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Chapter List 736 Welcome The Change
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
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    The message with the upper limit of the update Level, the pro scene will not lose one's head out of fear, but it will not be as happy and excited as gamers. In contrast, Pro-player is still what to do. It's just that other departments of the Club have to increase their operations at this time. Logistics began to take inventory of materials, because the existing Silver Equipment will all need to be upgraded, sprinting into the unknown level field, and powerful consumables are likely to use up the accumulation of years.
    The Club Guilds also strengthened the dungeon group. Although this temporary clause the Buddha's feet (without ever having burned incense) may not be of much use, it is mainly an attitude issue at this time. Let the Owner see that everyone is paying attention to this matter!
    Dungeon materials are still easy to guarantee, and the hard part is the rare materials in Wild BOSS. Especially on the Heavenly Domain side, when things come to a head, in order to show their attention and attitude, Great Guilds some ignore their usual restraints, and all the people go to battle one after another. At this time, most people were kings, killing corpses everywhere. Ye Xiu and their allies seem a little less capable than desirable under this momentum. It's too messy and unstructured. The fight of Great Guilds no longer talks about Awareness or cooperation, just one word: Chong.
    Everyone who rushed to and fro, why BoBoss fell into the hands of that family did not see a doorway.

    Such chaos continued for a week. Probably all the guild leaders have already performed, and the struggle has gradually returned to the original principles.
    Rare materials are precious. But after so many years, it is impossible for each family to accumulate nothing. In fact, everyone knows that the new level 75 dungeon and BoBoss are the ones that really affect the overall situation.
    The level 75 materials exploded from these places are the real deciding factors. And these new dungeon, new BoBoss. Let's not talk about how to fight, just do a good job of killing, what kind of bloody wind will be after the expansion of the expansion? It is conceivable from this. Even e-sports Magazine also carried out a theme report on the message of the expansion piece. Of course, the analysis is purely based on the perspective of the impact on the trend of Pro League.
    And the specific information of the expansion piece, the official is also revealing to the outside little by little.
    First, normal servers and Heavenly Domain were announced, and the map will be further expanded, each with six new regions. These six areas will undoubtedly be the main scenes of the gamers Event for at least one year in the future.
    And six areas. It also means at least six dungeon and six Wild BOSS. At present, the official has announced in detail the information of normal servers and Heavenly Domain in each area. Heavenly Domain is naturally more concerned.

    Column Mountains. It is the name of the new 75-level scene announced by Heavenly Domain, and is a newly derived area from the northernmost end of Heavenly Domain.
    And among the endless mountains like a barrier, is the main city of the region: Thousand Mountain City.
    Thousand Mountain City is not large, but it is a vital part that guards the mountains here. And now, a bunch of internal trouble and outside aggression. Waiting for the Warriors to rescue something. This kind of background story is of course indispensable in the game setting, but for the pro scene, this kind of thing is completely unknown.
    In the pro scene, I paid attention to other information about Column Mountains released in this wave of messages.
    Column Mountains will have two 5-man Dungeon and one 10-man Dungeon. A 20-man dungeon and a 100-man dungeon.
    Shadow Military Strategist Sahan, the Wild BOSS of Column Mountains, is also a character brewed based on the background story here. Of course, this background is also not what the pro scene cares about. What everyone cares about is what kind of profession Sahan is and what kind of abilities he has. What is the Ultimate Skill? What good things are there.
    And these, there is no official release of detailed information. It's just a one minute and forty-seven seconds demo animation, showing gamers the power of Shadow Military Strategist Sahan.

    The one minute and forty-seven second video was repeatedly stopped and studied by the major teams, and it was preliminarily determined that Sahan should belong to the Nightwalker-claBoss. The Ability shown in the demonstration has been divided into the three major professions of Warlock, Ninja, and Assassin.
    This Wild BOSS is supremely powerful, but in terms of attention, ordinary players really don't pay much attention to it. Because the old gamers already knew it. This most difficult thing is basically not in touch with their ordinary players. It is what the big Club Guilds compete for.
    Gamers care more about dungeon, something they can also experience. At the same time, gamers are also very concerned about the background plot of the pro scene that is completely ignored. It hasn't been long since the information was released. Some people have already commented on the background plot, some are emotional, some are amazed, and some have already written fan stories...
    The game party cooperated with the promotion and also produced various offline events to strengthen interaction with gamers. Suddenly, the Glory circle was lively and lively, and everyone was happily welcoming and waiting for the three-year update. For a time, it seemed to prove the highest level of pro scene, but it was a bit like a spectator. Gamers are feeling joy, and the pro scene, at this time, is full of utilitarian gains for the sake of winning or losing.
    Club Excellent Era.

