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Chapter List 728 Nobody Cares
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    On the Team Everlasting side, the division of clearing work is also clear, internally, externally, inventory counting, and settlement settlement.
    For things like communicating with Happy, common sense is that He An, who is the Manager, goes to marketing, but because the other party is Happy, He An’s mood does not seem very good. After the Everlasting Owner weighed it up, he simply entrusted the matter to Wu Chen.
    With the team for so many years, Wu Chen is also trusted by the Owner. In fact, if Wu Chen himself expressed his hope that Focus will be used in the game, it would not be He An who also holds the position of Manager. He An has the ability, but after all, he still lacks pro scene experience like Wu Chen. Wu Chen's professional quality is something He An still lacks.
    Wu Chen took the quest silently, without saying anything.
    Some of the items to be sold for clearance sale were those he had used before, and some he had bought from in the online game. Now, he has to completely trade these items to others with his own hands. Wu Chen doesn’t know if this counts as one item. Kind of memorial.
    Back to his room, the computer is already in automatic sleep state. After shaking the mouse and reopening, the chat windows of Wu Chen and Ye Xiu were still on the desktop. Wu Chen directly sent a message in the past and gave Ye Xiu a more straightforward response to the straightforward asking price: "Are you ready How much is it to buy?"

    Of course, Wu Chen didn't think that the other party would tell him the answer directly. This is also a kind of temptation. From the other party's response tone and words, to try to figure out the other party's confidence. In fact, it stands to reason that such a major negotiation should not be conducted on the internet, but it is just a preliminary contact now!
    However, the initial contact between these two people is also very popular, and it comes up to the ultimate question of "how much do you sell" and "how much do you buy".
    Ye Xiu, as Wu Chen expected, was at the computer, and quickly replied to Wu Chen's message: "First you have to see what you have in your hands."
    "If there is something that suits you, are you going to buy it all?" Wu Chen asked. From their point of view, they certainly hope to buy a one-off package. But in fact, such cases are really rare. Judging from the situation of Clubs after being out of the game in the past, all of them have become supermarkets. After everyone comes around, buy it if you need it. If you don't need it, just ignore it. So in the end, the good things were picked out, and the bad things were moldy. In the end, they could only be dealt with to those studios at a more disgusting price.
    "Of course not, we are very poor!" Ye Xiu replied.

    Wu Chen was speechless, and it was difficult to tell the truth from the false, but it was clear that the other party had no intention of buying it all. In this case, there is no need to have a deep contact with Happy. Everlasting still wants to wait until there is a full takeover.
    "What do you have. Can you take a look first?" Ye Xiu asked afterwards.
    "It's still counting, let's take two days..." Wu Chen has already started to delay time. In fact, the relevant personnel have given him information on some important and valuable items long ago. Where and what to count these things. There are many things to check. There are many things that are of course not worth a lot of money.
    everyone. They are all looking at good things to buy. What Everlasting expects is to let those who buy good things take advantage of the trend to buy things that are difficult to make a move. To be honest, this wish is good, but it is difficult to achieve it. In the situation of Team Everlasting, there is currently no right to speak.
    "In fact, we don't need too much." Ye Xiu said, "You should have seen that, the characters of our two teams are not much the same."
    "Not much? Launcher, Warlock. There are already two identical!" Wu Chen said.
    "We don't need the Launcher." Ye Xiu replied.

    Wu Chen was startled. Launcher Chasing Haze, who played at Happy that day, was quite unbearable. Is that really an sID eline supporter?
    In such an important competition of Challenge Tournament, I dare to send an sID eline supporter. Wu Chen couldn't help thinking about the round that just ended. The Summoner who came up also looked like a soy sauce party, but he didn't see that he was too good at it.
    Is Happy’s strength stronger than we know. That's why you are so confident? Wu Chen inevitably thinks so.
    "So for Silver Equipment, what we mainly need is your Warlock. But your Warlock has a total of seven pieces of Silver Equipment. I didn't pay much attention to the respective elements. The overall improvement. It's not the best product. For a single piece. , I have to look at Element to make a quotation." Ye Xiu said.
    "Don't you want it all? I remember correctly. Your Warlock Windward Formation counts the Silver Weapon in your hand, so there are three pieces of Silver Equipment in total, right?" Wu Chen said.
    "I want to have it, but there is no way, we are poor! The money has to be spent on the blade, so it has to be calculated carefully." Ye Xiu said.

