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Chapter List 765 Mental Burden
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
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    "Yeah, I can comeback from retirement. Time flies so fast." Ye Xiu's tone also carried a bit of emotion. It has been a whole year since he left Excellent Era.
    "However, I don't need to go to invite(s) to announce now. It is impossible for Season to return to the pro scene anyway. Everything depends on next summer." Ye Xiu said.
    "Yeah." Chen Guo slight nod.
    Ye Qiu’s comeback from retirement day, it’s not just a reporter like Chang Xian who stared at this message. Except for reporters like Cao Guangcheng who have completely lost confidence in interviewing Ye Qiu, anyone who eats Glory's meal and has a bit of news sensitivity has noticed this double special day.
    After all, Ye Qiu is the number one man in the history of Glory. One year of retirement will not make such a famous Great God a passerby. What's more, Ye Qiu's messages continued throughout the year, and the rumors of comingback from retirement have been circulating for a long time. Happy struggling in the Challenge Tournament and Ye Qiu's shadow are so strong. All of this constitutes a lot of The reason people will pay attention to this topic.
    It's a pity that everyone has been waiting for a day. On this day, Ye Qiu's message to comeback from retirement did not appear on any channel, and there were only endless speculation and gossip.
    At Club Excellent Era, I was nervous all day.

    Ye Qiu has organized a new team to kill the door in the Challenge Tournament. Of course, they will be on full guard against Ye Qiu. When Ye Qiu announces comeback from retirement, who knows what topics will be raised, so Excellent Era must also be prepared for public relations. Manager Cui Li even called the team players together and held a meeting specifically on this matter. Make insinuations reminds everyone that if you are interviewed on a related topic, don't talk nonsense.
    Cui Li was talking about this very seriously, only to hear a cold snort of disdain. Cui Li also felt a headache when he saw it.
    Su Mucheng.
    When Ye Qiu was still there, no one thought that Su Mucheng would actually be a thorn. In everyone's eyes, Su Mucheng always follows Ye Qiu very well. Not much talk, not much trouble.
    But now? Except that the game will still deal with it seriously, in other aspects, everyone has never seen Su Mucheng from the original team.
    She now makes no secret of her contempt and disgust for Excellent Era. Sun Xiang, Chen Yehui, Cui Li, and then to Owner Tao Xuan, almost no one has encountered Nail with all kinds of soft and hard here. The girl who used to be a good girl seems to have changed people overnight.

    To be honest, Cui Li has endured for a long time, and he has become more and more rude to Su Mucheng. Because at this point, Cui Li knows very well that after the season is over, Su Mucheng will definitely transfer freely. In fact, as early as the summer, Excellent Era did not have the thought of sending Su Mucheng away. It was just because of various reasons that in the end was not able to make it. Now seeing this season is over, there will be a shortage of people and money. When you mention Su Mucheng, all kinds of headaches, all kinds of depression.
    Now at this meeting, Su Mucheng has expressed disdain again, making Cui Li even more nervous. Su Mucheng broke with Excellent Era from the bottom of his heart. Playing the game seriously is the professional attitude that a Pro-player should have. As for other aspects, I am afraid that he will not have any tendency towards Excellent Era. Cui Li now hopes that the players will do it. , Will Su Mucheng obey?
    This cold snort is almost the answer. And for players at this level, the Club also has no strategy left to try, so they can’t put people under house arrest...
    Cui Li's embarrassment was seen by the deputy team and Xiao Shiqin, but they felt helpless.
    It has been almost half a year since I joined Excellent Era. For the entanglement between Ye Qiu and Excellent Era, Xiao Shiqin has basically understood the inseparability from various channels of gossip.

    Excellent Era's approach is indeed not very kind, but Xiao Shiqin can somewhat understand the thoughts of the operators on Excellent Era. The other clubs seem to be harmonious, which may not necessarily explain how noble their operators are, maybe it's just because there is no Ye Qiu in their team, and there is no such special one.
    For this entanglement of Excellent Era, Xiao Shiqin doesn't actually have much gossip thoughts. What he perceives is a more terrifying fact right now.
    Excellent Era forced Ye Qiu back, but there was no knock-down Ye Qiu. Ye Qiu started from the new server online game, planned and prepared step by step, and then organized the Team and participated in the Challenge Tournament. There was no compromise.
    On the contrary, Excellent Era himself has been affected by this incident. It's been a year. Look at the various expressions of many people in Excellent Era when they mention Ye Qiu, as if this is a taboo, you know that this matter has become a shadow of Excellent Era's own mind.
    Ye Qiu is alone, starting from scratch.
    On the contrary, Excellent Era was burdened with a heavy psychological burden. Xiao Shiqin even began to wonder whether the miraculous downgrade of Excellent Era on Season was due to this psychological burden? Now, when Ye Qiu has become the opponent they need to face in the Challenge Tournament, their psychological burden seems to have become heavier.

