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Chapter List 699 Low Morale
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
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    The King's Avatar 81
    The King's Avatar Chapter 819 Morale Loss
    Lord Grim is within the range of Electric Wave Formation. With his movement speed in the water, it seems that this blow can't be avoided. Who would think that at this moment, the Thousand Chance Umbrella in Lord Grim's hand was raised, kaka made a few noises, the umbrella canopy shrank, the umbrella ribs merged, folded and opened, and after that, they quickly turned around.
    Mechanic’s Ability, Mechanical ROT or Wing, on the land surface is a bamboo dragonfly that makes the character fly up. As a result, when it reaches the water, it suddenly becomes a propeller. This turn actually gave Lord Grim a backward thrust, and The surging water wave stirred up by the rotation also affected the Electric Wave Formation. Lord Grim was not trapped at all, and easily got out of the Electric Wave Formation, like a torpedo, and got in front of people in a blink of an eye.
    Even though He An has started Spirit, this unexpected thing still makes him a little no time to deal with it. Being in good condition made his reaction less sluggish than before, but Ye Xiu's utilize was faster. As soon as Lord Grim hit the person in front of him, he turned around and grabbed the person.
    Grappler Ability: Fling.

    With a shake of his arm, the person was thrown directly out of the water. Lord Grim floated up and was just catching up with the person and fell. Thousand Chance Umbrella Battle Lance Form picked out a Sky Strike and blocked the sound. Swinging a sword to block it, He An's state at this time is indeed very different from before.
    This attack parry negate the damage and knock up effects of Sky Strike. Ren Qu Ye Ban Kong's sword sank downward, and the Falling Light Blade pierced towards Lord Grim.
    There was an explosion on the water. The Falling Light Blade Lord Grim was too late to escape, but Ye Xiu let Lord Grim forcibly throw a Grenade out. Lord Grim hits the sword, and the person goes to the thunder. The two characters bounce off each, but the two people both attacked at this time. People go here to write a Wave Splitting Sword, and swept over the surface of the water. Lord Grim's side is an Anti-Tank MiBoss ile, and the three-shot artillery shell Wind Howl ran towards the people.
    Hit! The two characters were again recruited together.
    At the moment, calculating who suffers high damage is obviously meaningless, and people are already red blood. Such an exchange of Ability is definitely a disadvantage for him. And when he looked at it after finishing the move, He An even vomited blood. Ability exchange is already very uneconomical. As a result, Lord Grim is still healing himself over there!
    This can't be done!

    He An, who had just worked hard, had the urge to throw the mouse and smash the keyboard at this moment. (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty I seized the opportunity to give the other party damage. As a result, people still bring their own health recovery ability! Although it is certainly not as strong as Cleric or Paladin, there is only a little bit of blood left at the moment, such a spelling, it can't beat! It wasn't a noobs who was abused casually.
    In fact, Lord Grim's health bar at this time is quite high, so there is no need to rush to recover. As a result, Ye Xiu was anxious for a recovery, and the purpose was worth thinking about. Obviously, this one restores Ability. He An's morale was hit hard.
    In the ensuing battle, Ye Xiu's strategy was almost unreasonable, relying entirely on HP's more bloody strategy. He An is the most afraid of this right now, bite the bullet and run around for a while, but Lord Grim has used health recovery Ability again...
    He An let out a long sigh, it's really, murder without blood! Right now, even if it puts an Ultimate Skill out. Not as devastating to him as Health Recovery Ability. He An has completely lost hope. I just don't want to surrender directly. The outcome of this game was already clear by this time. He An's brief burst, after all, did not bring much. The audience that cheered and the players of Team Everlasting, it was really over after the "beat". Team Arena Match, in the end, ended in the defeat of Team Everlasting.

    After two rounds of the battle, Team Everlasting, a professional background, actually only grabbed one point. In the case of a home game, this situation made many people fall through their glasses. If the next Team Match can't be won anymore. The situation of Team Everlasting will become extremely difficult. Happy can secure the victory with just 2 points under the advantage of the home game in the second round.
    There was silence in the training room of Team Everlasting. When He An picked two opponents one after another in the Challenge Tournament, Burn's morale was lost again with this in the end defeat.
    Seeing everyone's appearance, a trace of panic flashed in He An's mind. Suddenly, his Awareness arrived, at the just-concluded Arena Match Decisive Game. He seems to have overlooked something...
    Just because of the defeat in this round, the morale of the team that had been ignited just now suddenly fell to the freezing point, which is a bit too much. This victory is important, but He An has to face three opponents one after another. Such a reversal is a very difficult quest. Can be done. Definitely make morale burst and fail. But it is also something that everyone is very prepared for, and it is not unacceptable.
    In the current situation, He An Awareness is the result of his failure to think properly.

