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Chapter List 864 Zhu Xian Boss
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Both teams have come to the fans group, so it is inevitable to have an exchange. On the Immortal Execution side, the communication between Team and fans keep on the right side of everyone. Team thanks the fans for their support, and fans continue to cheer on Team try harder. On the Happy side, the communication is a gangster. Steamed Bun is familiar with everyone, it’s hard to say, Tang Rou is no stranger to everyone! It's just that Tang Rou usually has all kinds of mighty and sturdy things in the game. Although the voice is a female voice, everyone in Happy has some private doubts. Now that the actual person saw it, it was not only a girl, but also such a beautiful girl. Everyone was a little embarrassed to talk. .
    In addition to them, there is Luo Ji, who has been mixed in Guild Happy for a long time, and has provided many guides and other things to everyone. In the eyes of noobs, Luo Ji is like a master. Now that I see Team, who can't nod and say: It really is an expert.
    Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash has a lot of power leveling, so I don’t communicate much with Guild Happy’s gamers. However, it is always named in Guild, and it is also a person around him, and there is always a kindness there.

    Happy has a warm atmosphere and attracts frequent attention from security guards. Happy gamers dare not act blindly without thinking too much. There is an isolation area between the auditorium and the players' stand, which is also to ensure the safety of the players on the sidelines. According to regulations, spectators are not allowed to walk into the isolation zone. But sometimes there are fans who want to ask the players for autographs. After getting the players' consent, the security will occasionally open their eyes and close their eyes. However, today's Happy people have already been taken away due to an accident, and are regarded as key guardians by the on-site security. Of course, don't expect to open the net on one side to them. Everyone chatted happily, but they could only shout through the isolation zone.
    Immortal Execution's polite exchanges in a few words were over. As a result, I saw happy laughter and laughter. It was endless, and all of them were in a complicated mood. I am a little envious of Happy's fusion atmosphere, but at the same time I despise the rashness of the Happy people. But after another thought, don't count the miles, Ye Qiu Great God alone is higher than their Immortal Execution team. Despise people's recklessness, what kind of status do you despise?

    The players of Team Immortal Execution were all a little lost for a while, sitting in their seats blankly and waiting for the game to start. The fans behind them were silent at this time, sitting in their seats and looking at Happy. If you want to talk about envy, you are really envy as fans. Today's pro team set up on high. The players are all stars. Farther and farther away from gamers, such friend-like contact is really nothing but a luxury.
    Seeing that Happy is so lively there. My own side was so deserted, in the player stand of Team Immortal Execution, a person smiled and turned his head and said a few words to the people around him. After the person was slightly nod, the two people stood up together, smiled and walked towards Team Happy.
    These two people, Ye Xiu actually noticed early in the morning. There have never been such two people in Team Immortal Execution. Today is their first appearance. But they can't be players, and it is not allowed to change players temporarily in offline matches.
    Look at these two people again, the one on the right looks slightly older, probably around 30 years old. The one on the left seems to be younger, probably around twenty-five or six years old.
    Seeing the two people walking straight to this side, Ye Xiu greeted him immediately. After the others noticed, they stopped chatting and put their eyes on the two people.
    "Hello, God Ye." Two people came over and greeted them actively.
    "Two of you?"

    "Zhang Jian." The older man on the right first introduced himself.
    Ye Xiu was taken aback after listening. After looking at Zhang Jian carefully, he soon remembered: "It's you? I haven't seen him for a long time, I didn't recognize him."
    "Little people like us are honored to be remembered by God Ye's name." Zhang Jian laughed.
    "What's the matter." Ye Xiu also smiled.
    Zhang Jian was also a Pro-player pioneering Era, the Immortal Execution Team Captain at the time. Leading Team Immortal Execution to the bottom of the league for two consecutive years. Compared to Captain, the winning team that won the Winning a Championship for two consecutive years, it is definitely the farthest distance in the league. In this respect, Zhang Jian said that he is a small person, but he can't be said to be self-effacing.
    But in terms of personal strength, Zhang Jian is actually far from the bottom. But in the competitive circle, strength sometimes cannot be equated with performance, and performance is the most convincing proof. Team Immortal Execution has been at the bottom for two consecutive years, and the results are so bad that it can no longer be bad, so that the Captain and Trump card of Team Immortal Execution has been accused.

