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Chapter List 686 Equipment Is Finalized First
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Team Heavenly Sword is indeed very rich, and through acquisition, it actually won 20 Silver Equipment. They are all used in their Five Characters, without any suspicion at all. It’s just that due to professional reasons, the five characters cannot be evenly distributed. In the end, Berserker Loulan Slash got 5 pieces of Silver Equipment, Battle Mage Homeward Bound also got 5 pieces, Grappler Night Tides and Cleric Thousand Falling Leaves were 4 pieces, Elementalist Ocean Ahead is a bit miserable, only 2 pieces.
    If you really want to calculate according to the proportion of the whole body equipment, whether 2 or 5 pieces are actually not too much. There are a total of 12 pieces of equipment for Glory character and taking everything into account, and there are only 5 pieces of Loulan Slash and Homeward Bound for Silver Equipment in Heavenly Sword, not even halfway.
    Indeed, such a coverage of Silver Equipment is a drag on the current pro scene. According to the in the end statistics of Season in the league, the current professional character in Glory has an average of 5.23 Silver Equipment. And Team Heavenly Sword currently has 5 characters with the most, not to mention there are six characters without one.
    The Team that is dragging its feet is by no means the Heavenly Sword family. In fact, just after joining the alliance, there are already 20 Silver Equipment, which is already very difficult. Silver Equipment can't be received with money.
    Take the 20 pieces of Silver Equipment from Heavenly Sword. Lou Guanning showed Ye Xiu a look. Ye Xiu basically knew that none of these items could be considered top-notch items from the pro scene.

    In the process of groping for the production of this Silver Equipment, there will inevitably be a lot of equipment that does not meet expectations. These equipment will also be used, and will continue to be studied and improved. When in the end is perfected, this early batch of equipment that is not very satisfactory to make people will of course be eliminated. And this part of the equipment is either given to the team and other characters in demand, or sold to other teams, it depends on the business ideas of each team.
    Ye Xiu didn't find out where the Heavenly Sword equipment was sourced from. Lou Guanning showed it to him now. Of course, it means that they basically agreed to lend Ye Xiu to them for temporary use.
    20 pieces of Silver Equipment.
    3 weapons, 12 costumes, 5acceBoss ory.
    Ye Xiu glanced at each Element and knew how to divide it.
    "Except for Grappler's network!" Ye Xiu said.
    The 3 weapons are from Battle Mage, Cleric and Grappler.
    Battle Mage and Cleric are also available on Happy, but of course I missed them. Grappler’s Glove and Steamed Bun’s Brawler are also available as the same class set professions. But the category of Glove is really not suitable for the profession of Brawler. Pursue the Glove specifically made for Grappler. There is no need to find an orange claw weapon in Ascending.

    Of the 20 Silver Equipment pieces, 19 pieces were borrowed by Ye Xiu at once, so I don’t hesitate to say it. That's fake. But in the final analysis, Lou Guanning and the others still believe in Ye Xiu's personality. These 19 pieces of Silver Equipment, whose value is unclear, were just so decided to lend to Ye Xiu.
    However, Lou Guanning meant that they would still use it for training, and they would wait for Happy Friday to give them to them when they want to play.
    "This...give it one day earlier. Is it convenient for us to break in a little bit?" Ye Xiu wanted to discuss with Lou Guanning. The influence of equipment on character's strength is beyond doubt. The character of the equipment is different, it is totally used in two ways. So, of course, what you need to be familiar with during training should be the fully equipped character that will be used in the game, so when the player transfers to the new club to get the new character. There will be such a talk.
    Happy they borrowed powerful equipment, the character strength is up, but if they are not used to not adapting to each one, but they fail to perform at the level, it would be terrible. Ye Xiu wants to let a few people be assigned to the equipment, and he takes a look first. If you really want to adapt to it, you might as well just put the equipment on it! After all, the character is tyrannical. It has to be used by people. If people use it badly, then God Level Character is useless.

    Lou Guanning does not need Ye Xiu to explain this truth, of course he understands it. I borrowed all this account, and I have to borrow it all in the end with a bit of training as an excuse. That would be too hypocritical and lack of sincerity. So Lou Guanning responded happily, saying "it should be" in the end to finalize the matter.
    And after responding to these Silver Equipment. Lou Guanning didn't wait for Ye Xiu to speak again, and asked on his own initiative: "Silver Equipment is just that, what about Orange Equipment? Do you need something?"
    "Well... I would be most grateful if I could have a whole set." Ye Xiu said.
    "Okay..." Lou Guanning felt a little speechless, but I borrowed all the Silver Equipment. What is Orange Equipment? Lou Guanning is a little curious about it. I don't know what kind of mood it would be if you were killed by such a borrow equipment team?
    "By the way, who is your opponent?" Lou Guanning asked.
    "Team Everlasting." Ye Xiu said.
    "Oh! It seems to be the team that was eliminated last year?" Lou Guanning was really impressed by this team.
    "Yes." Ye Xiu said.

