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Chapter List 604 Talk While Typing
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Deception’s Shadow Clone in the end disappeared in time. The only thing that made him gratified was that the gamers who were recruited to aggro probably also realized that these Shadow Clones were not against them at all, and in the end they never attacked him. Otherwise, if you chase him endlessly, his true body will nowhere to run!
    Ninjutsu? Hundred Streams.
    Deception wanted to break again, but another Ability was thrown out, and several streams of water jumped towards Lord Grim who was in front of him. Ability that goes on like this is of course impossible to pose any threat to Ye Xiu, just let it pass by a pathing. Deception here also reversed a pathing immediately, and then threw it up and threw a Smoke Bomb out.
    Deception's Ninja Awareness is good. Previously, the DarkneBoss Palace Ninja Tools were used up. After the Ressurection was reborn, all the Ninja Tools were supplemented as soon as possible.
    The purple smoke billowed and spread out in an instant. This is a place where Smoke Bomb is stronger than Spitfire Smoke Grenade, and the effect is extremely fast. It's just that the range covered by the Smoke Bomb burst is much worse than that of the Smoke Grenade. At this time, Deception just wanted to use the smoke as a wall, so that Lord Grim didn't know his movements for the time being.

    Seeing the purple smoke coming out, Deception immediately started to act, but suddenly heard the overhead roaring. Looking up, Lord Grim overhead turned the propeller, using Mechanical ROT or Wing to knock-up directly on the purple smoke. Deception's sneaky actions on Ziyan's end showed the other side's eyes. At this moment, Deception felt that he was really idiot.
    Lord Grim steered Mechanical ROT or Wing into a dive, retracting the rotor in mid-air, and the sword light flashed. When Deception was about to evade, he heard a bang, and there was an explosion at his feet, and a shock wave made him stagger. Deception looked at it from a low angle of view, and there were some remaining fragments on the ground, but he still recognized that it was Mechanic's Ability Mechanical Tracer.
    Why didn't you notice it?
    Deception cheeks streaming with tears, because the little robot got out of the purple smoke! He threw this Smoke Bomb so that his whereabouts were not covered, but he covered a sneak attack by the other party.
    Because of this explosion, Deception adjusted the character stature, and Lord Grim, the Falling Light Blade, failed to escape and was directly overturned. After landing quickly with Quick Recover utilize, Lord Grim rushed over in one step, a Falling Flower Palm was slapped on his forehead, and Deception was crashed with a bang, and the teleport door quickly became distant within his perspective.
    can't beat ah...

    Deception retired, and even his own Ability was used by the opponent and became a cover for the other party's sneak attack, which really made Deception very frustrated.
    can't beat, just run!
    Deception is still very talented in terms of life-saving. The determination was also very quick. This time I landed, without even looking at the teleport door over there, turning around and ran.
    Lord Grim of Ye Xiu naturally caught up in stride. Funny modeling is funny, but Element is real. Ye Xiu believes that this movement speed is enough to deal with Deception.
    And following this look, Deception's speed still makes Ye Xiu feel a bit slow. Now it's not on my own journey, there is no reason to make reservations!
    Ye Xiu was a little puzzled, but when he was staring at Deception, he suddenly felt that his equipment was a bit strange. It suddenly occurred to him that two pieces of equipment were also exposed when the Deception die. Loulan Slash was disdain as beneath contempt at the time, but it is indeed the rarest item in the gamers group. Those two pieces of equipment may also have a movement speed blessing. Now that they are gone, the movement speed of Deception has dropped a little?
    Ye Xiu has no pressure anymore. Not in a hurry, he shot Deception coldly while chasing.

    Deception didn't have any plan to run this, but knew that the teleport gate was impossible to pass, so he wanted to get rid of Lord Grim by speed. Originally, he also had confidence! But behind him, this guy always followed him so far and not close, and from time to time he shot a few shots, which made him very annoyed. Seeing this, the other party is completely after that, any remaining energy (idiom from Analects), is this kidding yourself?
    Deception turned back to his point of view and glanced dejectedly, Lord Grim's funny look! It's so eye-catching all the time. But at this moment Deception reacted instantly: This guy is change equipment!
    It's over, I am afraid that the previous advantage of movement speed is gone!
    Deception immediately wanted to understand this, the other party, it was really easy to chase behind and play with him!
    You can't get rid of it by speed, so you have to hide. So Deception started drilling alleys and overturning walls, and would use it wherever he could see.
    However, it didn't work.
    Several minutes passed, and Lord Grim could still stare at him. Deception couldn't get rid of, and couldn't get out of the fight, but this guy never caught up.
    "Is his speed actually the same, just like me, can't catch up?" Deception thought to himself.

