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Chapter List 664 New Height
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The fans of Excellent Era have completely reached the point where it is impossible to restrain one's anger. Whether it is the frigid irony and scorching satire of the outside world, or the challenged Team Happy, it is totally impossible to win.
    Messages are spreading faster and wider, and there are quite a few gamers in the Excellent Dynasty Guild. Some have noticed this early on, but since they are not City H, they didn't pay much attention to it at first. Who would think that this is getting worse and worse, in the end has become a hot topic recently. Driven by a bunch of gamers who took joy in calamity and delight in disaster for Excellent Era out of the game, Team Happy, this little character who came out from nowhere, was described as the bane of Excellent Era Guild.
    How can this be tolerated? Such a team, Excellent Era, when it is a Captain, feel shy. But the problem is that this team has some strength, but the Excellent Era fans who ran to face smacking, finally ran back with a bruised face.
    Can't to sit and watch, but remain indifferent
    Online game Guild is a kind of cohesion of Team fans. In addition to playing BoBoss in the online game to provide the team with logistics, it can also be regarded as a group leading the fans. At this time, the voices of many fans can reach the Excellent Dynasty Guild. After all, here are the real experts among the Excellent Era fans, and the Excellent Era fans have asked Guild to dispatch the experts to extinguish the arrogance of Team Happy.

    Excellent Dynasty's ordinary players be eager to give sth a try, I feel that this time is the time for their elites to come out. But when the message reached the core group of the Excellent Dynasty Guild and the elites, everyone was silent. When their main Guild Leader Chen Yehui heard it, it was already cheeks streaming with tears.
    Happy arrogant, I know, I saw it when I stood by the window
    Make it free, attract people's attention, create topics, and then stand tall in the Provoke challenge of countless Excellent Era fans.
    Chen Yehui, who is diagonally across from Happy, actually paid attention much earlier than many ordinary players. When I ran out to buy a box lunch that night, I sneaked up to Happy Internet Cafe and glanced at it. Then I witnessed the so-called expert being beaten like dough by Soft Mist. All the Excellent Era fans were hanging one's head dispiritedly depressed. Looks like.

    On that day, Chen Yehui felt a little choked in his heart. He found that if this matter continues to be so noisy, it is likely to burn him. Chen Yehui Of course, he doesn't want this to happen, but he can't stop it at all. Expect Team Happy to be defeated before then? A joke, Chen Yehui knows how strong the people over there are. Let alone the guys who go now, he, the Excellent Era dynasty, will go to an elite team in the Guild group. It is safe to lose. People have Ye Qiu oversee. Later I heard that a lot of people came, such as the former Captain of Blue Rain, rookie of Team Tiny Herb, etc., these people can be dealt with by online game-level characters?
    For this matter, Chen Yehui even approached Manager Cui Li to see if he could stop Happy from continuing to toss like this.
    Of course, Cui Li doesn't really want Happy to keep the face of Excellent Era like this, but what can he do? Happy now, free or something, it was a gimmick that attracted people's attention at the beginning, people are actually talking about their strength. These challengers who wanted to face smacking were repeatedly returned by chou. This is the root cause of the more trouble.
    "Can you... send someone to extinguish their arrogance?" Chen Yehui cautious and timid made a suggestion.
    "Send someone? Who do you send, are your people?" Cui Li asked.

    "My people are probably not strong enough." Chen Yehui smiled wryly.
    "Of course I know that your people are not strong enough, otherwise you would have sent it a long time ago. But if you send a Pro-player, have you ever thought about... just in case, I mean just in case, if you lose to them, what's the matter? The end? So if it affects the team's confidence and morale, whose responsibility is this?" Cui Li asked.
    "This..." Chen Yehui certainly didn't dare to take this responsibility.

    "So Fei Dan can't let the Pro-players go, and they have to stop them. They really have to hold back their energy. It's a good thing to wait for Happy to release it. I really have to be with them when I look back. When you contact someone, you are not allowed to put on a waistcoat to challenge Happy. Happy people are not simple, how powerful Ye Qiu is. You and I know better, how do you know that this is not a game set by this guy deliberately, maybe the purpose of in the end is Let us be uncomfortable and make us confused? We fight them and win, that is what we should; but if we lose, even if it is once, even if it is accidental, it is a great confidence in them. It’s a huge blow to us. This guy, maybe he wants to come to Provoke us like this deliberately and disrupt our state. Don’t be fooled by this. I’ll just call.” Cui Li is also analyzing this Talking to Chen Yehui, the more he said he became more and more nervous. After speaking, I immediately turned to call.
    Currently, Happy is also very lively on the internet. On the Excellent Era side, because the next season is only the Challenge Tournament, the preparation is not as early as the team in the pro scene. This will still be during the holidays, and the players will not be in the Club. Maybe you see the excitement at home or somewhere, but I'm too angry to rush to mix it up, maybe it really hit Ye Qiu's plan.

