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Chapter List 687 Promise Team
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Mo Fan, it’s been over a month since I came to Happy. What was it like when I came here? During this period, his attitude can be slightly changed, that is, Su Mucheng nothing more. And now Su Mucheng has returned to the team, Mo Fan sits alone in a row in the computer circle, barely communicating with others, and even more withdrawn.
    But this guy, eating and drinking, living here, playing games, he didn’t mean to leave at all, but Team Happy has never been able to take part in the Challenge Tournament from facing various face smacking challenges. Have never participated.
    Challenge Tournament is a crucial part that determines Team Happy. For this reason, An Wenyi hasn't even reported to school until now. Two-thirds of September has already passed. Luo Ji has already returned to school after Su Mucheng returned to the team to prepare for the battle. On the contrary, An Wenyi said that there was nothing wrong with the school and stayed at Happy all the time.
    Everyone is so nervous about the Challenge Tournament. Luo Ji is not there, but he knows that his level is not helpful, but he is always very concerned about the situation. Only Mo Fan, always ignore, if it weren't for the chopsticks and bowls when eating, many people would forget his existence.

    And now, preparing for the meeting of Team Everlasting, without any special greetings, started in the large living room on the first floor that was converted into a training room. No one thought that Mo Fan suddenly spoke at this moment, and the question raised seemed quite reasonable. But how does this guy pay attention to Pro League? Do you even know the name of Team Samsara and its style?
    Chen Guo was very pleased at this time. She believed that luck must have been affected every day, which made Lou Fan finally infected. The things that were originally indifferent finally gave birth to some interest.
    Ye Xiu expressed his surprise like everyone else. After looking at Mo Fan, he said, "Do you still know Samsara?" Mo Fan pursed his mouth and refused to answer such nonsense questions.
    Ye Xiu smiled and said, "What the hell is going on with Samsara? Don't just look at the media reports. You might as well look for Samsara's matches by yourself." "............"
    "By the way, who is the core of Samsara, do you know?" Ye Xiu asked again.
    "Zhou Zekai.
    "Mo Fan didn't know where it came from, but I really know it.
    "What about the character he used?" Ye Xiu was still asking.
    ""Mo Fan didn't speak again, and I didn't know if he didn't know, or felt that Ye Xiu's question was a bit insulting to IQ, so he refused to answer.

    "Cloud Piercer." Ye Xiu didn't care whether he knew or didn't know, he still gave an introduction, and now the team Everlasting is on the net.
    For Mo Fan, when people refused to join, Ye Xiu was very active. He chased him with fanfare in the game, and even asked Tyranny's Zhang Xinjie for help, so that people really had no way out in the game.
    But after Mo Fan really came to Happy, he was completely herded again. Ye Xiu hardly had any communication with him. Such a transparent state, I am afraid that ordinary people would have long felt boring to leave, but Mo Fan is used to the loneliness of no communication, and it has been mixed up like this all the time. The only thing Ye Xiu has done is to help him design a training improvement plan. After receiving such training, Mo Fan's level is constantly improving.
    Apart from this, no one has ever controlled his will. It's just that in such an environment every day, Mo Fan will see and hear all about Glory. He is not a rock-hearted person who is completely free from obstruction of foreign objects. Mo Fan also has ideas and ideas in his heart, but he just doesn't want to express it.

    But there is one thing Ye Xiu believes that he can't read it wrong: Mo Fan definitely has love for Glory. Although the way he plays is very different from everyone, it is also based on this game. Pro League is also one of Glory's game methods, and is the highest stage to showcase Glory's personal mechanical skills.
    Ye Xiu does not seem to have had any communication with Mo Fan, but this does not mean that he does not pay attention to Mo Fan.
    He sees Mo Fan's training every day. With regard to Mo Fan's training attitude, it can be seen that he is also very much in pursuit of improvement. The higher the level, the more unable to carry the online game stage. It will be sooner or later to become interested in Pro League. And now, such signs have emerged, and Mo Fan has begun to pay attention to the situation in this regard. He understands the topics Ye Xiu is talking about and can even ask questions.
    However, Ji Xiu still didn't give him an answer. He listened to other people's preaching, and it was always better to pursue it as fun as his own diligent and never slacking, especially for a guy like Mo Fan who just became interested.
    Ye Xiu then introduced some of Team Everlasting's move combo to everyone in a way of communication. After that, the video of this part was sent to everyone.

