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Chapter List 726 Robbed By Fire
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "I saw something amazing in this game!" This is Yu Wenzhou's last comment on the Windward Formation game. As for other things, in terms of Wei Chen's level, Yu Wenzhou and Huang ShaOT ian have both learned about it six years ago. At that time, two people were still hairy teenagers in the training room. And now, the two people are already the Great God in the league, but Wei Chen is already in his 30s. It is an absolutely unique and unmatched super old player in the pro scene. For the current level of the elderly players,
    Two Gods did not comment on the coordination.
    If not unexpectedly, the game ended with the victory of Windward Formation.
    The gossip psychology of everyone was satisfied, and they were about to disperse. But of course, the uploaded game video directly cut off the waiting time in the middle, and quickly transferred to the Arena Match game, Happy player, Soft Mist.
    The eyes of the Blue Rain players suddenly lit up again. It can be seen on e-sports Magazine, this Soft Mist controller Tang Rou is a flawleBoss super beauty. Although there is no photo, e-sports Magazine has always been honest and reliable, unlike the local tabloids that can make up gimmicks and attract people's attention. e-sports Magazine dare to say that, this girl definitely can make a move.
    "Beauty with beautiful nose!!"

    The players of Blue Rain shouted one after another, and they immediately surrounded themselves when they were about to leave. They were more interested than watching their old Captain game just now. Some people even started to complain without covering up, saying that the biggest failure of Team Blue Rain was the absence of a girl.
    This is true, the more traditional four teams, Excellent Era, Tyranny, Tiny Herb, Blue Rain, and Team Blue Rain has never had a female player. Tyranny and Tiny Herb, don't care if the girl is the main force, after all, there are. Excellent Era is even more powerful. The first beautiful female player is in the other team. I don't know how many players envy jealousy and hate it!
    "I said, it's almost done. There will be competitions in the evening, and I will go to training." Yu Wenzhou saw that these guys gossip were endless, and finally couldn't bear it anymore and stopped.
    When everyone heard Captain's words, no one dared to talk nonsense anymore, their tongues scattered, and each returned to his place. Huang ShaOT ian’s computer game was still playing, the guy turned his head,
    With a serious expression on his face, he said: "This girl seems to be of a good level, and a gathering is our future enemy."
    "Then wait until the game is over!" Yu Wenzhou said.

    Huang ShaOT ian immediately obeyed Captain's instructions, closed the Challenge Tournament game video that they would never discriminate, and started the training to adjust the state on the match day.
    In e-sports Magazine, the repercussions in the pro scene are mainly Tiny Herb Blue Rain. The reason is of course that each of them has a party in the Happy array. As for other teams, after seeing this news, they would not pay much attention to it. This is only the second round of the Challenge Tournament. Now that Happy is regarded as an imaginary enemy, it would be a bit of a stoppage, right? The nineteen opponents of the Alliance haven't studied them yet! What's more, there is Team Excellent Era in this Season Challenge Tournament. To study, it should be the Team Excellent Era that will soon return in a swirl of dust, right?
    This is the helplessness of Team Happy that Cao Guangcheng expected. Although the strength is extraordinary and there are many topics, because of the existence of Excellent Era, Happy will always be regarded as a passer-by. In the pro scene, no one will look at them for the time being. In the pile of gamers, after some exciting discussions, they will feel sorry for Happy because of the existence of Excellent Era. To be honest, even people who stand on Happy to watch the jokes of the face smacking party do not think Happy can defeat Excellent Era in my heart.

    However, the real person involved, Team Excellent Era, was not as relaxed as such onlookers. Happy took Team Everlasting for two rounds, so Tao Xuan had to weigh it up. Should they pay more attention to Excellent Era?
    Tao Xuan is not at home with his team at this time. Excellent Era has met the gamers team for two consecutive rounds, there is nothing to say. It is Team Happy that has withstood the test of Team Everlasting, so Tao Xuan can't even care about it. The key is that if the two families fight you die, I live, in the end Happy and barely win, Tao Xuan doesn't need to be so concerned. As a result, Happy away game hits people with a distance ratio of 1, and then home game kills the game ahead of time, so easily, after that, any remaining energy (idiom from Analects), Tao Xuan did not sleep well this night. Even if he repeatedly counted how many Silver Equipment his Team Excellent Era has.
    Then today I saw the page specially opened for Happy on e-sports Magazine, and I felt even more unhappy. This week’s report, their Excellent Era was just one-sentence news, and Happy actually had a special page to be introduced.
    Unhappy! It's really uncomfortable!
    The newspaper Tao Xuan was thrown into the trash can without a few glances. He couldn't suppress the anxiety in his heart. It was obvious that Team Happy was so poorly equipped and the level of the players was not much heaven-defying. Why did he feel uneasy?
    Tao Xuan is uneasy, but Happy is having a good time.

