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Chapter List 603 Big Move Is Useless
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Lord Grim just disappeared at the corner of the street, and the five of Loulan Slash in the end still is no longer following.
    "Yes, let's do some intelligence!" Loulan Slash said grimly.
    "Information is intelligence, don't be like a little brother anymore." At first glance, there were no outsiders, and the other four immediately urged without mercy.
    Loulan Slash cheeks streaming with tears. Today is really a shameless day. People are exploded in piles, people are doglegs, I really want to find a place to drill and drill!
    Ye Xiu is manipulating Lord Grim to hurry up. I just chased Deception before, so Ye Xiu knows exactly what movement speed Deception can be. He is confident that he can definitely stop him before the teleport portal. Of course, the premise is that you can't go the wrong way. After all, there is too little intersection with online games. Whether in the wild, in the town or in the dungeon, Ye Xiu is not familiar with the terrain.
    However, with the help of an external in-game map, it is impossible for Ye Xiu to make such a low level mistake. Soon, the teleport portal of Dark City had appeared in Lord Grim's line of sight, but Deception had lost information.

    After Deception went to the teleport portal to go to the teleport portal after nothing was gained, he went all out. No one wants to waste time on the road. Of course, they can run as fast as they can. Therefore, the Heavenly Justice gamers who originally stared at Deception were quickly lost and couldn't keep up!
    "Don't go to other places, don't come to the teleport portal..." Ye Xiu also muttered in his heart, and after looking at the in-game map, Lord Grim had already found a place to stand. Here you can see the three streets that Deception can walk on, but they don't attract much attention.
    Ye Xiu is not familiar with the terrain, but this does not prevent him from using the level of terrain. When you see the performance on the spot, it is considered to be playing an away game.
    "Is it almost?" Ye Xiu looked at the time, and if Deception went all out, it was about time to appear in the line of sight. Ye Xiu turned Lord Grim and swept all three streets, but did not see the silhouette of Deception.
    Didn't come here?
    Walking slowly?
    Ye Xiu thought about it, but of course he didn't give up and leave. After waiting for a while, finally, a silhouette of Swift Run appeared on the one of the three streets.

    Ye Xiu immediately made Lord Grim ready to make a move at any time. Soon, the name of this silhouette overhead can be seen clearly, Deception, indeed Deception. But the speed at which this guy ran was a bit slow in Ye Xiu's eyes.
    Deception didn't realize that there was a hidden crisis here, just like an ordinary gamers on the road, he didn't care about the scenery of the two roads. When I left the street, I went straight to the teleport portal.
    A gunshot sounded.
    During the World War, such a shot was really insignificant. The sound effects of Ability and the screams of gamers were everywhere in and outside the city, and the online gamers had almost adapted to this environment. But the gunshot now sounds so clear in Deception's ears.
    Worthy of being Walk’s Scrap Picker in the regular crowd, Deception actually judged that the shot was directed at him. The body slammed to one side, and the bullet passed by.
    "Good hiding!"
    After hearing such an evaluation, a top-heavy monster jumped in front of Deception. This image is so eye-catching, even Deception couldn't help being attracted by this image first and then noticing the ID of the character overhead: Lord Grim.

    Deception Walk Glory has been around for a few years, and he has done a high-risk job. Unlike the ordinary Scrap Picker, he basically doesn't want to survive when he picks up waste. It's just like living a little longer, and picking more is the same. Deception has always been patient to save lives. And picking up scraps, the big scenes between the Great Guild are the most profitable. Of course, Deception will actively participate in these scenes. For the experts in the online game, it can be considered quite a lot. Lord Grim, this man is as tough as Deception has never seen before. If he really wants to fight against this guy, Deception really has no confidence in his heart.
    At this moment, he was stared at by this person again, and Deception panicked. But the teleport portal is in front. As long as you can rush there, you will leave Dark City soon, and the opponent will definitely not know where it is. It's not a life-and-death fight, Deception is ready to make a breakthrough.
    The idea is also settled, no nonsense, come up directly to Shadow Clone Technique, flash out for a while before talking.
    So the fake body was on the spot, and the real body tried to make a big step, but the line of sight was still completely clear, and a big helmet was already dangling in front of my eyes.
    "Shadow Clone Technique? I will too!" The other party didn't seem to need to wait for the vision to become clear, the guy in his hand had already fallen.

