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Chapter List 879 Venue Warm-up
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Hi, Old Ye!"
    It was not someone else who took the initiative to say hello to Happy, it was Excellent Era Owner Tao Xuan, who yelled and greeted him quickly. The tone and behavior are all expressing kindness and enthusiasm. For a while, Chen Guo was a little tranced. Didn't he admit the wrong person?
    Ye Xiu smiled and raised his hand to the other party, even as a greeting.
    "I came here quite early." Tao Xuan smiled.
    "So are you." Ye Xiu said.
    Tao Xuan's gaze looked over from the members of Team Happy one by one. He is also an old man in the circle, Wei Chen and Sun Zheping, these people can still be recognized by his efforts. However, as the Owner of a Giants Team, he certainly doesn’t have to spend so much time with two players who have passed away, so he also regarded the two as ordinary players lump different matters together, nodded, just as it was. Say hello to all the members of Happy.
    "I really didn't expect it, your team is kind of interesting. Happy, right? I haven't seen it long ago. It turns out that our neighbors are also hidden dragons and crouching tigers!" Tao Xuan said, facing the players behind him With a smile. Owner laughs, can you guys not help to warm up the field? Suddenly the players of Team Excellent Era giggled.
    Tao Xuan is joking, without waiting for someone from Happy to respond, his gaze is fixed on one person in Team Happy.

    Tang Rou.
    Team Happy, what really made Tao Xuan interesting is Tang Rou. But now that Excellent Era has Sun Xiang trump card in the position of Battle Mage, Tao Xuan doesn't have any thoughts to change it. Just seeing this player in a team like Happy, he feels more regretful than other teams who are interested in Tang Rou.
    "Miss Tang, lucky to meet." Tao Xuan pulled out everyone and said hello to Tang Rou.
    Tang Rou's background is also a person who has gone through a lot of things. Any scene can definitely be held. After responding to Tao Xuan’s question just right, I listened to Tao Xuan’s words: “Miss Tang is such an outstanding talent. You must not be buried. After this game, if you are interested. You can contact me at any time. This is my card."
    "Hey, what do you mean?" Chen Guo became angry as soon as he heard it. Tao Xuan between the words and the lines is full of consider everyone else beneath one. If you don’t talk to the players in public, it also implies that Happy will definitely be out?
    "It doesn't mean anything." Tao Xuan smiled in a cool tone. Because at this time Tang Rou has accepted the business card in his hand, slight nod, and said "thank you".

    "Then let's not talk much. See you in the evening game." Tao Xuan immediately greeted the players of Team Excellent Era. Just like that. The players in the team followed an Owner, all of them not to glance sideways, only Su Mucheng was the last. If no one left to find Ye Xiu Chen Guo, they started talking. Tao Xuan in the front certainly knew it, but after glanced back, he took people away without saying anything.
    "This person is really annoying. Why don't you react at all?" Chen Guo looked around. What kind of Ye Xiu, Wei Chen, ah, are usually very good at getting angry, how can this stop like this?
    "I think it! It's not easy for such a big Owner to come up to us to do trash talk and this kind of swearing. You have to give people this space to express." Wei Chen said solemnly.
    "Oh? Who is that person?" At this time, people like An Wenyi and Luo Ji asked curiously. Tao Xuan thought he was a human being, but he forgot that his character is a bit too big for most people to come across. He did the swear word, but it was a pity. There are even people on Happy who don't even understand who he is. Just send him a business card to Tang Rou.
    "Are you scouts?" If An Wenyi and Luo Ji were asked to guess directly, they would get this answer 80% of the time.

    Chen Guo couldn't get angry anymore. He pulled Su Mucheng to ask long questions and short questions. Various parents talked, but before the competition was approaching, he didn't bring a word of Glory. Obviously Chen Guo wants to avoid this sensitive topic, after all, Su Mucheng's position no matter how clear it is. This game they are opponent. Just say to take a professional attitude to face it, but what will the real heart be like? So Chen Guo thinks it's better not to talk about this.
    After entering the stadium, both teams have their own personal reception, Su Mucheng still has to go back to Excellent Era. The two teams were then taken to their respective lounges. The competition field has been set up properly, and then both sides can each have two hours to adapt to the setting of the venue.
    "Team Excellent Era said. You can let you adapt to the venue first." The receptionist immediately sent a message.
    "Oh, thank them for me." Ye Xiu nodded.

