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Chapter List 425 Meet Jinxiang Again
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The battle took place for about a minute.
    But each team gets the message, and then it takes some time to find a route or something. When they arrived at the scene, they didn't even see a corpse.
    The poor three gamers have all been killed.
    Arisaema and Changing Spring finally received this message. Their people arrived at the said coordinates, but no trace was found.
    "What's the matter?" The two people asked together, Chen Yehui. Because the message came from Chen Yehui first.
    "It's already gone." Chen Yehui said.
    "Where are your people?"
    "Dead..." Chen Yehui said.
    "Dead?" The two people's tone accidentally had a little surprise that couldn't be hidden.
    "Ahem, restrain your grief, accept fate..." Arisaema concealed it again quickly.
    Sure enough, it was aimed at Excellent Dynasty! But his heart is burst with joy. He didn't distinctly clear what happened to Changing Spring, but on his side, it was because he deliberately released the message a bit late. He had hoped that Excellent Dynasty would suffer some losses, but he didn't think that in the end, he would completely lose the trace of Lord Grim and others. This is only one minute! Ye Qiu is strong, but with a 52-level character, where can damage be so strong? Even if it is Silver Weapon, it must follow the Level rule. Does this guy’s Silver Weapon have an element with a lower level requirement?

    If you have the equipment of Level lowering Element, minus 5, then the equipment at level 50 can be increased at level 45; minus 10, of course, at level 50, it can be at level 40. This kind of equipment is of course no value after the character max-level, but it is a very good element in the upgrade phase.
    Arisaema guessed like this in her heart, but no matter what, the target was nowhere to be seen. After searching, the character still didn't have an Offline. Frustrated, I had to let people continue to search nearby.
    "Slow, too slow! Do you have any decent equipment? What kind of garbage you are, are you ashamed of this kind of damage?" The two walked on the street. Just now, Deception played extremely well. At first he was a little bit grudge trying to make Lord Grim unable to keep up with his rhythm, but then he enjoyed the atmosphere of cooperation. Successfully killed three opponents, and within one minute, he was very proud of being so efficient. As a result, Ye Xiu was seriously criticized during this run.
    "Are you embarrassed to laugh at my equipment?" Deception was surprised. This guy is dressed in colorful normal servers, so he is embarrassed to say himself? I really didn't wear my strongest equipment, but I just wore this set, so it's also a product of Heavenly Domain!
    "How much am I? Does Heavenly Domain have my equipment?" Ye Xiu said.

    "..." Deception was speechless. Heavenly Domain was launched when Glory reached the top level 55, so the lowest level here is the 55 leveling area, and the equipment is also the lowest level 55.
    "Quiet!" Deception was about to say something, but was hurriedly disrupted by Ye Xiu. Lord Grim, who was walking in front, made a sudden stop, obviously there was an enemy in the front exit.
    "Let me introduce it, you are going to prepare Underground Tunneling Technique, and wait for my message." After Ye Xiu said, Lord Grim had already rushed out.
    "Lord Grim!!!"
    Then there was a female voice shouting outside, her voice a little familiar.
    "Ouch!!" Lord Grim screamed as he lost one's head out of fear, and quickly ran back.
    "It's despicable!" Deception dismissed Lord Grim's acting skills, but he quickly used the Underground Tunneling Technique. The character sneaked into the underground, but didn't get out. This ability allows the character to lie in the underground for a period of time. The requirement is that ninjato must be used. The scabbard of ninjato is used as a suction tube at this time.
    In the underground state of the Underground Tunneling Technique, the angle of view will be condensed into a small circle, condensed a little above the head. Gamers can slightly adjust the viewing angle, but not much.

    Just dived, the colorful silhouette of equipment has ran back, except for Lord Grim, no one of these two wears so disgustingly.
    As soon as Lord Grim turned into the alleyway, he flew up and jumped onto the roof. Then there were chaotic footsteps, and a bunch of people rushed in. There was no team but half of them.
    Deception was shocked when he cited so much, and then saw sent a meBoss age flashing in the channel: "It's the Launcher again, attack her, stop flashing!"
    Looking outside from the perspective of the Deception circle, I saw that there was a Launcher in the opposing team, overhead ID: Golden Fragrance.
    Also said that there is no enmity with Launcher?
    So pertinent, Deception is very suspicious of the other party's intentions. At this time, who is not playing, I just don't play this Launcher. Deception was planning to make a move, when he heard the Launcher Golden Fragrance shout: "Where did you go? And the Deception, find out and kill him fiercely!"
    "Hang on me? I'll die you first!" When Deception heard this, he immediately pointed the attack at Golden Fragrance. The attack of Underground Tunneling Technique is not fixed at the overhead point, but in a circle with overhead as the center of the circle, which means that there is a little underground movement effect. At this time, staring at Golden Fragrance and seeing that she has entered the circle, Deception not saying anything further, immediately Underground Tunneling Technique make a move, rushed out of the ground, and hit the opponent with one hit.

