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Chapter List 549 Lose And Not Lose
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Have you watched this game?" Wei Chen asked Ye Xiu while watching the game is about to start.
    "I watched a little afterwards." Ye Xiu said. Happy Internet Cafe did not broadcast the game on that game day, so Ye Xiu was also a video to watch later.
    "Oh." Wei Chen is slight nod, no longer speaks, the game on the screen has already started, and it is going quite fast. After the two sessions of IndivID ual Competition and Team Arena Match are over, Wei Chen is already helping.
    "You have committed sins! Look, this is all your sins! What have you done to them!" Wei Chen seemed very painful.
    Ye Xiu had no Expression, just watching the game, and then Team Match Excellent Era was defeated muddled and completely collapsing. In this Excellent Era vs. Thunderclap game, in the end, Excellent Era scored a horrific score of 1 to 9. The disgusting performance caused Wei Chen to hold his forehead, and even their opponent, Captain Xiao Shiqin of Team Thunderclap at a loss to know what to do at the press conference after the game. Faced with the question of "what do you think of today's opponent performance" is that all the players are reciting backwards, Xiao Shiqin is overwhelmed.
    "Nothing is good, absolutely nothing, is there any post-match mechanical skill statistics?" Wei Chen asked.
    "Yes." Ye Xiu immediately opened another document, which was actually the statistics of mechanical skills in each round of this season, corresponding to the video.

    "Oh wow my goodness... get me a pot soon, I'm going to throw up." Wei Chen glanced at the mechanical skill statistics on Excellent Era, and exaggerated.
    "Let's watch the next game!" Ye Xiu was still calm in the game.
    "How about the next game, do you see this? You give me the bottom line beforehand. I'm afraid my heart can't bear it. It won't be easy at my age." Wei Chen exaggeratedly pretended to press his chest The elderly. In fact, his so-called "a handful of age" is just talked about in E-Sports circles like Glory. If he is less than 30 years old, he should be a young man wherever he is.
    "Get at least 2 points in the next game." Ye Xiu said calmly.
    "Oh, let's start now!" Wei Chen put on a stand for watching horror movies. The video was open here, but as a result, someone yelled from my ear: "Come on!"
    Everyone turned their heads in amazement, only to see Steamed Bun slipping out at some point. He had already returned, holding a basin in his hand, and handed it to Wei Chen: "Take it..."
    "..." Wei Chen stared at Steamed Bun blankly: "Brother, are you serious?"
    "Are you fake? Are you vomiting or not?" Steamed Bun wondered.
    Wei Chen's gaze turned to Ye Xiu blankly: "Anyone from our Team?"
    "Yeah." Ye Xiu nodded.

    "Is it funny?" Wei Chen asked.
    "Don't talk nonsense about you, let's start." After Ye Xiu said, he confessed to Steamed Bun again: "Steamed Bun put the pot down, let's watch the game first!"
    "The pot is here, whoever is going to vomit or talk!" Steamed Bun greeted and put the pot to a corner.
    A new video started. This one was the highlight on that game day. Happy Internet Cafe also had a broadcast, Excellent Era vs. Samsara. In the end, Excellent Era scored 2 points in the IndivID ual Competition, the team ring was swept by Zhou Zekai, and Team Match continued the nausea for a while.
    "This kid adjusted quickly. This game played pretty good." During the video replay, during the second game of the IndivID ual Match number, Wei Chen praised the Excellent Era player on the screen.
    The person who won the second Excellent Era game was Liu Hao. When Ye Xiu nodded and said yes, Chen Guo made a snort disdainfully sound.

    Then and in the third game, Excellent Era lost, but with two points in hand, this defeat seemed to be easily accepted. Wei Chen is a little bit more spiritual at this time, and feels that this round of competition might not allow him to use the pot. But then the team ring Excellent Era was swept by the opponent alone, leaving Wei Chen speechless for a while. After all, he helped Excellent Era to find a step: "Zhou Zekai, this kid is in the limelight now! The situation of Excellent Era is again. It's not too good. It's not too out of the picture to be beaten 1 vs 3 by him."
    Ye Xiu did not comment on this, and the game also entered Team Match.
    Although Wei Chen didn't watch the result of Team Match, he knew it a long time ago, because Ye Xiu said that Excellent Era only scored two points in this round. However, they study the game, of course, not the result, but the process of the game. At this time, they need to analyze the problem of Excellent Era through the process of the game.
    "How about it, do you want to use a pot?" Ye Xiu asked after Team Match was over.
    Wei Chen actually shook his head solemnly, did not speak, as if thinking about something.
    "Next?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "Come on!" Wei Chen didn't say anything about Team Match, just let Ye Xiu open the next round of Excellent Era performance.

