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Chapter List 605 Rebirth Point
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Deception die, the soul floats in the air. Heavenly Domain’s PK explosion rate is not due to have an undeserved reputation. When he hangs, another piece of equipment fell out. Deception from the perspective of the soul saw Lord Grim turning around and picking up the equipment he dropped out. gone.
    Deception, who had been mentally prepared for a long time, was depressed, but he couldn't talk about how angry he was, so he quickly chose Ressurection.
    Respawn Point, Deception looked at him. When DarkneBoss Palace died, it broke the lower body leggings and a Pendant. The two equipment was changed to make do. This time, another ring broke out.
    Fortunately, it is not a loss.
    The dropped item(s) must be distressed, and Deception had to use those three materials to comfort himself.
    What should I do next? Will that guy still stay on the teleport portal? Deception had all this in his mind, and Ye Xiu hadn't paid much attention to what Ye Xiu just said. But he still doesn't know the moment of his die, Ye Xiu has already sent messages to Tang Rou and Steamed Bun.
    "Come here, stare!" The Steamed Bun who received the message quickly began to search in Respawn Point.

    It is not so easy to find Deception in Respawn Point. During the World War, Respawn Point must be super busy. Not only did Ressurection have many people, but there were also many people fighting. They are all chased by the Resurrection Point like Tang Rou and Steamed Bun. At this time, Respawn Point in the higher level main city has almost become the most intense battlefield.
    Although Respawn Point is not a safe zone, the character of Respawn Ressurection will be protected by the system for a while. Like online protection, damage is exempted at this point, but it also cannot cause damage to others.
    After Deception Ressurection, while checking the equipment to comfort myself, he hurriedly ran out of the chaos of Respawn Point before talking. Otherwise, the system protection will disappear for a while. Although the gamers here are not playing around, they will inevitably get hurt by accident.
    Tang Rou and Steamed Bun saw the chaotic energy of Respawn Point, of course they didn't get in and ask for trouble. The characters of the two people are all hovering outside the range, one person takes care of one side.
    "Here, here, here!!" Tang Rou received a message from Steamed Bun.
    "Which way is this..." Tang Rou was helpless, "Coordinates!"
    No message. Tang Rou had to tilt his head to look at the Steamed Bun screen. Steamed Bun is already fighting with Deception, Tang Rou sees the coordinates clearly, and hastened his Soft Mist to rush away.

    "Boy! Take your life!" Steamed Bun shouted, starting with the brick he was most used to.
    When Deception saw it, he knew that the other party had been ambushing here, and his heart was also agitated. But where did the brick thrown in the face hit him? With a tilted head, Wind Howl passed by and snapped a picture of the back of a Blue Brook Guild gamers who was fighting in Resurrection Point.
    How can Steamed Bun consider that accidental injury will cause aggro to be so careful, and only reacted after accidental injury occurred.
    "Ah!" Steamed Bun yelled, and the character immediately squatted down, as if the other party couldn't see him anymore.
    In fact, the battle in Respawn Point is so chaotic, and such accidental injuries happen from time to time, and the recruits can only think that they are unlucky.
    Deception looked at This person really idiot. He turned around and left, and didn't want to be in love here at all. Steamed Bun saw that no one was bothering him, and immediately became brave again, yelling "Don't run", and the Steamed Bun Invasion, which was squatting, bounced directly, bending his legs and flying out, and his knees went straight. He slammed into Deception.
    Brawler Ability: Powerful Knee Strike.

    Brawler's profession really has quite a street style. Ability such as Sand Toss, Brick Buster, and Inject Poison all reveal a sense of trivial energy; but those like Powerful Knee Strike and Tyrannical Chain Punch reveal desperate madness.
    This Powerful Knee Strike is fast and fierce, but it is not a good habit that Steamed Bun always likes to be rash when attacking. When Deception heard him shouting, he turned back to look at it, and saw his knees slammed up quickly, and he flashed sideways. Steamed Bun Invasion Powerful Knee Strike landed and immediately turned back, rushing over without standing upright.
    Deception quickly hand seals, and the character disappears in an instant. An Underground Tunneling Technique first evaded the attack from the Steamed Bun Invasion, followed by breaking through the ground, and slashed directly towards the Steamed Bun Invasion.
    Steamed Bun reacted quickly, and immediately utilized it. Steamed Bun Invasion blocked Deception's wrist with its crossarm and threw the knife off to Parry.
    Brawler Ability: Tiger Flipping Mountain.
    This Ability sounds like it has a name and a surname, but there is a name in gamers called "Desperately protect your face". It can be seen that this Ability is actually a Defense-based Ability created based on street fights. But the game setting is of course not easy to name directly, "Desperately protect your face" or something, how not to pay attention to it?

