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Chapter List 735 Re-listing News
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    .Blue Rain’s defeat in this game can actually be seen by anyone with a bit of eye: Yu Wenzhou’s Tactic’s layout is very reasonable, Huang ShaOTian’s Blade Master is also just as in the past waiting for the opportunity, and Lu Hanwen’s Drifting Cloud But he rushed over his head proactively. He said that Huang ShaOT ian's Troubling Rain was far away from him and was a little out of touch. This is true, but the reason for the out of touch was that his Drifting Cloud moved too fast. He is out of touch with the entire Group.
    How could such a mistake escape Wang Jiexi's old eyes. Tiny Herb made a quick assault, the three cut off support, and two Witches, Vaccaria and Kind Tree, rushed to attack. Blue Rain in the end was half a beat slower, causing Lu Hanwen's Drifting Cloud to be blown up in a wave, and since then he became passive until he lost the game.
    As a result, at the press conference after the game, Team Blue Rain passed the totally shirking responsibilities that was not serious at all, and passed the mistake of sorry to the whole team. This is Team's protection of Lu Hanwen, but at the same time, it also makes people see the unusually big heart of Lu Hanwen, the league's smallest player.
    Even Wang Jiexi of Team Tiny Herb did not mention Lu Hanwen's mistakes in the subsequent press conference, but praised his Spirit appearance after his mistakes, and pointed out that it is worth learning from all players.
    Even on Team Happy, Lu Hanwen has become a role model at the textbook level.

    "The rear waves of the Yangtze River drive on those before, Qian Lang died in panic!" Ye Xiu started to feel deeply moved after seeing Wang Jiexi's praise of Lu Hanwen.
    "Who are you bastard talking about!" He immediately jumped up sensitively.
    Wei Chen, Ye Xiu, of course, are him. Because Wei Chen has been a little uncomfortable recently. There is no other reason, because the Challenge Tournament has reached the fifth round recently. There are only more than 800 teams left in the Team. After this round, there will be only more than 400 teams left. Happy and Excellent Era, of course, will remain in these four hundred teams. And now, the probability of meeting Excellent Era is much higher than when there were more than 10,000 teams. So Wei Chen suddenly became anxious again. For their Happy, it is still too early to meet Excellent Era now.
    At this time, seeing that Lu Hanwen, a 14-year-old player of Team Blue Rain, has such a general style, Ye Xiu will certainly not let go of stimulating Wei Chen. This trick is really effective. After Wei Chen jumped up angrily, he immediately admitted that he must not be worse than the younger generation of Maozi. With a gloomy face, he moved to adjust his mood and state.
    Lu Hanwen has strong psychological qualities. It has become a mechanical skill that detaches him, and more and more people begin to genuinely agree that this is indeed an amazing child.

    As obvious as Lu Hanwen hits the wall, it is Team Wind Howl. They are not a person hitting the wall, but collectively hitting the wall. Season they were very popular in the beginning. Has always been the first echelon of the leader. But starting from the eighth round, the results began to twist. After the next season's lowest 4 points in the eighth round, the ninth and tenth rounds were spawned with two consecutive 2 points. In the eleventh round, they only won. Scored 5 points.
    Tang Hao is undoubtedly a God level expert. The initial integration into Wind Howl, a Team that has always been Brawler at its core, has a very good chemical reaction. But also after a few rounds, some problems in the running-in process of the two sides were gradually exposed. The teams with rich experience naturally grabbed their tails and slammed on them. For four consecutive rounds, Team Wind Howl has not been able to adjust, and immediately slipped out of the first echelon.

    In the same context, the veterans have taught all Glory colleagues a good lesson. Team Tyranny, after a steady accumulation of points, is now firmly at the top of the points list. Also a new member of the new Team, Team Tyranny does not seem to have a running-in problem. After the eleven rounds, it is not whether Team Tyranny can always lead the way. But with such a stable and excellent performance, can Team Tyranny break the 314 regular season score created by Team Excellent Era in the second Season in the history of the league. A record of 8.26 points per game. So far, Team Tyranny scored 97 points in 11 rounds. The chance of surpassing this record is not so big.
    And another Team Hundred BloBoss oms, which has received wide attention, finally bitterness finishes, sweetness begins. After the disappointing start of make people, Team Hundred BloBoss oms finally got the feeling. The new Twin Flower Combo is becoming more mature, especially Zou Yuan, using the new Spitfire character Many Flower Resembling Brocade is getting better and better, making people more and more convinced that Zou Yuan will use Dazzling Hundred BloBoss oms on top of the God-level Spitfire character after the Season Zhang Jiale retirement. It's not such a rush of helplessness. After having a tailor-made character, Zou Yuan's performance is getting better and better every day. Team Hundred BloBoss oms also crawled out of the quagmire of being out, and steadily increased.
    Speaking of being out of the quagmire, I have to mention another team that has been at the bottom of the game: Heavenly Sword.