    "Try harder!" Lou Guanning's Heavenly Sword now holds 1 point and is at the bottom of the league. I am embarrassed to look down on these out of Pro Teams. What's more, this Team Everlasting has been in the league for three years. Lou Guanning believes that this team's Silver Equipment is probably more than their team that venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time. I just don't know if it's been out for a year after year, is it still the way it was before.
    "Isn't this trying harder for you?" Ye Xiu returned with a smile Expression.
    "I will help you see which professional Orange Equipment you want." Lou Guanning is also proud.
    The equipment finally got it done in minutes...
    Heavenly Sword is indeed quite capable of relying on financial resources. The equipment is pieced together, and it's okay to arm such a team. Even if it is not in Guild, they can pick it up in the existing characters of their team! Anyway, it’s the same, isn’t it?
    "Okay!" After finalizing all the equipment with Lou Guanning, Ye Xiu let out a sigh.
    "I said...we can't borrow this way, right?" Chen Guo was a little speechless.
    "Well, before facing Excellent Era, I still have to learn more. When you fight their way to the pro scene, you may not be able to borrow anything." Ye Xiu said.
    "Is it enough to rely on these now?" Chen Guo asked.

    "Let's talk about the opponent's strength first!" Ye Xiu said, and immediately began to find information about Team Everlasting.
    As a team that has been in the pro scene for three years, the official match video can of course be found. But those are a little far away. It is not easy to say now whether there is still value. Fortunately, Team Everlasting reached the Challenge Tournament Finals last year. This Challenge Tournament will start from the later offline matches, and the league will also do some publicity. Some of the following teams may be broadcast on TV. Team Everlasting, who reached the in the end finals, certainly has a lot of information. Ye Xiu rummaged and found a lot, and then he looked at it earnestly.
    Wei Chen didn't need to say hello at this time, so he leaned in. The two discussed in a low voice while watching. Watch all the video materials found by Team Everlasting, faster or slower.
    After dinner, everyone was gathered together. Ye Xiu is about to say a few words about this Team Everlasting.
    The living room on the living room is basically arranged in the same way as the training room at Happy Internet Cafe. In a direction that everyone is already familiar with. The projection screen was put down, and soon the highlights of the Season Challenge Tournament on Team Everlasting made by Ye Xiu were put up.

    "This is the profession of the six characters of Team Everlasting Group, namely Spellblade, Elementalist, Qi Master, Warlock, Cleric and Launcher." After a professional show-like film, Ye Xiu introduced the six characters that appeared in the film. It is the main force of Team Everlasting.
    "What do you think are the characteristics of such a professional composition?" Ye Xiu didn't say anything to him, and the novices in front of him had to learn to think. You cannot always rely on Ye Xiu or Wei Chen.
    "There is not a complete CQC ClaBoss. Almost all are professions with strong wID e range attack ability. They have a long hitting distance and a large area. If a One Wave Rush in dungeon pushes monsters, this combination is good..." An Wenyi Answered first. He is more familiar with Glory than the Tang Rou Steamed Bun and his like, and he is more observant. This is a simple thing. You can tell at a glance.
    Ye Xiu slight nod: "This is the characteristic of this team. They like to fight group fights. Looking at the Challenge Tournament of Season, this is the core profession for attacking in group battles."
    Ye Xiu said, another clip was released, and the game is being recorded. All five people in the team cooperated with the Spellblade in the team to start the attack.

    "The following types of map coverage attacks are obviously practiced by them. Let me show them first. We will explain in detail later to deal with this attack method. That is, we have to deal with their core content. ." Ye Xiu said. The opponent encountered this time is different. It comes from a pro team, and of course it has its own Tactic move combo. At this time, some targeted training is the most effective for novice.
    The battle on the projection screen continued, Ye Xiu, as before, did not immediately start the analysis. Until the end of this part of the video, I randomly selected one of them, and while playing it, they asked everyone: "Do you have any opinions?"
    "In this paragraph...the core does not seem to be Spellblade?" Qiao Yifan is actually the most professional among these young people, but in Tiny Herb Develop, he has the habit of being cautious in words and deeds and dare not speak easily. But I have been with Happy for a long time, especially now that everyone is soaking together all day, and after experiencing the various irregularities in this group, I finally dare to say my own opinions.
    "Who is that?" Ye Xiu asked.

    Qiao Yifan who asked this question under Awareness felt that he must have said something wrong, so he dared not answer. But seeing Ye Xiu's gaze, without the slightest meaning of blame, he finally summoned the courage to say, "Is it...Launcher?" He was still not so confident.
    "Well, that's right." Ye Xiu was slightly nod, "This part of the attack is guided by the Launcher. There must be such a change in Tactic. It really needs a core of nothing much changes to guide it, that's too It's easy to be caught by the opponent."
    Qiao Yifan was also very excited when he was commented on "it is right." He was about to say something, when suddenly there was a voice from the room: "That Team Samsara, isn't it guided by one core?"
    Hearing this voice, everyone was surprised, because it was Mo Fan who said this!
    Well, the second one! The so-called time is no longer bounded by the magic horse of midnight! Boundaries are used to break! Then write a change. .
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