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Chapter List 442 Tasteless Skills
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Go up now, you will be stepped on by Ye Qiu.
    If I don’t go up now, I’m afraid I’ll be stepped on by Sun Xiang.
    Who will be stepped on is a question, and it is also a question for Liu Hao to make a decision.
    Is there a way to satisfy rival demands? Liu Hao thought unwillingly while observing the situation below. Below Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage was surrounded by several people. There was no joint attack, but a continuous attack from you and me. As a professional Liu Hao, of course he knows very well that only combo made by the Group is truly invulnerable...
    This sentence is very familiar.
    After this sentence popped out of his mind, Liu Hao couldn't help but have another thought. But then immediately gritted his teeth. Are you unfamiliar? This is what Ye Qiu often talked to them when he was still in Excellent Era. And now, Sun Xiang is beaten by this Group combo without fighting back. Fortunately, this Group has obviously not reached the coordination of seamless heavenly clothes. Sun Xiang can still see a gap and stick in a needle to support it till now. However, this is also Sun Xiang. Without his sturdy utility, it is already unknown how many deaths a normal person has come up with. What Sun Xiang can do is support, he can't find a chance to fight back.
    If you go down by yourself, you can't change the situation, but maybe you can join forces with Sun Xiang to make encirclement?

    Liu Hao thought so in his heart, but he couldn't help but worry again. With Sun Xiang's arrogant temperament, he would run away from waste, would he be willing? Especially when he was beaten away by such a group of people who he totally despised.
    However, it is a shame to run, and it is also a shame to kill. He should see this clearly, right?
    Liu Hao obviously has partiality in his heart. He still values his relationship with New Captain more seriously, after all, this is related to his future interests. In fact, after he was accused of defeating Team because of his bad mood and bad state in order to brush dungeon last time, he has already made up his mind to adjust Ye Qiu as an amateur of course. The focus of his work should never be put on Ye Qiu's body. It’s just that Ye Qiu seems to have a tendency to become their competitor again. Fighting Ye Qiu has become a matter of public and private consideration, and he has begun to intervene again. Otherwise, like before, Chen Yehui would not care much.
    After a quick weighing at this time, Liu Hao decided that he still had to take the risk, even if it was trampled, it was trampled along with Sun Xiang, shared delights and common hardships, established class friendship, and it was valuable to be trampled. Even if there is a chance to break through the siege, he sacrificed to cover him. This is also a very valuable choice!
    The more Liu Hao thought about it, the calmer he became. Gradually, he caught the possible benefits from being trampled on.

    After that, there was no more hesitation. Liu Hao immediately made a move, swung his sword and chanted, and then started playing Wave Formation. As a result, the gunshot sounded almost at the same time that he was swinging his sword. The chanting that just started was immediately interrupted, and the Lord Grim Thousand Chance Umbrella below was smoked.
    Sun Xiang is now surrounded by a few people to practice his hand, Lord Grim has not participated in the attack at all. While directing the rhythm of several people, Ye Xiu used the Healing Skill from time to time, and then, he paid attention to Liu Hao on the roof. When I saw that this guy wanted to make a move, it was a shot immediately.
    Liu Hao knew that a strong attack would not have an advantage, so he took the circuitous route again and ran to the other side of the room and jumped off. I rushed into the empty house, and I wanted to stand in the window and put some Wave Formation outwards, but I ran to the window to take a look, hey, the angle that can be attacked from the window is not even a ghost. The other party seemed to have foreseen this situation a long time ago, and pulled the battlefield aside, and it became impossible to attack from the window.
    Reluctantly, Liu Hao had to jump out of the window, and as expected, when he came out, he saw a bunch of people playing together!
    Liu Hao quickly let his Spellblade rush up, and an Ice Wave Slash went out. All the ground was covered with ice crystals, and it was unlikely that it would have crawled behind Loulan Slash over there.
    Liu Hao didn't pay too much attention to making a move. Anyway, a circle of people here was tossing around Sun Xiang. Anyone who attacked could create a chance to break through.

    Sure enough, when the Ice Wave Slash arrived, Loulan Slash also had to hide. The four consecutive attacks were immediately interrupted due to this change. Sun Xiang immediately shook Spirit, and when he got the chance, he quickly slashed out with a Sky Strike.
    Ye Xiu's cue was called out faster than his moves. Deception Night Tides has already jumped away. As for the other one is Ocean Ahead, Elementalist would not attack personally.
    At this time, the space was exposed, and Sun Xiang's Battle Mage rushed out. After chasing Deception, another Dragon Tooth stabbed in the past.
    Liu Hao saw it and he didn't expect it, Sun Xiang didn't even think about running. Because these Pro-players don't care about the experience and equipment of this character, they only care about the outcome. To be beaten and run is to lose, and to be killed is to lose. For them there is nothing more, there is no difference.
    Liu Hao had already thought about it at this time, and rushed into the battle group bravely. A Wave Splitting Sword pushed the Berserker of Loulan Slash away, while saying: "This time we are careless. Let's retreat. Team come again!"
    A very ordinary sentence, but at this time, the effect is quite subtle.
    At one point, he pointed out something to the effect, which is a step for Sun Xiang;

