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Chapter List 396 Fight Back With Facts
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "I Fuck! Excellent Era is too shameless!!!"
    After all, the print media reports were not instant enough. In the evening, the digital media already had interviews with many Pro-player parties in various onlookers in the morning. Of course, it is impossible to post every player's remarks in the show. At this time, the players who are selected on the mirror are of course God level players.
    Without exception, the major clubs seem to have made appointments, and they all directly admit that they suspect that Lord Grim is Ye Qiu, so they are curious to pay attention. But there is absolutely no one that uses a 100% tone.
    "Should it be? Unspecialized play style. To be proficient requires a considerable understanding and proficiency in all professions. Seeing the strength shown by Lord Grim, Ye Qiu is undoubtedly the Number One Player choice." It was the speech of Team Tiny Herb Wang Jiexi.
    "Unspecialized is definitely not a profession that rookie can control. And the one who can control this level, there is no doubt that Ye Qiu, I believe it is him." This is the speech of Tyranny Captain Han Wenqing.
    "Well, Ye Qiu...because...very amazing..." The above is Zhou Zekai from Samsara.

    "The Great Gods in the circle were all present at the time, and the one who could fight me to that extent, you know by the elimination method, it is Ye Qiu." This is Huang ShaOT ian's answer. Of course, he is the most important of all interviewed. , Who made him the party who ended up in a contest with the other party!
    "Where is Zhang Jiale?" The reporter asked about the same retirement and another player at God level.
    "Zhang Jiale? I called him, and he said it wasn't him." Huang ShaOT ian said solemnly. He is obviously the first person in the pro scene to know that Lord Grim is Ye Qiu, but at this time he also looks like "I just reasoned out in battle".
    "So what do you think about this game?" the reporter asked.
    "I lost. But for a Pro-player, winning or losing is very common, not to mention that the opponent is Ye Qiu. The important thing is that this game showed me a lot of different things. Unspecialized, I believe this is not Click on the play style that gamers with Glory qualifications don’t know at all. Now it appears in front of us alive. I don’t know if you have watched the video of this game carefully. Hey, yes, you have the video in your hands. Is it a file? Or a video? If you want a file, I have it there. I can give you a copy later. Who wants it?..." Huang ShaOT ian talked about the interview. The reporter was mixed.

    I'm so happy that I can get so much content without asking too much; I'm so worried about whether this content is too much? I don’t know if the editor-in-chief is enough to write them all down. It seems that I have to carefully select from the nonsense of This person.
    The reporter who interviewed Huang ShaOT ian was painful and happy every time.
    Apart from Huang ShaOT ian, another one needs to face some different interviews, of course Excellent Era.
    For Excellent Era, Ye Qiu is definitely a topic they will never go away. As long as they are still in the Glory circle, Ye Qiu is a name tied to them forever.
    Regarding the reason for the onlookers, this question that every player will be asked, Sun Xiang, Liu Hao and other onlookers are also the same as other Pro-players. They suspect that this person is Ye Qiu, so they are curious to see it.
    Then, when talking about the special relationship between Ye Qiu and Excellent Era, Wang Sheng began to speak with a puzzled face.
    First of all, he was very confused about Ye Qiu's decision to choose retirement while still in the mood to develop in the Glory circle.
    Secondly, Wang Sheng also mentioned Ye Qiu's many behaviors on tenth server as Lord Grim, and shouted that he couldn't understand it. Especially he even had some conflicts with Excellent Dynasty Guild on tenth server.

    Finally, of course, it was mentioned that Lord Grim joined Guild Heavenly Justice of Loulan Slash recently. Wang Sheng expressed that he respects any choices made by Ye Qiu and best wishes. However, Glory Alliance is a competitive event after all. Although Excellent Era and Ye Qiu will always be friends, in the professional competition field, in the online game mode, everyone should respond with a professional attitude. Here, he wishes Excellent Era. Both Ye Qiu and Ye Qiu can achieve good results.
    "Shameless! Too shameless!!!"
    The above remarks of the Excellent Era spokesperson were all released in the e-sports news during the dinner. Chen Guo, who was eating and watching, immediately slapped the dining table and yelled. Ye Xiu, who had been sprayed in the morning, was immediately on guard, holding his rice bowl and hiding away.
    "Thank him for speaking out." Chen Guo pointed to Wang Sheng on the screen with anger.
    Ye Xiu, who hid his rice bowl to one side, shrugged his shoulders, and filled his mouth with rice: "What's the matter, I haven't seen it in the world."
    "How can you be so peaceful!" Chen Guo didn't understand.
    "In terms of his responsibilities, I think he said it beautifully." Ye Xiu said.
    "If you can't stand this, you will have to cough up blood in the future." Ye Xiu said.
    "Hmph, I wouldn't be so shameless!" Chen Guo said.

