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Chapter List 808 Not Easy Opponent
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Where are your people!" After Lou Guanning handed over the account card to Ye Xiu, he was confident Flying Upwards suddenly and roared in anger. ...
    "Very fighting spirit Old Lou, don't worry, your opponent will come over right away." The visitor said he was going to Lou Guanning's side.
    "Don't come here! I won't give you a chance!" Lou Guanning looked worried about the other person peeking. In fact, he was really afraid of the other party to come to see him. In this view, he asked Ye Xiu to fight on his behalf immediately exposed.
    "Oh wow, are you serious? The more serious you are, the more pitiful!" The man sighed, shaking his head.

    Although they are hurting friends, they know each other very well after all. It seems that Lou Guanning is also a little startled by the appearance of people. This guy is really extra confident this time! Although this person doesn't play Glory very much, he often deals with Lou Guanning and the Glory fans. Now he is keen on attacking Team Heavenly Sword, so he still has a vision. Now Lou Guanning and their level, this person is quite clear, the gamers expert who finds casually is hardly Lou Guanning their opponent. All he can expect is that Lou Guanning made some mistakes in their duel, and then laughed at them only by looking at the result and disregarding the process. As it is now, so confident from the beginning, have you found something amazing this time? Otherwise, with the super high rate of defeat of the gamers expert, isn't he so confident that he just put his face in front of him and waited for someone to smoke?
    Lou Guanning was suspicious, but when he thought of the Great God playing on his behalf, he was relieved a lot. However, in order to prevent people from seeing the flaws, after seeing this guy’s unexpected self-confidence, Lou Guanning also pretended to ask in surprise: "Who did you look for?" Friends are mutual, and Lou Guanning knows each other at the same time. , He Chang is not familiar with him. The other party showed excessive self-confidence, and Lou Guanning needs not to show excessive self-confidence at this time in order not to be suspicious.
    "Hehe, let's talk after you hit it." The person said.

    This guy, shouldn't he invite the Pro-player to come over by any means?
    Lou Guanning whispered in his heart. After all, during the All Stars weekend, the Pro-players from the Glory circle are gathering City B. If this guy in front of him does not hesitate to beat him, it is really possible to invite one from the Pro-player!
    Just guessing, the figure flickered at the door, and a person was already standing. Lou Guanning stood up and looked at him but didn't recognize... this person is not a Pro-player.
    "Okay, here we are. So let's start now?" Xiaoyou looked expectant, and didn't regard himself as an outsider at all, so he arranged a seat for the visitor. ^/very literary/^
    The visitors didn't talk much, and when they sat down, they took out the account card from the pocket and swiped the card to log in to Glory.
    "Room number." Lou Guanning quietly sent Ye Xiu to the message, and after receiving the reply, he reported it out loud.
    The character came online and soon came to Arena and found a room. Everyone has been waiting in the room with the account open. It is much clearer to enter the game from the perspective of watching the game than from the first perspective from behind the players. Lou Guanning himself, at this time, also opened a waistcoat number and mixed in, and together with everyone, he saw people entering the room.
    Sleeping Whole Summer Again.

    The character's name is a bit interesting. Looking at his career, Lou Guanning suddenly understood why he had to challenge him. This Sleeping Whole Summer Again is also a Berserker.
    "The old rules, random maps, one game determines the outcome." Lou Guanning said.
    "Don't you need to give you more chance?" Hsouyou smiled.
    "I don't have that much time." Lou Guanning was out of anger, "Go."
    As he said this, Ye Xiu over there immediately selected a random map very cooperatively, and then started the game. The count down ends, and both parties load the map. In the end was followed by a 1 v 1 indoor scene picture: a pub.
    One vs one is not too big, but it is still much bigger than the most commonly used arenas for gamers to save time. In the case of interior pictures, many rooms are more disgusting than many obstacles. For this tavern, in addition to five communicating rooms, there is also an underground wine cellar, a total of six rooms.
    The Loulan Slash and Sleeping Whole Summer Again used by Ye Xiu each appeared in the same room. They didn't know where each other was, and walked towards the entrance and exit of each room together.
    Everyone who was watching the battle, all went to see the equipment of Sleeping Whole Summer Again at this time. The equipment of ordinary players cannot be compared with professional characters. But now it's time for the big update of the game data, ordinary players also have the opportunity to get closer to the professional character.

    However, this opportunity just exists. Level 75 Orange Equipment, can anyone get it?
    But now this one is going to sleep again, everyone looked at the equipment and they were all surprised. Level 75 Orange Equipment, this one already has four pieces on him, including an Orange weapon: Greatsword Wufeng. Not to mention a bunch of dazzling 75-level Orange Equipment Element, at the end there is an additional effect broken, which doubles the damage to the stamina of the equipment.
    This Element is quite vicious.
    What is equipment durability? That's money!
    If the equipment in Glory is directly repaired by a blacksmith, the upper limit of stamina will drop a little after repairing, until it reaches the lowest level and cannot be repaired. Therefore, in order not to lower the upper limit, it is necessary to find the corresponding materials to repair the equipment. The more the best equipment, the more expensive the repair materials are required. In other words, the more the best equipment, the more valuable the stamina.
    And this weapon, which damages stamina, is simply an opponent Money Bag! What's more frightening is that if you get into a stalemate and have such double stamina damage, you may directly hit the opponent's equipment durability to 0. The lowest equipment durability in Glory is 1, and the stamina is 0. The equipment is considered to be destroyed, and it will directly become a mass of garbage taken ??????

