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Chapter List 826 Seriously
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Regarding Ye Xiu's instructions, Mo Fan did not express anything in or out of the game. However, the discussion between Ye Xiu and Wei Chen finally sounded a wake-up call for everyone in Happy.
    In the past, ordinary players were bullied, and they were all unprofitable, so generally they would not consider the loss of battle. But this training camp is different, it is for Pro-player. If you meet one or two, it doesn't matter. After all, we are a team here and there are too many people! But this time, the other side came out six in one breath, and these six are the masters of this All Stars competition, and the strength is beyond doubt. And the opponent only bubbling six, who knows if there are other people hiding in Guild's lineup and not making a move? Didn’t you all come out one by one like a solitaire before?
    In the past, Ye Xiu must wait until the excitement has been enough before welcoming everyone to do it. How convenient is the advantage? But now they have a different purpose. They either came to stealing the BoBoss, or they used BoBoss as a prize, and competed with Pro-players. Of course, they can’t wait for someone to fight the broken flower, withered willow and then come out to fight Huanglong. Everyone is Spirit. Full of in glowing spirits, it makes sense to fight 300 rounds like this!
    "Wealth and danger, come on, comrades!" Ye Xiu mobilized before the war.
    "What kind of metaphor is this?" Chen Guo complained.
    "Huh, why are you here?" Ye Xiu was puzzled.

    Chen Guo gave Ye Xiu a murderous look outside the game. This guy always dislikes his own level. Fortunately, his own Chasing Haze is also a member of the team. What's wrong with the training together?
    "let's go!"
    In Team Happy, there is no shortage of refreshing people like Lu Hanwen. After Tang Rou supported Ye Xiu's decision, Soft Mist decisively rushed out first.
    Qiao Yifan has also continued to mature during this period. The overall situation and the cooperation with Awareness have become more and more attractive, and the understanding and use of Phantom Demon have also been professional. Seeing that Soft Mist was up, I didn't dare to neglect to follow up quickly, and be ready to supplement Ghost Formation at any time.
    "Then go!" As soon as someone rushed out, Wei Chen didn't have much to say. Although he wanted to hide his Death's Hand first, his teammates had already rushed, and he couldn't do it anymore. Go back to the main city.
    "Huh!" Chen Guo was still angry, and gave Ye Xiu a fierce look, and also manipulated Chasing Haze into battle. With a steel cannon in his hand, he started aiming at the Great God waistcoat over there. After a while, the line of sight was blocked by Concealed Light’s Summoned Beast.

    "Concealed Light, let your game move aside!" Chen Guo breathed. Luo Ji is now at a higher level, and Summoned Beast can master a few more animals again, so when he is there, the chaos of the scene has increased a bit. Summoner, as an unpopular profession in the Group, is not for no reason. For example, remote attackers will be upset if they encounter this kind of thing.
    Luo Ji was immediately embarrassed when he heard the Owner's shout, and quickly commanded Summoned Beast to give way. At this time, Ye Xiu ruthlessly pointed out: "It's much more convenient for you to walk by yourself than to toss Summoned Beast."
    "Huh?!" Chen Guo was going to have an attack, but Wu Chen's Explicit Gun slipped behind him and said kindly: "Follow me!"
    Wu Chen didn't say much, but Chen Guo was still aware of it. Just now, her Chasing Haze was in a bad position, but she went to give way to Concealed Light's Summoned Beast. This seems a bit of a mess...
    "It's all pissed off by you!" Chen Guo said to Ye Xiu angrily. She is not what she can do to play pomp.
    "Hehe, I know you didn't mean it." Ye Xiu said.
    "..." Chen Guo really hates that he only has a steel cannon in the game! If that cannon is in his hand, it must explode Ye Xiu's head at this time.

    Everyone of Team Happy appeared one after another, and the three gamers of Great Guild were in an uproar.
    If watching All Stars Great God fight each other is everyone love to hear and see, then Happy people are the plague that everyone avoids.
    "Lord Grim is here!"
    For a time, a ghost call like a wolf is coming. In the channel of the Three Great Guilds, the crowd spread continuously with information and voice.
    "Here are the more popular people..."
    Several people who were fighting each other also noticed. Listening to the exclamation of the gamers, Lin Jingyan couldn't help but look at this side with emotion.
    "Do you want to join forces to abuse this guy first?" Zhang Jiale suddenly had a great proposal in his heart. Everyone present, except for the rookie boy over there, who has not been abused by this guy who rushed out right now? At this moment is a good opportunity for them to still use their colors!
    "This idea is great, hahahahaha!" Huang ShaOT ian called.
    "Then go!" Wang Jiexi said, indicating that he also acquiesced.
    "Would you like to call Old Han?" Lin Jingyan still wanted to win an inch, want a foot.

    "Hello from the group, whoever loves will come! Let's go first." Zhang Jiale's behavior was obviously more cruel. After saying this, he stopped working with the person in front of him. He turned his gun. Hundred BloBoss oms Fighting Style immediately shielded everyone.
    Wang Jiexi not saying anything further, manipulating the character and riding Broom will fly up, and then I saw a sword point emerge from his Witch's chest, and it was actually attacked by someone behind him.
    "Huang ShaOT ian..." Wang Jiexi's tone was full of helplessness.
    "Hahahaha, this is revenge for just three on one!!!" Huang ShaOT ian yelled frantically.
    How can Wang Jiexi be his arrogant? His character turned over and beat, a Broom shot again, and Huang Shaotian's Blade Master raised his sword and held it. The Zhang Jiale's Spitfire expert over there was already exploded in splendor, but in the end, he heard the voice of dialogue and fighting behind him, and when he looked back, he was half-dead.
    "Can you be more serious?" Zhang Jiale was so angry! His Hundred BloBoss oms Fighting Style is very expensive no matter from the utilization, the Ability or the mana. Especially in the face of top experts like Ye Qiu, it is not enough to just throw three or two bombs, so the maximum loss must be used. In the end, I have worked so hard. Is the co-authoring for these two people to set off fireworks?

