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Chapter List 600 Can't Let It Go
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The front and left of Deception were blocked with not one drop can trickle through. Loulan Slash wished to lift a few people on a wire to prevent them in the air. This guy is too difficult to catch, no wonder he is notorious, but picking up scraps is still successful. Last time he fought side by side, Loulan Slash didn't have a deep understanding of Deception's strength. This time he became an opponent, and he felt that this guy is a very personal talent. If my group of five is qualified to become a Pro-player, this Deception will never be bad.
    Loulan Slash was already thinking about soliciting, and he didn't come to talk for a while. But the Heavenly Justice Players surrounding Deception roared early: "Run, why didn't you run? You run another try!"
    People of Bai Lai, can't catch even one person, in the end, they are so lucky that there are two roadblocks in the exit. As for the two blocking the way, the tattered equipment can make people cry. The gamers of Heavenly Justice are really embarrassed at this time.
    Deception, who was surrounded by it, didn't say anything at all. In fact, as soon as he exploded Loulan Slash, the 70-level Wild BOSS had picked three things, and he won't lose any money if he died. Unless his face is too dark, he can explode the explosion again. But the probability of this is too small. Maybe the materials in the pocket will not explode. If you drop one or two of the equipment on your body, it is simply a profit.

    So this thing has been exploded, and it is not so easy to want to explode again. It can rarely be solved in a battle. However, if you don’t return the original, it’s not a loss to return an equivalent one! But the current situation does not hold true. The three things dropped by the 70-level Wild BOSS, Deception has no equivalent value at all.
    Deception seemed to know this very well, so after knowing that he was going to die, he was calm. Just die! Anyway, this trip is still profitable.
    The Players of Heavenly Justice just scolded, and no one did it. Obviously they all understood this. This guy, just killing it, really won't make it back, and it may have to be done by some other means.
    As a result, the guild leader did not speak for a while, but Lord Grim stood up.
    "I can't escape, right? Hand in the things." Now, the opening is super nothing new, and the next thing is also very combo-like: "If you don't mind, make friends with you. You don't need to return the things you took. I will give it away. "
    The words are unbelievable, but the heroism of Loulan Slash is still manifested. Three things dropped by the 70-level Wild BOSS are given away casually, and the money warrior's domineering is undoubtedly manifested.

    Heavenly Justice gamers are still a little unhappy, but Deception is a fact. Everyone can understand Loulan Slash's good intentions. Not to mention that the gamers who can come to kill the Wild BOSS together are not outsiders. In the whole game, no one knows that Loulan Slash is going to enter the pro scene. Seeing an expert to solicit it, it is necessary!
    As a result, Deception still ignored it and left the Loulan Slash on the air.
    Loulan Slash was a little embarrassed, but he didn't back down, and directly showed his big name: "It's a shame that brothers are just used to pick up scraps, right? I'm organizing a team right now. I don't know what a brother is when I need someone. Isn't it interesting? As long as you are willing to come, the conditions are good."
    Envy jealousy hate!
    This is the mood of Heavenly Justice gamers at this time. They can join the pro team, and they are in good terms. With such a treatment, which Glory player would not envy?
    As a result, there was one in front of him. He was still indifferent when he heard such an eye-catching rhetoric, and he refused to even turn his angle of view to Loulan Slash.
    "Brother, what brother!"
    Loulan Slash was about to speak again and was directly interrupted by Ye Xiu. Then he saw Lord Grim's middle hand Thousand Chance Umbrella shook down into Battle Lance and knocked on Deception's bare feet.

    Deception didn't dodge or evade. After being knocked, the character staggered. Lord Grim's Battle Lance swept back, and immediately fell to the ground, and then there was no point in getting up.
    "Everyone is Offline." Ye Xiu said to Loulan Slash.
    Loulan Slash has a pro level after all. Just now Lord Grim knocked on Deception's reaction after the two knocks, and it can be seen that this character must have been utilized by no one.
    Deception must be in a fighting state at this time, and it cannot be Offline. The game can only be forced to close. Then the character will stay in the scene for a while like a stake. But there is another possibility that the game is thrown here, but people just don't utilize.
    "Maybe the person is still there?" Loulan Slash thought of this possibility.
    "Then you will talk again?" Ye Xiu asked.

