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Chapter List 332 Dragon Head Up
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The Ability above level 40, who had never been in this Battle Mage, finally made a move at this time.
    And it is the 65-level Ultimate Skill, Dragon Breaks the Ranks.
    This Ability, if only Physical Attack is considered, is undoubtedly the most Ultimate of Battle Mage. The 70-level Ultimate Skill Rising Dragon Soars the Sky is a combination of the power of magic, physics and Magic Attack. The comprehensive damage can exceed Dragon Breaks the Ranks, but if you talk about physical damage alone, it can be far It's too late.
    Seeing that the cold light on the tip of the spear flashed brighter and brighter, Du Ming knew that this move was in motion.
    He wanted to hide, but at this moment, he had just collided with the wall and his body had entered a short stun state, and he could not make any movements.
    The strength of the stun effect after such a collision depends on the blow that made the collision. The Falling Flower Palm with powerful Blow Away effect, the collision stun created by it is really sharp.
    Du Ming was flustered and constantly utilized, hoping that he could move as soon as stun was released.
    As a result, seeing that spear flashed with a cold light suddenly bright, Battle Mage had already rushed over with the light. It turned into a stream of light in an instant, and slammed into the Blade Master who was still in stun.

    The Attack Effects generated by Dragon Breaks the Ranks after hitting the opponent, it depends on what part it hits during the attack. The blow launched by Ye Xiu rushed into the lower part of the Du Ming Blade Master mid-air. The powerful impact force was not only the damage, it suddenly flew to the sky with the Blade Master spinning like a gyro.
    How fast this turns, from the first perspective of Du Ming on the electronic screen has the most intuitive display.
    The 360-degree high-speed rotating picture is completely indistinguishable, even with Pro-player. Utilize at this time can only rely on feeling, awareness, and experience.
    Du Ming did just that. The rotating stature flashed two sword lights in mid-air. This was already his utilization of Awareness, but at this moment, it seemed that this guy was juggling.
    At this time, everyone's eyes on the scene fell on the challenger's Battle Mage.
    The spear in the hand of Battle Mage, the tail is pulled to the back in the right hand, and the left hand is in the front, pointing diagonally to the sky.
    It's another Ultimate Skill.
    Battle Mage Level 55 Ultimate Skill: Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart!
    I haven't seen a Battle Mage using Ultimate Skill for a long time. At the beginning, it turned out to be a continuous Ultimate Skill display. It's just that Du Ming's Blade Master was hit by Dragon Breaks the Ranks in the air and turned so fast. Can this blow be an accurate hit?

    Facts are the best answer.
    The Blade Master rotated and flew to the highest point and then stagnated. At the moment when it was about to fall, the Battle Lance in the hands of Battle Mage flew quickly. A stream of light like lightning and thunder hit the sky, and the falling Blade Master was being pierced by the blow.
    Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart!
    But what really passed through the heart was only a light.
    The moment Battle Lance stabbed the Blade Master, he had already flew into the air again, and all that was falling were specks of blood.
    Is the attack over?
    not yet!
    Battle Mage had already taken large steps to catch up with the silhouette flying out of the Blade Master. Battle Lance turned into a dragon, roaring the dust that was flying all the way, and flew straight past.
    Du Ming has not given up yet. This Rising Dragon Soars the Sky seems to be in his calculations. At this moment, he suddenly appeared in the air with an Ability Falling Light Blade, and the Blade Master turned over and fell quickly to the ground.
    Will it be? Everyone's hearts almost mentioned their throats. At this moment, Min Si didn't even know which side to favor, but hoped that this suspense could be revealed soon.
    Not in!
    The Falling Light Blade changed the blade Master’s stature in mid-air, suddenly changing to a fall, but sliding past the dragon head.

    In this scene, people who watched yesterday's rookie Challenge Tournament suddenly felt a bit familiar.
    The match between Sun Xiang and Han Wenqing.
    Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, whose notebook can determine the outcome, is not because Han Wenqing's accurate Eagle Stamp utilizes forcibly shifting the character in the air, which can be flashed by?
    And right now, a player of the average strength in the league, a challenger who emerged from nowhere, actually repeated the classic scene of the confrontation between two Great Gods.
    That was a turning point. Han Wenqing, who avoided Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, immediately gave Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf to knock-down.
    What about this moment? It was not yet a time when a single move could decide the outcome. However, Du Ming, who has always been passively beaten, also (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty grabbed such a chance.
    Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, such an Ultimate Skill must be very slow. After landing, a Triple Slash opens the way, which can kill the opponent before the opponent's stun state is lifted.
    A moment after Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, Du Ming had a quick calculation in his mind.
    Most of the audience who saw Du Ming Falling Light Blade swept from the side of the dragon head thought so.