    Especially Sun Xiang, if that guy sees it, I'm afraid he will go into battle immediately, right?
    Cui Li thought about it again and felt that the other party did this incident this time, maybe it was really aimed at Sun Xiang. Cui Li quickly called Sun Xiang and repeteadly urging. After more than half a year of dealings, what kind of character is Sun Xiang, the trump card player of Team, how can I not figure out what Cui Li is as Manager? After this in-depth analysis, I followed the path Sun Xiang liked and said that in the end I felt that the effect was quite good.
    After Sun Xiang, other players contacted one by one. At the last name, Su Mucheng, Cui Li hesitated.
    Su Mucheng All Stars, but when Cui Li contacted, she was actually the last of all the members of Team Excellent Era. It can be seen that she is now marginalized in Excellent Era. This is not surprising, since you know that this next Season will leave, it’s not surprising that this season has taken early measures to weaken her presence in the Team. You can never know that next year will not be there, and people will be the core of this year. To use. That is the way to increase the difficulty of adjustment next year. As the Manager of the Club, it is always the guild leader who is far away from the problem, and you can't just look at the present.

    "This Su Mucheng, shouldn't it be the opposite?" Cui Li thought silently, and the truth will be revealed if he is not careful. But after thinking about it, the call was finally made. After all, Su Mucheng is now a member of Excellent Era.
    "Hello." The call was connected quickly.
    "Mucheng, where is it?" Cui Li greeted him kindly.
    "What about Happy Internet Cafe" Su Mucheng said.
    "Cough..." Cui Li coughed. I know you are there, but can't you hide it? This is the truth, and it's still facing me as a Manager. Doesn't it take me too seriously?
    Cui Li had a good stomach, but he still had to say something. After thinking about it for a long time, he finally squeezed out: "Have fun?"
    "It's okay, what's the matter?" Su Mucheng said.
    "It's okay, but the Team may be about to assemble. I'm afraid you will run too far, so I greet you in advance." Cui Li said.
    "Oh, I'm not far away, it's diagonally opposite. I can come back anytime if you have something to do." Su Mucheng said.
    "That's not busy, not busy... The specific collection date is set, I'll contact you." Cui Li said.
    "Okay, bye."

    Cui Li die phone. There is no way to say what I feel in my heart. It's impossible to be cool, but let's talk about anger, it seems that I owe it a little, that is, the feeling of hanging in the air, not going up and down, and I can't find a proper way to vent my mood.
    With Su Mucheng, he simply didn't say what he had said to other people. If this person didn't help Happy, it would be pretty good to abuse people over there.
    Chen Yehui approached Cui Li for help, but in the end he got an instruction not to disturb the Pro-player. Then Chen Yehui is helpless no matter how much Happy toss. There is the top Great God in the Glory circle. You can go to the online game circle. No matter how great the thugs are, Chen Yehui simply stands aside and do nothing, just hoping for some miracle. Even if some aliens suddenly defeated Happy’s people, it’s okay to stop the show.
    It's a pity that the aliens still didn't come to attack the earth after all. Happy continues to make noise. Those gamers fans who don't know the truth think that the Excellent Dynasty Guild is a particularly powerful existence. Sending some experts is enough to kill Happy, so they finally knocked on the door.
    Chen Yehui heard the voice of Excellent Era fans, and his heart was dead. It’s not a big deal to send someone there, but if someone is sent there, it just boosts the arrogance of the other person. Fans, you guys are now giving the opponent an assist, don’t you know?

    Chen Yehui was entangled and wondered if he would throw a group casually and call Ye Qiu to kill it, which is also an explanation for the fans. Just thinking about it, suddenly another inspiration jumped into my heart. Chen Yehui's struggle experience for so many years was really not covered. It's just that this plan has to be discussed with Manager Cui Li.
    I asked Cui Li for instructions. The two people totaled a little. Even after Cui Li went to quarrel with Owner Tao Xuan, he finally made a decision: just do it.
    Therefore, when the Excellent Era fans were expecting Excellent Dynasty to come and kill Team Happy, Excellent Dynasty finally stood up. Guild leader Chen Yehui responded to many Excellent Era fans with a particularly complicated mood. He refused to send an expert to fight Team Happy. Because, Lord Grim in Team Happy is the former Captain of Team Excellent Era and Ye Qiu, who made great contributions to Team Excellent Era. Excellent Dynasty Guild is really unable to meet on the battlefield with the most beloved Great God in the history of Excellent Era...
    Everyone stayed.
    Lord Grim, really Ye Qiu? This time, it was finally no longer a rumor, no gossip, but a group such as Excellent Dynasty, which is also regarded as the official force of Team Excellent Era, made a sound. This can basically be regarded as don’t pass judgment on a person’s life until the lid. is on the coffin.
    And now, Ye Qiu has formed a team. You die, I live with Excellent Era in the Challenge Tournament?
    The incident immediately brought Burn to a new level.

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