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Chapter List 349 Burnt
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Lord Grim is going to build Guild!
    When this message sparked discussion in the world, it spread at the speed of a rocket in the inner circle of Great Guilds. Some of them were not online at this time, and even got a phone call. Even the guy who was sleeping soundly after staying up all night was completely awake when he heard this message.
    This is really not a trivial matter, especially for Guilds who are interested in dungeon records.
    If Lord Grim establishes Guild, he will naturally be able to compete for the dungeon record. But at this time they are no longer the skirmishers like before. With Lord Grim in the tenth server's name, it is easy to build a very strong Guild. These people, even if they don't have any strength, will be a very strong backing for their dungeon team.
    For these Guilds who have a Club backstage, they certainly have inherent advantages and strong backing, but they are also restricted in some places because of such a backstage.
    Because of these Guilds, they can be said to be the endorsement of the Club and Team in the online game. And Glory online game is the largest concentration of Glory fans. Of course, these Guilds need to work hard to establish their perfect image, and some unbearable behaviors must not be exposed to the public.

    Just like the previous pursuit of Lord Grim and others, this is an Event organized by Great Guilds at a certain risk. In the chase, everyone does not stand by Guild's name. Most of the reason is that they don't want the gamers of the tenth server to be too clear. Fortunately, at that time, Lord Grim and others were just a few lonely ghosts. Although the Great Guilds' behavior was a bit improper, at least facing only a few vulnerable groups, they also felt that the other party could not cause too much public opinion. .
    However, now Lord Grim wants to form Guild, which is quite different. Then use such a method against Lord Grim's dungeon team, it will be seen by the opponent's entire Guild, so that more people will know that their Great Guild can't compete fairly with others, and they are using this method to suppress opponent.
    In the past, Great Guilds would never come forward directly when encountering such opponents. They have some free account characters that have not joined Guild, just to do things that are not convenient for them. However, the strength and ability of Lord Grim have been deeply appreciated by everyone. Even if such a large-scale operation of mobilizing the plenary meeting was carried out, it was impossible to say how successful it was at the beginning. It is just that sending a few stragglers to make trouble, I am afraid it can only be killed.
    "How to do?"
    An anxious question mark was drawn in everyone's hearts. Among them, top Guild such as the Three Great Guilds suffered the most.

    At present, the three Great Guild and Excellent Dynasty all know the true identity of Lord Grim. And of course they will watch the All Stars weekend broadcast. Ye Xiu’s Dragon Raising Its Head utilize was interpreted by Great Gods like Han Wenqing as a comeback from retirement signal and was widely recognized. But they didn't expect that this Great God comeback from retirement, *** actually started from the tenth server, which established Guild, and it was a particularly heavy blow to their Great Guild.
    For those Guilds who are less powerful, although they also have ambitions for the dungeon record, from the results of the overall competition, they are mainly in control of these outstanding Guilds. Lord Grim wants to jump out again to add confusion, of course they are the most upset.
    Moreover, they know the identity of Lord Grim, and of course they know that this is absolutely impossible to be subdued by them. Ye Qiu Great God! Working in their Guild's wasteland lineup, even they themselves feel that it is too heavenly and Fang Yetan.
    But I don't know the Guild in this section, but at this time, he has such thoughts. For example, Hazy Mist of Misty Castle saw that Lord Grim was actually interested in playing Guild, and he immediately lobbied the other party to join him. In the end, it was naturally rejected by Ye Xiu. Hazy Mist also thought that the conditions he offered were not attractive enough, and he was thinking further at this time.

    Knowing people like the Three Great Guilds and Excellent Dynasty will never make such an impossible endeavor. For the four Shot-callers, Blue River went to Heavenly Domain to report to their guild leader Changing Spring; Excellent Dynasty's Chen Yehui was very disturbed to talk to Vice-Captain Liu Hao of Excellent Era about this situation; Herb Garden's Plantago Seed, after knowing Lord Grim’s identity, has always been onlookers like far away and fished when they have the opportunity. At this time, continue this idea, not a word or movement; in the end, it was Tyrannical Ambition’s who went directly to contact. Cold Night.
    Cold Night can't cry even if I cry right now. The land reclamation of tenth server was so difficult in the end that no one would have imagined it. However, the spoiler this time was so powerful that it made people speechless. Cold Night already felt that he would not be an opponent anymore, but he had to bite the bullet and deal with it.
    "Great God wants to build Guild, congratulations!" Cold Night's opening remarks even he knows are hypocritical, so he doesn't even mean congratulations in his heart? But apart from this, he really didn't know how to speak.
    "Thank you." Ye Xiu replied simply. At this time, he had to face a lot of messages.
    "I don't have enough manpower to say hello. I will call someone to help." Cold Night continued hypocritically.
    "I shouldn't use it!" Ye Xiu added a smiling emoji in his reply.

