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Chapter List 651 Formal Registration
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    1 The boring vocational training has turned such annoying things like stealing the BoBoss into vacations. Everyone in Happy just kept going like this day by day, and no one complained, except Steamed Bun sometimes yelled twice. As for the call of Steamed Bun, no one cares about it.
    A week passed in a blink of an eye. In addition to the basic training, Ye Xiu and Wei Chen have finally been tossed out the vocational training for a few people on Happy's side. However, vocational training requires a lot of details. In addition to the different training content due to different occupations, when practicing this step, there will be training with different focuses according to the different characteristics of the players.
    This is how Glory's professionalism has progressed over the years. Back in the era of wasteland reclamation, let alone the level of refinement, even basic training did not have such a standardized model. The earliest training was for everyone to directly PK in the Arena. And now, players from this background are regarded as wild. However, it is not necessarily bad if it is not a wild way. Whether it is good or not, it depends on the individual.
    Ye Xiu and Wei Chen are now summarizing the professional character training modes of several players in the team, and it is not a short time to complete the details of the individual. This adjustment is to prescribe the right medicine for an illness according to the player’s condition during training.

    This week’s pro scene rumors continued to fly, but after the week, the real transfer market in the eyes of gamers can be described as breeze is still, waves are quiet. In fact, it's not really quiet at all, but there are so many amazing transfers this summer. Many gamers whose appetites have been lifted are too lazy to even watch the transfers of less famous players.
    As the days continue to go by, the major teams have begun to gather players back to the team.
    The preparations for the new Season are about to begin. The summer break of the pro scene is not like the summer vacation of the students. If the game starts on the 1st of the month, all people will come back to play on the 1st. After a summer, many teams have changed. Tyranny is here again as a famous veteran, Team Hundred BloBoss oms directly overturned the core rebuilding, and Team Wind Howl ushered in the aggressive new core Tang Hao Best Rookie Zhao Yuzhe will also be the main force in the next Season. In addition, like Blue Rain's departure from Yu Feng, Team Tiny Herb is also an exchange transfer for two All Star level players.
    Team ushered in new players, players to the new team, this kind of running-in is mutual and it takes time.

    Therefore, although the professional season will not start until the kouyue of the Berry Year, none of the team’s holidays will end on the 1st of the kouyue. Basically in mid-August, all clubs will initiate a convening order to let the players Return to the team to start the run-in training before the new Season. Even if it’s a Team that hasn’t changed much, the players have to look for the state of the game again after a long break! After all, there are only a few players who have consciously added to practice after a long vacation.
    In August, just half of the week, the major Club Guilds in the online game were finally relieved. From the beginning of this day, Tyranny Pro-player, who tossed their harvest plummeting this summer, finally withdrew from the online game battlefield. The days before and after this day, like Lu Hanwen of Blue Rain, Liu Xiaobie of Tiny Herb, Zhao Yuzhe of Wind Howl, etc. Pro-players from all major teams who came to play online games have left one after another, but no one is like Zhang The exit of Xinjie and Lin Jingyan is so much anticipated.
    The order in the online game is finally back to normal.
    The guild leader of Great Guilds finally sighed with emotion. After all, they are not experiencing this kind of thing for the first time, and they almost have such a toss every summer. But this year is really special, the transfer market is very hot, in the online game is also sky and the earth turning upside down. Great God like Zhang Xinjie came to help, giving Guild a monopoly advantage. This situation seems to have never happened before.

    The summer of this year is really impressive.
    The players’ holidays are over, but the transfer window is not just closed like this. Managers of major clubs are still busy, using the last two or three weeks to further buff the team.
    Especially at this time, the collective training has started, and you can get some feedback from the Team. You can adjust it even if the transfer window is not closed.
    Experienced gamers are looking forward to it again. Because from the past situation, at the end of the transfer period, some major transfers often occur, and there are often some high prices of beyond expectation, there is no time!
    Everyone is looking forward to it, and the result is another week of "breeze is still, waves are quiet", and there is no transfer that attracts attention.
    This is in the eyes of the average players, but in the eyes of these Happy people, this week has happened a transfer that is considered a good message for them.
    Excellent Era player Guo Yang, transferred to Team Wind Howl for 2.6 million.
    Excellent Era, who refused to be a supermarket, was relegated to the team, but after all, one person left. After all, if the Club can't convince the players pleased to (do sth, idiom) to stay, it is unlikely to be forced to stay. That is a two-run injury.

