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Chapter List 775 Observe Overnight
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
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    Chapter 895: One Night Observation
    The Event announcement came out, and it was less than two days before the official start. Old gamers in the latest chapter of the church all know the benefits of this Christmas Event. I want to team up to find relatives and friends, and I want to use single spear and horse to sharpen the equipment in the last two days.
    Of course, Club Guild will not miss this Event. For them, in addition to directly participating in the Event content, they also have to compete for the leaderboard during the Event. Leaderboard is revenue and image promotion at the same time.
    But when I think of Lord Grim in the online game, the guild leader of Great Guilds can't laugh. This event will be carried out on the teleport map and restricted to small teams. Therefore, their Great Guild many men, a great force advantage can only be used on the Guild rankings, personal or Team rankings, no matter how many people there are. I can't help but gather them together!
    These competitions obviously compete with the strength of elite gamers and Group. Originally, Great Guild was confident in this aspect, but it was compared with Happy... The new dungeon is currently dominated by Happy’s record leaderboard, which is the best explanation. That is also better than Elite Group, the result?

    Only the pro team can compete with Happy's Team. But Christmas is not obstruction Pro League. There are three event periods on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and the sixteenth round of the Pro League will be played on Saturday. It is impossible for Pro-players to run in the online game and play Event instead of training and preparation before the game. Even if you are really interested in playing, you can just play one game or two games at random. Obviously, you can't expect them to show up on the leaderboard.
    The bosses of Club Guild are worried! But two days passed in a flash. The Christmas mobilization event has officially started. Due to the limited number of events, there are not many gamers guarding the start of the impatient in the early hours of the morning. What about the Club Guilds? This did not immediately dismiss their Elite Group. Those of them aiming at the leaderboard, of course, must first understand the true situation of this event through observation, and then be targeted.
    This night, while the major Club Guilds were studying the Event individually, they were actively watching the leaderboard. The latest chapters of the church
    What about Lord Grim? Happy? Will it appear on the list soon?

    There was no result. It stayed until dawn, and no one from Happy rushed to the leaderboard. Although the major Club Guilds did not send out real elites, their background was also well reflected at this time. Under the circumstances of letting it play, none of them are the forces of Guild who hold a foothold in the various leaderboards. Needless to say as for the Guild rankings. In the first twenty Club Guilds, there are boring people who compare the leaderboard rankings with the Pro League rankings to see if there are similarities and differences.
    There are many differences.
    For example, on this leaderboard, Guild Samsara is currently ranked first. After the Guild team won the Season championship, the momentum of development has been very strong, and Guild's gamers are also particularly diligent. After Guild Samsara, there are traditional powerful Guilds such as Blue Brook Guild, Herb Garden, and Tyrannical Ambition. Team Tyranny currently holds the top spot in the Pro League, but their subordinate Guild Tyrannical Ambition's performance in this Event currently seems to be half a catapult with other Giants, and has not seen the momentum in the league.

    In addition, like Excellent Dynasty, although Team Excellent Era has been out of the Challenge Tournament, it is impossible for Guild to completely collapse because of this. At this time, the ones who most look forward to Excellent Era are undoubtedly their most loyal fans. Excellent Dynasty Guild performed exceptionally well in this Event, and many Guilds of the middle and low-ranking teams lost to them.
    There is also a big contrast, Heavenly Justice. Their Team Heavenly Sword's current ranking in the league is still imminent danger, always hovering between out and not out. But in this Guild Event, Heavenly Sword also achieved good results, currently ranking seventh. There is a trail message saying that Heavenly Justice issued a heavy award in Guild for this Event to trigger the enthusiasm of the gamers. Is this the case, but it still needs to be dig deeper.
    These Guilds have attracted the attention of most gamers, but they themselves are struggling to find the leaderboard to see if Guild Happy's current ranking is threatening them. After this investigation, everyone was very relieved. Happy's Guild is still too weak. To fight for the ranking of Guild, it is useless to rely on individual elite experts in such an event, and the strength of all gamers is required. "" Happy's Lord Grim and others are strong, but they can't play a decisive role in this event.

    And after a whole night of careful research, Great Guilds also discovered a problem.
    Like previous events, the leaderboard of gamers needs to be divided by Level. Under normal circumstances, there is a grade of 5. In normal servers, this range will be very detailed, starting from level 20 when leaving Novice Village, level 5 and level 1, until level 75.
    However, in Heavenly Domain, because they are all max-level gamers, there is usually no need to divide, but this time it is catching up with the Level upper limit update, so on the Heavenly Domain side, two leaderboards are also divided by Level.
    One is the five-level leaderboard from level 70 to level 74, and the other is the leaderboard at level 75. The two leaderboards are divided into individuals and Groups, and the Group Level is based on the highest level of the character in the team.
    This division is also Glory's consistent method, mainly to divide the two equipment grades of 70 and 75. But putting it aside for now, the Great Guilds who had studied for a whole night discovered a problem: There are relatively fewer gamers at level 75.