    In the second season, the league began to be out of the game, and Team Immortal Execution was out at the bottom, but Zhang Jian was invited by some teams. Just when people thought that he would definitely take the opportunity to escape the fire pit, he stayed, and under pressure, finally brought Team Immortal Execution back to the alliance. Subsequently, the retirement was announced.
    After this, there is no more message from this player. At that time, the Glory Alliance was not prosperous, and Pro-player did not make much money. After retirement, the players have to live a plain life, and he, a player on a bad team, obviously won't get any follow-up.
    Unexpectedly, after so many years, he actually saw this person in the Glory circle again, and he also stood with the Team Immortal Execution that he had struggled with. Could it be that he made a fortune in the past few years, and then gave Team Immortal Execution to Acquired?
    Ye Xiu was guessing, but Zhang Jian introduced the young man on one side to Ye Xiu: "This is the Owner of our Team Immortal Execution, Xiao Jie."
    "Oh?" Ye Xiu was still guessing whether Zhang Jian was the Owner, but the Lord was introduced in a blink of an eye. Speaking of the original Owner of Team Immortal Execution, Ye Xiu really doesn't know, nor does the Immortal Execution information sent by Chang Xian. However, the person in front of him, only twenty-five or six years old, obviously cannot be the Immortal Execution Owner all the time. How old was he at that time? Sixteen or seven years old, nothing more!

    As a result, after the introduction here, after Ye Xiu asked, An Wenyi unexpectedly came up and asked: "Xiao Jie? Is that Xiao Jie?"
    As a result, I saw the elderly Owner smiling slightly nod: "It's the Xiao Jie."
    "Who?" Ye Xiu and others all looked at An Wenyi.
    "Is a best-selling author." An Wenyi said.
    "Writer?" Ye Xiu scratched his head. This identity made him particularly strange and remote. Wei Chen is even more lenient, and rushes to hear the news: "Where is the writer? Let me see, I haven't seen a living writer yet!"
    As for Chen Guo, he was actually a little curious at this time, but he was not as exaggerated as Wei Chen. Because from Wei Chen, she saw a strong breath of without learning or skills except Glory.
    "Hello writer, I am lucky to have a good time." Wei Chen stepped forward and grabbed the hand of others, and shook back and forth.
    "BoBoss Wei. I also watched your game when I was a kid." Xiao Jie laughed.
    "Oh, yes! Would you like my signature? Hahahaha." Wei Chen said shamelessly.
    Xiao Jie smiled without saying a word. Obviously, he is not a fan of Wei Chen. However, at least some information has been revealed from his words. He is also a person pursue unremittingly following Glory.

    "Owner Xiao seems to be a fan of Team Immortal Execution!" Ye Xiu said at this time.
    "Yes, it has been for so many years." Xiao Jie said.
    "That's not easy." Ye Xiu said.
    Zhang Jian rolled his eyes immediately over there. This is a bit of Provoke, but it is true. Immortal Execution is such a scumbag team that can attract a fan's persistent support for years. This is really not easy.
    "Haha, indeed." No, even Xiao Jie admits, "Immortal Execution's results have always been poor, which is really anxious. But in the past, I could only do it in a hurry, but now it's all right. I am able to help Team is here, I'm very pleased."
    "Immortal Execution should also be very pleased to have fans like you." Ye Xiu said.
    "Haha." Xiao Jie smiled, and wanted to say something, but saw the referee walking towards them, and seeing both sides looking over, the referee immediately beckoned: "Both sides are ready, the game is about to start. Up."
    "What's the matter, let's talk after we finish typing?" Ye Xiu said.
    "Or it's okay to talk while playing, I really want to hear Great God's views and opinions on the game." Xiao Jie said.
    "No problem, our two are close anyway," Ye Xiu said.
    "Then please."

    The two people said yes, but they didn't really get together to sit together, but they went back to their respective players' seats to prepare for the game. As for "I wish you good results", of course, I wouldn't say it. Right now, both parties are opponent. Isn't wishing each other good grades the same as wishing yourself scumbag? Putting this polite remark here is obviously pure hypocrisy, and the two sides decisively ignored it.
    Happy everyone returned to the players' stand, but their hearts were actually quite uneasy. What is the situation with Team Immortal Execution and Xiao Jie, these few words can already be heard.
    Xiao Jie used to be a fan of Team Immortal Execution and has always supported this team, but unfortunately this team has been very disappointed. As a result, this young boy grew up day by day, and now he has become a best-selling author and has become a successful person, so he simply bought the Team he supported. The fans support this. They are unprecedented in Glory history. The only ones who can compete with his madness are probably only playing Glory to directly forming a team and establishing a Club to play in the pro scene. Those five Heavenly Swords are less wide. .
    The miraculous experience of Team Immortal Execution can be understood now, but it will not help to grasp the victory or defeat of the current game. Don't think about it because of this.

    Seeing that the game was about to start, Seven Fields prevented everyone from harassing Happy everyone, and commanded the banners to pull the banners, the flags to wave the flags, the shouts to shout, and immediately began to try harder again. Of course, the fans of Immortal Execution were not to be outdone, and immediately started oppose each other with equal harshness with Happy.
    As for Team Immortal Execution, Xiao Jie really sat in the position closest to Happy. After a smile, the first player of their team was already on the court. (To be continued)
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