    "Does this guy, who specializes in such a weapon, wants to break our equipment?" Lou Guanning guessed again in his heart. He knows that although Heavenly Sword's equipment is very bad in the pro scene, it is still much better than ordinary players. So in the past, this guy often provided some equipment for the thugs that this bad friend got. Although this guy has no background in Glory, as long as he has money, equipment or anything is not particularly difficult. In order to make Lou Guanning fun, this guy is willing to make this kind of investment.
    It must be that guy's bad idea. Lou Guanning glanced at his friend, but there was Great God overseeing, Lou Guanning believed that this kind of strategy would definitely not succeed.
    Two Berserker characters shuttled in the tavern non-stop, no one ran to the underground wine cellar, looking for each other's silhouette in five rooms. Finally, in a certain room, two characters each rushed in through a doorway and met.
    Collapsing Mountain!
    The first to launch the attack was Ye Xiu, and the very ordinary Berserker started the attack.

    The other party is quite skillful in dealing with this kind of public way. Sleeping Whole Summer Again is a small backwards leap, and if the Greatsword is rounded without a sword in the hand, it is a Sword Draw. Collapsing Mountain's judgment is no weaker than Sword Draw, so this Sword Draw is not able to cut and use Collapsing Mountain's Loulan Slash, but the damage of this blow must be eaten. After rushing out of this Sword Draw at the closest distance, Sleeping Whole Summer Again has another backward leap, but it accurately avoided the impact of the range when Collapsing Mountain fell.
    Ye Xiu was surprised. However, this guy’s counterattack was only for these two backwards leap. The first backwards leap avoided the sharp point and make a move to counterattack and grab the nearest attack distance; and the second jump was to avoid the Collapsing Mountain that Sword Draw could not stop. . The timing of the two backwards leap is extremely precise, and just such a subtle point, you can see the skill. Coincidence, there is never a coincidence twice.
    Ye Xiu's expression suddenly became serious. If it's a random opponent, at this time, he might just cut it down regardless of whether Collapsing Mountain is missed, and continue to pursue it. But seeing the opponent's two backwards leap so delicately, Ye Xiu has already been so Awareness to slash in such a reckless way, and he will definitely encounter a powerful counterattack from the opponent. So before the mountain was shot down, the air had been forced to accept the move, and a Guard was changed.

    When there was a sound, Sword Draw hit Loulan Slash's Guard, and Loulan Slash took the opportunity to fly to the ground. Two Berserkers, the first Greatsword intersect, they both use the Blade Master Ability. Lou Guanning's heart was throbbing with the interlaced sounds of Greatsword. With this sound, how many stamina of Loulan Slash weapon were cut off?
    As soon as Loulan Slash hit the ground, he immediately dashed into the assassination. The action was so fast that it made people feel like the character hadn't landed yet, and he floated out of the air.
    Obviously, the other party did not expect that the response here was so clever and proactive, and this charge and assassination was a little embarrassing to avoid. Ye Xiu utilize Loulan Slash to turn around and pick up Whirlwind Strike. As a result, the action there is also fast, and the Whirlwind Strike is also out.
    The two Berserkers each waved their Greatsword and collided with each other. The sound of the weapons intersected, and at the same time flesh and blood flying, HP dropped.
    Whirlwind Strike used, that also depends on utilize to adjust the angle of the sword in order to damage the opponent to the greatest extent. These two people are obviously on the micro Whirlwind Strike, sometimes hitting opponent and sometimes attacking parry. The two abilities ended at the same time, and the damage suffered by the two people was comparable, and the weapon's HP, which is stamina, must be the loss of Loulan Slash.
    There are two things!
    Two people's heart is secret. This same Ability collision best reflects the superiority of the standard. Comparable results can also explain the comparable level.
    Who is the person here?

    Ye Xiu had to seriously consider this issue at this time. With a level comparable to him, how many Glory can have? Ye Xiu didn't take it seriously at first, and didn't scan his eyes when people came. At this time, they found that the people were not easy. When I wanted to look again, the screen was hidden between the two, but I couldn't see it anymore.
    As for the people coming, they are not as surprised as Ye Xiu. After all, he thought that the opponent was Lou Guanning, and Lou Guanning was the Pro-player, who could produce comparable results without being too surprised by the monster.
    "Come again!"
    The two sides did not speak, but they said one sentence in their hearts. The character made a move at the same time. A red shadow in the Greatsword in his hand slashed towards each other. As a result, there was another loud noise and the two swords collided. This is Wild Blood Strike. Almost slashing angle, attacking in the end becomes parry.
    Lou Guanning's heart is breaking!
    Great God Now, you can't play like this! This spelling is clearly ruining my equipment! Hurry up and be flexible??????
    Second watch, here it is! Long time no see second watch!
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