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Chapter List 547 Wei Chen Arrives
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    In the April Fool's Day competition, Team Excellent Era did not perform well, but the competition was as bad as the opponent. As a result, the biggest selling point of this round was so that the billows passed without surprise. No one thought that on the next day, Club Excellent Era held a press conference and dropped a heavy list bomb.
    At the meeting, Cui Li, Club Manager of Excellent Era, personally announced that Sun Xiang, a new player of Team Excellent Era who has recently joined this season, is likely to miss the rest of this season due to his poor physical condition.
    When answering a reporter’s question, Cui Li said with great pain that Sun Xiang’s physical condition had already been found to be problematic. It was only because Excellent Era had been in a dilemma that he insisted on participating in the competition. And now it's time to stop.
    After answering many questions about the specific situation of Sun Xiang, Cui Li said with confidence that Team's trump card Player and Character will soon be absent, which will encourage Team to work harder in the next game. But at the same time, Cui Li said that the Club is fully prepared for the worst situation. Even if the worst happens, both Club and Team will face it with a positive attitude.

    Although this last statement is modest and euphemistic, how can professionals who often work in the media fail to hear the extraneous words. Listening to this, Excellent Era is already preparing for a possible exit. In this way, Club Excellent Era is truly shaken in confidence as to whether it can maintain its current ranking.
    What happened to Excellent Era, so that the Giants Team didn't even have the confidence to keep the league seat? Analyzing the paper strength of Excellent Era, it shouldn’t be difficult to keep your seat even without trump card player Sun Xiang and trump card character One Autumn Leaf. But now, Excellent Era seems to be on the positive side. For this situation.
    "This Excellent Era, is it really going to give up the next season and go to the Challenge Tournament?" After seeing the news of the day, Chen Guo talked to Ye Xiu dumbstruck. They had already discussed this issue last night. pass.
    "It shouldn't be done deliberately. If it looks like this, it may be that Team is really out of control." Ye Xiu said regretfully.
    "Excellent Era is really going to end?" Chen Guo was a little unbelievable.
    Ye Xiu just shook his head and said nothing without comment.

    At this time, a series of calls sounded and Interrupt a discussion of two people. Bao Rongxing, also known as Steamed Bun Invasion, was taken to Chen Guo to rent a row room to their new team members after having supper last night. The house was just handed over to Chen Guo on April 1, and it was not completely cleaned up yet, but because of the spacious living environment, Bao Rongxing yelled "Ah ah ah ah ah" at that time.
    After resting for one night, I cleaned up the room over there during the day. At this time, Bao Rongxing arrived at Happy Internet Cafe. Last night, there was a black light and a broadcast. He didn't pay much attention to the specific situation of Internet Cafe. At this moment, after turning around, the people upstairs and downstairs immediately screamed like they went to the new house over there last night.
    This exclamation-like cry obviously gave Chen Guo a great satisfaction, and he was very happy to look at Bao Rongxing who came down from Second Floor Jog.
    "What a big Internet Cafe!!!" Bao Rongxing exclaimed loudly when he had enough, and did not forget to ask: "How many people have security guards for such a big Internet Cafe?"

    " need, the law and order here is better..." Chen Guo also didn't know how to answer such questions. Anyway, as far as she can remember, she hasn't seen any behavior that requires professional security guard Brawler to make trouble in Internet Cafe. Although there was an occasional drinker or a thief, Chen Guo didn't feel the need to find a professional bodyguard.
    "Policy...Some problems can't be solved by security alone! Just leave it to me?" Bao Rongxing said confidently.
    "I don't mind." Chen Guo smiled.
    "That's OK, let me see! I'll just move a table and sit in this position, right?" Bao Rongxing gestured at the entrance of the Internet Cafe, seeing what he meant, was to put a horizontal table in the door, blocking half of it Intersection.
    " need it!" Chen Guo Khan.
    "Use it, so that there will be no flaws. If you want to run, go here and stop by the table; go here, I will take him up, middle and down for a punch and kick!" Bao Rongxing said It's talking and making gestures.
    Chen Guo is a little anxious, but he doesn't know how to communicate with this guy. Ye Xiu stood up at the critical moment: "Bao Rongxing, you used to be such a security guard at your Internet Cafe?"
    "That's not true." Bao Rongxing said, "The Owner over there said there was something he called me, and I will make a move again."

    "It's the same now, if something calls you, you can make a move again!" Ye Xiu said.
    "Well, I'm quite used to it, but I don't know if the Owner feels that it is not safe enough?" Bao Rongxing looked at Chen Guo with some doubts.
    "Enough, enough, enough! Come here, your usual main energy is still on practicing Glory! If there is a big event that cannot be solved, I must find you to make a move." Chen Guo said.
    "Well then!" Bao Rongxing agreed to tackle a difficult job.
    Subsequently, Bao Rongxing also came to 213room on the second floor. Considering that more Team members will come over in the future, Chen Guo has considered the need to expand a large room for training purposes. These days, he has been looking for someone to talk about how to change the layout of the Second Floor, but he has not come up with a plan. It's the training room.
    Bao Rongxing sat down and praised the environment vigorously. These words were what Chen Guo liked to listen to, and they were very comfortable.
    Then there is a game in the room. It's just that although the four of them are sitting close together, they are all in different places in the game. Both Tang Rou and Bao Rongxing are still on the tenth server, but Tang Rou is still ahead of Bao Rongxing on the level, and can't play together.
    Ye Xiu is in Heavenly Domain and continues to raise the level of Lord Grim.

