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Chapter List 360 Alone
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The matter between spy and Guardian can be regarded as come to the end of a phase. Although there are still two unidentified guys staying in Guild, Ye Xiu is not serious, but psychologically, he still pays enough attention. An excellent spy, a spy that can come, is enough to hit a Guild hard. The Guild system in the online game is actually very fragile before it has the background of Club. Sometimes a very small thing may cause Guild’s collapse and fall apart, not to mention someone who specifically aims for this. Come sabotage.
    The two characters who have not retired, Ye Xiu did not say anything and looked improper in front of Chen Guo, but still remembered the names of the two people from the bottom of my heart.
    These are just spy that is easily exposed because of the ill-considered mixing technique. As for whether there are also those who are in the low-level gamers group, Ye Xiu is also unknown. But now that Guild has been established, Ye Xiu has already been mentally prepared. Especially with Guild whose goal is to establish a Team, this kind of struggle will never stop. When necessary, maybe they have to use such methods. This has nothing to do with right or wrong, and there is no moral immorality. This is already one of the most basic techniques in the Guild competition in Glory.

    Without thinking about these things, Ye Xiu scanned Guild's channel at this time. Most people went offline to rest after the Guardian Demon challenge succeeded. What can be left at this time is basically the night party. Until it is temporarily impossible to create an account character like the Great Guild, these time-consuming night parties are likely to become Guild's first main force.
    At this time, the hot topic discussed in the channel is naturally the Guardian power possessed by the Guild members after the Guardian devil challenge is successful. Gamers of various professions are discussing how to allocate these free points. Many people are arguing with everyone here while reading various additional guidance on the Internet.
    Ye Xiu feels that there is no need to participate in such low-end discussions, but for these rather naive rookies, as a guild leader with rich experience, Ye Xiu feels that it is necessary to give some guidance so that everyone can avoid detours. After watching such a few minutes of effort, Ye Xiu has clearly discovered that the theoretical basis cited by many people is wrong. These theoretical guides that should have been regarded as rubbish, I don't know which rubbish bin these noobs came out of, and spread and promote them here as a supreme treasure.
    "Hey hey, the one called Prideless!" Ye Xiu saw that he was more than one can bear, and finally called.

    "Here!" The gamers named Prideless was one of the very active ones in the discussion, and found that he was actually valued by the guild leader, and he called the name personally. Hastily responded.
    "Where did you find the guide? It's wrong!" Ye Xiu didn't use any discussion tone at all, it was because this Prideless nonsense was too outrageous, even apparently right but actually wrong.
    "Ah?" Prideless was startled.
    "Ghostblade's Ability is based on the type of magic spell(s) damage. It is correct to add Intelligence to increase the damage. But whether it is Sword Demon or Phantom Demon, Intelligence is definitely not the only choice. Some of Sword Demon's abilities have physical damage, especially in many cases. Need to use normal attack to connect the attack, it needs meticulous planning and careful accounting to invest in some strength. Besides, Phantom Demon, there are some abilities with control effects, Spirit is an element that enhances these special effects, so Phantom Demon also needs Spirit in terms of Spirit. Enough attention. Your guide doesn’t even make clear the most basic professional characteristics. If it is a magic spell(s) type of profession, then Intelligence is added? It’s not that simple!” Glory is Ye Xiu’s most professional field Immediately there was a lot of chatter about Prideless's preaching guide.
    "Ah..." Prideless was ah, ah, but he couldn't refute a word. He could hardly understand what Ye Xiu was talking about.

    "Then there is the guide that talks about Battle Mage..." Ye Xiu turned around, but he was already pointing to another guy who was babbling nonsense. Battle Mage, that is Ye Xiu's strong point, in a few words, this person is speechless.
    "Also! The free points given by the Guild Guardian power, don't hesitate to add it! When you make a mistake, or if you want to change, just retire Guild and re-enter." Ye Xiu found that a bunch of guys couldn't discuss the points. When overtime is random, it is not to know whether to laugh or cry. Glory doesn't have the kind of free points that are given when leveling up. These free elements are all points given by the power of the Guild Guardian. Every time a Guild is replaced, the Guardian power received is different, and the free points are automatically reset. So it can be said that there is no limit to washing points. For fear of making mistakes and not daring to add, there is absolutely no need for this.
    "The team went to dungeon over there, what kind of professional configuration are you guys! You will definitely be exhausted. Change to two magic spell(s)-type professions!" Ye Xiu stared at the Guild channel and immediately noticed a bunch of problems. Pile of. Some people saw that the number of dungeons had been reset, and immediately organized the dungeons in Guild, but the team was not particular about it, as long as someone signed up.

