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Chapter List 326 Complete Rookie Play
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "What a pity!" Seeing that Tang Rou's ElementleBoss Chaser missed, many people on the Pro-player seat were already sighing.
    "If you didn't use Dragon Tooth, but used a Rising Dragon flash, Du Ming might be bad now."
    "Yes, this beauty is quick to utilize! If you flash with Rising Dragon, you will definitely hit it."
    "Really a rookie? Ability above level 40 is not used, it is really served..."
    At the All Stars weekend, which was originally just a vacation, Pro-players rarely had serious discussions. Although the discussion is based on Team, the words spoken are surprisingly consistent. Everyone can see that Tang Rou just missed an opportunity to give Du Ming a heavy blow because he didn't use high-level Ability.
    With the discussion of Pro-players, the mood of the audience was gradually mobilized.
    They all thought that from the Sword Draw hit, and then to Rising Dragon receiving Falling Phoenix Slash, Tang Rou’s Battle Mage would be crippled by Du Ming’s combo. No one thought that Tang Rou would be hacked by Falling Phoenix Slash. It can also complete Quick Recover utilize in case of failure.
    You should know that the character that Falling Phoenix Slash smashed is extremely fast, like a meteor falling to the ground. In this case, Quick Recover is successful, which is unimaginable for ordinary players.

    After Quick Recover succeeded, he immediately began to counterattack. For several rounds, Pro-player Du Ming was passive, and the audience's emotions were immediately mobilized.
    And people who can see that Tang Rou missed a good opportunity are not limited to the Pro-player circle. After all, the situation just now is not too complicated. Gamers with a little experience and a little foresight can make that judgment.
    Even if I didn't see it, I quickly understood it. Because of the commentator...commentator also clearly commented that Tang Rou had missed such an opportunity.
    "Oh no, why don't you use Tianxiang Dragon Flash!" Chen Guo is also a senior gamer. She was aware of the situation just now, and said regretfully.
    "Tianxiang dragon flash... how to utilize she might not be able to use it?" Ye Xiu said.
    "Oh...I forgot." Chen Guo suddenly.
    "Do you think Little Tang has a chance to win?" Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.
    "You... don't underestimate Pro-player!" Ye Xiu said.
    As soon as this was said, the situation on the court had already reversed.

    After Tang Rou attacked several times, he was unable to win Du Ming, but Du Ming soon caught the opportunity and took the initiative. After several small abilities and normal attacks, Tang Rou, with insufficient experience, was brought into the trap. Amidst the simultaneous sighs of many Pro-players, Du Ming was given a Blade Master 70 Ultimate Skill "FormleBoss Phantom Sword". Hit it out.
    in unbroken succession In the sound of swords in the ground, Tang Rou's Battle Mage was all bloodied by Flying Upwards, and the combo paragraph of this blow quickly jumped out of the game screen of the electronic display.
    FormleBoss Phantom Sword needs to fully rely on gamers to utilize to realize all combo. The higher the number of combo segments, the greater the natural damage. The current highest record is 13 swords. Many Blade Master players in the pro scene have reached this number, but no one has broken through to the 14th sword.
    To reach this seemingly limit combo number, the distance and angle of the move must all be calculated, and from the first sword to the thirteenth sword, in fact, it only takes a few seconds.
    When Du Ming finished playing the FormleBoss Phantom Sword, it was 10 combo in the end, but because of Tang Rou's super fast response, he still avoided the strong dodge when he was unable to do it, which led to Du Ming in the end when he released the move The distance and angle are not optimal, and it is good to barely complete 10combo.

    FormleBoss Phantom Sword's final sword is a very powerful Blow Away attack. This blow is very critical. If this blow is missed, then the 1 second stun time is enough for the opponent to retrieve all the damage it had suffered before.
    Of course, a Pro-player like Du Ming will never make a mistake in this most critical move. After in the end, Tang Rou's Battle Mage immediately floated out.
    Of course, Quick Recover utilize Tang Rou was successfully completed. At this time, the opponent's HP has almost gone, but her Battle Mage has lost one-fifth of its HP.
    Tang Rou is no longer today, and there is a gap between the two sides, and she herself knows it well. In particular, the Ultimate Skill in the previous one was completely played on the palm of the opponent by the opponent. The opponent seemed to know exactly what she would do. One strike after another brought her into that situation, and then let her There is no other way to eat such a vicious trick.
    If you want to surpass opponent, you must at least know where the gap lies.
    Tang Rou always remembered what Ye Xiu said, but now, she found that the gap between her and these Pro-players made her really helpless.
    experience! This is the biggest gap between the two sides.

