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Chapter List 724 Finally In The Paper
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The moment people went and fell, Chen Guo immediately jumped up in excitement. This time, she knew that Ye Xiu gave Lord Grim equipment mana to restore the equipment, so when she noticed that Team Everlasting started to make a fuss about this, she began to look forward to it.
    Ye Xiu did not disappoint her. The prepared equipment was changed during the battle, slowed down the pace to reply to mana, and then counterattacked and took the opponent directly away. The second round of the game is now over. With the score of Arena Match, even if Team Everlasting can win the next Team Match, it is already impossible to turn around a hopeless situation. This is exactly the so-called early kill game under this format.
    "Calmness, just the second round is nothing more." Ye Xiu saw Chen Guo so excited. Although he said so, there was a smile on his face.
    On the audience's side, the onlookers who watched the face smacking party had already quietly withdrew. It turns out that those who didn't watch the game at all have a very wise lead. Where is it so easy to be flipped?
    Watching face smacking, the party quickly retreated, as if the face would swell after a second. All that were left were Team Everlasting's few fans, and at this time all of them were very sad. They don't know what will happen to Team Everlasting, but judging from what they know about the business trend of pro team, Team Everlasting may be difficult to maintain.

    There was silence in the training room of Team Everlasting.
    He An's head is still buried in his hands, and he feels faceless facing his teammates. But at this time, no one would come forward and blame him. This result was not caused by a single individual's mistake, but the collective downturn of the whole team, which caused in the end to be out in such a tragic way.
    Team Everlasting. Does it end here?
    Everyone was silent, and from time to time they would take a peek at the Owner of Team Everlasting, who can determine the fate of Team Everlasting.
    The Owner of Team Everlasting is naturally disappointed and sad, but he also knows that every team member is equally sad at this time. Especially like Wu Chen, who has been standing by (sb) with Everlasting since the pro scene, his feelings for Team Everlasting are probably deeper than his Owner.
    When the Owner knew it, when Team Everlasting was downgraded, Wu Chen was also invited by other pro teams. But in the end he stayed. But it turned out to be such a pity, he failed to return to the pro scene with Team Everlasting, instead he had to witness the end of Team Everlasting with his own eyes.
    The Owner sighed and wanted to say something to comfort everyone, but to whatever point He An comforted, it seemed to no avail. What kind of result needs to be faced upright.

    "Everyone has worked so Rest early..." the Owner said, and left first.
    Take a break early, that's what it says, but tonight, can anyone in Team Everlasting sleep? Including the Owner himself, he also let out a long sigh when he left the door. More than tonight, I probably won’t sleep well for a long time, right?
    Victory and defeat. Always accompanied by laughter and tears.
    At this time, in another place in City H, there was also a person who was extremely excited because of Happy's victory.
    "Happy won!" Chang Xian ran directly to the game room, the moment people went and fell. Just roared wildly in the room.
    "Cough..." Cao Guangcheng, who was drinking beer and watching the blockbuster, choked badly with Chang Xian's throat, and the beer was sprayed everywhere. I was about to start cursing, but when I saw Chang Xian was already hands dance and feet trip there, he started rummaging through the manuscript he had prepared last week, and suddenly he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
    Isn’t it normal to win the lead? Is it worth your excitement? "Cao Guangcheng said while wiping his beer.
    "Can I post my manuscript now? Let me see if there is anything that needs to be changed." Chang Xian called.

    "I suggest you not be too long. Although this is an unpopular, but it happens in Challenge Tournament, the weight is just the same. The content is small. The amount of information is large, which is the best." Cao Guangcheng said.
    "Teacher Chao, can you help me see it?" Chang Xian asked back.
    "All right!" Cao Guangcheng is actually quite eager to see this rookie Chang Xian, who works actively and enthusiastically, and is still supporting him as much as possible. This kind of assistance of the exertion of lifting one's hand, of course, will not refuse.
    After so many years of professionalism, Cao Guangcheng's manuscript reading is naturally extremely fast. Because I know the key points. After quickly scanning Chang Xian's manuscript, Cao Guangcheng slight nod: "Yes. The introductions of the members are pretty good. However, for the competition, you can be a little bit more brief. Just introduce the process just like the title party. ."
    "Oh, then I will change it." Cao Guangcheng Chang Xian was also very convinced of his predecessor, and changed it without any doubt.
    As for Cao Guangcheng, I feel a little dazed while holding a beer can here. Last week, after Chang Xian got some of Happy's interview materials, Cao Guangcheng has already Awareness to the background of some of the players. Happy is a much more topical team than some Pro Teams after they are out.

