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Chapter List 358 Who Retires? Who Stays?
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Chapter 355 Who Retires? Who stay?
    As soon as this sentence came out, many people were puzzled. But a bunch of spies were struck by lightning at this time, and they were simultaneously stuck.
    Thinking back to the swiftness, resoluteness, and decisiveness when Lord Grim kicked people back then, wouldn't you have seen through these two guys long ago? If it is said that these two guys are ghosts, then those of them who came in together would not be able to tell where they were.
    The only difference is that at that juncture, the behavior of the two guys more and more exposed themselves, and although they also had some unkind performances, at least they followed the prescribed order and finished the game. Was it discovered by Lord Grim? Everyone became anxious for a while. Although the two guys didn't complete the quest, their more violent behavior might be a way to dispel Lord Grim's doubts?
    Private chat, spies started private chat again.
    From the beginning, they tried to die on purpose. The failure to challenge the Demon God is actually just a secondary purpose. Their main purpose is to use such methods to disguise their immature identities, and then to dispel the suspicion that may be caused by swarm in (of people etc).

    As a result, these guys messed up the order in the battle. When Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng's powerful strategy prevented them from making mistakes, they had to actively find mistakes. That was the fighting thought with the main purpose of creating defeat.
    At this time, the matter is over. Everyone has lost the urge to fight. Suddenly someone has such a problem. When everyone thinks about their identity, and then thinks about the decision at the time, it is like a basin of cold water poured on their foreheads, and they wake up instantly. Up.
    In the channel, there are gamers who are constantly refreshing messages, and I don't know where the problem is. But how can it not be erased from the minds of spy. All the spy are staring at the screen, staring at the channel window, watching if there will be a reply from Lord Grim. They hoped: Lord Grim didn't see the problem, didn't turn back so suddenly and soberly as they did.
    Lord Grim did not speak on the Guild channel, but sent a message on the Group channel.
    "You have worked hard." Everyone suddenly jumped out after seeing Lord Grim's name.
    "It's not hard, it's still hard?" The spy said against his will. Although from the perspective of killing the Guardian devil, "not hard" is genuine. But in terms of spy's intentions, this battle was actually very hard.

    "So what's next?" Lord Grim said again.
    "Next?" Everyone was a little puzzled.
    "Stay or leave, everyone is free." Lord Grim threw another sentence, followed by a very warm smile.
    The spy were immediately dumbfounded. They finally knew that they had not eliminated the doubts in Lord Grim's mind at all, and were suspected by the other party from the beginning, but they still had the guts to take them to fight the Guardian Demon God. Because people have the strength, they can crowd control and control the situation where you can't make mistakes at all.
    The group channel suddenly became quiet, Lord Grim did not dissolve the group, and even Happy people such as Cleaning Mist and Soft Mist stayed in the Team, and no one spoke.
    This time, even the private chat between the spy is omitted, and they are all directly reflected to the head. The QQ spy discussion group established by a few Great Guilds immediately continued to hear messages again. Blue River is now heart distracted, thoughts in turmoil, and does not want to engage in these famous halls at all.
    "This Lord Grim has always been so cunning!!" Guild Samsara tenth server's guild leader Lonely Drink said angrily. This is the impression Ye Xiu left on him from the very beginning, and it is simply eternal. At this time, I didn't even care about making my own big spy plan too conspicuous. I still analyzed the problem from the perspective of "it's not that we didn't work hard, but the opponent was too cunning".

    "This bunch of characters is considered useless, and it's useless to keep it. Since Lord Grim has been so suspicious," said Arisaema, the main Guild Leader of Herb Garden.
    "But there is one place that everyone should have noticed." Tyranny's domineering Jiang You said.
    "Say" the Changing Spring of the Blue Brook Guild always pops out a word or two abruptly when it comes to this, telling everyone that he is still there and that he is not air.
    "Although most of the people were sent by us, at least, there is one person in this group who is not ours and is a higher level gamers who really wants to join Happy." Jiang You said.
    "Indeed." Cold Night naturally wanted to help his boss, and immediately found out the previous chat logs to provide evidence. Each of the above Guilds reported their spy numbers. In that group of 20 people, there is indeed one person whose origin is unknown.
    "Now I want to know, isn't this person deliberately hidden, right?" Jiang You asked.
    "Of course not." Lonely Drink said immediately.
    Several other representatives also stated that they did not cheat.

    "If this is the case, I think we can now withdraw most of the people, leave a small part, and then have a good relationship with this redundant gamers, because his identity is true and reliable, and maybe he can be a good one for us. Cover, if necessary, you can even win him over directly." Jiang You said.
    "Doing this...will it be too much?" Arisaema said, "The biggest problem this time is that we did not consider the problem thoroughly. Our character Level is obviously too high in the tenth server. This Lord Grim is also a veteran, it must be early It was expected that we would send people into his Guild, this sudden a bunch of higher level characters, how could he not be suspicious? Now that these people have been exposed, he wants to continue to fight for it? I don’t want to simply retreat and choose another character Just mix in at the right time."
    "So? How about you guys from Herb Garden withdraw first?" Jiang You said.
    Arisaema was about to make a decision. Suddenly, there was a twist in his mind. He immediately said: "Hehe, we are going to retreat, everyone retreats together, let's advance and retreat together!"
    When these words came out, someone who was a little more thoughtful, immediately understood it.
    To be honest, Jiang You’s cover plan is really not very necessary, and this guy deliberately proposed such a plan, is it just calculating that others will not approve it?

    Just like the Herb Garden just now, if you finish listening to Jiang You, take advantage of the trend to withdraw the character...
    It has no effect on spy Guild Happy, but the three open accounts of Herb Garden must be exposed. Previously, although open accounts had been exposed, at least which account belonged to which account was not matched.
    The three open accounts are actually nothing to these Club Guilds. They can even buy a number when it is really necessary. However, the struggle between Guild has always been this way, and will not miss any available details. If you don’t notice this little place today, you can use the exposed open accounts in the future, and even if you know it, you will be even more afraid of being beat sb at their own game.
    When everyone thought about it, they were silent immediately after thinking about it. After a while, it turned out that Changing Spring, who had always been the most silent in message chat, said: "Who will withdraw? Who will stay?"
    Tragedy! Correct code at night, the tap is broken! The butterfly immediately turned into a butterfly. Super Mario. Blue, and went to repair the water pipe... The result is that the more you repair the water, the bigger the water, um... let's release the two thousand first! Let's take the water that is spraying, take a shower first, and then continue to fight with it...Ahhhhh...August is over, September is going to work hard! !
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