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Chapter List 482 Rescue
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Poison Fang Swamp met the periphery and gathered eight Guilds, which were just the eight that were approved by the last post.
    Although the initial ambush was only done by five Guilds, they later invited the other three to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits. Both Blue Brook Guild and Samsara had just been knocked off by Ye Xiu, and they agreed happily. As for the Excellent Dynasty, the reason is naturally unnecessary.
    Each of the eight Guilds has arranged a rotation and clings to this first server domain. Although the method is a bit stupid, it is better than nothing. For such a cunning God level opponent, it is good to be able to catch this opportunity to kill once.
    Yes, the Eight Great Guild originally wanted to kill the last time to vent their anger. Who would have thought that this person would be online for two days, but they left them alone.
    Lord Grim is not online anymore?
    If this is permanent, it is really a great message. But think about it, is it possible? Of course it is impossible. If this person is not online, he is planning some terrible conspiracy, right? Think about the guy on the forum who pulled the pigtails of their posts. The Great Guild was so angry that he was very suspicious that Lord Grim was doing this without going online.

    For a while, whether Lord Grim was online or not, they were confused. Anyway, the forum quickly explained that the layout of Poison Fang Swamp has not been withdrawn. As for Bounty who killed Lord Grim...These Great Guilds have been hung up a long time ago and have been confiscated. Not long ago, did Wei Chen conduct an entertainment event as the Blue Brook Guild?
    All in all, the deployment of Great Guilds this time is not serious, not a careful deployment, but like a cornered dog will jump over the wall. But anyway, since the above hadn't calmly changed the instructions, the people in Guild had to follow the prescribed order every day.
    Eight Great Guilds, every time they come here is a team, a total of 80 people, by the way, a team is formed. So every day a new team rotates. When it arrives, it first joins the squad and then is in a daze. This theme has not changed. It's just that the manpower is quite fresh. There are enough people in Guild, and you can rotate around them for many days without repetition.
    The most important thing is that Lord Grim has never been online.
    At this time, a team of gamers from Misty Castle came over and started a handover with Ben Guild's former team. Eight Great Guild rounds also made a little time difference, so as not to change every change, which is too messy.
    "Well, here it is."

    "Did Lord Grim come?"
    "did not come……"
    This is the most common type of dialogue between gamers who have sex every day.
    The conversation is over, the new join squad, the old leave the group and leave. At this time, twenty people had already lurked on the side, secretly peeking at the situation here.
    The opponent's defense at this point, Wei Chen had already investigated. At this moment, it was no different from before.
    "The other party's method is a bit ruthless. With such alternate shifts, we may not only have to face the 80 people in front of us, but there will always be reinforcements." Wei Chen and Ye Xiu discussed the situation.
    "It's a team of people who come to change shifts every time?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "Yeah, I saw it last time, and it's still like this now." Wei Chen said.
    "Then why don't we go to ambush this team person?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "I had this plan, but coming from the main city here, the right path is very open, there is no way to ambush, and they found each other from a distance." Wei Chen said.
    Ye Xiu thought about the terrain he came to, really.
    Then he said: "Where is it in the main city?"

    "There are still a lot of people in the 65-level main city here. We don't dare to go to this place with too many eyes and ears recently." Wei Chen said with deep feeling. Before they went to a certain city to make some preparations, but they were encirclemented by a few Great Guilds, and they were wiped out. It was a miserable vivid in one's mind!
    "I can only force these eighty people?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "I think it is."
    "Then be sudden!" Ye Xiu said.
    "I was meant to be abrupt, because you talked so much nonsense." Wei Chen scolded.
    "Jump from six o'clock!" Ye Xiu suggested.
    "How come from the direction of six o'clock? From the direction of twelve o'clock? If you make a little gap, you can board the ship and run into the depth of the picture. As long as you pull a little distance, you can't get rid of these people? "Wei Chen said.
    "My account is only level 54, and Insect Repelling Smoke is not available. It's not convenient to run deep. It's better to run wildly on the road." Ye Xiu said.
    "Oh, forgot about this." Wei Chen suddenly. It's not that his experience isn't enough, it's that Heavenly Domain hasn't had a level 54 character in three years. The gamers here simply don't think about problems from this perspective.
    "That's a charge!" Wei Chen took the person, adjusted his position, and was ready to start.

