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Chapter List 685 A Bit Rude
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Team Everlasting.
    Glory ProfeBoss ional Alliance Fifth Season joined Pro Alliance and became a Pro Team. After three years in the Pro Alliance, they were out in the end. The best result in the past three years is 15. It is really hard to say that it is a great team.
    But put it in the Challenge Tournament, this is already a team that smiles arrogantly enough. The Challenge Tournament champions over the years have been monopolized by such a team.
    Although there is no Great God among their players, those who can play in the pro scene for three years are at least qualified Pro-players. Although their character's Silver Equipment is not much, there are always some. Compared with Team Happy, there are only two poor Silver Weapons. Of course, there are many stronger ones. And besides Silver Equipment, they are all Orange Equipment. The current Happy is incomparable. The characters of Team Happy are all Purple Equipment. Purple Equipment is very difficult to get on the stage in the pro scene.
    This kind of Team is nothing more than that this year there is one more Excellent Era, otherwise it will be in the end.
    oBoss level, now he was drawn in the second round, which is really not good luck. Perhaps it can only be like Ye Xiu, to bring Excellent Era to a relative point of view.
    However, it is relatively impossible to substantially reduce the strength of Team Everlasting. The hardships of this level still exist.

    "At least, let's get some equipment first? Silver Equipment doesn't. Orange Equipment has to get together." Chen Guo said at this time. As for the method, she has already thought of it. There is only one way to get the equipment in a short time, spend money!
    Silver Equipment may not be able to smash money, but Orange Equipment is different. There are things in circulation in ordinary players, and it can be solved by smashing some money.
    Xiu seemed to agree with Chen Guo's opinion. After a slight nod, he said, "Do you have any friends or relatives? Orange Equipment borrowed some!"
    "Ah?" Chen Guo was dumbfounded. She never thought that this equipment would actually be borrowed. borrow equipment to play the game? How does this make people feel particularly unreliable and serious?
    "Do you have any friends you can borrow?" Ye Xiu asked Chen Guo.
    "" Chen Guo stammered, but after thinking about it, she found that she really didn't have it. It's not that she has no friends, but none of her close friends has Orange Equipment. In the eyes of professional teams, this is just a grade for making up the numbers, but it is so scarce in the eyes of the online game public. There is no way, the realm is different, the vision is also very different.
    "Let's see if there is any in Loulan Slash!" Ye Xiu said this and went to practice. Call Loulan Slash on QQ: "Comrade Little Lou, is there any equipment to borrow?"

    Loulan Slash is now an official Pro-player, and the name is of course announced. His surname is Lou and his name is Guanning. He is the Owner and Team Captain of Team Heavenly Sword. At the end of the two rounds of the new Season, Heavenly Sword has heard some ridicules. I think Team Heavenly Sword is just a rich person's toy. Ordinary players playing Glory is in the online game nothing more. And this wealthy temperament is different, just spend money to make a Team, and send myself to the pro scene to play.
    But such a play style, isn't that self-infuriating? Really think that money is omnipotent?
    Many gamers laughed so much. Because of the two rounds, Team Heavenly Sword's results are really terrible, and currently only scored one point, ranking the bottom of the 20 Teams.
    Lou Guanning is also troubled! After Ye Xiu's lesson, they have corrected their mentality, and the goal has long been not as unfamiliar as they were at the beginning. But the current gap is really too big. Not to mention the pursuit of ranking, now it is so difficult to get a point, but now everyone has one's hands bound and be unable to do anything about it, there is no way.
    The five-member group of Heavenly Sword got together at this time, saying that it was a regular meeting on Monday to discuss how to digest the pain of the past two weeks. But after the opening remarks, the five were simultaneously silent. Lou Guanning didn't have much to say. He hung up QQ when he was bored to death. As a result, when he went online, he saw a message from Great God.

    "Borrow equipment? What equipment?" Lou Guanning replied listlessly.
    "The most powerful equipment! The opponent we face in the next round is a bit tricky." Ye Xiu replied.
    "We are very tricky facing every opponent now." The absent-minded Lou Guanning obviously didn't think much about Ye Xiu's words, and it was time to start a small chat with Ye Xiu.
    "I watched your game, every beginning is difficult!" Ye Xiu said.
    "We were mentally prepared, but we didn't expect it to be so difficult." Lou Guanning replied.
    "Your opponent in the first two rounds is also relatively strong, this is a fact." Ye Xiu said.
    In the first round of Heavenly Justice, the opponent was Samsara, which was deliberately arranged by the Alliance Season to dismount the horse, and it did not disappoint. They defeated their entire army. In the second round, they met Team Misty Rain.
    Although Team Misty Rain has never been counted among the top Giants, the Season also eliminated Tyranny entering the Top 4 Team. Isn’t it stretch a hand and grab it to pack a new team that just joined the league?