    In the next round after another, the two people watched so quietly. After the video was recorded, they turned over the mechanical skill statistics, but there was not much exchange. Chen Guo Tang Rou Steamed Bun and the three of them have been watching seriously. Whether they are just watching the doorway or watching the excitement, then only they know it.
    This video can naturally skip the breaks during the scene, so it seems to be done in one go. Besides, Excellent Era is mostly defeated one-sidedly, so it goes fast, basically, it ends within an hour. Several people kept watching like this, regardless of time, until they reviewed all the games after Excellent Era. Wei Chen had to bring a piece of paper and pen from the middle of the way, and kept writing something, Ye Xiu just glanced at what he wrote from time to time, and did not do anything else.
    Until the end of the last game, everyone can't help to make a sigh of relief.
    "What did you find?" Chen Guo impatient wanted to know the result. To her, it was a bit like a suspenseful film.
    "How come Excellent Era keeps losing? Did I read them wrong?" Steamed Bun actually commented. But he is obviously a guy out of the picture. This game is expert Glory rookie, but I don’t have a deep understanding of Glory’s pro scene.
    Tang Rou did not express any opinions, but waited quietly for Ye Xiu and Wei Chen to speak.

    "What do you think?" Wei Chen asked Ye Xiu.
    "I've seen it a long time ago, tell me your opinion!" Ye Xiu said.
    "Lose the battle but win the war, what do you think?" Wei Chen said.
    "Almost..." Ye Xiu sighed suddenly.
    "What do you mean?" Chen Guo asked bafflingly.
    Wei Chen held up his ghost book-like notebook, tapping on something that no one could understand at all, and said: "The problem with Excellent Era lies in the attitude of the players. It can still be seen from the statistics of these games and mechanical skills. part of."

    "First of all, because the online game incident has affected some of their players, this is clearly and easy to see. That disgusting and nauseous performance is basically because of this reason. Among them, the most affected is undoubtedly their current Sun Xiang, the core player of Sun Xiang. The impact on Sun Xiang has also changed from the performance of the game. At first, it was undoubtedly a hit. In the game, he was completely unable to concentrate, so he made frequent mistakes, completely like a noobs. But with As time went by, he slowly adjusted. But this does not mean that the influence on him has been completely eliminated. In the subsequent games, Sun Xiang appeared to be eager to prove himself to explain something. Frankly speaking At his current level, it’s good to pursue honor. His strength and mechanical skill have been recognized, and there is no need to prove it. But obviously because of a certain God, he may have doubts about himself. This That’s how he looks like anxiously. Simply put, he was initially affected and unable to concentrate on the game, and later he concentrated too much, so his performance always drift without a resting place. That’s how Cai Brookie is, not good at keeping in shape, it’s worthy of everyone's attention It's a warning," Wei Chen said.

    "A mature player who is the opposite of Sun Xiang, a typical representative can look at Liu Hao. This guy has been very stable since he was extremely abnormal in the first round of the game. In fact, everyone should pay attention to whether he is in the IndivID ual Competition or The winning percentage in Arena Match can be seen, his performance is still good. Even in their muddled and completely collapsing Team Match, Liu Hao always shines."
    "As for the other Excellent Era players, the situation is divided into two parts. One part is also greatly affected by the state. This is a sin committed by a certain God, and the other part, like Su Mucheng, and several substitute players, the situation is relatively normal. However, this part of them was not harmed by a certain God, but was also implicated by the state of the Team. Because the team played muddled and completely collapsing, their original normal state was also lowered, and then they infect each other. Influencing each other, Excellent Era will only now be in a very depressed state for the whole team."

    "I took out Sun Xiang and Liu Hao in particular, because these two guys are exceptional. After Sun Xiang woke up, his hard work was quite good, but his vigor did not drive the team. There may be reasons Many, for example, if he is a new member of the team, even if he holds the title of team captain, but the actual influence on the Team is not that great; it is also possible that he is just anxious to prove himself and did not intend to change the state of the Team at all; it is also possible He thought, but badly burned about the head (from trying to put out a fire), he didn’t know what to do, so he had to bury his head and do it by himself. As for Liu Hao, this requires Great God to explain it to everyone. , Great God definitely knows this person better than I do, and his analysis will be more reliable." Wei Chen chattered a lot, but here he handed over the words to Ye Xiu.
    Ye Xiu sighed again: "Liu Hao's performance is only for his personal future. He has abandoned Team."
    "Hahaha, it is true. So I said, lose the battle but win the war. Although Excellent Era's performance is disgusting, but a guy like Liu Hao still reflects his strength, he is not given by the overall state of the team. Pulling down, on the contrary, is more rare in such an environment. This kind of a wise man looks after his own hide is ready to climb another branch! And I think in the Excellent Era array, I am afraid that I have such an idea. It’s not just Liu Hao. Team has become like this. The grades are not bad, that's the hell." Wei Chen said.

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