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Chapter List 894 Can Not Tell
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Combo commentator and guests of Battle Mage can tell you a lot. "" But now that Lord Grim's offensive started, Pan Lin screamed Ability for a while, and gradually became dumb again. The same situation happened twice in the same game: he couldn't keep up with the pace of actual combat and had to shut up.
    Last time, Qiu Fei emerged as a new force to be reckoned with a 75-level new Ability, cutting off Lord Grim's combo, but this time, he seemed to be unable to find such an opportunity. The Battle Form was floating in the air, as if suspended, Lord Grim wandered around him, and various abilities kept throwing on him. .
    "Um...this..." Pan Lin felt that he had to say something. After cutting through Qiu Fei's combatant perspective, he looked at it for a while, and then said with a somewhat uncertain tone: "Should I use the Vanishing Step? "
    "Well, it's Vanishing Step." Li Yibo is still more confident than Pan Lin.
    However, after confirming the problem, the two people couldn't help but look at each other. Both people noticed that there was something wrong with the atmosphere.
    Vanishing Step, this high-end technique, should be regarded as a 60xs anyway when it is used. What should be a passion commentator?

    But what about two people? At this time, they were all extremely calm. Because the person on the court is Ye Xiu, the average player uses the Vanishing Step, which is a 60xs, and Ye Xiu uses the Vanishing Step. Isn’t that as common as eating?
    In fact, the two people know that this is an exaggeration. Vanishing Step, no matter who makes it, it can't be as simple as eating. Vanishing Step is equivalent to a program that can run smoothly with a CPU utilization rate of more than 90%. Ye Xiu's configuration is high, but it is also limited. Compared with other Great Gods in the league, it is the most accurate description.
    But when Ye Xiu uses this high-end technique, Pan Lin and Li Yibo find it very ordinary. Replaced by another Great God, Wang Jiexi, Huang ShaOTian, Zhou Zekai, no matter who, Pan Lin will probably crack his throat.
    This is influence.
    In the hearts of these people who have been in contact with Glory for a long time, there is such a powerful silhouette that cannot be shaken. And Ye Xiu is the silhouette of fully deserving, without any reservations. So that what he did was very unusual, but people put higher standards on him, and the unusual became unusual.
    But Vanishing Step nothing more.
    If you really dare to say this kind of words casually, you might be swollen by tens of millions of Glory players.

    But when Ye Xiu is added to these words, it seems to be easier to understand all at once.
    Based on this mentality, Ye Xiu resorted to Vanishing Step, but Pan Lin and Li Yibo remained calm. At this time, the director cut the screen into Qiu Fei's perspective. I'm waiting for them to commentator on this wonderful feature.
    "Yeah. Vanishing Step, Ye Xiu is now using the very high-end technique Vanishing Step in Glory. What is now given is Qiu Fei's combatant perspective, as you can see. From Qiu Fei's perspective, Lord Grim's silhouette has never appeared Yes, huh?"
    What Pan Lin is talking about. As a result, Lord Grim's silhouette appeared in Qiu Fei's perspective.
    "Opportunity!" Pan Lin suddenly yelled out of passion.
    The broadcast screen also quickly switched back to the overall battle: the Battle Form was suspended in mid-air, Lord Grim walked around, attacking non-stop... the situation did not change at all.
    "Oh no, what a pity!" Pan Lin sighed. He thought Qiu Fei didn't grasp the opportunity. Li Yibo on one side coughed twice, but it was inconvenient to go up to remind him that it is still live broadcast!

    The so-called opportunity by Pan Lin just now is not an opportunity at all. The principle of Vanishing Step. It means looking for the blind spot of the opponent's line of sight to attack the target. Here, hitting the target is the ultimate goal, and walking into the blind spot of the opponent's line of sight is just to serve this purpose. So when you can easily hit the opponent, naturally there is no need to do more than is required to look for blind spots to attack.
    Lord Grim just swayed in Qiu Fei's perspective just now, precisely because the attack he made at that time didn't need to be hidden in a blind spot.
    It's so!
    Regardless of Qiu Fei's combatant perspective, Li Yibo can't find this, after discovering it. Li Yibo was shocked. He doesn't know how far Ye Xiu has done this step. Continuous use of Vanishing Step is very tiring. If it can be used in this way, it will undoubtedly help players save a lot of utility and energy, but at the same time it requires players to have more accurate Awareness and judgment.
    Li Yibo is sure that currently no player in the pro scene has reached the point where Vanishing Step can send and receive freely. Li Yibo feels like he just saw it. It's just the right time, Ye Xiu made a kind of player. If you really take the initiative. That would be terrible. Ye Xiu's age is already at the end of his career, and his mechanical skill is still improving. I feel terrified even thinking about it.