    "In this case, let's see who is more patient!" Deception didn't give up. He who often waits for the opportunity to pick up scraps is very persevering.
    What Deception didn't know was that Lord Grim hadn't caught up with him for a long time, and that was for another reason.
    "Okay, Steamed Bun and I are here." Ye Xiu received the message from Tang Rou.
    "Oh, then I'll do it." Ye Xiu returned the message, and then proceeded to utilize. Lord Grim suddenly speeded up.
    Deception I think it’s better than patience than perseverance! Suddenly, I heard the footsteps behind him seem to be getting closer.
    Is it that guy?
    Deception was shocked and had to look around.
    It's not! Lord Grim, who has been not far and close, is now approaching.
    At this moment, Deception was trying his best to display what he had learned in his life, but it was useless. Lord Grim approached in the gap when he turned his perspective again and again, and kept approaching.
    Shuriken, Shadow Clone, Makibishi...
    These abilities were useless, and they couldn't stop the fact that Lord Grim was getting closer and closer to him.
    hand seal!
    Deception is utilized again, it's Ninja Ultimate Skill, Shadow Dance again!

    This time when Shadow Clone came out, Deception immediately utilized and rushed towards Lord Grim. He wanted to take advantage of this chaos and find a character that Lord Grim couldn't notice, and sneak away. Deception has already seen the direction to go, Ninja must be able to use the terrain very well.
    Shadow Dance strikes.
    Deception really likes to use this Ultimate Skill, no wonder it can be controlled well. But in front of Ye Xiu, this is still tender, too tender.
    Those Shadow Clone who are not very dedicated to utilize up want to obstruction to Ye Xiu, but some really be carried away by one's wishful thinking. After blasting a few Ability with ease, he knocked out the shadow clones that came around him, and chased them from the angle of view. Ye Xiu saw that Shadow Clone sneaking away. Ye Xiu's intentions of Deception have already been completed. see through.
    With a gunshot, the sneaking Shadow Clone was shot in the ass. Deception felt depressed. He knew that his method had been seen through by the other party this time.
    The Heart of Shadow Dance immediately cut one again, manipulating the Shadow Clone, and Deception looked for a direction that Lord Grim could not notice. found it!
    Deception spotted an opening(s) and quickly cut the Heart of Shadow Dance to this side, hurriedly trying to run away. This time it's good, Lord Grim directly a Shadow Clone, blocking directly in front of him.

    Is this the opening(s) exposed by the other party is a trap, or is the other party's quick response to utilize quickly and simply doesn't pay attention to such a method? Deception doesn't know, but it's a fact that Lord Grim has blocked it again, let's run!
    Switching quickly again, the Shadow Clone behind him suddenly disappeared at this time. Ability time!
    Deception has been so busy that he even forgot to pay attention to something as important as Ability time. Such a low level error shouldn't happen to such an expert.
    "What's the point of picking up scraps all day? You live by this?" Ye Xiu said, this is a rare meeting between the two sides.
    Deception, get out and run. But this time Lord Grim is already close, Ye Xiu will give him this opportunity, Thousand Chance Umbrella shook, and immediately attacked. And this time it was no longer an interception, but a life-and-death struggle. Deception was recruited one after another, and HP continued to drop.
    He is also struggling and trying to utilize. He didn’t think he left the computer and gave up after being surrounded before, but it was useless. The strategies and utilizes that made other gamers completely unable to parry were all like children in front of this person. It's the same trick, and it's easily negated.

    "Such a good skill, what a shame picking up scraps! You have to use your talents to more valuable places!" Ye Xiu was beating people while still chattering, Deception was going crazy.
    "Play in the Finals these days, do you know what it is?" Ye Xiu said, and Lord Grim speared and brought out a bunch of blood from Deception.
    "It's that the most powerful gamers and characters in Glory are fighting against each other!" Ye Xiu continued.
    "I don't know any of these? You treat you as an outsider!" Lord Grim, a Fling, threw Deception on the wall.
    "What does this have to do with me!" Although Deception slid his head and feet from the wall, these did not affect his actual person's speech.
    "I'm organizing a team, do you want to join the group, I have a salary, and board and lodging is included!" While beating people, while issuing such an invitation, this is completely the style of bandits in the Water Margin.
    "It's everything in disorder." Deception obviously doesn't appreciate the heroism of the bandits.
    "You're pretty good, it's a shame to be a garbage picker." Ye Xiu said.
    "What I picked up was never rubbish!" Deception said.
    "Cut." Ye Xiu despised, "That's because you haven't seen the real best."
    "For example, have you seen the weapon like this in my hand?" Ye Xiu said.

    "..." Of course Deception hadn't seen it. But Ye Xiu's use of Thousand Chance Umbrella to say it was a bit too much, this weapon, no one in the entire Glory has ever seen it.
    "This is called the best, you can pick one up and have a look." Ye Xiu said.
    "this is……"
    boom! Deception was shot over again, but after falling to the ground this time, he couldn't stand up again.
    "Oh no..." Ye Xiu stunned. "Dead... I just talked and didn't pay attention to this guy's HP. He seemed to have something to say?" Ye Xiu muttered.
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