    Loulan Slash is embarrassed. Regarding whether the person is Offline or not utilizing it, the attitude is actually very obvious, just ignore you. With so many people watching, letting Loulan Slash speak to an unresponsive wooden stake, he can't hold back his face! If you have confidence and words, you can try it if you can convince the other party, but the problem is that the previous two paragraphs of Loulan Slash are already basic and simple, and even such words are gone. After thinking for a while, Loulan Slash felt that he was still relatively strong in his hands, and immediately slashed out with a sword: "die."
    As soon as the words came out and the audience made a move, Deception was already a corpse in an instant. The corpse fell on the ground, and it has been a long time since I saw the Ressurection. This seems to be Offline. Deception Thank you! Fortunately, I didn't continue thinking about it just now, otherwise I said that the mandatory stay time is up, and if I click Offline, it will be embarrassing!
    But looking at the ground right now, Loulan Slash's mood wasn't much better.

    None of the materials dropped from the three level 70 wild BoBoss that Deception exploded. I lost two pieces of Ninja equipment on my body, but this kind of online game-level equipment is not even considered luxurious Loulan Slash! I took a look and didn't even bother to pick it. At last he was still sober and Awareness. At this time, he was not only in a bad mood, but he also said in a loud voice: "Kill this guy, it's a vent! Three things blown away by this guy, I blame me for being too careless. Worry, we won’t be deducting the reward this time."
    Heavenly Justice gamers' mood improved a lot when they heard such a statement.
    They all know that the Loulan Slash produced by the 70-level Wild BOSS must be invested in the Team, so it is impossible for them to directly benefit from the explosion of BoBoss, only Guild can only benefit from it. This is true of Guild in any club. The equipment produced by the 70-level Wild BOSS is sometimes filled into the guild warehouse, but the materials are absolutely unimaginable.

    Players who have tried but failed to break out of BoBoss actually don't think so much about whether these things fall into the hands of Loulan Slash. After all, Heavenly Justice was made by Loulan Slash with money, and his team was just announced not long after it was established. Those so-called supporters gathered by the hype still have no feelings for Guild. At this point, it is temporarily incomparable with Club Guild. The gamers of Club Guild, if they are really Team fans, they are also emotionally cohesive and centripetal. When this happens, the lack of materials has affected the development of Team, and they will really feel worried.
    As for Heavenly Justice, after Loulan Slash made such a statement, most people are already happy. Of course, this happiness is not good, and the scene is still boring. But Loulan Slash knew what was going on in his own mind, otherwise there would be no need to say more. If you want to win over fans, you can't do it with one morning and one evening or every word and action.
    To appease everyone in Guild, Loulan Slash also has to communicate with Great God's work, right?

    Although Great God said before, he counts him if things are not found, but how can Loulan Slash really count this way? Things are taken, it is absolutely the responsibility of him or their Heavenly Justice. Although he can also give many reasons, but in any case, it has nothing to do with Great God. People led the marketing team to stop Guild, and they did an extremely beautiful job. Two clubs, Guild, were defeated by Heavenly Justice. What can they do in normal times?
    Loulan Slash message Lord Grim, listed the gains after BoBoss Dusk Light, and then stated: "The three things that the guy exploded should be counted as mine, but I really didn’t have time to see what those three were. Divide in half first, then Great God, you can pick three at random from my side."
    "Why, you think that's the advantage guy?" Ye Xiu said.
    "That?" Loulan Slash wondered. Of course he was unwilling to let it go. To be honest, there was such a result in the end, and Loulan Slash was also suffocated! But what else can he do? Now that the person has die, I don't know which city the Ressurection is reborn in. It is very inconvenient to hunt down. Besides, you can't get things back after you chase and kill them. People can transfer the exploded materials to the warehouse soon after they go online. The contents of the warehouse couldn't be exploded.
    "You provide information, I'll come to marketing to chase after him!" Ye Xiu patted his chest for protection at this time.

    "Great God, look! There are still many Wild BOSSs that haven't been killed this week. Should we focus our energy on the next BoBoss? Isn't it more appropriate to grab a BoBoss than burst that kid? It's wasted for him It's not worth wasting time and manpower!" Loulan Slash said.
    "Of course BoBoss must be snatched, but this guy can't let it go. Anyway, just pay attention to his whereabouts. You pass the message in Guild. Anyone who sees it will do it." Ye Xiu said.
    "But you went to clean up this kid, why are we stealing the BoBoss?"
    "How about using a sledge-knife to kill a chicken?" Ye Xiu said.
    Loulan Slash hesitated very much: "Do you mean that kid is a chicken, or is it stealing the BoBoss?"
    Loulan Slash is really at a loss, but he is sure that Great God make a move is definitely a sledgehammer, but which one is a chicken?
    February is finally over. The last few chapters are not very cool, so let's work hard in March!
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