    Also called poor! But Wu Chen still can't distinguish between true and false. However, he has already figured out Happy's intentions to some extent. No wonder the other party is just a property supported by Internet Cafe, so he dared to talk to them about the acquisition of Everlasting. The co-author is not an acquisition at all, but just treats this as a canteen, ready to buy some soy sauce?
    No money, and want good things.
    Such buyers are undoubtedly unpopular. The initial contact between Wu Chen and Happy was almost done at this point, and then they dealt with a few more words, in short, they flickered without revealing any words. Turning around, he reported to the Owner what he had touched after contact.
    Everlasting Owner was naturally very depressed after hearing this. This Happy, I thought it would be a good buyer, but I didn't expect it to be just a difficult little rascal. Such a guy is really not worth paying attention to at the beginning! After there is no major acquisition, just sprinkle some rice to him.
    After the initial contact, Everlasting's attitude towards Happy cooled down. Originally they were unhappy when they were eliminated by Happy! Although competitions are competitions and business is business, but now the business plate is too small, it does not matter.
    Team Everlasting is looking forward to a new buyer. As a result, one day, two days, and three days in a blink of an eye have passed.

    There was nothing more for three days, but at this time Team Everlasting was extremely anxious. For three days, no team has contacted them on their own initiative. Those who came to them were all studios that were sincerely loot a burning house. These guys bought these for their own use, but for reselling. Of course, they were squeezing the price to death. Happy also had to disgusting the existence, Team Everlasting endured and ignored it. But my heart also began to be anxious: they won't end up with everything in the hands of these studios, right? Why is there no Club actively looking for it except Happy? Is this intentionally stretching them?
    Only Happy, the enthusiasm remained the same for three days. Lord Grim would come to Wu Chen to say something from time to time. Sincerity seems quite real, but the problem is that the buying and selling strength is too small, and Everlasting is a bit look down on!
    On this day, after Wu Chen went on QQ, he saw Lord Grim's message to him again, but he broke their current situation with a single word.
    "How about it, does anyone ask you to buy it again?"
    "Of course." Wu Chen told the truth.
    "No?" On Lord Grim's side, a smiling Expression made Wu Chen read his confidence. How dare this guy be so sure.
    "Look." The result did not wait for him to ask, and the other side had already helped him analyze it. "The family of your team, Giants is not good for you, do you admit it?"

    "Admit." Wu Chen said.
    "Teams of the same level as yours, but the demand is not so urgent, so they can wait for you to jump off the building for a big sale. There is no reason to come and ask for the price so early, right?" Ye Xiu said.
    "..." Wu Chen was speechless, this was almost the same as they had guessed. Those clubs really don't have any important needs, so they are not in a hurry, and they are deliberately hanging out.
    "So the sincerity team that really needs your stuff is more urgent, it can only be based on a very poor foundation, especially hope that you can immediately buff yourself." Ye Xiu said.
    "Hmm..." Wu Chen had to admit.
    "Such a team, to be honest, there are more in Challenge Tournament." Ye Xiu said.
    "Challenge Tournament... Ordinary Team may not be able to take it either." Wu Chen said.
    "I can accept it and I won't answer it." Ye Xiu replied.
    "Why?" Wu Chen was startled.
    "Because of Excellent Era." Ye Xiu said.
    Wu Chen was startled again, but he understood in an instant.

    Excellent Era, again because of Excellent Era. Excellent Era's exit this time really caused a lot of troubles for many people. Take Challenge Tournament as an example, it suddenly became less suspenseful. Under this background, spending money on buff Team becomes meaningless. Because spending money will not bring any improvement to the results, when you encounter Excellent Era, you still strike a stone with egg.
    In contrast, in the Challenge Tournament, Happy is willing to spend some money to continue to strengthen his team, how promising and fighting spirit is.
    "Those who will take over your team in full, I don't think you should think about it. Seriously, let's quickly classify the team professions that may be your trading partners, and sell them in a targeted manner!" Ye Xiu said.
    "..." Wu Chen continued to be speechless.
    "But before that, don't you have to cherish people like us who are willing to actively buy equipment?" Ye Xiu said immediately.
    "At the moment, we remember that you are the ones who gave us the fatal blow and let us go to this ending." Wu Chen replied honestly. Although the Owner arranged for him to contact Happy, he knew that he was completely emotional. ,That is impossible. No, when I see that Happy may take over not many things, it is just that they are shopping as a supermarket. Suddenly the Owner no longer pays attention to Happy, and it is just a bit of a negative tone.
    "Why..." Ye Xiu said.

    "But you reminded me so much, I suddenly thought that there is a Team, the possibility of taking over us is quite high!" Wu Chen said.
    "Are you talking about Team Heavenly Sword?" Ye Xiu asked.
    "Not bad." Wu Chen replied, and the other party would guess that he was not surprised. Anyone who has some experience in the Glory circle will know that this new invite(s) team that joins the alliance will be a pretty good buyer. Team Heavenly Sword is not what Wu Chen said he just thought of. In fact, it is the number one goal they are paying attention to at this time.
    "Team Heavenly Sword... not bad!" In the reply, he brought another smiling Expression, and Wu Chen suddenly read that confidence again. What is this guy laughing at?
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