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Chapter List 715 Helpless
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Chapter 835 have one's hands bound and be unable to do anything about it
    On Team Everlasting, the first player to play is Warlock. In the last round, he was the third team of the IndivID ual Competition. Wei Chen took advantage of Windward Formation's Cast Distance and lost miserably. A week has passed, everyone has adjusted their mentality, and Wei Chen, who gave him a great shadow, has already played in the IndivID ual Competition. The last stone in his heart has finally fallen, and he confidently let his Warlock Leopold stand in the competition. On the table.
    On the Happy side, Arena Match first played Tang Rou and her Battle Mage Soft Mist.
    Team Everlasting's preparation this week, first of all is to actively analyze the reasons for the first round of defeat.
    And this kind of thing, in fact, must pay attention to skills. Finding the cause of defeat is to win the next round and to give oneself a positive effect. While finding the cause of failure, it must also find a solution.
    In Team Everlasting's view, they really underestimated the strength of Team Happy. Although they are also prepared, both the Happy players and the Happy character equipment are far stronger than Team Everlasting knows from intelligence materials. In particular, there are no information in some information, such as One Inch Ash, which is a no time to deal with it in Team Everlasting.

    Losing, in exchange for valuable experience. Fighting against Team Everlasting, Happy is no longer purely bullying like dealing with those challengers. In such a high-level confrontation, Team Happy's strength has also become more authentic and credible.
    The so-called know yourself, know your enemy, Team Everlasting in the end thinks that after this week of research, they finally achieved this point.
    It is through this adjustment in all aspects that Team Everlasting has not lost confidence in the situation of a big lagging behind, and only then continues to maintain the fighting spirit to win.
    Now, the IndivID ual Competition has ended, although one point was lost, resulting in Team Everlasting being tied with Happy at best. But such a start has been enough to boost the morale of Team Everlasting once again.
    Soft Mist?
    After seeing the character played by Happy, the Warlock player of Team Everlasting also quietly recalled the Soft Mist research this week.
    Perseverance, bravery, and extremely aggressive, an absolute aggressive player with a utilize mechanical skill that is not lost to Pro-player. However, it can be seen from many details that Soft Mist is not a purely old player. Therefore, there are mechanical skills, but the technical things have not yet been fully integrated. The fighting style has always been relying on the utilization of the opponent, and there is no ability to read the game.

    The analysis of Soft Mist is written on the Tactic board of Team Everlasting. This part is actually about the players, but Team Everlasting does not know the real name of Tang Rou now, so naturally it is all called the character name. As for the equipment of Soft Mist, Team Everlasting was shocked. Five elements of Silver Equipment can only be evaluated in one round. But other Orange Equipment has already analyzed clearly. These contents are also clearly listed on the Tactic board.
    How to play with Soft Mist, Team Everlasting's Warlock players already know.
    After the count down of three, two, and one, Arena Match finally officially started, and the characters of the first battle of both sides have entered the map. Although Happy occupies the home game advantage of this round, because of the existence of venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time such as Tang Rou and Steamed Bun, the home game advantage is not that there is. Want to find a map that Tang Rou Steamed Bun is more proficient than Everlasting players, that's basically not there. So Steamed Bun's game map was chosen as Arena Match, because choosing any other map might give the opponent this advantage.
    Everyone thinks that a map pick like Team Happy is giving up advantages. Where would you think of such a map pick? For Happy, it is by taking a disadvantage.

    However, because Arena Match is just a picture, it is a bit difficult for Happy to take care of both sides. So in the end this Arena Match Happy chose Honghua Pavilion. A map with a bit of terrain, but not complicated.
    After loading the game, Soft Mist and Leopold are separated in two corners of the map. Around the red flower pavilion in the middle of the picture, the safflower that disturbs the floating red flowers has been very eye-catching injected into the line of sight from both sides.
    But in such an important game, how can anyone be distracted by this view? The next second the game was loaded, the characters of both sides were already moving, rushing straight toward the center of the map, at the Red Flower Pavilion.
    Tang Rou just as in the past wants to face the opponent directly. According to her temperament, Arena Field is really a very good map. On the Team Everlasting side, it seems that the rush is also aggressive, but the player's heart is like a mirror. He is never right against Soft Mist, this is the conclusion they came to after a week of analysis.
    On the offensive, whether it is superior or inferior, Soft Mist is likely to become more and more courageous. So in the game against Soft Mist, Team Everlasting came up with a word: drag.
    Intentionally delaying, extending the length of the game, thickening the content of the game, starting from bit by bit, in the end completely disintegrated Soft Mist.