    As a result, the faucet that had been let go suddenly tilted at this moment, as if it twisted his neck, and touched the body of the Blade Master, and Du Ming's Blade Master was already uttered by the faucet.
    Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, all in! !
    The Blade Master is not dead yet, but Du Ming's heart is at a loss. He has no idea what happened just now.
    The audience now is also at a loss. They saw it, but they felt a little dazzled.
    On the Pro-player seat, a few people's eyes have flashed extremely shocking light.
    "Dragon Raising Its Head?? Who is on the stage??" Team Tyranny Captain Han Wenqing's voice was heard by more than 200 Pro-players, even some spectators not too far from the Pro-player zone Heard it.
    "Dragon Raising Its Head? This is Dragon Raising Its Head?" The discussion spread rapidly.
    Not to mention the audience, it is Pro-players, but most people have only seen the legendary Battle Mage's utilize technique from the video data. More precisely, it is the micro technique.
    As far as they know, only one person has done this utilize technique.
    Former owner of the Battle God, One Autumn Leaf: Ye Qiu!

    The top Great God who left this stage in the confusion of many people, his unique stunt, suddenly appeared in All Stars weekend.
    "It's really Dragon Raising Its Head, right? You read it right? Why don't you play it back, why don't you play it back?" At Team Blue Rain, Huang ShaOT ian is constantly twisting
    "So..." On Team Samsara's side, Zhou Zekai still simply said just as in the past.
    As for Team Tiny Herb, Wang Jiexi is the one with the calmest performance. He is someone who has passed through Tang Rou for a long time, and he realized that Battle Mage seems to be this girl a long time ago. Then when such a stronger expert appeared, Wang Jiexi's heart had already quietly reached a conclusion.
    Every Team's pros player was discussing in shock. Occasionally, some rookie juniors were perplexed by the fierce reaction of everyone, but they would immediately be popularized by the seniors and lead them into this shocking world.
    After that, many people can't help and cast their sights on Team Excellent Era.
    People with Excellent Era look more complicated and wonderful.
    There are surprises, hesitations, confusion, and anxiety. There are many kinds of things, and there are almost no duplicates.
    Vice-Captain Liu Hao, his expression was already gloomy and dripping out of water, and seeing many people looking at him, he changed his appearance slightly.

    Sun Xiang, their trump card player, had shock in his eyes and discomfort on his face. He reluctantly remembered what Han Wenqing said to him yesterday: If it were Ye Qiu, at least Rising Dragon Soars the Sky would never be empty.
    Right now, it's almost the same situation. And this Rising Dragon Soars the Sky really didn't get empty.
    This is simply tearing his face and face smacking.
    Dragon Raising Its Head ……
    Of course, Sun Xiang has heard of it, knows the principle of this micro, and even studied it, but he still doesn't.
    However, as far as he knows, in the past two years in the league, even Ye Qiu has never used Dragon Raising Its Head's utilize.
    This utilize is undoubtedly extremely difficult.
    Awareness, experience, and hand speed are indispensable.
    Sun Xiang wanted to come to Ye Qiu because of the decline in his level, and he could no longer play Dragon Raising Its Head. But he was still in the increase period, and he could do it one day, so he didn't worry about it.
    As a result today...
    "No wonder Han Wenqing said yesterday that Rising Dragon Soars the Sky would not be empty if it were Ye Qiu."
    Sun Xiang heard people talking like this from several directions. Looking at the gazes these people looked at him, Sun Xiang felt that there was a lot of contempt in them.
    Everyone seemed to say: Sure enough, he is still far away!

    "Dragon Raising Its Head..."
    Sun Xiang muttered with his teeth, clenched his fists fiercely.
    Everyone was shocked to be too self-conscious, almost all of them forgot to continue to pay attention to the game in the field.
    The game is not over yet.
    In the three Ultimate Skills, Du Ming’s Blade Master lost a lot of HP, but it was not dead yet.
    The reason is naturally because of Tang Rou's random addition. Since all the low-level skills are filled up, there are not many skill points left. She didn't pay much attention to the high-level Ability, so she ordered the used Battle Spirit to be full, and the rest of the Ultimate Skills were indiscriminately. Use skill points cleanly. These three Ultimate Skills are learned, but the ranks are not high, and the three moves are continuous. Although the power cannot be underestimated, it is far from the peak.
    So after Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, Ye Xiu's Battle Mage rushed up again.
    At this time, Du Ming had already lost his fighting spirit, completely.
    He had no idea why he was caught by the Rising Dragon Soars the Sky just now, and he himself even wanted to rush out to find out the replay.
    Lost fighting spirit, his confidence was already shaken, and Du Ming was at a loss at this time. Almost all the utilizes he made were numb. He can't see the situation clearly and can't make judgments, and utilize loses the right direction.
    One hit, two hits, three hits...

    Low-level skills constantly attacked him.
    Du Ming was still in his dazed state of mind, his emotions had already fallen to the extreme, and soon his Blade Master fell.
    As for the Pro-players who talked about Dragon Raising Its Head, it was only then that Awareness ended the game.
    With the fall of Du Ming Blade Master, the shock spread to the audience.
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