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Chapter List 669 God-given Opportunity
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
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    ...The young man is still so Spiritual, ha! "Cui Li greeted Qiu Fei affectionately. He doesn't have as many personal emotions towards Qiu Fei like Chen Yehui. From the perspective of his Manager,
    Young players like Qiu Fei who just bury their heads in hard training, do not have any right or wrong, and have not mentioned any requirements, but are quite good.
    However, as a professional manager, he doesn't just do it just because he has a good impression. The Manager still considers the whole Team. In the current situation of Excellent Era, with a young trump card Great God like Sun Xiang, it is very difficult for Cui Li to be in the position. It is really difficult for him to be a substitute, but it is a bit too much to bury talents.
    Although Ye Qiu is now regarded as a mortal enemy, no one will deny Ye Qiu's strength. Ye Qiu's favorite player can stand the test in everyone's opinion. The results of Team Excellent Era are so turbulent, and the minds of the people in Pro Team have changed. Even after many years in the training camp, they feel that the future is bleak.

    This downgrade, the Pro Team hasn't caused a major change yet, but there are many people in the training camp who are already abandoning the ship to escape. As for Qiu Fei, in such an environment, his mentality is maintained very well, not to mention that his strength is still growing steadily. Manager does not pay attention to these matters every day, but there is a supervisor on the training camp, and the situation supervisor of the training camp will also report at the weekly meeting. Qiu Fei is always the most mentioned name.
    "I think Qiu Fei already has the qualifications for Lou to be a Pro-player." The supervisor did not miss the opportunity to recommend it to Cui Li.
    This recommendation made Cui Li a little uncomfortable. When can you not mention this matter, do you have to mention it in front of people now? No matter how powerful Qiu Fei is, can it be better than Sun Xiang? Don't you know what is the situation with Excellent Era now? Qiu Fei is strong, but Sun Xiang is a trump card player, how can he be in his position. Could it be that for him such a rookie, Club also specially created a set of dual Battle Mage strategy failed.
    The supervisor's recommendation seemed rather untimely to Cui Li. It's not that he has any opinions on Qiu Fei, but the reality is that Ye Fei's situation is indeed a bit embarrassing. The supervisor should also be aware of this kind of thing, but is it embarrassing to bring it up like this?

    Cui Li only considers it from a practical point of view. Chen Yehui's personal grievances. He felt even more upset when he heard the supervisor's recommendation. Of course, it is not good for him to just say bad things about others like this. As far as Qiu Fei did in Club Excellent Era, he couldn't find anything bad at all. The method Chen Yehui used at this time was to divert his attention. When the supervisor was recommending to join the Pro Team, he talked about their intentions this time.
    "Does Qiu Fei know about Ye Qiu?" Chen Yehui asked.
    As soon as the name was spoken, Qiu Fei's eyes jumped, her expression that had not changed much at this moment became very complicated.
    The name Ye Qiu, how could he not feel it? His Battle Mage mechanical skills are almost all taught by Ye Qiu. What kind of honor is this? You can let Team Captain and Team Trump card players take the time to personally guide.
    The jealousy hatred surrounding Qiu Fei is not only the world of Chen Yehui as a child, nor is it completely pure and innocent. It is also a common occurrence to create embarrassing events for Qiu Fei.
    It's just that it's okay to say in other respects. It's too difficult to embarrass Qiu Fei in Glory. There is no doubt that he is the best one in the training camp.

    Until Ye Qiu retirement, he quietly left the Club. The children in the training camp only learned of this message when the Club held a press conference. At the press conference, it was also announced that Sun Xiang had joined and manipulated One Autumn Leaf's message. The children of the training camp will also know a little bit about these structures of the pro scene team. What's more, in this case, even a fan can analyze it clearly.
    At that time, everyone's eyes were directed to Qiu Fei. Because they knew the darling of the original training camp, at this moment, the status had become extremely embarrassing. There are those who take joy in calamity and delight in disaster, those who are sympathetic, and those who are compassionate. Those guys who take joy in calamity and delight in disaster expect Qiu Fei to sink like this.
    However, what they didn't expect was that this incident did not hit Qiu Fei, but instead made him work harder.
    But in any case, his status has changed. From then on, Captain of Team will no longer come to observe his training situation twice every three days. A lot of new rumors appeared around Qiu Fei. Some people laughed at him now that it is useless to practice harder because how could he be better than Sun Xiang? There were also malicious slanders, and even Ye Qiu's decline, which had a lot to do with spending a lot of energy on him.