    "You won't, what about your opponent? At that time, all kinds of rumors will be created to confuse black and white, and then when the reporter asks you, do you just curse the other party as shameless?" Ye Xiu said.
    "So what?" Chen Guo said.
    "Knock-down them fiercely on the competition stage!" Tang Rou interjected suddenly, with an unusually firm tone. Chen Guo looked over with a bit of surprise, and immediately Awareness arrived. Glory's interview with Tang Rou was also very uncomfortable, but he didn't pat the table like her.
    "Well, it's the facts to fight back, it couldn't be more powerful." Ye Xiu said.
    "Then now, how do you use facts to fight back?" Chen Guo asked.
    "Eat here calmly." Ye Xiu said.
    "What a fight back!" Chen Guo was depressed.
    "The road is still long, nothing more is just beginning now." Ye Xiu said lightly.
    That night, as soon as these interviews came out, they immediately caused an uproar.

    In the whole interview, although Loulan Slash's new Team was also mentioned, the proportion is quite small. Lord Grim is Ye Qiu. Although there has been a lot of speculation in the morning report, it is now collectively called by the entire pro scene. Although everyone said it was like a sentence: This is Ye Qiu, no explanation. However, it is too difficult to ask the parties to speak if they have to not believe what these people say. Ye Qiu never accepts interviews. How can the Glory media guys know this?
    People in the media are busy, hoping to dig deeper. They think up every possible method trying to contact Su Mucheng, who is known to have a close relationship with Ye Qiu, and they tried to contact Loulan Slash of Heavenly Sword Guild joined by Lord Grim... The interview is not over yet.
    In the gamers group, the sound of discussion at this time is already higher than the wave.
    With all these discussions, Chen Guo is quite depressed.
    When Wang Sheng was interviewed, the meaningful incomprehension, confusion, incomprehension, and last blessings made the Excellent Era fans who did not know the truth extremely dissatisfied with Ye Qiu.
    Being misled by Wang Sheng's speech, most of them couldn't accept Ye Qiu, who was still in the mood to fight Glory again, and would actually leave Excellent Era to go elsewhere. Those nostalgia for Ye Qiu all became doubts about him at this time.

    These emotions were already there when it was rumored that Ye Qiu was going to form a team by himself. But now, Ye Qiu has defected to Loulan Slash, a well-known money warrior in an online game. This has to make people doubt the purpose of Ye Qiu's departure. For a while, online discussions about this matter are almost out of the box*. Qiu's accusations and abuse.
    Chen Guo, who knows the truth, is angry, sad, and feels unfair for Ye Xiu. She watched these things by herself, and did not greet Ye Xiu at all. She can't watch it anymore...
    Turned to Ye Xiu and took a look around, and found that he was not actually playing games, but was also browsing these things on the Internet. Chen Guo quietly walked around and glanced at Ye Xiu's expression. It was still so relaxed and calm.
    "Why not play?" Chen Guo asked.
    "Now? It's not good, it's too hot, avoid the wind first." Ye Xiu said.
    "When can this be avoided?" Chen Guo wondered. Knowing that Lord Grim is Ye Qiu, then Lord Grim will be like those characters of Troubling Rain, and will be watched everywhere, right? And seeing so many voices of gamers who are super dissatisfied and despised towards Ye Qiu, Chen Guo suddenly feels very uneasy.
    "It won't take long." Ye Xiu laughed.
    "What are you calculating again! Say it!" Chen Guo saw that this guy must have some plans.

    "You'll know right away!" Ye Xiu said.
    "When is it right now?" Chen Guo asked.
    "Go to the news!" Ye Xiu said.
    "News? What news is there at this time?" Chen Guo puzzled.
    "There will be." Ye Xiu said.
    Chen Guo was skeptical, went to the internet and browsed everywhere. After walking around a few big websites, he didn't find any new content.
    "Where is it?" Chen Guo was yelling, spawned casually, and a new piece of news was actually published.
    Team Heavenly Sword, the first press conference is held!
    "Team Heavenly Sword?" Chen Guo was startled. Loulan Slash’s Team, although the message has been released previously, the name of the team has not been announced yet. And now, the name Heavenly Sword is undoubtedly the Team that Loulan Slash wants to establish.
    Chen Guo quickly clicked into the news. This has been organized into words, and the press conference is of course already over. A Heavenly Sword spokesperson claimed at the press conference that the invite(s) of Team Heavenly Sword was approved in the end only two days ago, so the first press conference has only been held until now. At the press conference, it was also the first official announcement that the new Team, named Heavenly Sword.

    In addition, a more important piece of news is the spokesperson of Team Heavenly Sword, who solemnly clarified and explained: Team Heavenly Sword has never recruited the former Excellent Era Captain Ye Qiu.
    "This...this..." Chen Guo stared at this statement, suddenly feeling dizzy.
    "Look, this is the fact." Ye Xiu has obviously read the news. He stood up with a smile and looked at Chen Guo: "It can be used to counterattack, isn't it okay?"
    The second one is here! Awesome, right? Third more later!
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