    The knife that was hacked was stopped, but the people from Deception had already jumped up. By the height, it was another Bird Fall, with legs on the shoulders of the Steamed Bun Invasion, followed by a "swish" and rushed out to the Steamed Bun. Invasion swept behind.
    Although these guys are pretty strong, they are much easier to deal with than Lord Grim. Deception was thinking like this, and he heard a "pop", the back of head hit the brick.
    With bricks in the back and head, 100% Confusion for 4 seconds.
    In other words, although Deception was still jumping in the air at this time, he had fainted. How can a person who fainted make an action? So embarrassed and fell somersault.
    Deception, that depressed! Why does this guy love to use bricks so much? Moreover, there is no mechanical skill used. It is completely cooldowns are over. I need to use it, but I was still photographed. Deception on the ground is called a wohuo.
    Fortunately, I jumped out in the air before! Although Confusion made him lose his balance, he finally jumped out of inertia, and the fall after landing also caused damage, and the Confused state was lifted immediately. Deception turned over and stood up, throwing away three Shuriken, and then took a steady look at it, Fuck! It's not Steamed Bun Invasion.
    Battle Mage!
    Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

    Tang Rou's Soft Mist finally arrived.
    Shuriken is an Ability that can make a little stun. Interrupt is very useful for some spells, but it is full of clouds in front of Dragon Breaks the Ranks. Dragon Breaks the Ranks is Super Armor Ability. Unless it is an Ability with a grasping judgment, there is no move to Interrupt.
    Three Shuriken hits, although they caused damage to Soft Mist, they couldn't stop the attack at all.
    Ability with Super Armor judgement has always been such an overbearing bashing sideways and colliding straight on. In a blink of an eye, Soft Mist had already rushed in front of him, and Battle Lance slammed Deception on the body with a dull sound of wind.
    Deception was stabbed severely. Soft Mist is now a Strength-type Element, and the power of Dragon Breaks the Ranks has been exerted to the extreme. But when did Tang Rou have room for battle? After Dragon Breaks the Ranks, Rising Dragon Soars the Sky had already been connected. Battle Lance transformed into a dragon under the fluctuation of mana, suddenly rushed out, and instantly caught the inverted Deception. The magic wave was injected strongly, and the Deception in the air exploded into a splendor.
    "I think this guy seems to be weaker." Steamed Bun's Steamed Bun Invasion stood aside and said.
    "It's your change equipment that has become stronger, right?" Tang Rou said.
    "Oh, yes!" Steamed Bun suddenly.

    The next two people work together, and Deception's hard time is really coming. He didn't want to kill the two at all, he thought about how to get out. But these two people have changed equipment, and their strength is not a little bit improved. Under 2 v 1, Deception really can't cope with it. What's more, he has lost experience and exploded equipment. Now three pieces of equipment are irregular, and Element is also at level 69.
    "Just kill it?" Steamed Bun asked at this time.
    "Probably?" Tang Rou was not sure.
    "I ask Boss!" Steamed Bun said as he stood up and said directly: "Boss, can you kill?"
    "Oh oh..." Ye Xiu was also taken aback when Steamed Bun suddenly stood up. He was making Lord Grim rush to Respawn Point, but it seems that Tang Rou and Steamed Bun are about to be resolved. Up?
    "I was just communicating with him. I want to see if he can join us. Then you ask him." Ye Xiu said.
    "Understood." Steamed Bun took a seat and said immediately: "Boy, it's rare, our Boss actually appreciates you, he asked how you thought about it?"
    Mao consider! Do you want to consider it? Deception has been hunted down one after another, how can I feel better? But life and death can't beat opponent, this feeling of powerlessness is really quite aggrieved.
    "Why don't you speak? Are you thinking about it? Is it enough to count to three?" Steamed Bun said.

    "One, two, three..." Steamed Bun counted on his own.
    "Don't speak yet? Isn't it enough to count to three? Then how many do you want to count?" Steamed Bun asked.
    "Enough!!" Deception more than one can bear called.
    "Enough is enough for you to express your opinion!" Steamed Bun said.
    "I mean you're noisy enough!" Deception said.
    "Then have you considered enough?" Steamed Bun asked.
    "..." Deception was speechless again. He was not good at talking, not to mention the unusual off-line thinking like Steamed Bun, which made the dialogue more difficult.
    "There is going to be no blood." Tang Rou reminded from the side.
    "Quickly, take some medicine!" Steamed Bun said to Deception quickly.
    "..." Deception cheeks streaming with tears. In order to survive, he has always been drinking a potion, but medicine also has Cooldown, isn't it? It's in Cooldown now, do you think I don't want to eat it?
    Tang Rou felt that Steamed Bun's words were boring, so he briefly explained: "We are a new team. I want to know if you are interested in joining us?"
    "Not interested!" Deception gritted his teeth.
    "Oh!" Tang Rou replied, raising his head with a blow to completely kill Deception.

    "I..." When Deception wanted to say something, the character collapsed, and the voice couldn't be heard naturally, and the soul began to float in the air. Deception is speechless, this girl is so simple!
    Then Deception saw from the perspective of the soul, Steamed Bun Invasion stepped up, picking up something from his side.
    equipment ……and another explosion...
    Good weekend everyone! Use update to scare you guys!
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