodge it. Seeing that it was about to explode, when I saw Jianguang, ElementleBoss Chaser seemed to split in half for an instant, and then exploded, but it was cut off by Du Ming.
    In this game, the audience was very indifferent, and everyone looked forward to being able to come on stage and compete with Pro-player.

    On the Pro-player side, all of them are taking it seriously at this time. Like Ye Xiu, people from all major teams suspected that Samsara was utilising in the dark in this session, and then the audience was picked on stage. But this is exactly what they want to see. Everyone is looking forward to the rookie of this game for a month.
    ***it has started!
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