    The situation of Heavenly Sword is somewhat similar to Happy. A weak family background, of course, means poor strength, but it also means that the Ascending room is very large. Lou Guanning won part of Team Everlasting's property, and the strength of Team Heavenly Sword immediately took a leap. The original 20 pieces of silver weapons were expanded to 41 pieces at once. Although some are not complete, and some may even be the best choice for other professions, as long as they can improve the current character's strength, they are all on equipment. And Heavenly Sword's mechanical skill group, which even Ye Xiu doesn't know about, is obviously also increasing the research efforts of Silver Equipment. In each round of the league, the equipment of the Heavenly Sword character seems to change.
    As the strength continues to improve, the performance naturally also continues to improve. In the eleventh round that just ended, the Team Heavenly Sword home game scored 7-3 with 301 degrees. This was the first time that Season scored more than half of the points, and with this the same step out of Relegations. Their opponent 301-degree team in this field has always been a mid-range team with stable performance. From time to time, they can put a foot into the threshold of Playoffs to take a look. But this summer after leaving the team's Knight player Xu Bin, his performance dropped significantly. All Stars Assassin player, Captain Yang Cong seems a little alone.

    The strategy is passive and ugly. Xu Bin, who was dubbed the "Grind King", was once a player who was not very popular in his own fanbase. Now after leaving the team, the importance was suddenly highlighted. Fans missed it all, but it was too late. In Team Tiny Herb, who took over the All Stars Knight character Angelica's Xu Bin, talents are being displayed more fully. The strategy of Season Team Tiny Herb's main attack on the dual magic roads can be implemented, and Xu Bin has made great contributions.
    The extremely lively Ninth Season makes Glory fans feast one's eyes on. But then on November 18, another Monday of the week, Glory officially announced a message that shocked all Glory circles.
    For Glory's anniversary this year, in addition to opening the Glory eleventh server as usual, the latest expansion will also be updated. The upper limit of Glory's three-year untouched Level will be raised to level 75, new quest plot, new dungeon story, new Ability, new equipment, new map...
    For gamers who enjoy internet games, this update is of course extremely happy. But for the ongoing Pro League, big changes like the game update will bring more unpredictability. The already lively Ninth Season, this time will become even more confusing.

    For the character of the pro team, there is no problem with the rapid increase of Level to level 75. However, with the changes in Element, Ability, and equipment brought about by Level promotion, some innovations in Tactic strategy will inevitably result. And all of this will be carried out in groping. The Season situation, which originally seemed to have stabilized, is likely to be disrupted again by this change.
    Of course, pro team doesn't like this kind of change. However, Glory's online game and competitive game mode are destined to be unable to escape this change. It's just that this kind of update is not placed in the summer off-season, it happens to be in the past one-third of the league time period, which is a bit perverted. In the league, if you want to go to leveling, you have to quickly research new capabilities and new equipment. If you take a step slower, you may fall behind in the league competition. This Season is destined to be very busy.
    But even so, for experienced veterans, this situation is not unfamiliar to them. Because Glory only stays at level 70 for a long time, starting from level 50, level 55, level 60, level 65, and then to level 70, there are four levels of update.

    The Pro League is now the ninth league. The previous eight Seasons and the 70-level stayed for three years. The previous five years are equivalent to four years of update years, and such chaos have been played in the four years. This time the update message was released, but the veterans who had been working hard in those days all recalled the magnificent time.
    At the stage of level 70, I stayed for more than three years. But who would believe that Glory will cap it and never update it? So, although there is no update after level 70, the pro team is always preparing. The most basic is the material reserve of various Silver Equipment, which must be sufficient. As soon as this level 75 is released, new materials will be studied and Silver Equipment will be upgraded to a new level.
    As soon as this message came out, the alliance immediately announced it: update week, the fourteenth round of the Glory League was suspended for one week.
    This is of course to welcome the update and let the major teams take more time to adjust. Similarly, the Challenge Tournament will be suspended for a week by treat everyone equally favorably.
    And this message made the face of Wei Chen, who had just adjusted his mentality, become black again.

    Obviously, this is by no means a good message for Happy. Team Excellent Era is prepared for this kind of update. They have several years of material reserves, but Happy does not! Happy all the uncommon material Ye Xiu meticulous planning and careful accounting received, it simply cannot withstand the failure of consumables. In this context, I want to make the equipment more enjoyable... The late blessings are not over yet to be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation.
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