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Chapter List 601 Kind Of Dogleg
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Deception is really not Offline, he still has to continue the game! When I was surrounded, I knew I was going to die, and I didn't bother to do any more actions. Turning around, I saw that the character had fallen to the ground, and the guys around hadn't dispersed yet, and the Lord Grim continued to sway in an unsightly manner.
    Deception doesn’t care. Anyway, he’s not in-place Ressurection. After sitting back in front of the computer and selecting Ressurection, he returned to the home game Resurrection Point where he was bound to his account. Knowing that I cannot lose anyway this time. Then I saw two pieces of equipment in my heart, but I felt a little heartache. But in any case, I have earned far more than I have lost. The materials of level 70 Wild BOSS, picking up scraps after so long, is the first time I have a chance to pick it up. Today's luck is really good.
    Deception is actually pure coincidence today. If he deliberately picks up scraps, he usually doesn't wear this superb equipment. Today, he was doing some things in DarkneBoss Palace, and he happened to encounter Wild BOSS here.
    Guild fought, and Deception lurked by the side. He did not act blindly without thinking, because the equipment on his body is of great value today. Scrap Picker always has to consider whether the equipment he picked up when he fell down can make up for the loss. After wearing the equipment and coming out, of course it can't be as advanced courageously as usual.

    Deception waited for a long time, but today's BoBoss competition was not as chaotic as it used to be. The number of Guilds involved was 1 v 1 and Heavenly Justice was clearly winning, and it didn't give the opponent any chance at all. Such a scene is not suitable for Scrap Picker to make a move. Deception with rich experience is naturally to continue to be patient.
    In the end opponent Guild was beaten away, Heavenly Justice began to hunt BoBoss with no distraction. Such a scene made Deception even more disappointed. However, he still hoped that there was a major mistake in Heavenly Sword that was wiped out by BoBoss, that would be very happy to pick it up.
    As a result, Heavenly Sword did not die, and it was finally BoBoss. But at this time, Heavenly Justice was negligent. They made a mistake that winners often make. So at the moment of cheering for victory, they were knocked-down coldly. .
    Then, of course, Deception was trying hard to get out. Although it failed, it was generally very rewarding. What price can these three items sell? Deception really doesn't understand, this kind of thing rarely enters the market! Deception feels that it is necessary to grasp it. This is an opportunity to open for three years.
    "Huh, that guy! Isn't it Ressurection?"

    The moment Deception was reborn as Ressurection, there was a reaction around the undivided crowd. After the character is reborn in the Ressurection, the corpse will disappear and become a tombstone. If they were killed after Offline, this would never happen.
    "This guy is still Online!!" Loulan Slash called.
    "Tell people in Dark City to pay more attention." Ye Xiu called, and then turned around to greet Tang Rou and Steamed Bun: "Let's go."
    "Everyone is leaving." Loulan Slash also greeted, "Get the equipment by the way."
    Equipment refers to the victory products just after this big battle. Conquering Cloud Seaside has a lot of people in the two families, and the equipment is naturally very rich. Even if they try hard to retrieve them, many will fall into the pockets of Heavenly Justice gamers. How this equipment handles Great Guilds has its own plan. Generally speaking, it is a relatively difficult mechanical skill problem. The messy cooperation because of picking up loot is already commonplace in this kind of group battle.
    Ye Xiu was just talking to Loulan Slash about these equipment. Loulan Slash also understood why before the war he said to give Ye Xiu their equipment after the war, Ye Xiu said that it was not needed then. Dare to love the seize total victory has incomparable confidence, have long thought about picking these victory products after the war just pick one.

    But it would be troublesome to pick it up, and it had to be sorted out earlier, so in the end, it was Loulan Slash who was heroic: Don't be so troublesome, and he will pay the bill when he returns to the city.
    At this point, it was discovered that Deception had actually reborn Ressurection. Ye Xiu threw down his words and manipulated Lord Grim to drive back to the city.
    "How did you know he would be in Dark City?" Loulan Slash asked as he caught up. The Dark City is the closest main city to the DarkneBoss Palace leveling area.
    "That guy dressed like that, really doesn't seem to be picking up scraps intentionally. If there is something else, wouldn't it be common sense to bind the account to the nearest main city?" Ye Xiu said.
    "That's right!" Loulan Slash suddenly. He didn't expect this, because he didn't study the science of picking up scraps, not at all.
    Loulan Slash gave instructions in Guild, Ye Xiu and the others can see it naturally. They are all mailed to Heavenly Justice first, so of course it is Guild Element.
    "There are people in Dark City, look over there." Loulan Slash said to Ye Xiu.