    Chen Guo's current game content is not like an entertainment gamers. Chasing Haze has less large size. Alternate account Chasing Haze went up to see the situation of the guild warehouse and the situation of gamers leveling. In addition, I often scan the news gossip on the forum, and try to get the news of the pro scene.
    "Why hasn't Old Wei come yet?" During the day, I mainly cleaned up the new rented house there, but Chen Guo at the Internet Cafe had already confessed to him, but after he came back, he didn't hear anyone come to look for him.
    "Say it is today." Ye Xiu said.
    "It's dark, and it's not coming yet." Chen Guo was muttering, and suddenly QQ rang. At first glance, the cashier girl downstairs told her that someone was coming.
    "Oh wow, it may be that Old Wei has arrived." Chen Guo said.
    "Really?" Ye Xiu also put the game down temporarily, Tang Rou knew that another new player had arrived, and was ready to get up and go down to greet him. Although Bao Rongxing couldn't figure out the situation, when all three of them got up, they immediately felt that something was wrong. Without the situation he couldn't do, he immediately followed up eagerly.

    Chen Guo walked at the forefront, stepped down the stairs, and saw a guy with a beard leaning against the swallow clouds and blow out fog at the cash register, with two large handbags stacked casually by his feet. The smoke bursts, causing the little girl in the cash register to frown, only considering that this is a guest the Owner is waiting for, it didn't happen. The guy was not conscious at all. He just kept looking in all directions. When his eyes turned to the stairs, Chen Guo, who was coming down, immediately brightened his eyes.
    "Old Wei!"
    At this time, Chen Guo heard Ye Xiu greet him behind him, and the guy quickly walked over. Chen Guo turned to the side and let Ye Xiu walk to the front, but when the guy came up quickly, he didn't shake hands with Ye Xiu. He immediately looked at Chen Guo and asked Ye Xiu: "This beauty is?"
    "It's our Owner." Ye Xiu introduced.
    "Oh wow, lucky to meet." Wei Chen immediately reached out and wanted to shake Chen Guo.

    Chen Guo is that tangled at this moment! This is Wei Chen. The impression on her was not very good at first. At this time, I saw that the actual person is a model that brightens the eyes of a beautiful woman, and the impression continues to decline. I really don't want to hold this hand, but think about this person is a member of Team. As the Owner, how can I show it? So helplessly, he stretched his right hand over, but made up his mind that if this guy came to squeeze the oil by not letting go, he would no longer be able to say anything.
    As a result, Wei Chen only shook her hand a few times after holding her hand, saying "Hello, next Wei Chen" before letting go. But then Chen Guo discovered that this guy’s gaze had fallen on Tang Rou who was behind him, and the light in his eyes was even more shining. He just let go of Chen Guo’s hand and seemed to be impatiently about to grab Tang Rou, and his mouth was already on him. Question: "This one is again?"
    "Tang Rou." Ye Xiu used his real name again in this introduction. Tang Rou has no intersection with Wei Chen in the game. Unlike Bao Rongxing, it is easier for him to say Soft Mist.
    "Good name, good name, hello, hello." Wei Chen immediately wanted to hold Tang Rou again. Chen Guo followed his gaze and wanted to see how Tang Rou would respond, but Shaili quickly stretched out both hands and held Wei Chen to Tang Rou's right hand with one hand: "Hello, hello, next Bao Rongxing My friends call me Bao Rongxing."

    "Ah...Hello..." Wei Chen was also startled by the sudden Interrupt, and then looked at this cool guy with long hair in front of him. After saying hello, he turned his head and looked at Ye Xiu: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Are these all the team members you found?"
    "Well, although they are all new to Glory, they are all pretty good." Ye Xiu said.
    "Oh, by the way, have you seen this!" Wei Chen suddenly thought of something, suddenly ran back to his luggage, took out a stack of newspapers from his bag, and handed it to Ye Xiu.
    Ye Xiu saw a copy of the City H Evening News that day. Although it is not an e-sports special report, because Excellent Era belongs to City H's Club, the content of today's Excellent Era press conference was briefly reported in the sports page of this evening newspaper.
    "Of course I've read it." Ye Xiu just glanced, knowing that Wei Chen must be talking about this, so he stuffed the newspaper back.
    "What does Excellent Era mean? It looks like he is already preparing to get out of the game? He wants to really get out of the game and participate in the Challenge Tournament of the next Season. Wouldn't he just run into us? That's not very good!" Wei Chen Speaking very seriously.

    Chen Guo was taken aback. The look of Wei Chen's shining eyes just now made her guess what kind of shameleBoss this guy would have to two big beauties, but she didn't expect it to be just such a round of effort. This guy is already very serious with Ye Xiu. Go to discuss the problem of Team.
    Glory, for these guys, it is always the most important thing in their HP!
    There are some obstacles in writing this chapter...Because Steamed Bun, using the real name Bao Rongxing to write Steamed Bun, I am very uncomfortable. This is the feeling I didn't have when I wrote any character...Steamed Bun, you are really awesome...
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