    Happy saw the newspaper. Chang Xian took this opportunity to visit Happy again with a new newspaper. His diligent energy caused Cao Guangcheng to think of when he was first brought to City H.
    At that time, whenever he had a chance, he would go to Excellent Era, and in the end, he established a team relationship with Excellent Era. Today's Chang Xian, let him see his hermit at that time. At that time, just like Chang Xian now, he actually didn't understand that the relationship needs to be managed and maintained, this kind of human relationship accident. It was only because of the enthusiasm for work and frequent running back and forth that he managed the relationship. It's just Little Chang! Is it worth your enthusiasm for the Happy team?
    Cao Guangcheng has the heart to persuade, but after another thought, enthusiasm is a good thing! It just so happens that the only interview station in this season is the Challenge Tournament quest. Chang Xian doesn't set off the Challenge Tournament Team. He is willing to follow. That's a good thing. Why do you want to stop it?
    When Chang Xian arrived at Happy, Chen Guo received him. Although Chang Xian is young, of course he still understands basic human affairs accidents. First of all, I greeted Chen Guo, who was hit by me last time, how is it now, and then I expressed my intention to send the newspaper on a special trip, and followed that I apologized for not adopting Chen Guo's photo.

    "The space is really limited, but there will be opportunities in the future." Chang Xian confidently said to Chen Guo, he believes this team will continue to attract attention.
    "Then dare to love it!" Chen Guo didn't care too much about his photo not being up, and let Chang Xian come in and sit down.
    "Uh, what about the others? What about Captain Ye?" Chang Xian asked. Of course he didn't want to do it in vain, so I have to ask some questions. Wouldn't it be good to have more resources?
    "Are you all busy? Do you want to interview today?" Chen Guo asked.
    "Oh, no, no, I just ask casually" Chang Xian said hurriedly. He hopes to ask some questions naturally. He really wants to have another formal interview or something. Once he is not prepared enough, come again, the formal interview, he will not see you afterwards. The newspaper is somewhat unreasonable.
    "You sit down here, I'll pour you some water." Chen Guo greeted Chang Xian as a friend. Chang Xian hoped it was this kind of atmosphere, and it didn't stop it immediately. It's just that the eyes always cast towards the second room in the room. He inquired about the type of row houses in this community, so he also guessed that Team Happy lives on the upper side, and trains and competes on the lower side. At this time, the players, are you afraid that they are all resting in their own rooms? Chang Xian doesn't want everyone to come over and let him greet him at one time. If you can catch one or two, 1 v 1 chat, how good would it be?

    Chang Xian is looking forward to coming down. In the room upstairs, Ye Xiu and Wei Chen are here. Ye Xiu is lying in front of the computer and doing business!
    Everyone’s rooms upstairs are also equipped with computers, but they are much worse than those used for training games downstairs. These computers are provided for the purpose of making everyone’s room a little entertaining. For example, if you want to go on the web to watch a movie or TV, it’s too hard to lie down on your own bed and run down to hold a computer and wear headphones.
    Ye Xiu's business at this time is not in the game, and naturally doesn't care about the computer configuration. On the computer desktop at this time, only one QQ was opened, and two chat windows were opened at the same time. The windows flashed and flashed, and obviously they were all communicating.
    The left window, QQ name, Explicit Gun.
    Wu Chen of Team Everlasting uses his character as his QQ name, which is a habit of many Pro-players, especially the older generation. But now, the league is prospering, and players have a lot of transactions in circulation. Sometimes they use their own character as their name, and once they are traded, they suddenly become embarrassed. But still doing this a lot, this is also a small detail of loyalty to the team table where you are!

    Wu Chen's loyalty to Team Everlasting is unquestionable. The QQ name has been used as Explicit Gun for many years. Ye Xiu didn't have his contact information, but after so many years in the circle, of course, his face is very wide, and he went around, which is considered to be inquiries. Team Everlasting, Ye Xiu can inquire about Wu Chen. As for the others, they all joined after Team Everlasting was out, and they did not have time to intersect with the pro scene! Ye Xiu's high-level human face, on the contrary, I can't inquire about it.
    Lord Grim...
    When Wu Chen saw this friend invite, he was taken aback, but he accepted it under Awareness.
    "Are you okay?" As soon as the friend passed, the opposite message came.
    "Not very good." Wu Chen replied with a wry smile. Of course he knew what the other party was asking. Is it comfort for the winner to ask the loser afterwards? Is it Provoke? Wu Chen is not in a hurry to draw conclusions, he has been in this circle for a long time, and he has experienced everything. The game, there will be winners and losers after all, although the results are sad, but he thinks he can bear it.
    "Our team, what are your plans next?" Ye Xiu asked afterwards.
    As soon as this message came, Wu Chen completely understood the intention. This is the guy who robbed the fire.
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