    With the two victories already aroused the morale of Team, he should take advantage of the heat in the third game. And this hot iron strike does not necessarily depend on victory in exchange for it. As long as you can play aggressively and play vigorously, even if you lose in the end, the morale of the team that was ignited in the first two games will not drop to the freezing point like it is now.
    In the third game, the process is as important as the result. But He An ignored this point. Like the first two games, he continued a safe strategy in order to win. This attitude influenced the scene of this game. People even felt that they had met the great white shark at one time. Like wanting to escape.
    Even though He An suddenly broke out in the final stage, it was too short and was quickly injured by Lord Grim with health recovery ability...At that time, He An was desperate in his heart, and this feeling was reflected in the utilization. On, will also be seen by teammates.
    Morale...was lost in He An's series of performances. This is where he made a mistake. At this time, seeing the low of the players, his Awareness arrived, but it was already a little late. He can no longer speak with facts, just say a few words, how can he awaken everyone's fighting spirit again? He An has some headaches. Today, Team’s morale has been depressed again and again. He has already said anything that can be said for encouragement. At this time, I can only hope that everyone is aware of the importance of Awareness in the end Team Match!

    "Everyone, start Spirit!" He An was still melancholy, but he didn't expect Wu Chen to speak. This Team Everlasting is the real Captain, but because of the existence of He An, a trump card player who is also a Manager, the authority of Captain has been very embarrassing. However, Wu Chen's feelings for Team Everlasting are deeper than anyone else at the moment. Currently, among the players of Team Everlasting, he is the only one who has gone all the way since the establishment of the Everlasting team. He entered the Pro League with Team Everlasting, out together, and competed together in the Challenge Tournament. From now on, he was the only one who did not give up Team Everlasting.
    And now, the next Team Match is likely to determine the survival of Team Everlasting. At this time, he somewhat has a name but no reality Captain, and finally stood up to speak.
    The players of Team Everlasting have become accustomed to Team that He An will give orders and lead everyone. At this moment, I was shocked to hear Wu Chen talking at this critical time, and then he reacted: This is the Captain of their Team Everlasting. Moreover, the only point they got after the two rounds was completed was also grabbed by their Captain, although opponent's baffling played a large part.

    "At this point, we have no way to go back. In the next Team Match, if we can't grab the score, then we will be very passive in the next round. I am afraid that you have already seen that Team Happy is not as easy to deal with as we thought. We must make full use of our current advantages. Team Match is also our home game, isn’t it? Think about our usual training, which is used at this moment." Wu Chen said, there is no anxiety, no shouts, no slogans, Just narrate calmly.
    "That's right!" He An found that Wu Chen's calm narration seemed to play a role at this time, and he quickly added it without losing the opportunity. "Don't forget, we still have to challenge Team Excellent Era and Excellent Era. In comparison, the current Happy doesn't really matter?
    As soon as this comparison came out, Happy was really easy to be accepted by everyone, and immediately felt that the current situation was not so terrible.
    "Team Match, let's let Happy see the Strength of our Group together!" He An finally said forcefully. Although the players of Team Everlasting didn't get too excited because of it, at least it was no longer when Arena Match lost. All of them looked lifeless.
    The rest time after Arena Match passed quickly, and the members of Team Everlasting's Team Match were their usual main force of the Group.

    Spellblade, Launcher, Warlock, Qi Master and a Cleric appeared in the starting lineup, with Elementalist on the bench.
    On Happy's side, at the same time, the players from the Group have already been seated.
    Lord Grim, Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, One Inch Ash and Little Cold Hands made their debut. On the bench is Wei Chen's Windward Formation.
    There is no unexpected place in the team match roster of both sides.
    The face smacking party in the audience was unusually silent at this time. They don't know what to shout anymore. They surprisingly discovered that the Challenge Tournament of Team Everlasting seemed to be no different from the challenges they had watched before and after Happy accepted. It's that they tried hard to shout to Happy's opponent try harder. As a result, these opponents were beaten by Happy, which caused them to lose face. After such experiences time and time again, the face smacking party has already learned to be cautious in words and deeds. But today Team Everlasting is a professional background, and the Steamed Bun Invasion of Happy was destroyed as soon as it came up, which raised their expectations, and finally found that this was a trap! They shouted again and again, and the last thing they called was still face smacking with a swollen nose.
    This time Team Match, the face smacking party will not speak first. At least you have to wait until the advantages of Team Everlasting are particularly obvious, right?

    The match count down, three, two, one, Team Match, start!
    I saw a lot of people saying that there was no update yesterday, but in fact it was updated at 8 o'clock in the morning yesterday?
    Updates are relatively rare this month, but I glanced at it, and if I had to say "no update", there would be two days in total. Where does "frequent update" come from...I am at a loss...
    It's still one more today.
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