    Excellent Era suddenly brought big names like Xiao Shiqin and SpiritleBoss Life to All Stars, but after all, it was to waste a year in the Challenge Tournament. Not everyone would look at the future prospects and sacrifice this year.
    Guo Yang is the main player of the Excellent Era team, and the character is Qi Master. His departure will definitely damage Excellent Era's strength, so for Happy people, this message is not bad. However, the damage is there, but it is also limited.
    Depends on the paper, Excellent Era now has Sun Xiang, Xiao Shiqin and Su Mucheng three All Stars players, which are currently not available in the league.
    Of course, Tyrannical Ambition has four people, but three of those four are at the end of their careers, and Excellent Era, two of these three are at their peak, and one is already at the peak, but young capital makes him look like he still has Increase space, this is much more difficult than Tyranny's three elders.
    Such an out freak has attracted a lot of attention, and no one feels suspenseful for Excellent Era to successfully return to the league through this year's Challenge Tournament. In the same year, the Pro Team that participated in the Challenge Tournament, some were downgraded with Excellent Era, and the previous Season, even after the previous Season fell, has not been able to get back, but has not yet disbanded the Team. After all, there can only be one team that will return to the Challenge Tournament every year, and there will always be a team that will stay out of the game.
    The Flaming Dusk Team is such a tragedy.

    They were the Team that was out of the 6th Season in the end, followed by the seventh and eighth consecutive Season Challenge Tournament. They all failed in the challenge. Once you are out, you will be treated as a supermarket. After the challenge fails, you may face dissolution. This Flaming Dusk Team was tenacious. The challenge failed in the first year and came back the following year. Unfortunately, the Season challenge failed again.
    Among the Flaming Dusk Team, only their Captain has remained with the Team so far. Others who have the strength to stand up in the pro scene have already left. The Team can only find some that have been eliminated by other teams, and there is no job in Pro Alliance. Players come to join. This time it will be their third time to participate in the Challenge Tournament after they are out, and it may be the last time. After three consecutive years of tossing this poorly-paid Challenge Tournament, Team has almost been unable to support it. Captain Hu Zeyi has already received a salary that was not in the pro scene at the time, and Team has nothing to say about professionalism. This time, the last chance, who wants to drop an Excellent Era from the sky, and then build a team with three All Stars. When the Flaming Dusk Team announced that Xiao Shiqin had joined Excellent Era, three people stated that they would leave the team to find a job. The disappointment was obvious.
    Of course, the Flaming Dusk Team is not the only one, Team Mysterious Fantasy who was out of the same batch as the scene, Mou Qing was also very gloomy at this time. If you want to break through the Challenge Tournament, you must defeat Excellent Era. Who will not beat the drum in this matter?

    These teams, like Happy, are all staring at Excellent Era. Now (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty I hope that Excellent Era has lost a bit, but it's just such a character. It's impossible to say that Excellent Era thinks it is not necessary to keep it away! After all, Excellent Era has replaced the positive Vice-Captain one after another, which is also quite obviously rebuilding.
    But regardless of whether there is a spectrum in mind, the name of Challenge Tournament is still to be reported. On the Happy side, Chen Guo was finally ready to sign up with everyone’s ID card and game character. Challenge Tournament was not strict in the initial stage, so it can be said that there is no audit. However, the relevant regulations are very detailed, and the regulations are all stipulated. For example, under-age players who do not have an ID card can report the identity of their guardian, but the guardian will also have to come forward for review in the future, and so on.
    There are a lot of young people here, but there are not many adults. Chen Guo took the identity of each person and prepared to sign up, but Mo Fan was a bit stuck. It's been half a month since this guy came to Happy Internet Cafe. He was still so wordless and silent all day long, and there was no change from his first day. Does this count as joining, or what?
    Chen Guo didn't know at all, and didn't know what Ye Xiu planned. Now he was ready to sign up, so he had to ask the previous question too.

    "Are you signing up?" Chen Guo always goes straight. I didn't explain to Mo Fan. Everyone is talking about this every day. Although Mo Fan never interrupts, his ears are always there. I definitely don't know what Chen Guo means.
    "Not interested." Mo Fan squeezed out three words.
    "Report it first!" Ye Xiu over there watched Chen Guo go to greet Mo Fan, and he was already paying attention. Hearing Mo Fan say this, he immediately accepted the words, "There is nothing in the report. "Mo Fan was silent, without comment. But after half a month, everyone understood this guy's habits a little bit. When he was silent, most of them expressed no objection. If you object, he will inevitably coldly give you a "no".
    "ID card." Chen Guo said.
    Handed in by Mo Fan.
    "Does character use this Deception?" Chen Guo asked.
    "Whatever." Mo Fan looked indifferent, Chen Guo looked quite irritated, but after all he endured it.
    "The name of Team is Happy, right?" Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu for his opinion.
    "Doesn't matter." Ye Xiu smiled.
    "I want to call it this name." Chen Guo doesn't want to be too bossy. The name Happy is vulgar, but it has too much special meaning to her. She really hopes to name it after that.

    "You are the Owner, you have the final say, whoever has an opinion, just expel whoever is fine." Ye Xiu said.
    Guo smiled.
    On the official website of Glory, on the registration page of Challenge Tournament, the information of the people named after Team Happy has finally been officially uploaded.
    How about doubling these days? Let's have a monthly pass! To celebrate full attendance! Although there are still two days, I am confident! One watch today, three watch tomorrow, double watch the day after tomorrow, look at our rhythm!
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