    "Don't worry, I'll go and harass me first." Ye Xiu uses Launcher Chasing Haze here. It is indeed the most gorgeous attack distance in Glory, and I dare to go up to Provoke in the face of eighty people.
    "Hurry up." Wei Chen said impatiently.
    As soon as his words fell, Ye Xiu’s Chasing Haze already threw a lighter. The lighter was thrown low and flat, but in a dim map like Poison Fang Swamp, the firelight was still noticeable enough that it could not be concealed.
    "Who?" Some of the gamers in the Shouzhu gamers were attracted by the fire and quickly paid attention. But Ye Xiu's low-level throwing method, the lighter was thrown not too far, and it was already out when someone noticed it. The man saw the light, but he didn't have time to tell what it was.
    "What's the matter?" Other unknowing gamers were still asking, just as they heard a roar in the sky, Heat-seeking MiBoss ile had already arrived by Wind Howl.
    "Damn, airstrike, airstrike!" There was a *** shouting, and everyone was a little confused. This Heat-seeking MiBoss ile needs to know where the lighter is thrown to know where to hit. Now the lighter hasn't been seen. Everyone has no clue where the missile fell, and suddenly they don't know where to hide.

    "Don't move everyone!" The one who spotted the light before, now realized that it was the heat-seeking MiBoss ile's guiding lighter thrown by the other party, but he had no time to think about how to throw it so outrageously. He only knows that as long as everyone stays still, this missile is guaranteed to be fine.
    However, at this time, you must not shout at anything, even if it refers to a direction that is just a waste of time for everyone to move, it is definitely more convincing.
    "Don't move" shouting at this time is really suspicious, especially since this is not a Guild, and there is no trust between each other. So it was okay not to shout. With one shout, the other Guilds moved even more crazily, seeing that three of them were jumping towards the place where the missile was about to fall.
    "Deserve it!" When the gamers saw that these people didn't listen to him, they were more happy to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster to the three guys who flew away.
    When the three people found out that they shouldn’t move, the missile had already flown over them, and the three of them quickly tried to hide. The missile crashed to the ground and a cloud of mushrooms had already been set off. On the dead branches, the heavens cannot fall to the ground, and they are embarrassed to die.

    "Team 1 and 2 go over there and have a look." Someone spoke. This time the joint operation, because a regiment was formed together, there was a unified command. By default, who is the squad leader and who speaks. Because of the rotation, it also means that every year there is a chance to command, so no one loses, and there is no more dispute over this issue.
    The Captain of Team 1 is the squad leader by default. The squad leader ordered himself to go on, and at the same time brought the 2nd Team.
    Twenty people from the two teams rushed out there, and the weapons were all waiting in full battle. They rushed past the exploding mushroom cloud and waited for the murderer to be found. They didn't want a beam of light to drop from the sky, because no one noticed the mushroom cloud's cover.
    This Ultimate Skill is also bold enough to be put forward. This is because people will rush over to check it out, so I lost it beforehand so that it can be hidden behind the mushroom cloud. If no one looks at this, an Ultimate Skill can be wasted.
    But now?
    The Satellite Beam blasted down, and the person who was the first to shun it was blasted from head to toe.
    Other gamers turn pale with fright, one after another stepped aside. As a result, the few small rays spun out by the Satellite Beam turned out to be manually utilized at this time. They didn't follow the regular path and seemed messy, but they chased them in the direction of escape and wanted to shoot them down.

    "Team 3 outflanks the wings, other teams check the periphery!!" The squad leader quickly gave another order.
    The tide of the Eight Great Guilds dispersed like a tide, and Wei Chen, who had already lurked on a certain side, used Ye Xiu as a reminder. At first glance, this was an excellent opportunity. If the other party tempts the truth and fiction, then just let them have no answer.
    "All ready!" Wei Chen Group gave instructions on the channel, staring at the few people rushing in their direction.
    "As soon as I showed up, I was reimbursed for them!" Wei Chen said.
    "one two Three!"
    "This is someone!!"
    Almost when Wei Chen finished yelling three, the other party also found his Windward Formation half of his head twisted out of the tree. Obviously it was too close to hide, and Wei Chen was too hot to calculate this. At the limit of time, after one, two, three, he called the last word: hit.
    Twenty people suddenly jumped out of their hiding places, one after another they hit their strongest blows, and they also sent their most comfortable curses, such as "*** ten thousand years", resounding in dizziness. In the forest.
    Easy wave of AoE.

    Although Wei Chen's strength of more than 20 people is not at the level of 70, but the combined force is still enough to win the circled people. Just a wave of attacks, it has attracted the attention of many people early. Looking here, I found several familiar names. Isn’t this the ID of Bounty *** in their Guild recently? The legend is that they played guerrillas and bullied the gamers who were alone with Guild. Today, this is lame Or what, actually hit them on the head of a group of people?
    "Attention, it is to save Lord Grim, everyone keep your position and don't mess up!!" Fortunately, the squad leader who was on the shift had a clear mind at this time, and he was able to judge the other party's intentions in an instant.
    It's just that when the words fell, the brilliance of the Satellite Beam over there faded, and everyone suddenly discovered that Lord Grim turned out to be gorgeously online in this bold light. At this time, he had already escaped a few positions!
    Second! The third is more hot writing!
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