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Chapter List 748 Kill Streak
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "It won't always be like this!" Ye Xiu replied to Wei Chen, and continued to look after him inside and out. Tang Rou noticed that because of her, it added trouble to the battle, and he worked harder. She simply gave up the attack that she had always attached great importance to, and focused on avoiding opponent's damage, which immediately alleviated a lot of Heal's burden. After such a short while, the aggro value of Lord Grim finally exceeded the standard line, and the much-anticipated OT finally happened. Lord Grim turned around, stepped into the house. At the same time, Tang Rou's Soft Mist also rubbed his shoulders and drilled out, waving Battle Lance and drew it towards Leng Ying.
    The fight with the bear in the house made Tang Rou feel depressed. She even gave up offensive in order to reduce the burden on the Group, which is really against her usual character. Don't worry about these at the moment, and the character is completely released, and Leng Ying suddenly becomes her outlet. The Battle Lance in Soft Mist's hand danced like a windmill, and the various abilities were so fast that they knocked Leng Ying from the front door of this room all the way to the yard.
    Tang Rou is playing vigorously, so other people can also have free rein. Because some people's occupations are not suitable for dragging people into the room after all, they have to properly control their aggro. Now that Soft Mist is playing fiercely, then of course their control range can be smaller, as long as it does not exceed Soft Mist?

    As a result, damage became more efficient. When Soft Mist and Lord Grim switched positions again, Leng Ying's HP slipped a lot.
    "Yes!" When Lord Grim came out, Ye Xiu was very pleased to see how hard Leng Ying was being killed. Such mutual encouragement, great morale, coupled with Tactic's decent, gave full play to the advantages of their mechanical skills, and forcibly broke the collaboration of the two BoBoss.
    After Lord Grim and Soft Mist brushed shoulders for five times, Leng Ying, who was attacked in the courtyard, finally fell. This BoBoss single-player combat is indeed very easy to deal with, even Enraged in the red blood did not cause too much trouble for everyone. Leng Ying’s change in the red blood was the significant increase in movement speed, and he began to ride Broom around frequently, trying to fight guerrillas. Naihe's encirclement formation against him in the courtyard has become perfect after such a long battle. Where can Leng Ying get guerrilla? Naturally, this 10% of HP was quickly cleared.
    As soon as Leng Ying fell, the first System Announcement immediately appeared in the World chat channel. Although the combat effectiveness is almost. But it is still a BoBoss recognized by the system.
    But before everyone had time to breathe a sigh of relief because a BoBoss was knock-down, they heard a roar from the room. After Tang Rou called to be careful. Hearing a loud noise, the human bear actually broke through the roof. Jumped out directly from the room.

    Eyes are flushed. The whole body was filled with blood, and it was completely Enraged. From the roof of the house, swinging a mace and smashing it down, looking at this speed, everyone knows that this guy's Element has been greatly increased at this moment.
    "Is this entering the Enraged state early?" Wei Chen exclaimed in surprise.
    If this is the case, their decent Tactic would be a bit miscalculated. Now Renxiong's HP is still very full. If you maintain this Enraged state throughout the process, it will naturally increase the difficulty of dealing with it. After all, every BoBoss Enraged has 10% HP remaining. The battle is almost over, and gamers can recklessly damage Kill Steal with violence. but now. BoBoss with more than 95% HP has already entered the Enraged state, so you need to be cautious and the fault tolerance rate will be very, very low.
    "It seems so." Ye Xiu responded. There is no time to chat at this time, so let’s live with BoBoss parry first.
    For a BoBoss with strong strength like Human Bear, it is absolutely impossible for gamers to use a utility like attacking parry to block its attack. When the mace fell, Lord Grim flicked away, and Thousand Chance Umbrella in his hand turned into Battle Lance and he had already stabbed him in the past.
    Others have temporarily kept onlookers, preparing to pay attention to whether this Enraged BoBoss has changed from before.

    The roar of the human bear filled everyone's ears. Accompanied by his great momentum attack, everyone's character's angle of view was shaken from time to time due to tremors. Lord Grim of Ye Xiu is right next to him, and he is constantly guiding the bear from various directions and angles to make various attacks, just to let everyone see what the bear is capable of.
    "Remote all go to high places." Ye Xiu started to arrange the stations while running around.
    Explicit Gun, Chasing Haze, Windward Formation, and Concealed Light, who only commanded the battle of Summoned Beast, all jumped onto the high ground one after another. Cleric Little Cold Hands can of course do the same, but he stayed in the circle after studying it carefully. Because their fighting method that relies heavily on dodge to reduce Heal's burden will definitely not be a stance damage, there will be a lot of pathing. The high position in this courtyard does not have a full-flawleBoss location. In order to be safe, An Wenyi also left Little Cold Hands below.
    After the arrangement was almost done, Ye Xiu gave an order and the group fight began.
    Although the human bear is Enraged, his weakness has actually been discovered long ago, that is, his resistance to magic spell(s) is poor. So in the next battle, Wei Chen's Warlock and Qiao Yifan's Ghostblade were all eye-catching.

