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Chapter List 370 Waves Blooming
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "what happened!!"
    At this point, the Players are basically in the same area, so there is no need to send any messages to the Group channel. Direct yelling can basically be heard by everyone. The moment the gamers were thrown into the air by the wave(s), everyone screamed as if they had exploded.
    However, no amount of shouts could conceal the subsequent series of rapid and crisp noises.
    The sound of the series of sounds was accompanied by the sound of splashing water, and several bullets burst out of the lake water in succession, flying directly to the gamers who were thrown into the air by the wave(s).
    "There is someone under the water!!" someone called out. Thousand Waves Lake is full of amphibious crawling or aquatic monsters. This firearms Ability is absolutely not. It can only be played by the gamers character.
    "How is it possible!!" Someone was surprised immediately afterwards. They stared at it for more than half an hour. Where did anyone appear on the surface of the water? As a result, suddenly one person appeared in the water at this time, and this person is definitely not Thousand Creations, so how did you avoid everyone's eyes before?
    "This...this..." On the Blue Brook Guild side, Bound Boat suddenly stuttered.
    "I have something to say." Changing Spring yelled while not giving up the pursuit.

    "This seems to be an unused utilize mechanical skill!" Bound Boat said.
    "I don't remember the name clearly. Anyway, it is used exclusively for water warfare. The character hides underwater, accompanied by the ups and downs of wave(s), and occasionally raises his head slightly to replenish oxygen. When it first appeared, it did occur in some water wars. It has a good sneak attack effect, but later because it is too close to the water surface, as long as you pay more attention, it is easy to be found. The practicality of the reduce(d) button is gradually eliminated." Bound Boat said.
    "When you say that, I seem to have an impression..." Changing Spring was startled.
    "Although it has been eliminated, this... is also a utilize skill of professionalBoss ional level..." Bound Boat said.
    "Is it Lord Grim!" Changing Spring said solemnly.
    In their discussion here, there were gamers from other roads who dived into the water to find out. As a result, they saw the wave(s) all around. After a violent surge, three gamers in a row were sent to the surface together. .
    Fighting in the water, many effects after an attack are quite different from those on land. What kind of attacks the gamers that have been shot out of the water have been hit by, this gamer can't even tell. But at least, they all finally saw what it was underwater.
    "Lord Grim!"
    "Cleansing Mist!"

    The gamers who have sunk in the water have already hurriedly sent out messages in the Group.
    "Fuck!" Everyone who received the message yelled simultaneously. Because these two names are too heavy. Ye Qiu, Su Mucheng, this is the top combination in the pro scene. Although they have dozens of people now, they still don't know what to do with these two people. For a while, the characters who were still tossing on the water just now, agreed by chance did not move. When they met these two people, whether to fight or not to fight, they hope to get clear instructions.
    "Splash, splash, splash!"
    After three consecutive beeps, there was another beep, but the four gamers fell into the water again one by one.
    This is the same as Quick Recover utilize in the water, but the effect of course is not to stand up after turning over on the water. It is just that there is a smooth transition after touching the water, and the stature can be adjusted quickly, instead of sinking directly to the bottom to compete with gravity and buoyancy like a rock falling into the water.

    However, Quick Recover on the flat ground, the elite gamers of the Great Guild can already practice very familiar, but on the water, there are really not too many people who have done such special exercises. The four gamers, the Quick Recover lined up, failed, four "splash" came over, and the four of them were sinking in a row. This is like falling to the ground on flat ground. After a while, the four people stabilized the stature at the bottom of the water, and they were about to get out of the water. Suddenly, the blisters around him were straight, and I looked at it from a twisted angle, and saw a brilliant light shooting over. But it was Su Mucheng's Launcher who had a Laser Rifle under the water.
    Game! Except for special instructions, any Ability can still be used in the water. It's just that because of different environments, different effects may be produced. Most of it is because of the resistance in the water, which reduces the speed.
    But this Launcher's Laser Rifle seems to be unaffected by resistance, and is still so fast. And the action of the gamers' character in the hand is also affected by the water resistance, instead of being as agile on the ground, how can you avoid this incomparably fast blow?
    The Laser Rifle shot from the bottom of the water, a beam of light shoots out, and even a beam of light can be seen on the lake. After refraction and reflection and other various optical scenes of everything in disorder, it looks more spectacular than the shot on land.

