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Chapter List 426 Armor Removal Hand Cannon
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Flick!" Ye Xiu greeted and ran directly on the roof.
    "What about the others?" Deception was still a little bit unfinished.
    "I killed them all." Ye Xiu said.
    "What!!" Deception turn pale with fright.
    "It's impossible." Ye Xiu was panting.
    "..." Deception was speechless, but also on the roof, swept around, and saw reinforcements coming from here, knowing that it is impossible to continue to kill here, and quickly followed Lord Grim escape without trace.
    The Golden Fragrance that fell on the ground is dead, but I haven't chosen Ressurection yet, and my soul is floating in the air. I see the two people go away publicly. I really want to spit out the two people with blood.
    As a core member of the Great Guild, Golden Fragrance has also experienced many big scenes, but today this situation is still encountered first-hand. There are two sentences in the meeting, but they are all fighting and killing, killing quickly, throwing the corpse and running away. What about the people in the same team? I haven't seen it from beginning to end, what kind of situation is this all?

    Golden Fragrance did not choose Ressurection, because here is Heavenly Domain, Cleric level 70 already has Ressurection Ability. For the ability of Ressurection character Ressurection, HP and mana are also the lowest, but the character will not be Critically Ill state. In addition, stand up on the spot without going to Resurrection Point, which saves the time of running away. More importantly, it can reduce the loss of experience by one third. But the only thing that can reduce a little loss is experience. Money, and the equipment dropped out cannot be recovered by activating skills. Because the things that fell out are actually still there, but there is nothing more on the ground.
    Golden Fragrance is gnashing one's teeth depressed, and a prompt appears in the prompt box whether to accept Ressurection.
    After accepting it, the world immediately returned to its color. Golden Fragrance stood up from the ground, and on the ground there was also a small purse that broke out when she died. It was the Gold that she was carrying on her body that fell out of proportion. Golden Fragrance picked it up and saw the nine members of his team standing in a circle, looking at her without gnawing. For the two people who had already run away, the nine did not chase them, they were all waiting for Golden Fragrance to show them.
    "What are you doing in a daze! Chase!" Golden Fragrance cried.

    A group of people rushed out quickly. Golden Fragrance was depressed. While chasing it out, he clicked on item storage to view equipment. Before, he was depressed and forgot about this important matter. Only seeing the purse on the ground, Golden Fragrance thought it was a good signal. She even thought she didn't fall out of the equipment, but when she opened the item storage, she saw that the hands in the equipment column was empty, which immediately made her eyes dark.
    "My weapon!!!" Golden Fragrance screamed.
    The nine on the same team were all taken aback, and turned their perspectives back together.
    "Why is my weapon missing? Did it burst out? I didn't see it!!!" Lord Grim's hands and feet were too fast, and the Golden Fragrance of the soul didn't even see the equipment falling out of him.
    The nine people were silent. They all knew that Golden Fragrance's weapon was not easy.
    Orange weapon Hand Cannon, Armor-piercing Cannon, level 70, has a Physical Attack of 715, a Strength bonus of 55, and an additional Element. When attacking, there is a 5% chance to enter the Armor Piercing state for 6 seconds.
    This Armor Piercing state is targeted, where to fight, which Armor Piercing, for example, if you attack the upper body and hit Armor Piercing, then it is the upper body equipment, that is, the clothes enter the Armor Piercing state. In the Armor Piercing state, all elements of the clothes are obliterated, which is equivalent to non-existent, and the consumption of stamina will reach 300%.

    When the equipment in Glory is 0, the equipment will be directly destroyed and cannot be repaired, so I hate the equipment gamers who kill stamina. This requires carelessness. If stamina is brushed to 0, the damage will be great. In Glory, there is no such kind of equipment that directly deducts the amount of stamina in one hit. Usually, it is an element that increases the damage of stamina by 10% or 20%. The Armor Piercing state played by this Armor-piercing Cannon is obviously of this type. Although it needs to be triggered, the 300% killing effect is far superior to the fixed killing effect of the general weapon.
    However, although killing stamina makes people disgusting, it is actually the Armor Piercing equipment that has a greater effect. The element of a jacket will be obliterated, which will greatly weaken the defense and element of the target, and the 6-second interval will form a blow that is almost equipment suppression.
    In short, Armor-piercing Cannon has the sturdy basic Element of Orange weapon. The additional Element is also very useful in both PvE and PvP. It is a very rare and valuable weapon. This burst, the companions listened to it. Meat aches.
    "Quickly catch up with them, I'm coming back!!!" Golden Fragrance cried angrily, and the nine hurriedly chased them again. Golden Fragrance has even entered a state of exploding, shouting Lianlian on the Guild channel, calling friends and calling friends. It was originally regarded as Guild's official struggle, and she was mixed into personal private fights.
    Chen Yehui saw in his eyes, he didn't stop at all, and even stunned in his heart.

