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Chapter List 517 Sit On An Equal Footing
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    This pile of equipment Jiang You accepts it or not, nor does it accept it. At this time, it's time to test the eyesight of the subordinates. The Four(th) Branch Guild's Leader can be the guild leader, and sure enough, it does not have an undeserved reputation. The conversations of the two people over there are all in my ears, and I immediately cut off and said: "Donation should also be donation to me! You still belong to our Four(th) Branch Guild!"
    The embarrassment was easily negated, and even Flying Upwards was happy and excited on one side. How unhappy to hear that the Unrivaled Super HOT tie is still the Four(th) Branch Guild. It was his ideal to join the club. At this time, the Unrivaled Super HOT tie seemed to him to compete with the opponent, and he didn't want to be led by the opponent.
    Then Jiang You naturally echoed the sentence of the Four(th) Branch Guild Leader and cancelled the transaction. The Four(th) Branch Guild Leader also naturally took over from the Unrivaled Super HOT tie transaction, which looked like garbage in their eyes. equipment, cheeks streaming with tears is in the bag. His profession is Berserker, a Strength type character, and his back is not as exaggerated as cloth armor Mage. Although there are influences, at this time, of course, it is hard to lead myself.
    "It's not too late, shall we go now?" Jiang You said here.

    So a bunch of people said it was good. These people are all the elite core of Four Guilds. For the gamers, quite a lot of elite core members have friendship with Jiang You, and get along with them as partners in the game. And these gamers of the Four(th) Branch Guild are far away from Jiang You compared to the members of the division, and the meaning of upper and lower levels is quite strong.
    This Jiang You’s Wandering Peak is at the forefront, and none of the other’s characters is faster than him. Following the running rhythm of Wandering Peak, the group quickly left the main city of Maoshan.
    Maoshan Castle is a mountain city. Walking out of the city, it feels like you have fallen half a mountain. The area that the new BoBoss brushes is the Knife Peak Canyon, which is the level 70 area nearby.
    BoBoss Blade Master Lan Rui, a 70-level Wild BOSS, and a lonely wandering Blade Master. Adhering to the usual style of BoBoss, although it is named Blade Master, Ability will never be as monotonous as the Blade Master system. Lang Rui's Skill Tree is also based on the Blade Master system, supplemented by Swordsman-claBoss's other three occupational parts Ability, in addition to fighter-claBoss Striker moves and some Grappler wrestling skills.

    The more Ability BoBoss knows, the more difficult it is to deal with. The difficulty of BoBoss in Glory is not only buffed by measurement data such as high attack, high defense and high blood, but also with such a complex and diverse ability, combined with superb artificial intelligence, so that BoBoss has a variety of attack changes. , Making gamers difficult to guard against.
    The 70-level Wild BOSS, as the top difficulty of BoBoss in Glory, naturally interprets this setting to its peak. Level 70 has been open for more than three years. The Wild BOSS at Level 70 in Heavenly Domain has no systematic killing method that has been explored by gamers.
    I brushed it 52 times a year, and there was a lot of people looting, and there was no condition for practice. Then there was BoBoss piled up with complicated Ability. The changeable strategy makes it even more difficult to sum up what move is in it. combo.
    Up to the present, gamers basically summarized what abilities each BoBoss has, how to suppress and challenge, and there have been some guides, but these guides are almost only ideas and lack of practice. The 70-level Wild BOSS is the target of the Great Guilds. Fighting with BoBoss is not the main theme at all, it is between gamers. In this situation, what guide can be used?

    The 70-level Wild BOSS is definitely worthy of the main Guild Leader of Guild of any Club. However, just bringing a team of people from the club is obviously far from enough. This kind of hardest battle, the main force must still rely on the core elite of the headquarters to complete. Jiang You's Wandering Peak appeared here, in fact, just to express the Unrivaled Super HOT tie.
    When we arrived at Daofeng Canyon, Team didn't stop, and went straight to a certain direction. There are naturally many monsters in the leveling area along the way, but for the elites of the Great Guild, the maps are very familiar, and monsters are not really an obstacle. Entering the depths of the canyon, a team of people met with Tyrannical Ambition's main force Group. While Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu's screen, almost all of the glittering jewels to delight the eye IDs that were swept in the viewing angle were well-known in Heavenly Domain. She knows very well that this is the top circle in the Glory online game. She hasn't been able to get into the circle in Excellent Era for years. As a result, Ye Xiu took the Unrivaled Super HOT tie and became one of them in less than two days, and Chen Guo felt a little boiled inexplicably.
    In addition to the members of the division, Tyrannical Ambition also went out to four branches. Like the Four(th) Branch Guild, each branch was a team. In total, Tyrannical Ambition had nearly two hundred people in the canyon at this time. The headquarter members are the main members, and the branch members are auxiliary.