    Qiu Fei silently accepted all this. Excellent Era for this period of time is also deep water and scorching fire. Team is still overwhelmed. How can anyone still be in the mood to consider the status of training camp?
    To be honest, after Cui Li came to see Qiu Fei, he immediately had a good impression of Qiu Fei in his mind, but he had already forgotten this boy during the work for more than half a year. Until now, when I got in touch, I thought about Xu You's question about Qiu Fei.
    Cui Li thought about the overall situation right now, and Chen Yehui was there to confess what happened right now! "You probably know everything recently.
    Qiu Fei slight nod. Although he usually doesn't pay much attention to these gossip, but recently this matter has been so hyped up, it is closely bound up with them Excellent Era. He doesn't pay attention, but some people pay attention to it, and it is harder to know than to know.

    "It's okay for us to come here." Chen Yehui is rather bad. What this said is to hit Qiu Fei's futures and tell him not to think, we did not ask you to join the Pro Team. It's a pity that Qiu Fei didn't have any disappointing expression as Chen Yehui expected. Helpless Chen Yehui paused for three seconds, then continued: "There are many gamers spontaneously organized groups to challenge Team Happy, but they all failed. So now we are going to recruit some people from the training camp to fight. Qiu Fei you Are there any questions?" Qiu Fei shook his head without saying much.
    "That's OK, you count one. Can anyone recommend?" Chen Yehui asked the supervisor.
    The supervisor's recommendation to Qiu Fei was just overwhelmed by Chen Yehui, but he could only sigh secretly. It is not that he is totally impenetrable. Knowing the previous recommendation to Qiu Fei has already made Cui Li more difficult, and he can't stop it.
    "There are a few more good ones." The supervisor took Cui Li and Chen Yehui, and finally followed Qiu Fei, and called them one by one in the training room.
    The people who were called to hear this Summon all showed an expression of be pleased beyond one's expectations, and surrounded them with great anticipation.
    After hearing this, the disappointment was affirmative.

    Including Qiu Fei, the supervisor finally recommended a total of six people to the two, two are slightly older, and four are the same age as Qiu Fei.
    After leaving the training camp with the six people, Cui Li exchanged a little bit with the six people and went back to his office first. The six were taken away by Chen Yehui and he went to the online game work banquet to arrange.
    Chen Yehui is not going to come to challenge himself. I won’t see the actual person anyway,
    What's the point of not being home? After returning to the studio, each of the six people's occupations was issued an account, and then the six people were very powerfully armed in Guild's warehouse.
    "Is it necessary?" The oldest of the six is Li Rui. It will be 20 years old in September. If you make a debut at this age, it will be relatively late compared to many Glory Pro-players. What's even more regrettable is that he still doesn't see the slightest hope of getting ahead. The elimination of Excellent Era in this league made him even more desperate. Excellent Era hit Challenge Tournament, it is not easy. In this kind of competition, even if he is promoted to Pro Team, I am afraid that he can't reflect his own level, right?
    Li Rui's heart is high, and what he often imagines in his head is the kind of heroic drama that became famous in World War I.

    In the training camp, I often nag about being born at the wrong time. I was caught up with the chaotic situation of Excellent Era. Maybe I was transferred to the Pro Team and became an official Pro-player.
    Li Rui's words are not all shoot without aim. His level is quite good. For many people, sometimes the strength is indeed enough, but the difference is an opportunity. Li Rui's current mentality is completely like this, feeling that he lacks opportunities. And now Excellent Era, it seems even more unable to give him this opportunity. This guy already had the idea of going to other teams to find opportunities. But today I suddenly encountered Cui Li and Chen Yehui coming to the training camp to find someone to play in such a game. None of the others seemed to be very Spiritual, but Li Rui felt that his eyes were bright.
    Recently, in the Glory circle, what has received more attention than this. These guys, didn't you think that if you beat Happy at this time, it would be a chance to show off?
    In particular, Happy is not a strong team at all. It is certainly enough to bully and bully gamers from a Team that came out of the Internet Cafe, but now they are quasi-pro-players trained in the training camp of Pro Club. It is not stretch to deal with such a team a hand and grab it? The good thing is that now the opponent is weak, but the attention is so high, this is not a godsend. What is it?

    Li Rui really didn't want those guys to notice that this was an opportunity. But I was afraid that these guys would treat him negatively, and finally dragged him back. In the end, he pulled a few ears and analyzed them for them.
    As soon as those people heard it, Spirit immediately shook. To get attention, this is what people in their training camp want to have. In fact, quite a few of them have extraordinary strengths, but they have no place in their own team, and go to another team, but because they are not well-known, it is difficult to be accepted. After all, these extraordinary people who can't get a place are definitely not the kind of God level that can make people's eyes shine.
    Otherwise, even if they don't use it, they will try to sell them.
    "Play well!" Li Rui told everyone, except Qiu Fei.
    Um, one more today
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