    Tang Rou is close to Noob's combat experience. In front of these Pro-players, it is not enough to see. People can easily judge her intentions and destroy her plan, and then? It can easily lead her to be fooled.
    "It's indeed a rookie..."
    While Tang Rou was examining the gap himself, the discussion on the Pro-player side began again.
    Tang Rou is a rookie, which is finally completely exposed when encountering a pro player like Du Ming. If there were some doubts before, but at this moment everyone is finally completely convinced.
    However, this conviction also makes Tang Rou even more valuable.
    Next, how will this rookie respond? Everyone is full of expectations.
    Tang Rou moved!
    Although she clearly knew the gap, when Du Ming rushed forward, she still rushed forward without hesitation.
    Dragon Tooth!
    Tang Rou made a move ahead of Du Ming this time, and Battle Mage stabbed him with a Dragon Tooth.
    Sky Strike!
    Double Stab!
    Circle Swing!
    Falling Flower Palm!
    It was still just this poor low-level skill, with some normal attacks stuck in the middle, and used it in series.

    Du Ming dodged calmly, preparing to counterattack with opening(s).
    opening(s) appears!
    Tang Rou's attack actually missed two positions and pierced into the air. Du Ming looks at this opportunity and draws his sword!
    The sound of the call.
    Du Ming was surprised to find that it was not his opponent who got the shot, but he turned out to be himself. The spear that stabbed in the air, I don't know when it had already turned, and it suddenly struck him again.
    This is just a normal attack, the damage is not too high, but it completely exceeded Du Ming's expectations.
    Tang Rou's attack continued. Du Ming gradually felt the pressure. He clearly felt that the opponent's attack was getting faster and faster.
    "She is mentioning hand speed!" Pro-players are naturally aware, and discuss spiritedly. They were surprised to find that the hand speed that Tang Rou had always shown was not her limit, but now, her attacking rhythm has been getting faster and faster.
    "You still hide your strength!" Someone sighed.
    "No... it's not about hiding power..." someone said solemnly.
    "Although her attack is fast now... but there is no tactic." A lot of experts who watched carefully have already discovered something.

    The players who hadn't noticed this point saw it again when they looked again. Tang Rou at this time, the attack seems to have no idea at all, just use what you have, and when there is nothing, it is a normal attack.
    This is really a Noob strategy from head to tail. There is no Awareness and no judgement, just see where the opponent is and direct the attack.
    This completely disorderly strategy should not have any power, but at this time it completely suppressed Du Ming.
    Because of hand speed!
    In terms of hand speed alone, Tang Rou has reached pro level, but she is relatively poor in the accuracy of utilize. In order to ensure accuracy, she can only slow down the hand speed. But at this time, she didn't care about this. She just tried her best to display the various attack methods she could use in the fastest way.
    "This hand much does it have?"
    "It can't be said... a lot of invalid utilize..."

    Pro-players are a little speechless. They say that hand speed generally refers to the case of effective utilization. But now Tang Rou completely ignores this, hurry, hurry, she just asks for hurry! With the full speed of the hand, her attacks hit the air several times, and her pathing rushed over her head several times. And then make up for these mistakes, back and forth, I don't know how much utility is wasted. But this strategy made Du Ming unable to find opening(s) for a while.
    He is optimistic about the opportunities, and they always disappear in a blink of an eye.
    "Awesome!" Chen Guo looked a little dumbfounded.
    "So smart!" Ye Xiu was laughing.
    "She finally knew where the gap was, so she thought of a way to avoid it," Ye Xiu said.
    "One strong beat and one weak beats went to fight. Because of her lack of experience, she couldn't take the initiative at all. So she didn't think so much anymore. She is only using the attack methods she can, using the fastest speed. Hit the opponent. Because she has an extraordinary hand speed, this kind of noobs-like bashing looks quite powerful." Ye Xiu smiled.
    "So Little Tang can win?" Chen Guo was pleasantly surprised.
    "I'm afraid I still can't." Ye Xiu sighed.

    "Because she will be tired...How long can such a utilize last?" Ye Xiu said.
    Ye Xiu is not the only one who sees this. All Pro-players are paying close attention to the game, analyzing and discussing the situation. After Tang Rou exploded hand speed, let them see the limit of her strength. But how difficult it is to maintain such a hand speed, no one knows better than Pro-players.
    Such an unrestrained explosive hand speed, in the end, what you have to overcome is your own fatigue.
    Du Ming is a Pro-player and understands this. Known as "Berserker", he was suppressed by everything in disorder like this, and his heart was very depressed. But he couldn't help it. He couldn't predict the other party's intentions, because it was just fighting indiscriminately, and he couldn't attack the opponent, because he had to admit that in terms of hand speed alone, he could not compare to this amateur audience.
    "This rookie really has two attacks, but how long can you survive such an attack?" Du Ming looked at his character's HP value and thought to himself.
    The second one is coming!
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