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Chapter List 574 Huge Income
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The training room is quiet, and no one lacks an idea about money, even if it's an off-line guy like Steamed Bun.
    Under the expectant and nervous gazes of a few people, Ye Xiu slowly went to the water dispenser and poured a glass of water and drank it; then he took a cigarette out of his pocket and placed it slowly; then...
    "If you make more moves, I will kill you!" Wei Chen has been irritated and anxious for a few days, but Ye Xiu is still here slowly after returning, and finally angry.
    "Materials worth 2 million." Ye Xiu said calmly.
    "Two million...materials?" Wei Chen's face was a little distorted at this moment. Frankly speaking, does Ye Xiu have the right to control this part of the proceeds? Of course there is no right. This is something that belongs to Wei Chen. Even Concealed Light definitely has control over Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu is just a matchmaker among them. Even if you can get a commission, Wei Chen is extreme benevolence, utmost duty. Of course, Wei Chen didn't intend to just do this, but now that Ye Xiu has changed his efforts for so many years for a bunch of materials on his own, Wei Chen still feels a little uncomfortable when he is obviously going to use it for Team.
    Although he had a hunch when Ye Xiu contact asked him about the material needs that day, he didn't expect this person to be so domineering. 2 million! It's all made into materials...

    Even Chen Guo and the others, when they heard that Ye Xiu just got a bunch of materials, they felt a little too much. This guy took it for granted and disposes of what should be Wei Chen at will! This is less, but it is 2 million!
    But this is the end of the matter, Wei Chen is also a magnificent figure, 2 million? Finally he laughed: "Ha, so many materials, should that be enough for us?"
    "It's a fart, it's all dungeon materials, and the rare materials that Wild BOSS exploded are not willing to give them." Ye Xiu said.
    "Fuck! If you don't give it to you, won't you not sell it, you are fucking online!!!" When Wei Chen heard it, all two million went in. As a result, the urgently needed things have not been bought yet, Ye Xiu has done the job well. Isn't it disgusting? This time is really more than one can bear.
    "You, you, you...Ah..." But what about more than one can bear? Wei Chen sighed in the end. The matter was entrusted to Ye Xiu by him, and the result was so unsatisfactory, but he was really embarrassed to say more, and at this time he only regretted not following along.

    Chen Guo really couldn't see it at this time, and he was ready to ask a few words. These materials, should this guy intend to resell them for cash? Wouldn't it just be used as a material? Although Chen Guo always said Ye Xiu shameleBoss or something, but at this time he intuitively felt that this shouldn't be as simple as buying all the materials.
    "In addition to materials, there is an advance payment of 6 million yuan." Ye Xiu said lightly at this time.
    "Huh?" Wei Chen, who was already somewhat spiritually weak, suddenly became excited again after hearing this sentence.
    Even Chen Guo, who was about to come over to speak, stopped suddenly. She heard clearly and was sure that Ye Xiu didn't need to repeat it again. She felt relieved immediately, and she knew that Ye Xiu would not just do that. 6000000!
    "You guy is really capable!!!" Wei Chen was already smiling from ear to ear, and came over to pat Ye Xiu on the shoulder continuously.
    "Six million is only early?" At this time, Tang Rou caught the eye of the two keywords in Ye Xiu's words "early".
    Wei Chen was startled. 6 million has been so pleasantly surprised that he is about to faint, is there something more shocking hidden behind it? Wei Chen quickly stepped back and helped the table, for fear that he would be overwhelmed.

    "Well, there is still 12 million, to be paid in one year instalments. This is a contract." Ye Xiu finally took out the signed contract from his arms. Huā Lā Huā Lā kept turning over this one by Wei Chen, but he didn't care about the various terms above at all. He just turned around at a loss to know what to do and kept asking: "Where? What? Where is the money?"
    Dare to love this guy just wants to confirm if the amount of money is real.
    The contract was drawn up one by one by Ye Xiu and Samsara. Of course, they are very familiar with each other. In the past, they helped Wei Chen find the place for the agreed payment. Wei Chen saw the dazzling numbers shaking one to the core at a glance, and made him call "Oh wow, fuck", and then sat back on the rider.
    Chen Guo, Tang Rou, and even Steamed Bun were shocked at this time.

    2 million materials, 6 million down payment, plus 12 million installments, this is the entire transaction worth 20 million! They thought that the amount would be expensive, but who would have thought it would be so huge? Chen Guo pays attention to Glory. He was an Excellent Era fan before. Sun Xiang's transfer value of 7 million is currently the most expensive of Glory, which she knows. But now, compared with their transaction, Great God's worth is actually only one-third, which makes Chen Guo really proud. No matter what it is, anyway, as long as it is better than Excellent Era, Chen Guo can be stunned. Even the amount of transactions can be compared to the pleasure, frankly speaking, this is the psychology of fans. As the operator of Team, whether to spend money or make money is a business strategy. No one will be complacent when the dispute is over.
    "Two days after tomorrow, the down payment transfer will be almost completed. The installment will start next month, with 1 million yuan per month, all directly into your account. Okay, do you have any questions?" Ye Xiu said .
    "Hahahaha, hahahaha!" Wei Chen laughed wildly and slapped Ye Xiu on the shoulder.
    "This person is crazy." Ye Xiu quickly avoided.