    Both occupations have considerable means of control. When the human bear chased Lord Grim and fought around, One Inch Ash had already lost a yard of Ghost Formation, and the various states of the human bear were bubbling. Of course, Wei Chen's Windward Formation will not be idle, for one time restraint, one for manipulation, one for Hexagram Prison.
    Use your own strengths to attack the enemy's weaknesses.
    Renxiongkong has an Enraged state, but under the restriction of such more and more emerge, the sturdy combat power is also very limited. In the Plague Formation that weakened the Defense under the One Inch Ash, the HP flow is no better than the previous Leng Ying.
    "Just go on like this, keep the rhythm." Ye Xiu noticed the consumption of everyone in a circle, and judged that it was affordable enough, so he did not change the rhythm of the attack. The human bear was restricted to a miserable level, and Heal's burden on the Group side was naturally low. An Wenyi was even very free to let Little Cold Hands also order Hypnosis and Holy Commandment's Light Ability to support the team. Cleric is an offensive profession in terms of support.
    Finally, Renxiong's HP dropped to nearly 10%. During this period, he really has maintained a better fighting ability than before. But after entering the red blood, will there be Enraged?

    This is of course to be resisted, Ye Xiu is also the old way. Renxiong's HP subsequently dropped to 10%, and it really changed a little. Compared with the previous desperateness, it seems to have become a little calmer, and the resistance of the previous particularly weak items seems to have improved.
    But this red blood buff is obviously not enough to be a turning point. For BoBoss, who has been Enraged throughout, it seems that the designer is not embarrassed to let him have another big outbreak.
    Only 10% of HP is left, Ye Xiu, they don't even need to emphasize all kinds of control too much. This change of human bear, it appears at this time, it is already a bit too late.
    The human bear has fallen down recently. The system also sends out the First Kill announcement immediately.
    Compared to the previous Lengying First Kill, Renxiong First Kill is a little closer to DEK. Gamers who didn't know what the dungeon was all about were naturally amazed.
    There are a total of five BoBoss in Yinshan Thief Village. At this time, all four have been taken down. Is this Guild Happy Team ready to clear wasteland directly?
    The emotions of gamers are various and complex, and there are all kinds of them, and they are not shy about discussing on the World chat channel.
    Ye Xiu They didn't pay much attention to these topics about them. The two BoBoss were brought down, and it was still time to publish the damage statistics.

    In fact, Ye Xiu has not been used to this for a long time. With his realm, is he complacent when he compares dungeon damage with others?
    Today, I suddenly let everyone watch the damage statistics. Everyone now knows that wine-lover's heart is not in the cup. This damage statistics is for Mo Fan to see. This guy who eats, lives, and plays with everyone but is inharmonious with everyone, if you just pull his ears to talk to him, it's just blind. Now that the data is displayed, there is no need to say anything, you can figure it out for yourself!
    The new stage of damage statistics is released, and everyone doesn't care about them anymore, they are all busy looking for Deception. As a result, as before, Deception appeared in the leech area again, and was at the same level as Chasing Haze and Concealed Light, the two inadequate people.
    "If some people don't want leech, our battle will definitely end quickly." After Ye Xiu left a sentence, Lord Grim had already moved in the next direction.
    As everyone let their character follow, they all looked at Mo Fan's reaction over there with their necks.
    In fact, everyone knows that with the character of Mo Fan, he may not come at all. If he comes with him, he will never leech.

    He must have worked very hard at the damage, but for some unknown reason, the damage is not high. It is on the same level as Chasing Haze and Concealed Light. Everyone thinks this is very novel.
    Why is this happening?
    Mo Fan's teeth were almost broken, but he really couldn't figure it out. Ninja is already very proficient in this profession, whether PvP or PvE, he is very skilled. In the past, when he played with some wild teams, his damage was particularly amazing and admirable. Why did he become a parallel importer when he got to this group?
    Although the people in this group are indeed not comparable to the ordinary players encountered in the game on weekdays, they should not be so much worse.
    "The last BoBoss." Ye Xiu said.
    This word fell in Mo Fan's ears, and he felt like he heard "the last chance". However, how can damage be improved? Mo Fan thought about it, but really didn't know what was wrong with his technique. Is it because your hand speed is not fast?
    That's not right! Mo Fan After all, everyone is facing each other day and night. Even if there is no communication in normal times, he is quick to think about everyone's situation, such as hand speed. He shouldn't be the cause of his damage and falling behind.

    Soon, the Group moved to the Zhongzhai of Yinshan Thief Village: Yinshan Hall. Here, overseeing is the boss of Yinshan Thief Village, the owner of the village, Yin Shanhu!
    Let's update today! Are there anyone watching the final match of the European Cup together!
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