    For a moment, Li Yibo suddenly felt that the broadcast was a bit cold.
    "Opportunity!" At this moment, Li Yibo heard Pan Lin yell out with regret, and because he had completely lost his mind, he had no idea what had just happened. It's hard for him to ask, so he can only follow along: "It's a pity, this one should not be missed."
    "Yes, Qiu Fei has missed a good opportunity twice." Pan Lin said.
    Li Yibo was taken aback, and immediately reacted. Pan Lin also regarded Lord Grim's silhouette at the Vanishing Step just now as Ye Xiu's mistake and Qiu Fei's opportunity! At this time, he is not easy to break, but he does not want a person with knowledge and experience in front of the TV to think that Li Yibo is nothing more than that, even this kind of thing is not visible.
    I was entangled in my heart, but I heard Pan Lin counting the combo count to Lord Grim. Pan Lin couldn't keep up with the rhythm when he reported the Ability name, but the counting was particularly smooth. One, two, three, four, five...
    Wait, one, two, three, four, five? How do you start counting combo from the beginning?
    Li Yibo lost his mind and missed too many things. I haven't figured it out yet, but Pan Lin called out again: "Ah! Broken, opportunity, opportunity, opportunity... Well, how can Qiu Fei do it!"

    Pan Lin was upset, but Li Yibo was watching the game seriously this time. The previous Lord Grim's continuous attacks were indeed interrupted, and Qiu Fei did not take the opportunity to counterattack.
    "It shouldn't be too much." Li Yibo commented, "Although Qiu Fei is also a player with no formal game experience, but this kind of opportunity, how should I have the Awareness to grasp, but from the Battle Form move, I can't see that he has such ambitions."
    "Yeah, from the time when Ye Xiu counterattacked to the present, Qiu Fei has already staggered three times to get back to the situation. It seems that this young player is still a bit too young, and he was disrupted by Ye Xiu's counterattack!"
    "It's not easy to adjust to the state at this time."
    "Yes, yes!" Pan Lin nodded repeatedly.
    Liu Xiaobie, of the three Tiny Herb players watching the game in the audience, watched the battle scene of the Holographic projection. He was plugged in the earphones, but at this moment he pulled the earphones contemptuously. Came down: "What kind of nonsense is this stuff?"
    "What's the matter?" Xu Bin turned his head and asked. Liu Xiaobie thought the Excellent Era fans were too noisy, so she put on headphones and watched the live game, but her ears were the commentator for the game received by the cell phone. As a result, hearing these two guys' analysis of the situation at hand, it is really not to know whether to laugh or cry.

    "The two guys! Said that Qiu Fei missed three opportunities before and after." Liu Xiaobie said.
    "Three chances? Which three?" Xu Bin was at a loss.
    "The first time, when I cut to the combatant perspective, Lord Grim silhouette flashed. They thought this was Ye Xiu's Vanishing Step without utilization, it was an opportunity." Liu Xiaobie said.
    "That... isn't it necessary to take the Vanishing Step to launch an attack?" Xu Bin said.
    "Isn't it? There are two more and just two False Combos. They think the combo has been interrupted and it should be a chance to fight back." Liu Xiaobie said.
    At this time, even Gao Yingjie's eyes widened, apparently surprised by this view.
    Xu Bin only smiled when he heard these two links: "The level is not enough, it is normal not to see it."
    "But they don't think so." Liu Xiaobie said.
    "So, what kind of live commentator do you listen to! Isn't it clearer than everything by watching it yourself?" Xu Bin said.
    "The key is that these guys are too noisy." Liu Xiaobie said.
    "At the moment, it's not very noisy, isn't it?" Xu Bin laughed.
    Of course it won't be too noisy at the moment. Ye Xiu succeeded in fighting back. A wave of attacks hasn't finished yet. Watching the HP of the Battle Form continue to drop, the Glory fans are extremely anxious.

    "I really don't know what they are looking forward to. Do you really expect this rookie to kill Ye Qiu... uh, Ye Xiu?" Liu Xiaobie said.
    "As long as it is a competition, there is nothing impossible!" Xu Bin said.
    "But at least don't hold such high expectations!" Liu Xiaobie said.
    "I said, you seem to have high expectations for Happy beating Excellent Era? According to your theory, you shouldn't have such high expectations!" Xu Bin said.
    "How can I..." Liu Xiaobie's defense was pale, "Xiao Gao, what do you think?"
    "What did you tell him to say?" Xu Bin not to know whether to laugh or cry, Liu Xiaobie's topic is illogical, right?
    "He is actually very strong." As a result, Gao Yingjie really said something.
    "You mean the one called Qiu Fei?" Liu Xiaobie said.
    "Does Ye Qiu Great God need to be pointed out because it is so strong?" Xu Bin vomited.
    "It's Ye Xiu." Liu Xiaobie pierced.
    Xu Bin smiled, Ye Xiu is still Ye Qiu, the name is just a title, it doesn't matter at all, he doesn't care, he still calls Ye Qiu habitually.
    "The words of this young man..." At this time, after listening to Gao Yingjie's evaluation, Liu Xiaobie also began to think about this issue seriously, "It is very strong." He nodded and said, "I think he will be your future rival. ."

    "It is now." Gao Yingjie said.
    "Let's see how he responds to the current situation first!" Liu Xiaobie said.
    "It's you, how would you respond?" Xu Bin asked.
    Liu Xiaobie did not answer, and Xu Bin did not continue to ask. In fact, the three of them had already taken the measure(s) in their hearts. If they were on the court, what should they do in this situation?
    Heaven... It's dawn again... Please remember--,-- for you to write.
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