    In the end, Heavenly Sword won a good start in this game. In the IndivID ual Competition, they were the first to win the first points since the competition, which gave them confidence and morale. But soon they were beaten back to their original shape like the first round, and the next nine points came down without holding a single point.
    They won the IndivID ual Competition by winning one point, and they have been forgotten to go beyond the topmost clouds by the bad mood. At this time, Ye Xiu wanted to mention the game: "And didn't you win a game? It means that you are not at a low level, but you have not adapted. The feeling of Pro League is different from the others in Arena. Right?"
    "It's really different." Lou Guanning admitted.
    "A little nervousness is inevitable, just adapt. Everyone has this stage." Ye Xiu said.
    "Are you nervous when Great God began competing in the ProfeBoss ional League?" Lou Guanning asked.
    "Of course." Ye Xiu said.
    "But your grades were still very good at that time." Lou Guanning's resume of Ye Xiu was very clear.
    "Well...because everyone was a rookie at the time, I guess opponent might be more nervous than me." Ye Xiu said.

    "Haha..." Lou Guanning didn't reply to the message, and he laughed directly. The other four people who were still in the boring gourd immediately looked over in surprise, with various reproaches in their eyes, which of course meant that you could still laugh at this time. Come out, so inattentive!
    "It's Great God!" Lou Guanning turned the computer screen around to show the four people their chat.
    The four of course know who Lou Guanning refers to as "Great God". Although there are countless people called Great God in the pro scene, on their side of Heavenly Sword, they just simply mentioned the word "Great God". , That means Ye Qiu certainly.
    In the chat, Ye Xiu didn't say any words of comfort or encouragement at all, but clearly pointed out their current problem. Although I didn't tell them any effective solutions, at least let them know that this is something that every Pro-player must experience when they grow up. They are just like everyone else, nothing special. It’s just nothing special. It does not seem to need hanging one's head dispiritedly.
    The mood of the four of them was a little better. At this time, Lou Guanning finally got Awareness to Ye Xiu. It was not about this when he first looked for him. He quickly took the initiative to bring the topic back: "Great God, what equipment did you just want to borrow?" Right?"
    "Awesome equipment, as much as possible!" Ye Xiu said.

    "Do you want to borrow the Silver Equipment we use now?" Lou Guanning said.
    "I don't mind if I can!" Ye Xiu said.
    Lou Guanning was so risky that he didn't fall on the table. After a daze, he replied: "Are the rules allowed?"
    "As far as I know, there seems to be no corresponding terms." Ye Xiu said.
    "Character transactions are prohibited during the non-transfer period, but the equipment seems to be replaceable." Lou Guanning apparently also studied the various rules of the alliance.
    "Well, speaking of it, where did you get your Silver Equipment?" Ye Xiu gossip.
    "Bought it!"
    "Hidden deep without repairing.
    "thank you."
    "Hurry up and use it for me." Ye Xiu rude. In fact, at the beginning, he really didn't think about borrowing other people's Silver Equipment. He just hoped that if there was any inventory of Orange Equipment on the Heavenly Sword online game, he could borrow it and use it first, and then return it after the round. As a result, Lou Guanning brought the topic to this point. Ye Xiu felt that this proposal was very good, so he accepted it with pleasure.
    While looking at Chen Guo, he stayed. borrow equipment just borrow it! Now I actually borrowed it from Silver Equipment, what a rude! I just don’t know if Heavenly Sword can lend it?

    Chen Guo is looking forward to it. There is no competition between the teams of the two sides, and the match day is not the same day. This does not really affect Heavenly Sword. Unless Heavenly Sword also watched Happy's unhappy face smacking party, happy that Happy was quickly abused. But Heavenly Sword is not only not, but also has a little friendship with Happy. At this time, borrow equipment is used, it seems, it is really established?
    Chen Guo was a little excited. While waiting for a reply with Ye Xiu, he said excitedly: "Oh no...In this case, can you find another pro team to borrow something? You know them too!"
    "They all know each other, but they are not Owners." Ye Xiu said.
    Chen Guo understood when he heard that Lou Guanning is now an Owner player with dual identities, and he has become such a master. For other teams, players obviously don't have such authority. It's a bit difficult to find someone to make this request.
    Actually, isn’t Heavenly Sword here? Lou Guanning said what Ye Xiu had said to the other four, and they were all at a loss. There is no psychological preparation for such a request! Ordinarily, with the relationship between the two parties, there is no conflict, and there is no hindrance to borrowing. But... why do you think this matter is a bit rude?
    Borrow equipment to play the game... Is this another record in the circle?
    "What ClaBoss es do you have?" Lou Guanning finally began to substantially utilize.

    "It doesn't matter, you can bring it if you have it! No one wears it, Lord Grim will wear it." Ye Xiu replied.
    Lou Guanning immediately cheeks streaming with tears, Unspecialized is really so strong!
    The first came earlier! There are two more changes. Because there is no need to get stuck in the update, the mentality is very relaxed and very cool!
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