    "There is not much time, everyone work hard." Finally Ye Xiu said. How to deal with the move combo of Team Everlasting, he already knows in his mind, and he can say it, basically has been given to everyone. But it's hard to say how much these people can understand. The game is ever-changing. To understand the move combo of other people's attacks, you need to understand its connotation to raise one and infer three, rather than rote memorizing the attack form you see right now.
    At this point, it is a bit too difficult for people like Tang Rou and Steamed Bun to do it. Their Tactic literacy is not so high yet!
    After talking about the Group, it is of course necessary to talk about the individuals of Team Everlasting, but the question is, are the members of Team Everlasting still the original members of Season?
    Judging from the registration characters of this Team Everlasting, they are two different from last year. In this summer, obviously they also have some changes. However, changes in character do not mean changes in personnel. If the person changes, then the personal explanation will be a bit pointless.
    So in the end, Ye Xiu didn't explain much about his personal style. He just analyzed several characters that Team Everlasting played last year and are still serving this year.

    After that, the pre-war meeting of the nature of the talks ended, and everyone was busy getting together. Ye Xiu is still looking at the game video of Team Everlasting to see if there is anything missing.
    One day has passed, and there are three full days before Friday's game.
    As a result, on Tuesday afternoon, Chen Guo received a call from Happy Internet Cafe, saying that someone came to visit the Owner and said that there was a business who wanted to communicate.
    "What kind of business? Internet Cafe does not lack anything now, let them leave a business card, and contact them if you need it in the future!" Chen Guo thought it was a salesman, she was not in the mood to receive these now.
    "They said they belonged to Team Everlasting, and they said it was enough to tell you the name." The Manager stationed at the Internet Cafe reported truthfully to the Owner.
    "Team Everlasting?" Chen Guo was stunned, looked at Ye Xiu, pointed to the cell phone and said: "Team Everlasting is here." "So arrogant! Steamed Bun, copy guy." Ye Xiu hasn't spoken yet, Wei Chen had already jumped up, Steamed Bun immediately put down the computer and rushed into his bedroom. After a while, he came out empty-handed and rushed towards the kitchen without looking back, looking for "Guy,, go."
    "On the Internet Cafe?" Ye Xiu ignored the noise.
    "I'll go take a look with you!" Ye Xiu got up.

    "Don't we need to go and watch together?" Wei Chen joined.
    "Everyone, continue training with peace of mind, I'll just go and see." Ye Xiu said.
    "Report at any time if possible.
    "Wei Chen said seriously.
    "Haha." Ye Xiu smiled and went out with Chen Guo.
    Happy Internet Cafe. As soon as the two people arrived, the Manager immediately greeted them. A total of two people came to visit. According to Chen Guo's instructions, they have been taken to the Second Floor apartment to rest first.
    Chen Guo asked the Manager a few more questions, but there was no valuable information. Then he went to the Second Floor with Ye Xiu. As soon as he opened the door and entered the suite, the two people who were communicating on the sandbag immediately stopped communicating. Turn around and look together.
    Then, before Ye Xiu and Chen Guo could see the two people clearly, the two had stood up together, and the first one had already greeted him with a smile, but mainly directed at Chen Guo: "This must be Owner Chen Right? Good two, I'm He An, the leader of Team Everlasting."

    The team leader, almost the Manager of the Club, is the old school name. People who are accustomed to being called "leaders" are probably those who have some qualifications in the pro scene. At this time, when He An was the leader of the team, that strong sense of superiority was personally felt. Obviously, what he is showing off is not his position. What he is proud of is that he can use this old-style appellation to tell the people in front of him: he is not a novice, he is an old man with qualifications.
    It's just that the "old man" Ye Xiu looks very strange, but the one next to him, Ye Xiu feels a bit familiar, but he can't remember the name. There are more than 200 Pro-players, and the statistics are active. Ye Xiu has been mixing for so many years, and the number of people who have come and gone to join and exit is far more than that. Where can I remember? But if you feel familiar, it should be a face-to-face encounter. Ye Xiu estimates that this should be a member of Team Everlasting. Should both parties face-to-face on the professional competition field?
    Thinking about this, Ye Xiu suddenly remembered his name, but he still didn’t know his identity, so he smiled and said, “Hey, I recognize you! You are the Vice-Captain of Team Everlasting, right?” “Now It's already Captain." In the end, the team leader He An took a word, and then he took a look at Ye Xiu. Then he asked the person next to him: "You know?"

    The look of that person has long been abnormal. He also knows the fault of their team leader, but the problem is that you show off your qualifications on the wall today.
    "This is Ye Qiu Great God" Vice-Captain reluctantly introduced the team leader.
    Yes, Ye Qiu Great God.
    Show off Glory's qualifications in front of Ye Qiu Great God. That's not an old man, that's senile. This is the third watch last night! I wrote it out as soon as I got up in the morning, and now it’s not noon, so be handsome! (To be continued.
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