    This is actually a very important reason why people like Golden Fragrance can become core members.
    Although Club Guild has the nature of a serious company, most of the gamers in Guild are not serious employees. With love for Team, support for Team, and support for their favorite players, everyone has gathered under the banner of Guild.
    Doing something for Guild is quite supportive of Team, so many gamers will be happy to do it. Club, relying on this nature has gathered a large number of staff. Therefore, although the Club Guild has a stricter system, for most Guild members, it is impossible for the guild leader to say that one is one and that two is two. After all, gamers are here to play and the other is to support Team. In their eyes, the guild leader is not actually a thing. So for these fans and gamers, Guild still greets them as if they were gods. They are mostly voluntary, but they don't dare to mess around with commands or other things that are offensive.
    And for gamers like Golden Fragrance, although some people are disgusting, there are many people who like to circle him. Such a person, just like now, with her personal relationship, can drive a lot of gamers. Club Guild really needs this kind of gamers that can drive everyone. At this time, Golden Fragrance recruited people from a personal perspective, but Chen Yehui didn't mind at all.

    Because, the people she recruited basically listened to her, but Golden Fragrance was what Chen Yehui said in his favor. At the level of core member, it is no longer an average player, and has entered the state of professional gamers. The Club does not keep them busy all day long. In this way, if there is an interest relationship, it will be easier to speak and manage.
    "What's the matter with Golden Fragrance?" At this time, Chen Yehui not only didn't stop, but also sent a message to ask in the past to increase the enthusiasm of employees.
    "My armor-removing gun was exploded!" Golden Fragrance exasperated.
    "Ah?" Chen Yehui felt distressed after hearing this message. This kind of Orange Equipment, even their Great Guild can’t say they have it casually.
    "Take them back, hurry back!" Chen Yehui took the opportunity to cheer on Golden Fragrance. This is not the case. He really hopes that Golden Fragrance can explode the weapon back. The core member is also the main force of many events such as dungeon, killing BoBoss, etc. Armor-piercing Cannon is very useful. Although there are many Launchers in the Excellent Dynasty, not only Golden Fragrance alone has it, but if one is less, it loses a part of its power.
    "I know!" Golden Fragrance said, returning an angry Expression. Seeing her shouting on the Guild channel, a bunch of people asked what happened to Big Sister Golden Fragrance.
    After Golden Fragrance is promoted to core member, it automatically becomes Big Sister Golden Fragrance.

    When I heard that the equipment was exploded, the supporters of Golden Fragrance gathered in Guild, clamoring for revenge. Chen Yehui didn't make a lot of noise. These people let Golden Fragrance take care of it.
    "Run away again? What's the matter!" Lord Grim and Lord Grim showed up again in the message received by Arisaema, but ran away again.
    "I heard that there is a team of ten people on your side. You can't stop it?" Arisaema asked Chen Yehui. He was a little skeptical that Chen Yehui was also avoiding losses and deliberately threw a game. This time is not just now. There are only three people. This time there is a team. No one will doubt the ability of Lord Grim, but his level 52 character is not high in damage. Ten people can always drag on for a while. Right? As a result, he actually rushed into the air again this time, and could only continue to chase him wildly.
    Everyone has no confidence in this pursuit. Because Lord Grim runs away like this, not once or twice.
    "What do you mean?" Chen Yehui was unhappy when he was taken an Orange weapon!
    "Ten people can't stop this, this can't be killed. Most of the teams are divided into five, three, or even less, aren't they more useless?" Arisaema said.
    "No one expected a team to kill the target, right? Just expand the scope of control, locate the target, and encircle it in one fell swoop." Chen Yehui said.
    "That's quick to encircle!" Arisaema said.

    "Waiting around, who is not around?" Chen Yehui said.
    Arisaema was startled. This person seemed to have something in his words. Could he have noticed that their Herb Garden's actions were a little deliberately neglecting?
    two people This is still talking openly and secretly, the message has come in front, and the people are gone again.
    "Fuck!" Changing Spring, who hadn't spoken all the time, just yelled at this moment.
    "How about, Armor-piercing Cannon, are you satisfied?" Here, Ye Xiu asked Chen Guo next to him while running.
    "Not bad, not bad." Chen Guo nodded repeatedly. The new equipment is very good. To take this weapon from Golden Fragrance, Golden Fragrance must be in a good mood. This kind of weapon, if you really mix yourself in Excellent Dynasty, I don’t know when it will be your turn? Chen Guo thought this way in his heart.
    "There is also a headband, right, but I think the Golden Fragrance equipment is not a headband!" Ye Xiu said.
    "Well, I don't want her." Chen Guo said in disgust.
    The equipment on the body affects the image more than the weapon in the hand, and girls care about it very much. Chen Guo chose the headband, of course, to stay consistent with her actual person. As for Golden Fragrance, there is a cute hairpin on his head. Chen Guo doesn't like it at all, and Element doesn't like to carry it, which is the characteristic of female gamers.

    "Who has a headband?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "Oh, okay, this weapon is enough." Chen Guo said. This is the truth. Orange weapon is more difficult to explode than purple weapon. I don't know how many times. It's even more rare if you want to meet someone who works well. Many people are very happy to have an Orange weapon, and even care about whether it is suitable for them.
    "You should go to leveling." Chen Guo reminded Ye Xiu.
    "It's okay, I can afford to delay one day." Ye Xiu still seemed to be still unfulfilled. And Deception on his side is also killable: "Next, which side?"
    Three shifts, over, close, sleep, picking up scraps tomorrow is over! What is it?
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