    Secondly, revive Team and come again, implying that it is not over yet and the outcome has not yet been determined.
    In the end, Sun Xiang said nothing, still grabbing Liu Hao's chance to rush in and out, and attacked, chasing Deception.
    "Come on, I'll cover you!" Liu Hao actually didn't care much about Sun Xiang's failure to leave at this time, and quickly expressed his attitude to give up life for righteousness (idiom, from Mencius).
    "Hmph, it's not necessary!" Sun Xiang suddenly snorted, and the attack became more and more fierce. The attack was not only directed at Deception, but Loulan Slash and Night Tides were also taken care of by him. The Elementalist of Ocean Ahead is a bit far away, but Liu Hao can't stand still. He quickly tried to block Ocean Ahead's Magic Attack.
    Sun Xiang was besieged before. Utilize was basically used to avoid parry, and he was embarrassed. The effects of those Magic Chaser on the body have long been lost. At this time, I got the opportunity that Liu Hao seized. Once the wave of attacks came down, various Chaser states were re-attached. At the same time, a faint golden light appeared on his body. Battle Mage's attacks suddenly began to accelerate, and the damage was also Suddenly began to strengthen.
    "This is..." Liu Hao was startled when he saw it.

    "Hahaha, didn't you think about it?" Sun Xiang was very proud, continuously attacking, seeking advantages from the three of Deception Loulan Slash Night Tides one after another, and Lord Grim of Ye Xiu kept busy replying.
    "It's Battle Spirit!" Liu Hao called out.
    Deception was puzzled at this time, Battle Spirit, Battle Mage Awakening Skill, yes, which Battle Mage can’t, is it necessary to be so surprised by the monster?
    Deception wondered, obviously because he was completely unfamiliar with the pro scene.
    The moment the Battle Spirit appeared, Ye Xiu and Liu Hao understood why Sun Xiang was suddenly so confident and proud. Loulan Slash Although they are not yet Pro-players, since they have such determination, of course they are concerned about a lot of professional matters, especially in their team, Little Bei uses Battle Mage, and their response is slightly slower. A little bit, but then I also understood why Sun Xiang suddenly got excited again like a stimulant.
    Because Battle Spirit, this Ability, is already almost useless but a pity to give up in today's professional competition field.
    Because of the prerequisites of Battle Spirit, combo numbers are required. The state of the full-level Seventh Stsge is certainly terrible, but the 120 combo request is even more abnormal. In the professional competition field, let alone the 120 level, the 10 combo of the First Stage is not so easy to play.

    In one vs one, it is not easy. In Team Match, it is even more difficult.
    In the high-paced Pro League, battle spirits are used to determine the victory. This was a Battle Mage battle choice at first. But now, this Tactic intention is considered too rigid and too easy to be broken by others. Therefore, Battle Spirit has become a completely neglected Ability in the pro scene. Most of the professional Battle Mage are only the first level directly attached to the system upon awakening, and there will be no investment in this Ability afterwards.
    It's different in in the online game. In the online game, there is PvE. In the face of a bunch of monsters, it is much easier for Battle Mage to build a high-end Battle Spirit. Relying on this Ability, Battle Mage has always been one of the main damage professions in PvE. Therefore, as online game gamers, Battle Spirit is definitely a full-level Ability.
    The open accounts raised by Guild are used for various purposes. Unlike the character of the pro scene, only the use of the competition field is considered. The Battle Spirit usually fills up like a normal person. So the Battle Mage in Sun Xiang's hands at this time is a Battle Mage that is different from the pro scene and has a high-end Battle Spirit.
    What Sun Xiang said unexpectedly, refers to this point.
    Because he uses this Battle Mage to face people like Loulan Slash who are obviously still a lot weaker in strength, he can connect to a high-end Battle Spirit.

    After the pale gold halo of Battle Spirit emerged from his Battle Mage, he soon used three melee targets to push his Battle Spirit to the Second Stage.
    His attack has not stopped, and he quickly finds combo on the three of them. Three goals, three goals that are far from him in terms of mechanical skill Awareness, it is not too difficult for him to achieve this.
    Third Stage!
    The halo of Battle Spirit is getting brighter and more dazzling. Sun Xiang's attack speed, move speed and attack power are constantly improving, and the Deception three are becoming more and more difficult to deal with. Ye Xiu only has a low-level skill Cleric, and it feels more and more unattainable in response.
    "Hahahaha, Battle Spirit, it's still a cool Ability! It's just that it's really hard to have a chance to use it in actual combat. Fortunately, you encountered a bunch of weeds today." Sun Xiang yelled triumphantly. The Battle Spirit has been pushed to the Fourth Stage by him. With a one-to-three enemy, he did not lose the wind at all. The damage caused by this continuous attack is no longer light. Ocean Ahead was entangled by Liu Hao over there. If it weren't for Ye Xiu's support from time to time, I'm afraid it would have died.
    Liu Hao is pleased beyond one's expectations. According to the current situation, how can they turn defeat into victory?

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