    Lin Jingyan really ran a Pro-player group to send messages. When he returned to the game from QQ, it was already this scene, and he was speechless for a while.
    Lu Hanwen and Gao Yingjie are the two juniors, basically the only seniors follow blindly. It seemed that they stopped fighting just now, and the two people stopped their hands quickly. At this time, Huang ShaOT ian and Wang Jiexi were pinching up again, not saying anything further, and the two teenagers also started to do it again.
    In just such a moment, all Great Gods are messing with themselves, but Happy has taken the initiative to kill them. Gunfire rumbles, Summoned Beast rushes, and Team Happy has been around for so long. There are many break-ins at ordinary times, and it is no longer a three legged cat. Especially this kind of unharassed starter is absolutely professional and absolutely sharp.
    So a wave of sharp groups collided with like a sheet of loose sand, even if it was six Great God sands, it was instantly stunned. Every character has suffered varying degrees of damage. Zhang Jiale's Spitfire expert was knocked to the ground by a Circle Swing by Tang Rou's Soft Mist, and heard the girl mumble very disappointedly: "Great God?"

    "Skills can be killed, not insulted!" Zhang Jiale Roar said, lying on the ground and threw a Grenade to hit Soft Mist in the face. Tang Rou now has experience too. It doesn’t even enter a single aperture for other professions. It’s just an ordinary Grenade at first glance. It doesn’t matter too much. It just swept it away. When the thunder exploded, it turned to the ground Spitfire stabbed, but after Battle Lance passed through the flame of the explosion, he stabbed a hole, and then heard the sound behind him.
    "Beauty, look back at Great God!"
    Tang Rou was surprised.
    This technique uses a Grenade explosion to play the effect of getting out of the Ninja Smoke Bomb. In the Spitfire that Tang Rou has contacted, he has never seen such a thing.
    But no matter how strong you are, it is absolutely impossible to scare Tang Rou. Tang Rou didn't obediently let Soft Mist turn around, but directly sent Battle Lance back over.
    "Oh wow, awesome!" Zhang Jiale took a look and attacked directly behind him. This is a very high-end utility, and there are almost no ordinary players that can be used in actual combat. But he just praised it casually, not among ordinary players, but in the pro scene, isn't this technique the same as the basic skills?
    Boom boom boom boom!

    Tang Rou's attack was not faster than the bomb laid by Zhang Jiale. The first one exploded, and it entered the time of this guy's combo performance. Four consecutive blasts, all with the Damage from attacking enemy back bonus, were extremely sharp.
    Soft Mist blasted it four times in a row, and Tang Rou was flabbergasted. Only then did I know that overturning the Great God with one spear is not a reason to belittle the opponent, and it is almost the same if one spear directly kills.
    As soon as the four blasting was over, it stopped. It's not that Zhang Jiale's combo ended, but someone came out to make trouble. Group, of course, we need to help each other at this time. Tang Rou, Steamed Bun and others are still in the development process, but Qiao Yifan's literacy in this area is already quite high. One Inch Ash made a Ghost Slash, which accurately cut into the gap between Zhang Jiale's Spitfire expert and Soft Mist, interrupting his possible continued attack.
    "Yifan!" Gao Yingjie over there saw the appearance of One Inch Ash and called out immediately. One Inch Ash is Qiao Yifan, this is no secret.
    "Your friend?" Lu Hanwen yelled and asked casually when he saw Gao Yingjie's Witch turned to look over there.
    "Yes!" Gao Yingjie responded.
    "Is it great?" Lu Hanwen asked.

    "Uh..." Gao Yingjie couldn't answer for a while. He doesn't want to look down on his friends, but Qiao Yifan's profession, for a Pro-player, is really embarrassing to describe it as "excellent"!
    "I'm going to learn it." Lu Hanwen suddenly dropped these words, turned around and cut the road, and then killed Qiao Yifan's One Inch Ash.
    "Ah!" Gao Yingjie was taken aback for a moment, and then he came back to his senses.
    For a while, he completely forgot that Qiao Yifan was no longer in Team Tiny Herb, and he was not a teammate. He just protected it out of instinct, and his subordinate Witch immediately flew over on Broom.
    Qiao Yifan has a good overall view, and naturally has insight into Lu Hanwen's actions to attack him. One Inch Ash flicked his sword and directly threw Ice Formation in front of him, forming a protected area.
    As soon as Lu Hanwen saw it, he could only go around, but he was overtaken by Gao Yingjie's Witch. One of them rushed down diagonally, sweeping Lu Hanwen's Blade Master and staggering.
    One Inch Ash’s own Ice Formation, of course, has no effect on him. He walked the Ice Formation in stride and approached, followed by Gao Yingjie’s offensive, Ghostblade tripled, Moonlight Slash, Full Moon Slash plus Ghost Slash, and Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master It was very far away.
    "Unexpectedly, we were fighting side by side in this situation." Gao Yingjie realized that the two people are no longer teammates, and smile reluctantly reluctantly.

    As a result, before Qiao Yifan could speak, he felt that the character had been picked up from behind, and then he was thrown out. The Quick Recover utilize was not available in the air. It was a grabbing technique that forced him to fall down.
    "Every shoulder is opponent, be serious!" Ye Xiu's Lord Grim said after throwing out Gao Yingjie's Witch.
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