    Deception hurriedly withdrew from the backwards leap, the guy in the opponent's hand suddenly turned over, and he just jumped a bit longer. Deception hands are really fast. Ninjato slammed the blow to Parry.
    The part of Thousand Chance Umbrella bounced back again. As soon as Deception waved his cold sweat, he heard a "boom", and the fire at the end of the weapon gleamed, and three artillery shells blasted towards him directly.
    The attack distance of the artillery shell... it is undoubtedly a multiple of that compared to Battle Lance. Using a knife to block it, it is not the same as the collision between weapon and weapon. It is basically a kind of better than nothing. utilize.
    But is there any other option for Deception at the moment?
    It's really gone. It's a pretty good Awareness and hand speed to protect the ninjato in front of you and block the artillery shell under Awareness. Who would have thought that in such a small period of backwards leap, the opponent would actually have a sword attack and a spear stabbing at the end?
    The flame of Anti-Tank MiBoss ile engulfed Deception. The powerful impact pushed Deception to the wall at once.
    There are two pairs of gamers under the wall. I didn't feel too surprised that someone was blasted over, but they all glanced around and found that the other party had no Guild overhead, and neither a relative nor a friend nor a relative nor a friend, so no one ignored him.

    Deception slid off the wall. Looking at it again, I had a Shadow Clone Technique, Fei Dan didn't get closer to the teleport door, but was blasted back a lot...
    Go straight to the Ultimate Skill!
    Deception thought to start the hand seal of Ultimate Skill Shadow Dance immediately.
    He sees the distance between himself and Lord Grim, and feels that this complicated hand seal can still be completed by avoiding the harassment of long-range attacks.
    This is also the advantage of the Ninja profession. The hand seal, which is also a chanting type, has no effect on the movement of the character. Like Elementalist, even if they chant while maintaining the "Mobile Cast" state, the movement speed will be greatly reduced.
    Ninja didn't have this trouble, just watching the Deception hands steadily gesticulating, his legs were swaying fast, hiding to the left, dangling left and right, and quickly hoped to bring Lord Grim's attack to other gamers.
    How can Ye Xiu be fooled by this? However, because of this reason, the effect of long-range attacks was very unsatisfactory, and it failed to have any impact on the hand seal of Deception.
    Ninjutsu? Shadow Dance!

    In an instant, more than ten silhouettes of Deception appeared, and all Spirits were very spectacular. But Deception looks at it again, why is Lord Grim gone? As a result, when he turned his perspective, Fuck! Lord Grim ignored his Shadow Clone at all, and ran to the teleport portal, as if only the equipment was guarding the last level.
    Is this useful?
    Deception not to accept as correct, Lord Grim stands closer to the teleport door, it is always better for him. Now so many shadow clones are rushing over, he does not believe that Lord Grim is so capable and can handle so Shadow Clone Clone stopped all, as long as the past one, isn't it all right?
    Thinking that Deception has exploded, hand speed utilizes a bunch of Shadow Clones and is ready to swarm. As a result, during this switchover, I suddenly discovered, why are so many Shadow Clones being attacked?
    "Zé Zé Zé, the experience is not enough." Lord Grim's voice came over.
    Deception, that depressed! It turned out that his Shadow Dance hand seal was completed, and this pile of Shadow Clone stood up gorgeously. Many gamers who were playing in full swing around here misunderstood.
    This has no reason to get into the Shadow Clone next to him. Who dares not prevent it?

    So there are no more words, let's fight first. For a while, Deception became the enemy of the public, and many of these people were grabbing his Shadow Clone to fight. Deception also wanted to pull Lord Grim's long-range attack on other people to help him recruit aggro, but he did not expect that a Shadow Dance of his own actually recruited aggro for himself in the current environment.
    Deception is not someone who can explain. Moreover, in this case, he explained that no one would believe him. He utilised each Shadow Clone and didn't want to entangle with these gamers. He just tried to rush towards the teleport door.
    There are too many opponents, Deception is also a bit hard to deal with, Ye Xiu is not kind, and when Deception was the hardest, Lord Grim killed him. One Falling Flower Palm flew over here, one Fling threw out over there, and another knockback on this side. The attack was always at the opening(s) that Deception couldn't take care of. Within a moment, Deception suddenly discovered that his Shadow Clone had fallen to this level? Such a distance...
    Puff puff puff...
    Shadow Clone lost half of the clouds at that time. Being beaten by Lord Grim too loosely, no matter which Shadow Clone he locates Heart of Shadow Dance on, he can't always take care of the overall situation.
    Shadow Dance Ultimate Skill was actually broken in half like this. The remaining half of Deception still wanted to try, but then found out that this half was not good either!

    The half of the Shadow Clone rushed forward, surprisingly there was a sequence, which gave Lord Grim time to knock them all up. If you assemble and rush together, there is not enough time. The Ability effect is always time-effective!
    Shadow Dance Ultimate Skill is completely useless.
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