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Chapter List 444 Unexpected
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The video was sent and was tried for a day. In the end Club, I still gnashing one's teeth and contacted Mo Qiang, but I am ready to learn about it. Mo Qiang himself was shocked, he thought this matter needed some wrangling! So I posted on the Internet as a foreshadowing, so I was going to cut off all the conversation records, phone calls and so on, and all prepared for recording. The other party was interrogating the video this day, and he was thinking of countless tricks and showdowns in his heart, and the result was the last one, just two words: account.
    The simplicity of the matter made Mo Qiang a little surprised. While giving someone an account, he and You's "Xiaoqiang Productions" in large characters, the more disgusting he reads, he ordered mechanical skills to completely shatter the title.
    The five foils have been confessed, and the two worth 500 must also have an explanation!
    Regrettably, it didn't happen once, so the last was a high-sounding statement, stating that under the joint action of the clubs, Lord Grim and Deception, the two principal criminals, had recently hid in Tibet, and their behavior was finally restrained. It's just that they have pityed their five little brothers, they became abandoned sons, and were completely wiped out by us.
    Since everyone is very busy, we decided to stop this matter first, but we do not promise not to launch such an action again in the future. Scrap Picker, self-respect!

    Don't say it, for the vast number of gamers who don't know the inside story, it really is the success of Club Guild's actions. The video to be released is a selection made from ten video videos. So ordinary players do not know the exaggeration of the one hundred loopholes among them.
    The Club Guild action this time was under the banner of Scrap Picker, but I didn't expect it to be straightened. After that, the atmosphere of picking up scraps in Heavenly Domain really converged a lot. Gamers are also very smart. Facing the disgusting Scrap Picker, they use the actions of Great Guilds as Threat. This brain-dead Bounty action can be regarded as a slight benefit to the gamers, and the Clubs can also be regarded as receiving some praise.
    But these are things that were only noticed after a while. At this time, after the Club Guilds issued this statement, who is the most intuitively affected? Of course it is Ye Xiu. Although you still have to be wary, you don’t need to see a personal shadow and then quickly move like this every tree or bush an enemy soldier.
    Two days after this, leveling is relatively safe. Lord Grim has steadily improved to level 54. With Ye Xiu's game time, such an upgrade speed is quite slow after level 50. But no way, who can let him play without dungeon?
    And these days, Ye Xiu's busy schedule is no longer confined to the game. He began to use a lot of time outside the game to search a lot of research materials.

    why? Because the ready-made Thousand Chance Umbrella information in his hands has ended here.
    55, 60, 65, 70. For these four stages of improvement, Ye Xiu needs to find suitable materials and items on the vast continent of Glory.
    And the number of materials and items owned by these Levels is far more than before. Because starting from level 55, Glory has a new continent called Heavenly Domain, which is larger than the old Glory continent, and of course many new items have been added. Of course, the workload of selecting suitable upgrading materials is even greater. Ye Xiu has become even busier these times.
    Chen Guo, after all, is the Owner of the Internet Cafe, who only cares about games and business. You still have to visit the Internet Cafe every day. Early that morning, I wandered around after getting up as usual. I was standing outside the gate breathing fresh air, twisting my waist by the way, and seeing a person passing across the road, coming straight in the direction of Happy Internet Cafe.
    When he arrived at the door, he smiled slightly at Chen Guo.
    Chen Guo looked at this man, he was probably 30 years old, and he looked intelligent and capable. Such a person does not look like someone who drills into the Internet Cafe early in the morning. It is estimated that there is something urgent to use the computer.

    As Chen Guo pondered, he also gave the other person a polite smile. Who knew this person followed and said: "Is Ye Qiu there?"
    "Ah!" Chen Guo didn't recover for a while, staring at the man blankly, and suddenly felt that the man in front of him seemed a little kind. Which Pro-player is it? Chen Guo turned his head quickly, but didn't think of anyone.
    "Is he there?" The other party saw Chen Guo in a daze, but asked again.
    "Oh, here, you come with me." Chen Guo slight nod, leading the people upstairs. People are looking for Ye Qiu, she is not someone from Ye Qiu, so she doesn't feel that she has the right to ask questions.
    As a result, as soon as I arrived upstairs, I saw the door of the room opened and Ye Xiu was walking out with a cigarette in his mouth. When I saw Chen Guo and the people behind Chen Guo, I was shocked.
    "I'm looking for you." Chen Guo stepped away and introduced.
    Ye Xiu's expression didn't change, it was just a slight nod, and then stepped aside to open the door, signalling someone to come in.
    The man was also a slight nod, and entered the room with a big smile on his face. Chen Guo followed, and Ye Xiu was not very polite, and immediately asked curiously: "Who is this person? A bit familiar, I think I should know each other!"
    "Excellent Era Owner." Ye Xiu smiled and entered the room.

    Well, the third one! Today I am not nervous at all, and I finished three chapters calmly...
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