    "Okay. I will convey it." The reception staff then left politely. Happy and a bunch of people slid around in this broad rest, and even Wei Chen was full of emotion. When he was still in the league, even Pro Team did not have such good game conditions. stadium? A joke, how could such a high degree of tolerance be needed at that time. Just find a conference center that can hold hundreds or thousands of people and you can hold a game. And now, in less than ten years, many teams have developed to have their own dedicated competition centers. The development speed of Glory's professionalism can only be described as daily renewal, monthly change.
    "It's not bad, it's really good!" Wei Chen touched this, looked at that, various visits. After Spirit was shaking, he waved his hand and said, "Come on, let me see what the game equipment is like now."
    The Happy people walked out of their lounge, walked along the players, and quickly entered the stadium.

    From the standpoint of the audience, it is not much different from the stadium of the previous competition, after all, they are almost the same. But the decoration of the competition table is quite different. The preparation area for the players is unified on the south side, and the competition platform is divided into east and west. The center of the field is a large space vacated, and the Holographic projection in the end will be placed on this area. After almost a Season’s baptism, the broadcast skills of Holographic projection have been honed and matured. Anyone who comes to the scene to watch the game will definitely have a completely different look and feel at home, not just the enthusiasm of the scene. Atmospheric experience. Because of this reform, the attendance rate of all games in this season has skyrocketed, and the league and the teams have benefited greatly. This method will be further evolved and promoted.
    After Happy everyone turned around in their preparation area, they immediately went to the competition stage. For the players, the empty Holographic projection area in the middle is actually not important at all, because they can't see them during the game. The game platform is their real battlefield.

    There are six competition seats on each side of the competition table, which is obviously designed for Team Match with the highest number of people. The computer hardware conditions of all competition seats are completely consistent, and this is a unified regulation made by the league. The main equipment used by the players is the mouse and keyboard, which can be prepared by the players themselves, and they are conveniently interjected on the bench. However, the equipment will be inspected before the game to see if it meets the league regulations. If there is a sloppy thing like forgetting to bring your equipment, don’t worry, the league will not disqualify you from the competition because of this. Ask your teammates to borrow it, or the competition field can provide unified backup equipment.
    The competition stage has been opened for players to warm up, and naturally the inspections and debugging that should be done have been completed. This time the Challenge Tournament finals specifications are quite high, which is exactly the format in the Pro League.
    Happy everyone entered the game stand immediately, turned on the device and tried each, even Chen Guo was happy and excited to feel the feeling of the Pro-player game. When I got out of the game stand, I saw Wei Chen standing alone, staring at the stadium in a daze.
    Chen Guo didn't bother him, and looked around the stadium like Wei Chen. This veteran of retirement for many years has never thought of returning to this familiar battlefield, but he will stand vividly here one day. How will he feel at this time?

    Chen Guo turned his head and looked at Wei Chen again. As a result, he saw that Ye Xiu had already stood with the guy, smoking cigarettes beautifully, and the ashes flying in the air so that people could see.
    Chen Guo is really speechless with these two, can't he leave more room for others to be moved?
    Although Wei Chen has never experienced this scene, the former veterans still showed great adaptability, and they did not have a lap in every competition bench as curious as a few young men. After such a tossing, two hours passed, and the silhouette of the Excellent Era player in the player channel began to walk out.
    In fact, there is no conflict between the two teams in this warm-up to adapt to the venue. The two-hour statement is actually not a time limit. If you really want to mix for half an hour, it is not a violation of the rules. , It’s just that before the in the end game, all equipment will be closed for a final check, at that time the players must leave.
    Therefore, what Excellent Era said that Happy came to adapt to the venue first was a kind of unnecessary politeness. It was another expression of pride of their Giants.

    Only the Excellent Era players came to adapt to the warm-up, Tao Xuan did not follow. Seeing that the Happy people were still here, the Excellent Era players didn't say anything, but after a round in the preparation area, they also went to their competition area. After seeing everyone in Happy preparing to leave, someone at Excellent Era suddenly "heed".
    Happy everyone stayed behind, and what they saw afterwards was the Sun Xiang who had been Provoke countless times but still clinging to it.
    "Since the offline game, I will get 5 points in every game." Sun Xiang stretched out a palm to this side and shook it and shouted, "Tonight, it will be no exception."
    "This child is out of help." Chen Guo said helplessly, even she was indifferent to Sun Xiang's Provoke. It is conceivable that Sun Xiang's "wolf is coming" and the joke that the wolf did not come has been made many times. Up.
    The reason was ignored, and Happy and his party left the competition stage.
    At eight o'clock in the evening, the Challenge Tournament finals will officially start.
    If I said that I knew a long time ago, Ye Xiu's decisive battle against Excellent Era will begin in the thousandth chapter, does anyone believe it?
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