    This is another conclusion drawn by Team Everlasting in the end on the Tactic board this week, which is written at the bottom of all the analysis of Soft Mist. If this is not done, then the hard research this week will be meaningless?
    So when the two characters approached Leopold Cast Distance, Leopold stopped decisively.
    His Cast Distance is not as good as Windward Formation, but compared to Battle Mage, that is another matter entirely. This can be said to be a long-range and close combat contest. This kind of competition is actually a good example of Wu Chen's victory in the first IndivID ual Competition. Team Everlasting's plan to deal with Soft Mist also hopes to achieve it through the method of controlling the rhythm.
    Curse Arrow!
    A very preliminary Ability, it is too early to release at this time, but this is the end execution of Team Everlasting Tactic's intention. The dark ball of light was released without much charge, and a small number of small black arrows were shot out in a line. However, at this distance, Soft Mist has easily escaped pathing.
    Leopold, who was as valiant as Soft Mist before, had already begun to fall short of Ability's throw. In which direction Soft Mist rushes, he will withdraw in which direction.
    Tang Rou is not too surprised. Long-range vs. close combat, most of the time, it is this kind of strategy of Kite flow. She still has this experience.

    Without hesitation, go directly to Dragon Breaks the Ranks!
    This Ultimate Skill of Battle Mage is completely used as a fast movement ability in Tang Rou's hands at this time. Soft Mist gripped Battle Lance in a rush, and it really narrowed the distance between the two in an instant. But at the end of Dragon Breaks the Ranks, at the foot of Soft Mist, a hexagram light flashed, but a Hexagram Prison had been released.
    Team Everlasting is a professional background. After Tang Rou's simple and straightforward game style was summed up by them, they had already calculated the extravagant use of "Dragon Breaks the Ranks" at close range. Seeing Soft Mist picking up the Battle Lance stance, Everlasting's Warlock players felt bright in their hearts. Soft Mist, Dragon Breaks the Ranks, will instantly rush to where, in this context, it has naturally become part of the Tactic board about Soft Mist.
    Hexagram Prison, the moment Soft Mist took hold, it was already on display.
    With Dragon Breaks the Ranks rushed into place, Ability was released. The two sides seemed to cooperate, and the erected beam of light instantly trapped Soft Mist in it.
    Like Hexagram Prison this kind of Ability, most of the time it is a control method, and it is quite rare to directly hit the opponent. But if you really want to be restricted by this Ability, that's really a passive wife.

    Without hesitation, Leopold chanted Ultimate Skill directly, and Summon came out Gate of Death. Where did the Soft Mist locked by Hexagram Prison escape the Ultimate Skill range? When the black thread filled with Gate of Death caught her, she had no choice but to watch as she was caught.
    Corruption, Soul Strike, Sunder, Devour, Life SubmiBoss ion...
    A series of Ability was continuously released, and there was some revenge in it. In the first round against Windward Formation, after Leopold was caught by Gate of Death, Windward Formation was such a magic spell(s) to entertain him. At this time, the Ability attack was returned to Soft Mist by Leopold sticking unmoving to the original.
    As the Gate of Death inhaled the target at the end, a piece of ChaOT ic Rain was called out again.
    Warlock is good at controlling the characteristics, and Leopold in this scene can be considered fully deduced. ChaOT ic Rain fell. How could Soft Mist, who had just escaped from the Gate of Death, escaped? Then he entered a state of chaos out of control. Leopold continued to throw all kinds of magic spell(s) wildly, occupying all the initiative on the field. In the first round, Soft Mist, who was the third player of Team Everlasting to appear in Arena Match, was completely manipulated at this time.
    The audience channel suddenly added a lot of excitement.

    Watching the face smacking party, there were not many people watching this game today, but it was not completely absent. It's just that the people who came were very low-key and cautious, and did not dare to go to Provoke easily. I was really scared by face smacking. But right now, in the battle between Soft Mist and Leopold, Warlock used his own characteristics to control the situation quite securely. The onlookers also held back the face smacking party for a long time. When they saw that ChaOT ic Rain was extremely beautifully connected to the previous Ability, making Soft Mist unavoidable, they finally broke out more than one can bear!
    "Pretty! A win!" someone predicted a big victory.
    "This is right! This is right!" Someone frantically expressed their long-awaited for this scene.
    "Don't give her any chance, kill her!"
    "Play well, go on, 1 vs 3!"
    It can be seen that the onlookers are still quite constrained to watch the outbreak of the face smacking party. From their current wording alone, at least it is impossible to clearly distinguish them from the fans of Team Everlasting.
    Tang Rou is naturally extremely depressed at this time. Since being pinned by Hexagram Prison, her utilization and her hand speed have become meaningless. She has nothing to do with the current situation. Until now she is caught in ChaOT ic Rain, still have one's hands bound and be unable to do anything about it.

    I went out for a whole day yesterday and failed to update. Two changes today, this is the first one.
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