    Golden Fragrance was hit and flew straight, Deception obeyed Ye Xiu's arrangement at this time, the character turned upside down in the air, head and feet up, one foot flew up, kicking Golden Fragrance's chin straight, and volleyed with an Annihilation.
    The Golden Fragrance that had been hit by the Underground Tunneling Technique to Knock-up suddenly flew higher, and the surrounding gamers were still in the reaction stage, but there was a Battle Lance stab on the roof, which was piercing the Golden Fragrance, and then a The big windmill turned out to use a Circle Swing to directly put the Golden Fragrance on the roof of the house, and then casually threw it away, and a Grenade was dropped.
    Everyone in Grenade has to hide if they don't want to hide. Exploding Shock Wave is also considered as a Blow Away effect. Unless you enter the Super Armor state, you can't resist it.
    Deception and Lord Grim are on the same team. Of course, it's okay. He jumped directly and ninjato stepped into the wall. The alleyway wall is low, and an ups and downs have gone up. Lord Grim above has been flattened, and Deception is also an arrogant who irritated Golden Fragrance. He came up not saying anything further and changed the situation into a siege.
    "You two are looking for death!" Golden Fragrance yelled comfortably.
    The two people did not speak, and continued to be flat.
    "Our Excellent Dynasty will not let you go today!" Golden Fragrance shouted.
    "Huh, Excellent Dynasty? Is it amazing?" Deception the eye can see nothing worthwhile all around. He specializes in picking up these Great Guild wastes and has never been afraid.

    "Girl, are you rookie? Didn't you figure out the situation? Do you know who I am?" Ye Xiu also wondered, this girl's arrogant feels very naive.
    "This is Golden PrinceBoss, whoever you are." While Chen Guo interjected, he saw Golden Fragrance again. Chen Guo was immediately excited. This time he didn't even have a self-review. He went straight into the situation, but regretted himself. Chasing Haze cannot drop from the sky to join this siege.
    "I know who you are, but what can you do if you are only one person now?" Golden Fragrance actually despised Ye Xiu, and Deception became angry.
    only alone? These guys really ignored themselves! Isn't he a human? ? ?
    Deception will be completely wrong this time. What Golden Fragrance and Ye Xiu said are from another angle, and do not refer to the present. At the moment, she really didn't mean to ignore Deception. Deception made her very embarrassed before. She exploded her equipment with Lord Grim. She had already established a stable aggro.
    "Go to hell!!!" Deception roared and threw more fiercely. Ye Xiu was puzzled for a while. Has this buddy established such a strong class relationship with himself? People are talking about me, what happened to him? Ye Xiu didn't react for a while. Deception had a misunderstanding.
    "Are you coming?" Ye Xiu asked.

    "I'm coming!" Deception agreed bluntly.
    "Speed up." Ye Xiu shook a sentence, turned around and slammed a Gatling Gun out. The bullets leaning out like raindrops swept all the gamers who were either jumping or climbing anyway and were about to come up to the roof. Go down.
    magic spell(s), Grenade, artillery shell...
    Facing the alley below, a bunch of remotely capable abilities were all poured down. Even if the damage is added up, it is impossible to be fatal, but with various Ability effects, the gamers below are beaten unsteadily from side to side.
    Golden Fragrance is a ten-man team this time, and she herself was pulled up, but the bottom nine tried their best but couldn't get up. Lord Grim sticks to the rooftop and uses various methods of attack, not seeking to injure the enemy, but only to move, so that they can fall again.
    With a slightly higher angle of view, he swept around, and saw that the opponent's new team also rushed towards this side. It was obvious that the opponent was recruiting support again after exposure.
    "How long will it take?" Ye Xiu asked Deception.
    "This rubbish equipment, the damage is really not awesome!" Deception was scolded at this time, and he disliked this picking up scraps because it was not enough to pretend that damage was not enough, so he couldn't vent his anger better.
    "Tell her to surrender and not kill." Ye Xiu said.
    "What's everything in disorder?" Deception couldn't understand.

    "It means literally." Ye Xiu said, jumping out obliquely, taking a note of Collapsing Mountain, and cutting down a gamer who wanted to jump on again.
    "Go to hell!!" Finally, with a loud roar from Deception, Ye Xiu turned back to look at it, not knowing what Ability was used, Golden Fragrance spurted blood and flew far away.
    "Damn, a waste of time!!" Ye Xiu immediately stopped guarding the rooftop, manipulating Lord Grim and flew up.
    "Dead!" Deception called.
    "Equipment!" Ye Xiu yelled, Lord Grim made a quick dive and caught an equipment that had been exploded from Golden Fragrance and also flew out with her.
    Deception is a little bit startled, this person can't see through it at all!
    The three people killed before also dropped the equipment. He didn't even look at it. Why are they taking hungry tigers to eat for the equipment now?
    Could it be... Orange Equipment again! ! !
    This time, Deception focused on killing, killing his breath, and didn't think about any equipment issues at all. The knocked-up Golden Fragrance was just throwing the corpse in his eyes, and he didn't even look at it smartly. The thing that fell out at this time has been picked up by Lord Grim, is it another Orange Equipment? This guy is a high-end Scrap Picker who only focuses on Orange Equipment?

    Second! Continue to code third time, trembling!
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