    "Well, that's fine." Ye Xiu responded, but Lord Grim turned his head and looked back. Loulan Slash also looked at it, a little speechless. He, the people of Heavenly Justice, had gradually been thrown off when Ye Xiu and the others tried their best to utilize their way. At least some equipment with a lot of gamers characters with movement speed can still rely on this advantage to stay behind and even run faster. But gradually, without a reasonable utilization, the Stamina of these characters has been exhausted one after another. Without Stamina, "Swift Run" cannot be used. There is no equipment and it is impossible to take advantage of the speed, or it will be thrown away. Yet?
    In contrast, Loulan Slash and the five of them are still very tight. Thinking of this, Loulan Slash is also a little happy. Brothers are still quite pro level! Look, you can keep up with the speed of Great God!
    Thinking like this, I noticed that Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion were also at the same time. Looking at it like this, Awareness immediately reached how disgusting and disgusting the three equipment was. I am the best, and I am very particular about moving speed. I ran a tie with others. What is there to be happy about?
    By accident, Loulan Slash felt a little frustrated again.
    "Brothers who went to investigate in the city, told them to hide their titles." Ye Xiu suddenly said again, still paying attention very carefully.

    "Oh!" Loulan Slash received it and hurriedly arranged it.
    "In fact, you can pay attention to other major cities. It's just speculation in Dark City, but it may not be right." Ye Xiu suddenly said again.
    "It makes sense!" Loulan Slash nodded and gave instructions again.
    Ocean Ahead Homeward Bound Thousand Falling Leaves Night Tides listened to these two people's conversations and they all resisted and didn't complain. On this point, they are not as good as Steamed Bun. Steamed Bun students just say whatever they think. Hearing the conversation between the two people, Steamed Bun opened the Guild panel seriously, and after careful study, suddenly asked: "Who said the phrase'justified' just now?"
    "Me!" Loulan Slash said.
    "Who is this ‘me’?" Steamed Bun asked again.
    "What do you mean?" Loulan Slash wondered.
    "Is it Loulan Slash?" Steamed Bun was still a little judged by the sound, but at this time it seemed difficult to confirm.
    "It's me!" Loulan Slash said.
    "Boss is mighty!" Steamed Bun was immediately happy and excited, "Even the guild leader can command, domineering!"

    Ye Xiu knocked on the expression of overhead and sweating profusely, and Loulan Slash made a look that his face was blown into black and gray. Ocean Ahead They want to complain about this. They and Loulan Slash are not just partners in the game. They are very close friends before the game, and they know each other very well. In terms of friendship, the other four have no opinion on who is the guild leader. In the end, it was Loulan Slash who became the guild leader, or it was because they agreed that out of the five of them, Loulan Slash had the most leadership temperament.
    If it hadn't happened in front of them, they wouldn't believe that Loulan Slash could also radiate the brilliance of the little brother Element, and there was no sense of peacekeeping at all.
    Everyone felt embarrassed at this moment, Loulan Slash wanted to explain, but after thinking about it, he felt that he was really a dog leg just now! How to explain this, what should I do if the description gets darker?
    In the end, Ye Xiu calmly said, “Steamed Bun, what do you know, we are discussing countermeasures.”
    "Oh, that's how it is!" Steamed Bun said.
    This explanation is enough for Steamed Bun. But on the whole, like no explanation, Loulan Slash knew that his brothers must have laughed to death, but they just didn't show it.

    I am depressed! But a message came, which diverted everyone's attention.
    "It was discovered that this guy is indeed in Dark City!" Loulan Slash said.
    "Yeah!" Ye Xiu replied.
    "What do you do now?" Loulan Slash asked.
    Ocean Ahead and others cheeks streaming with tears, brother, why don’t you have a long memory, why are you so boring?
    But this time Ye Xiu was kind, and didn't say directly. He sent a message to Loulan Slash: "Stare at him and judge his whereabouts."
    At the moment of receiving the message, Loulan Slash also reacted immediately, he just...has been dog-legged.
    Fortunately, with a reminder like Ye Xiu, just take it as you know and I know! Loulan Slash immediately turned the instructions, and then replied to Ye Xiu with a message: "It's still not clear for the time being, let's kill it at this position first!"
    "Alright. Can someone get some ready-made equipment? Add movement speed, otherwise it would be a bit annoying for me to deal with that guy now." Ye Xiu replied.
    "I see if anyone can do it." Loulan Slash was tossing again.
    The next few people ran all the way to Dark City in silence. Ye Xiu and Loulan Slash both turned to private chat and discussed secretly, and of course the others didn't know.
    "He may be leaving the teleport portal!" At this time, Loulan Slash received the latest information.

    "In other cities, hurry up and arrange someone to watch the teleport portal! Whatever you can watch, it counts." Ye Xiu hurriedly returned.
    "I'm already doing it." After experiencing the embarrassment just now, Loulan Slash also reviewed himself. Then found out that for him, do these things really need Great God to teach him? No need at all, these things can also be made with his game experience.
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