    Those four gamers were directly worn into candied haws by this laser rifle. They were unsuccessful in death, but the damage they suffered was unclear.
    The four of them were already dizzy, and as a result, they saw a Real Taoist shadow swam to them quickly, and it was all kinds of Ability who used it to come up.
    All four of them saw Ability very slowly, and felt that they could avoid it 100%. But forgetting that the opponent's Ability has slowed down, their actions have corresponding reduce(d). Their eyes are fast, and utilize is fast, but the character seems to be dull at this time. They think that they can dodge the Ability, and they all eat it in the end. It is called a firm.
    "What's going on over there?" The gamers on the surface of the water didn't even know what was going on here.
    They saw four character dumplings falling into the water, and then a Laser Rifle shot, and then the water seemed to be boiled, and the Roll was constantly splashing.
    Through it, it looks like dumplings are cooked, the Laser Rifle is ignited, and the water is boiled...
    "Help..." While everyone was still wondering how the dumplings were cooked, someone on the Group channel was calling for help.

    Frankly speaking, everyone didn't see who the dumplings were. It was just this one thing that seemed to be different at this time. So what's the question? Although the Boss has not yet ordered whether to continue the fight, some people have called for help, and they can't sit and watch, but remain indifferent.
    So the players in the water all dive into the water, and then look in this direction, you can see that the water area is already disturbing the overturning seas and rivers, and even how many people can see it clearly. Everyone hurriedly moved towards that side, and suddenly they saw a white light flashing there. Everyone was shocked and looked at the Group again. Sure enough, one person had already left the Group, and that was naturally killed.
    "Come on!" As soon as this person died, it was immediately clear who belonged to him. So the gamers of this family began to be anxious, greeted everyone to come quickly.
    As a result, everyone’s kung fu from all directions evoked, the white light flashed again and again in the wave(s), in the end, the wave(s) stopped, the lake became quiet, there was only one character left there quietly Standing: Lord Grim.
    The four of them died like this?
    Suddenly everyone was dumbfounded, and suddenly they didn't dare to step forward again.
    They stepped forward to save their lives, but now their lives are gone. Will they be dead if they step forward?

    Everyone stayed here, can't help to look around. As a result, after looking at them, they found that there were more than 30 people here, and facing one person, they were so frightened for a while?
    Thinking about it this way, everyone felt extremely embarrassed. Even if the opponent is Ye Qiu Great God, but so many men, a great force, there is really no reason to be afraid, right?
    Some people are still thinking, but some people have already shouted in the channel: "There is only one person, don't be afraid of who is it, let's go together!!!"
    As soon as the message fell, someone rushed out immediately. Ye Xiu's Lord Grim didn't just wait there. He killed four people underwater, and the oxygen was not enough, and he immediately rushed toward the surface.
    "Control him! Don't let him go to the water!" Someone noticed this move and immediately judged that Lord Grim had insufficient oxygen, so as long as he couldn't get to the surface, he would not win the battle, so he immediately messaged it.
    Immediately, two Real Taoist shadows suddenly appeared on Lord Grim's overhead, blocking his upward route. But it was two Ninja professional gamers. At this time, Shadow Clone was used for Teleportation, and they jumped directly here, trying to stop them.

    As a result, Lord Grim stretched out his hand and threw a Grenade out casually. There was not much fire in the water, but the water waves were rolled up again, and the two Ninjas and Lord Grim were on the surface together. It's just that the two of them were lifted up by the explosion, but Lord Grim swam up to get his breath by himself.
    Lord Grim, who had surfaced on the water, did not rest either, and attacked the two Ninjas with one spear from the left and the other. The Cleansing Mist of Su Mucheng over there also seemed to be waiting early, with heavy artillery on his shoulders, undulating on the surface of the water. This ups and downs has nothing more for a Pro-player, but it does not affect the shooting accuracy. In the roar of roar of guns, two Ninjas kept rolling on the water.
    "Hey, don't be an audience!" Ye Xiu yelled suddenly.
    On the surface of the water over there, a character showed his head and stayed in a daze, but the name on the overhead was clear: Thousand Creations.
    "I'll leave this to you!" Lord Grim suddenly slapped a palm, and one of Ninja brave the wind and the billows slid towards Thousand Creations.
    "Just know that you bully the kid Kill Stealing, so you can't do something more difficult?" Ye Xiu gave Thousand Creations an opponent, and said. And his Lord Grim jumped abruptly at this moment, and he couldn't jump very high in the water, but with this, all the attacks of everything in disorder that came out under his body were all avoided. Then the palms spread out, and another Grenade slid down.

    "Fuck! !" The gamers who had just emerged from the water below saw a Grenade smashed into their foreheads, and quickly went around thinking about it, how could it get up quickly in the water.
    With a "boom", the wave(s) was another churn, sweeping the gamers in the waters below to one side.
    Following the sound of "splash", Ye Xiu's Lord Grim was a fierce man and plunged back into the water.
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