    When this message was first announced, Cui Li, Chen Yehui and others were all overjoyed. Just as Wei Chen immediately realized that this was a very unfavorable situation for Happy, they also immediately realized that this was a safety catch for their Excellent Era.
    Cui Li not saying anything further, immediately convened various departments to hold a meeting. Of course, nonsense such as preparing for the new expansion will definitely be said at the meeting. Then, it is to poke Chen Yehui's Guild department, asking them to organize Strength and strengthen the data plundering after the new dungeon and new BoBoss come out.
    When Cui Li watched Chen Yehui say this, it was very meaningful. Chen Yehui and he are also old partners, so they have a special mentality. After Cui Li said this, he immediately took over, and after making a statement for his department, he immediately began to analyze the current situation.

    “I think this is actually a big opportunity for us Excellent Era.” Chen Yehui said, “Although we are in the Challenge Tournament now, I don’t think anyone in this room will only focus on Challenge Tournament is a three-acre land, right? Tyranny, Blue Rain, Tiny Herb, Samsara... Although we are not in the same competition field with them in this Season, they are the only opponents of our Excellent Era. But this Season, they have to deal with the Pro League on the one hand, and on the other hand, they have to face the update of new expansions. The work intensity will definitely be very high. On the contrary, because we are only in the Challenge Tournament, we can have some more energy to put in On the research of the new expansion. Make sufficient preparations, just in the next Season to return to the alliance, kill them and abandon their armor. Such an opportunity is really the old man lost his horse, but it all turned out for the best Although the income is valuable, I don’t think anyone wants to have it again. So I think everyone should pay more attention to see how they can grow Team to the greatest extent under such an opportunity."
    Chen Yehui talked eloquently, but when he said it, intentionally or unconsciously, his gaze would often stop at Vice-Captain, Sun Xiang and Xiao Shiqin, the team opposite him.

    All of you present here are the executives and key members of the Club, so which brains are not enough? Seeing Chen Yehui's frequently positioned gaze, and after careful consideration of his words, he immediately understood this guy's intention. This guy is hoping that the Pro-players on the Team side will be able to work in the online game more!
    This season is a Challenge Tournament, but the work of departments like them is still going on as usual. There is only Team, although it is also a one-week game, but these sloppy opponent and Team Excellent Era players do not need to go all out. Such a Season is like a holiday for them. In the past leagues, Pro-players would not go to online games to mess around, because they were afraid of disrupting their state rhythm and affecting the results of the game. But in the Challenge Tournament, which is so casual for Excellent Era, naturally there is no such concern.
    It's just that this is not the responsibility of Pro-player after all, and the Club can't order it forcibly. Therefore, Chen Yehui had to give some verbal instructions like this. I only hope that these two Captains can understand the meaning of these words, and then show a certain degree of self-consciousness!
    Everyone looked at these two people, and Cui Li took a look and clicked on the next name: "Team, we should also actively respond to the expansion update!"

    Captain Sun Xiang took a look, it's time to make a statement! He cleared his throat immediately: "That's right. The new expansion brings a new level cap, and the character's Element and Ability will be different from the previous ones. In the league, you can only play while groping. It is inevitable that there will be The omission. We can dive down and study it, but unfortunately, the opponent in the Challenge Tournament basically cannot be a touchstone. It seems that we need to watch the Professional Boss ional League to confirm it!"
    Sun Xiang still sighed with emotion when he finished speaking, but the heads of every department in the room were full of black lines.
    This is such a mess! I don’t understand what it means to echo one another between Manager and Chen Yehui. Actually still in this serious analysis of how Team should face the new expansion.
    Although your analysis is correct and correct, but I am sorry, in fact, you have digressed! Young man! You are still a long way away. Look at the person next to you, and he understands it very well.

    Everyone saw that when Sun Xiang finished speaking immensely pleased with oneself, Xiao Shiqin beside him also showed a slight embarrassment on his face. Obviously, he heard that the Club wanted their Team's pros players to do something, but it was a pity that Sun Xiang didn't understand the implication at all, so he was still discussing the matter. When it comes to this, I have to go up and make up for him. Such a Captain is really not as good as Zhou Zekai, which basically only "hmm"!
    After all, Xiao Shiqin's experience is so old that he can't help him with this kind of patching up. He immediately connected to the topic: "Just through the Challenge Tournament, the quality is really not high, and the quantity is small. I think I can adapt to find other opportunities for actual testing."
    "Oh? Are you talking about arranging some invitational friendly matches? This is in Season. I am afraid that no team will accept it, right?" Sun Xiang said.
    You guy... really hopeless! Xiao Shiqin was speechless for a moment.
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