    Chen Guo was also very pleased to look at it. This sale ended in such a crazy way in the end, and everyone was really happy. As for how Wei Chen plans to pay with this part of the money, everyone actually has no right to question. It is of course good if you are willing to invest in Team. If you don't want to, everyone is not qualified to blame. Finally, Chen Guo just reminded this guy, Concealed Light, don't pretend to forget it! Can this thing be made without Concealed Light?
    This was confirmed by Ye Xiu. If there is no accurate data from Concealed Light, although this thing can still be sold, it will certainly not be able to raise such a high price. After all, Wei Chen's previous explorations were all in disorder. I really want to show it to Samsara. Samsara asked what each probability is. How do you know? That really didn't answer. For example, after Samsara inspected the goods in the end to determine the value, if it was the original material of Wei Chen, it was impossible to get it.
    Unable to confirm the exact value, that means unknown risk, the transaction will definitely be cautious, and it is very questionable whether it can get such a high amount.
    "Of course." Wei Chen was born in a mess and advocated loyalty. Although shameleBoss has been said so, but the important thing is never vague.

    20 million, Concealed Light is not a national mathematician like his mentor, can he refuse it unequivocally? Wei Chen ordered the Concealed Light call from their team group. At this time, even the Steamed Bun came together, looked carefully at Wei Chen, and finally commented: "I can't see Old Wei is so capable! Just make so much. money."
    "Hahahaha, hahahaha." Wei Chen laughed wildly.
    "From now on, I won't rob you to pay for dinner or something." Steamed Bun said.
    "Who is robbing me and who is in a hurry!" Wei Chen responded in a magnificent manner.
    At this time, Concealed Light is also bubbling on QQ. Seeing that it was not Ye Xiu, but another member of the team chatting with him privately, Concealed Light was a little surprised, cautious and solemn greeted him.
    "Scientist! Thanks to you, that thing sold for 20 million! Let's talk! How much do you want?" Wei Chen said.
    "Oh? Selling so many, that's great!" Concealed Light replied. Since it is only an internet conversation, there is no excitement in Concealed Light.
    "It wouldn't be possible without you," Wei Chen said.
    "Where, I didn't do anything, just tidy things up and do chores." Concealed Light said.
    The two people talked about it for a long time, but the Concealed Light was really indifferent to 20 million. He insisted that he didn't do any valuable work to perfect the guide, and he was not qualified to divide the money.

    Talking from the left to the right, Concealed Light is to admit this deadly truth. This made Wei Chen, who was born in society, helpless, begging people to collect money. Is it easy to see things like this now? What's more, it is still a large number of 20 million. Even if it fell by one percent, 200,000 would be enough for many people to drool.
    "This scientist, the consciousness is high..." There is no way to convince Concealed Light, Wei Chen is helpless, but Concealed Light finally said that since it has really realized the value, then he will be scolded to go to the tutor old professor Let's report, and see what the professor's attitude is.
    Of course everyone had no objection to this, and Concealed Light disappeared immediately.
    That night, Wei Chen didn't go back to the community to rest at all, and spent the night in the training room. It was true that Spirit was too shaken, forgetting fatigue and sleep.
    The next day, Concealed Light brought back the message. Professor Boss or Zhang asked him. The professor said that he didn’t need any money. He had made such a large sum of money inadvertently. It seemed that ProfessorBoss or Zhang didn’t. Don't take it seriously. Only in the end expressed the hope that Comrade Wei Chen can use the money to where it is most needed.
    "Use it where you need it most..." Wei Chen savored the teachings of the professor, and finally asked everyone: "Is it supposed to be used to manage the team?"

    Motherfucker! This enlightenment was completely hopeless, and everyone helped their foreheads. How can the "most needed place" in the words of Prof.Boss or Zhang be the e-sports team?
    "Knowledge development!"
    "Advancement of humanity!"
    Everyone reminded that this is the "most needed place" that meets the identity of the ProfBoss or Zhang.
    After hearing this answer, Wei Chen was completely stunned. He never dared to imagine that he would be glued to a career such as "knowledge development, advancement of humanity" in this life. Should this be done? Wei Chen was distressed. Seeing that he was going to have insomnia for a whole day again, Ye Xiu sighed and said, "If you are enlightened, don't put yourself into a scientist to think. What is the most needed place for you? ', what is that! People just want your money to be worthwhile."
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