    Cold Night couldn't find even the hypocritical words. After considering it for a while, he finally said directly: "What are your plans after the establishment of the Great God Guild?"
    "Hehe, you should know this well too!" Ye Xiu replied.
    Of course Cold Night understood very well. He also took the conversation in this direction. After receiving Ye Xiu's reply, he immediately reminded him with a message: "Great God hasn't forgotten our gambling appointment?"
    "Of course I remember, I won't touch your Guild's record!"
    Cold Night quickly received a reply from Lord Grim, saying what he said was exactly the same as the original promise, and even the attached Expression was the honest smiling face that I used that day. Cold Night will not remember it wrong, because he has screenshots of this chat logs on file.
    But at this moment, Cold Night looked at this reply again, but he didn't have the joy of that day.
    It's just not touching their Guild's record, which is really not enough. Because at this moment, as long as Lord Grim does not provide Guild with a dungeon guide, then Guild will not show up on the record list at all, and Lord Grim just wants to touch it.

    The promise that made them happy up and down at the beginning, now it seems that it has become a trivial word. It was not that they did not think of the trap in this sentence. However, Lord Grim's level has always been lower than their Great Guild's first-line level, as long as he can control the record before he reaches the level. What they didn't expect was the dungeon guide...
    Cold Night was entangled not knowing what to reply. In principle, Lord Grim did not break any promise.
    Heavenly Domain.
    Blue Brook Guild guild leader Changing Spring can only sigh after hearing the latest message sent by Blue River. The Five Greatest Experts of the Blue Brook Guild gathered together, and there was no one to speak after a long while. This Guild is like rain, no one can stop it. If this is just an ordinary expert who built Guild, everyone would not be so anxious. However, this is Ye Qiu Great God, who suddenly bubbled up in the All Stars game and made the comeback from retirement prophecy with Dragon Raising Its Head. So the purpose of establishing Guild, of course, is not for entertainment, but for the same purpose as the major Club Guilds. Competition is obviously unavoidable.
    "Let's take a look first!" In the end, Changing Spring can only give one such opinion.
    Club Excellent Era.

    Chen Yehui didn't have a phone contact this time, but found Liu Hao in person.
    After the All Stars weekend, Liu Hao seemed to be rooted in his heart. Ye Xiu’s Dragon Raising Its Head defeated Samsara’s Du Ming, but it also left a deep shadow on Liu Hao.
    Ye Qiu will come back! This is the interpretation of many people, including Pro-player, media, and fans. And this is definitely not what Liu Hao wants to see.
    Just when he was agitated sitting or standing for this, Chen Yehui suddenly came to the door and brought a message like Lord Grim to form Guild.
    "Forming Guild..." Liu Hao, who is also a Pro-player, certainly knows the importance of Guild to a club. Ye Qiu, who is regarded as bound to comeback from retirement, began to form Guild. The meaning of this is: "This Does the guy plan to set up a team by himself?"
    "It's very possible." Chen Yehui said.
    "He really doesn't give up!" Liu Hao sneered.
    Chen Yehui is a little strange. When he first walked in, he saw Liu Hao's expression still a little gloomy, but when he heard the message, he seemed to relax a lot.
    "Does he think that with his own strength, to form a team, he can compete with so many well-founded teams in the league? I think he is really senile, right?" Liu Hao said.

    "Today's league is not Era who could support a team by one person. Now that experts are coming out in large numbers, there are more and more god-level accounts, and the competition is fierce. I don't see if he can get the qualifications to enter the league. Right?" Liu Hao smiled triumphantly.
    "So, we don't have to worry about him?" Chen Yehui asked.
    "Well, it's not good not to care too much! Let's continue to pay more attention!" Liu Hao said.
    "But together with him and Guild, we must face great obstacles in the development of tenth server." Chen Yehui is less and less hopeful of Liu Hao. He found that the two people have gradually moved away from each other, and that both sides are not concerned about the same thing at all. Liu Hao just felt that Ye Qiu could not rise again, but in the process, this guy didn't mention a word about the obstacles that the Excellent Dynasty Guild would cause to open up wasteland.
    Chen Yehui knows that the development of Guild is only his responsibility and does not involve Liu Hao in any way. He was only inquiring for the last time to see if this former ally was really necessary to take different roads and urge the horses on completely with himself.
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