    There are many types of occupations in Glory, and perhaps any combination of occupations can pass dungeon. However, different combinations always have different strategies and cooperation. In the face of different dungeons, there are always the most efficient, or the most violent, or the safest, and other reliable combinations.
    For rookie, of course, it is not bad to be able to punch through the dungeon smoothly. The number of dungeon in Glory is consumed once after entering it, but it does not count as completely clear.
    Ye Xiu is currently in contact with all the expert experts, even if it is not, with his joining, it is surefire to fight a dungeon. But for ordinary rookie gamers, it is normal to die in dungeon every day. This is also one of the reasons that the Great Guilds gamers' Level pulls the back gamers farther and farther.
    There is an expert with dungeon, that is completely different from Xinnen’s own research on wasteland. Even these dungeons have very mature guides on the Internet, but rookie has to die many times in the process to put these into reality. Every time I die, dungeon's reward is gone, let alone a little bit of experience. After such a toss, how can those skilled veterans rise fast? Even if the veterans can't reach the realm of Ye Xiu, at least dungeon will be able to fight, and there is no such strange annoyance.

    Ye Xiu used to only care about his side, with Tang Rou, Steamed Bun Invasion or other people, there is no pressure to eat dungeon. But now supporting a family of Guild, 500 or so people, it is obviously impossible to rely on one person to support it. As a result, I had to nag in this Guild channel. Correct the improper places in your eyes one by one.
    After such a toss, Ye Xiu didn't do anything by himself, so he stared at the Guild channel and chatted for two hours. This is when Guild has only a small group of people, and there are so many problems. How many trivial things should there be when the five hundred people are all gathered?
    Ye Xiu feels a little numb when he thinks about his broken head. This Guild is a troublesome task, so the pro team will find someone to take care of it. Pro-player is considered a backstage, how can anyone come to intervene in these matters personally?
    Ye Xiu didn't want to be like this either, but there was no helper around him. Tang Rou is strong, but in these aspects I am afraid it is not as good as these rookies. Steamed Bun Invasion is proficient in online games, but let him run Guild? It has to be an idea that comes when you hit the tree with your head. Both Su Mucheng and Chen Guo can help, but due to their respective conditions, there is really not much that can be helped at the moment.
    Turning around, Ye Xiu's gaze finally stopped on Guild's two 36-level characters.
    These two people are currently not Offline, and it seems that they are also night parties.

    When fighting the Guardian Demon God, Ye Xiu actually paid attention to the actions of these people. The kind of tricks that deliberately throw a game or try not to cooperate can't escape the eyes of Ye Xiu's old ashes. This is also the reason why he identified these people as spy even more, but it was not really because of the influx of people who started to suspect it.
    However, although Ye Xiu's vision is poisonous, after all, he is also in battle, it is impossible to pay attention to these things all the time, so the observation is not very thorough. For example, Ye Xiu can't remember what these two characters were when they killed the Guardian Demon God. This is also one of the reasons why he cannot be sure of the identities of the two.
    "If it's really spy, maybe it can be used again?" Ye Xiu pondered. Will come to do spy, those are Guild's diehard, absolute Glory veteran. Although it may not have any business talents, Ye Xiu does not need such an operator at present, but hopes to have a helper who can share his leadership of these rookies. As long as he is a Glory veteran, he can basically do the job.

    However, this errand is no better than the Guardian devil, it seems to be the other party as a core leadership member. This is the circle that every spy who has sharpened his head wants to enter. Entering such a circle, you have the opportunity to build your own prestige within the Guild gamers, and if a person is a spy, it is really dangerous.
    How to do it? Ye Xiu thought about it quietly for a while, and finally clicked on the names of the two people and tried to add friends to invite(s).
    Soon, one person passed, while the other side, obviously Online, did not respond.
    The one that didn't respond was of course Blue River. He doesn't know what to do now, holding this spy open accounts and spinning around on Glory's vast map. Suddenly I received the system message and clicked it to open it. It turned out to be a friend invite submitted by Lord Grim, and I was shocked.
    "What does this mean?" Blue River found himself really fate. Obviously I wanted to be in a daze here, but something happened to my head, and it was all things that I had to go to him to think about.
    I don't have a clue to think about it, and Blue River doesn't care about it. I agreed to the friend invite, de-added it, and then actively sent a message in the past: "What's the matter with the guild leader?"

    "What are you doing? It's okay to come to Arena, let's spar!" The other party's reply message was completely an old friend's tone, which made Blue River feel a little stupefied.
    "Do you recognize me? Impossible!" Blue River muttered, while replying to the message: "Okay, where to go?"
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