    The new level was opened on December 3, but now it is only on December 25, more than 20 days have passed. The higher the Level, the more experience and the slower the upgrade, which is inevitable. The core character of Club Guild, practiced at the fastest speed day and night, reaching level 75 in the 11 days of the off-season. Ye Xiu They are not so diligent, but the efficiency is not low. A few days after the end of the offseason, they have reached level 75, and they have begun to sweep the leaderboard of major records. But for the vast majority of ordinary players, how can there be so much free time? These gamers, who only have a few hours of play time a day, are still struggling to upgrade! And this group of them is definitely the vast majority of gamers.
    Club Guild receives the most dead fans from Team. Most of these dead fans are among the gamers who are most enthusiastic about Glory. Naturally, they are also people who are more willing to devote their time to the game. Therefore, there are quite a few gamers who have reached level 75 in the Club Guilds in the past 20 days. So in the current 75-level gamers group, members of their Club Guild account for a considerable proportion. So when the quest is randomly assigned, it often happens that the team or gamers of the same Guild get a picture by chance. Obviously, this assignment is truly random and will not evade members of the same Guild.

    In this way, gamers of the same Guild in the quest map can help each other, which naturally has an advantage over other gamers. This hidden phenomenon was finally grasped by Great Guilds after one night of observation and understanding.
    However, this advantage is owned by one's own family and others, so it must be used and guarded against. However, they do, and some people may not. For example, Guild Happy...
    Great Guilds had a spy account on Happy. Even if you don't know the core information, glance at the list of Guild members to see if the level distribution is not an obvious at a glance?
    Guild Happy currently has not many gamers at level 75. They are in the early stages of development, and their income is not picky, so the members are uneven. There are people who actively launch various events every day, and there are also diving parties that don’t see people for a few days once offline. Guild Happy is currently in the transitional stage from player formed Guild to ProfessionalBoss ional Guild.
    In the face of Guild Happy, Great Guilds can exclusively enjoy this advantage. So in this case, if a quest map happened to give them a many men, a great force, would there be a chance to embarrass the great experts like Lord Grim?
    Although I know that Lord Grim is a great God level, Great Guilds has to find a way to deal with it. In addition to the large number of people, what advantages do they have? Do you find someone to fight mechanical skills with Great God?

    And this event quest, which was originally impossible to have a large number of people, but because it caught up with a special moment, and contributed to such a scene, Club Guild naturally gave birth to some ideas. Just a closer look, even if his own Guild has two teams on the same map, they met the Lord Grim team. 10 people to 5 people... Is this an advantage?
    The guild leader adults who thought of this step were very depressed and came to the conclusion that 10 is less than 5. The strength of the Happy group of experts is not something they can pack twice or three times as many as they are, but more can be done. But if there are more, I am afraid it will not come out randomly. This whole night, the scene where the 3rd Team came to a picture did not appear so many times.
    "So, one family is not enough... how many come together?" Someone couldn't help but think of it.
    So in the crowd of guild leaders like them, some people gradually started to bubbling, one by one, and starting to lead the topic.
    "Samsara did a good job? I grabbed so much this night."
    "Hehe, your home is also pretty good!"
    "Heavenly Justice didn't join this group, right? They are also great this time!"
    "What's the matter with Hundred BloBoss oms? It seems a bit decadent!"

    Everyone, you talk to me, discussing the harvest of the night. At the bottom of my heart, everyone can't wait for everyone else's results to be negative, and come first in triennial palace examinations. But now one by one is harmonious and loving with each other.
    "Ah, Excellent Dynasty is also very fierce!" Someone seemed to have found a breakthrough to lead the topic.
    "Do your best!" Chen Yehui put on a fake smile just like everyone else.
    "Compared to you, that Happy is far worse, where is Guild? You can't find it!" Someone started to get to the point.
    "Guild and the others are hopeless, but what about the individual and the team?" The topic was formally raised.
    "If you don't want to take countermeasures, I'm afraid we will all lose to them?"
    "Or, join forces to limit it?" The guild leader who said this didn't seem to be very happy. To be honest, they and these Guilds fighting side by side than oppose each other with equal harshness, the brain cells may die more.
    Let's get one update first, get up tomorrow morning and write the second one!
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