    Those who are out of the Pro Team, to be honest, there is really nothing to say. On the contrary, it is a team like Happy. If it is really strong, it can have a lot of topics. The existence of this kind of team is a kind of surprise and an accident. It's just a pity that in this Season's Challenge Tournament, there is a bigger accident: Excellent Era.
    With Excellent Era oversee, is it possible for Happy’s accident to continue in the end? Cao Guangcheng smiled bitterly. This is fate! Sometimes you don't recognize it, but it really doesn't work. This has to be replaced by any Season, a grassroots team that can defeat the Pro Team, and maybe it can be on the front page. But this Season, this team wants to be on the front page, I'm afraid they have to go a little further. Maybe it won’t be until the collision with Excellent Era that the team, regretted as a team of make people, will make headlines, right?
    Cao Guangcheng, who has a wealth of experience, has conceived the theme of Happy, which will receive the attention of the entire Season.
    A night of joy and sorrow for some people passed quickly.
    Cao Guangcheng's inference is not wrong at all. After Team Happy completely eliminated Team Everlasting, the grassroots team, which defeated the Pro Team, is still very qualified to report.
    A complete report about Team Happy was finally published in e-sports Magazine.

    Although it is still the most inconspicuous page, it occupies a large area of tofu. However, this is a special report. In the history of the Glory ProfeBoss ional Alliance, there has never been such a report on a non-professional team. Challenge Tournament is called the revival tournament, because this tournament has not selected a non-out Pro Team team to join the league so far.
    e-sports Magazine is the most professional, authoritative, and the most powerful in circulation. After the publication of this issue of the newspaper, Team Happy has received much more attention than when Chen Guo took the challenge all the way to get free go on the web. Moreover, Chen Guo's torment, first attracted a group of onlookers to the face smacking party, and then a group of face smacking parties who wished to watch the face smacking party. Team Happy is just an important part of the entertainment of the two gangs. The support for Happy is just like the support of the onlookers in the two rounds of face smacking for Team Everlasting. It is completely temporary and imaginary. With Team Everlasting out, they will not feel sad at all.
    As for the e-sports Magazine report, the attention that Team Happy has received is rather benign. A lot of gamers who don't care about Challenge Tournament at all, they all know that such an interesting team is hidden this time. Looking at the introduction of the Team Happy players in the report, it is not just gamers that are surprised.

    "Qiao Yifan???"
    Although Qiao Yifan is small and transparent, it has only been three months since he left Team Tiny Herb. The players of Team Tiny Herb will not forget this person and the person they have met every day for a year so quickly. When they saw this name, their first thought was to have the same name, but soon they clearly saw that it was stated in the report that it was the Qiao Yifan who had left their team.
    "This kid, how did you get into this team?" Tiny Herb's team members were talking about Qiao Yifan. They didn't care much about Qiao Yifan, they were just curious.
    "Early in the morning, what are you making around here?" When a voice rang in the training room, all the team members immediately returned to their seats. A copy of e-sports Magazine was left on the table where the crowd spread out, and it was still on the page of Challenge Tournament.
    Wang Jiexi stepped forward to pick it up, and soon he found what everyone was paying attention to.

    Qiao Yifan, the kid, did you go to this team? This is a very good choice! Wang Jiexi thought. He couldn't help thinking of the Qiao Yifan call that Manager personally called during the summer. At that time, he did not deny Qiao Yifan's talents, but affirmed that Qiao Yifan is not the player currently needed by Team Tiny Herb. Wang Jiexi did not ask much about the origin of the call. But at this time, I saw Qiao Yifan ran to the Happy team, but he agreed with his decision.
    Wei Chen? ?
    Immediately afterwards, when Wang Jiexi's gaze swept back, he noticed the name again. Wang Jiexi became a Pro-player in the Third Season, which happened to be the Season where Wei Chen retired. Although he has never played against this senior Great God, it is impossible for him to contact Glory in the Third Season. Before that, Wei Chen's reputation was always known.
    "How old is this person? Why did he run to Happy?" Wang Jiexi raised his head and thought blankly, and then saw Gao Yingjie sitting in front of the computer in a trance.
    Gao Yingjie quickly noticed Captain's gaze and was a little frightened.
    "I'm sorry..." Gao Yingjie said, and immediately began serious training.
    "Try harder!" Wang Jiexi certainly knows what Gao Yingjie is in a daze. "You will always meet again, at the competition stage."
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