    In Xiao Shiqin's opinion, the kind of meeting that Cui Li is holding now is even more an unwise decision. Team urgently needs to remove the shadow of Ye Qiu, but you still have to put the issue of Ye Qiu on the table so seriously, isn't this actually expanding the shadow?
    It can't go on like this!
    Xiao Shiqin thought, and was about to say something, but he didn't expect Su Mucheng to speak before him.
    "I think Manager Cui is a little worried?" Su Mucheng said.
    Cui Li is still struggling with Su Mucheng over there, but I really didn't expect Su Mucheng to speak. Su Mucheng has always been too lazy to talk to them.

    "Actually, I'm sorry." Su Mucheng continued, "After working together so much, you don't know him at all. He is a Pro-player, very professional, and all his persistence is dedicated to Glory and dedicated to It’s on the competition stage. Do you think you treat him this way, so he will definitely come back for revenge? You are wrong, he comes back, but because here is Glory nothing more, he and you oppose each other with equal harshness, just because You are too uncomfortable, and you can actually fall into the Challenge Tournament. He faces you, it has nothing to do with you being Excellent Era, and it has nothing to do with you forcing him to retirement, but because the game system is like this. So Manager Cui, don’t worry, he won’t Take your comeback from retirement gimmick to tell the story about Excellent Era, because in his eyes, you are just an opponent nothing more, and there is no essential difference from any gamers team he beats along the way. It's nothing more than you. He’s stronger, so he will face it more seriously and actively. So Manager Cui, if you don’t want to lose, just step up to practice. This kind of time-wasting meeting is completely unnecessary, so I won’t accompany him."
    After Su Mucheng finished speaking, he stood up and turned around and the meeting went out.
    There was silence in the room, and when everyone was trying to figure out how long the silence would last and how it would be broken in the end, one person stood up.
    "I went to train."
    Qiu Fei.

    This season, the rookie who was promoted from the training camp, dared to sing on the stage with the Manager of the Club at this time. "I'm going to train", when I said it at this time, it was an echo of Su Mucheng's last words.
    Ignoring anyone's gaze, Qiu Fei has also left the meeting room. The rest of the people stared at Cui Li with big eyes and small eyes.
    This time, the one who spoke first became their Captain Sun Xiang: "Hehe, this little rascal, it really has a character and is interesting."
    Motherfucker! Everyone helps, brother, did you make a mistake about what you care about?
    It is not the first time that Xiao Shiqin has learned about Sun Xiang’s idiots in this regard, so I won’t discuss this topic. Seeing that it is no longer possible to continue sitting at the original rhythm, Xiao Shiqin also simply spoke to Cui Li: "Manager Cui, should I take a break?"
    "Okay, let's go back first!" Cui Li also borrowed the donkey from the slope, and the players left one by one. Cui Li walked depressedly at the end, only to find that Xiao Shiqin also seemed to have deliberately fallen behind. Cui Li immediately understood that this Great God had something to say to himself!
    "Manager Cui, I have a bit of opinion, and I want to communicate with you." Xiao Shiqin saw that everyone was gone, and then he spoke.

    "Well, Vice-captain Xiao, don't hesitate to say it." Cui Li didn't dare or neglect the least of a god who was invited by Team spare no pains or effort in this league.
    "It's like this..." Xiao Shiqin was so and so, and he explained his deal sincerely and fairly about the current Excellent Era situation.
    "Now, Ye Qiu has become an enemy we need to face directly, and this burden can no longer be aggravated. Strategically, we should despise him, Tactic, pay more attention to him." Xiao Shiqin also gave in the end. What he thinks is the correct course.
    Cui Li listened to Xiao Shiqin's remarks, and he was very emotional. This summer transfer is really not wrong. Liu Hao and He Ming who left, how can it be possible to say something as calm as Xiao Shiqin is now, especially Liu Hao, it is estimated that various plots are actively thinking about how to change the defense against Ye Qiu against Ye Qiu. !
    But speaking of it, Xiao Shiqin is also somewhat of The person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear. He is an outsider in this season, and he is the only person who will not carry the "Ye Qiu emotion" like them for a long time. Fortunately, this outsider awakened him at a critical moment, and Cui Li had already realized his awareness of Ye Qiu's attention. This kind of care for Ye Qiu has invisibly put a heavy pressure on them. They have given up this mentality and regard Ye Qiu as an ordinary opponent, just like every a player team they beat before.

    Hey, why is this idea a bit familiar? When Cui Li changed his mind, he suddenly remembered that this was Ye Qiu's thought that Su Mucheng had said at the meeting a few minutes ago, and he was in a daze again.
    "Manager Cui, how do you feel about it?" Cui Li left with emotion, and did not speak for a long time. Xiao Shiqin couldn't help but ask.
    "You are right, we should let go of the shackles." Cui Li slight nod, and made up his mind even more. In the future, I can communicate with this Vice-Captain. As for Chen Yehui, I have to call him to wake him up.
    The first one!
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