    And Tyrannical Ambition, at this time, is just the tip of the forces in the canyon. Ye Xiu turned the perspective of the Unrivaled Super HOT tie, and soon saw that the other two Guilds were also neatly formed.
    Hundred BloBoss oms valley, Samsara.
    It's Samsara again. Ye Xiu also secretly paid attention to it. Samsara's popularity in this season is getting stronger and stronger. In the online game, their Guild is also attacking. There are almost no events that are inconsistent. This is already the style of the top Great Guild. As for the comprehensive strength of Hundred BloBoss oms Valley, it is still slightly inferior, but the level 70 BoBoss is not to be missed. The strength is slightly inferior, and it is not without a chance. Wild BOSS has not yet been completely monopolized by the Great Guild for several years.
    The two Guilds are also personally led by the guild leader.
    Hundred BloBoss oms in Hundred BloBoss oms valley is not good enough, and Guild Samsara’s Three Worlds Six Paths are all standing on the outermost side of the Team at this time, standing close to the people of Tyrannical Ambition. At this time, Jiang You’s Wandering Peak arrived, Tyrannical Ambition’s gamers naturally gave way. Wandering Peak was also heading forward. The big Guild giants began to stare at each other. Then, Hundred BloBoss oms and Three Worlds Six Paths, as well as them Everyone behind, and everyone behind Wandering Peak, focused on the guy next to Wandering Peak.
    Unrivaled Super HOT tie, what a shining name, at this moment, he stood beside Wandering Peak so carelessly.

    The three Great Guilds are all about acquaintance. In order to highlight the guild leader, others naturally stand backwards and let the guild leader have a leading posture. As a result, there is someone who doesn’t have eyesight and goes forward together with Wandering Peak. , There is no title on the head, the name is still such a slapstick...
    Ye Xiu's Unrivaled Super HOT tie took only one position and held the audience in an instant.
    Not a sound to be heard in the canyon. The sound of millstones faintly came from among the people of Tyrannical Ambition.
    Flying Upwards that hate! In front of the gang of heroes in the Tyrannical Ambition headquarters, his Four(th) Branch Guild Chief Knight's title is a bit knock-up, and even the guild leader of the three Guilds has not been able to compare to these elite experts in the headquarters. Where is it strong? After this, Flying Upwards, like the people from other clubs, stood at the end quite witty and interesting. As a result, this Unrivaled Super HOT tie actually followed guild leader Wandering Peak to the forefront and became the focus of the audience. Flying Upwards is not a taste! On the one hand, I feel that this guy is really embarrassing, on the other hand, I can't help but feel a little envious of jealousy. However, Flying Upwards also knows very well that even if he does it again, he still has the courage and confidence to stand outside with the guild leader to suck aggro.

    "Who is this sb?" The people here at Tyrannical Ambition endured it. The two Guild gamers over there had already gotten up rudely Provoke. The voice was loud, and it was deliberately just for this side to listen to.
    The Unrivaled Super HOT tie is cool and collected, ignoring all unclean Provoke, and heading straight to the topic: "Where is BoBoss?" One sentence switched the matter to sensitive elements.
    The guild leaders of the two Great Guilds naturally have to be more calm. Seeing this person standing side by side with Wandering Peak, I feel a little nervous.
    Can really sit on the same level as the Club Guild guild leader, frankly speaking, in the online game, it really doesn't have any. This person, isn't it a Pro-player from Tyrannical Ambition?
    Zheng Chengfeng?
    A question mark appeared in the heads of the two guild leaders. Zheng Chengfeng is one of the Tyranny Team's pros players. The character is Knight. The ID is on the ground. He is also a first-line player in Tyrannical Ambition and often appears in the rotation lineup. Although it is not a Great God, such a character is enough to make the online game circle worshipped.
    "This is?" The two guild leaders hesitated, but the one who spoke first was Three Paths Six Worlds.

    Unrivaled Super HOT tie actually came up side by side with himself, Jiang You was taken aback. He was just Captain style, the character movement pace is square, not to glance sideways, he went to the forefront and competed with the other two guild leaders, he really didn't notice that he was actually with a person beside him...
    At this point, I noticed early, and when the other party asked so, Jiang You couldn't answer for a while. How to say? Say it was an expert discovered by yourself? The question is how tall this person is, he hasn't personally measured(s) yet, what kind of identity is Tyrannical Ambition, and what kind of expert he picked in the online game, won't he be on par with the guild leader? It is really embarrassing to say that Jiang You, for a while, I didn't know how to introduce This person, and I was really dissatisfied that This person wordless and silent was actually with myself. Anyway, you say hello to make people have a preparation. It's really too late to make everyone's focus now. I really didn't see it, but does anyone believe it now?
    "Ask me?" In the end, Unrivaled Super HOT tie didn't worry him, so he answered: "I'm an expert passing by, watch the excitement here, come and help. Where is BoBoss, hurry up and start! Here, brush BoBoss somewhere else in a while, can you kill it?"

    This is also draw blood on the first prick. This is an embarrassing question for Great Guilds. BoBoss spawned irregularly, sometimes I don't see one in a day or two, and sometimes a few swish out at the same time. Everyone can't wait to snatch all the BoBoss into their arms. The spawned like this is the most annoying. It's too greedy, and it may not be able to get one. It is super unwilling to focus on one.
    What happened to BoBoss spawned this week? Naturally, these Great Guilds are keeping an eye on them. I haven't cleared a few yet, and they might be catching up with another one. Hurry up, this is true! But the question is how could such an insightful line be snatched by such a baffling passerby?
    But in the eyes of the two opposing guild leaders, the situation is different. This person is very calm, has a clear judgment, and casually conceals his identity. Could it be... really Zheng Chengfeng?
    Today it will be updated, and there will be a single chapter soon!
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