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Chapter List 896 Can't Guess You
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
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    The first thousand and sixteen chapters can't guess you
    "Good game." Sun Xiang also acted like a Captain, encouraging Qiu Fei to return to the reserve after the game. Qiu Fei smiled, and returned to his seat without saying anything, but his gaze was cast on the table of Excellent Era. On the field, they did not have any verbal communication, everything turned into the use of the character, attack, defense, movement, dodge, this game, Qiu Fei has spare no effort, although in the end still is lost Yes, but the game will always win or lose, this time it is lost, but it will definitely win once, no matter who the opponent is.
    After encouraging his own players, Sun Xiang glanced at Happy, and suddenly raised the volume: "It's a pity that you left me with a half-blooded Ye Qiu. If you win this way, people will say that I can't win. Wu! There is no way, it seems that we can only solve it quickly!"
    Chen Guo's nose is really crooked with anger, and something that is a little handy in his hand has to be thrown away. After Sun Xiang clamored for this sentence, he walked towards the match stand high and mighty. Pan Lin and Li Yibo in the TV broadcast also began to comment on the roster of the double-out team.
    "Sun Xiang is the third one to play. From here, the strategic intent of Excellent Era Arena Match should be obvious, which is to solve the battle in three rounds and score at least 3 points." Pan Lin said.

    "Well, in the current new competition system, 3 points can only be considered a certain advantage in Team Match; two heads can only be regarded as one step ahead, as for only 1 point to enter Team Match, it is not much different from none. In Team Match, you must strive to win. As long as you lose, the opponent will have at least 1 point, and the two sides will tie into the play-offs." Li Yibo said.
    "It can be guaranteed not to enter overtime, which is at least a certain psychological advantage!" Pan Lin said.
    "This kind of psychological advantage can only be produced after a considerable endgame." Li Yibo said.
    "Therefore, it is generally believed that under this system, trump card players should play in the fourth or third overall. Excellent Era now places Sun Xiang in the third overall, which is a relatively standard offensive ranking. Looking at the situation of the game, I think I can be bolder and play with the second overall pick.” Pan Lin said.
    "I think Excellent Era still has some doubts about Ye Xiu's strength. If you change to any Great God, maybe they can be more aggressive, but Ye Xiu will know them better." Li Yibo said.
    "If you say it the other way around, they know Ye Xiu as well!" Pan Lin said.
    "Unfortunately, Ye Xiu has changed career now." Li Yibo laughed.

    "Well, now Sun Xiang players have entered the competition table, the characters of both sides are loaded into the game, and the game will start soon. The players who played in Excellent Era are Team Excellent Era Captain Sun Xiang, character, One Autumn Leaf! The players who played in Team Happy were Captain Ye Qiu, the former Excellent Era, now renamed Ye Xiu, and the former controller of One Autumn Leaf's.” As Sun Xiang entered the competition table and the competition entered the preparatory stage, Pan Lin also began to enthusiastically introduce stand up. From his words, we can see from what perspective the public expects this duel. The identity of Sun Xiang is clearly emphasized using character, but what about Ye Xiu? The emphasis is on the identity of the past, the character used in the past. Happy and Lord Grim, keywords that should have appeared in the introduction of this kind of players, were not mentioned in the introduction of this group of confrontations.
    "The countdown to the game is about to begin," Pan Lin muttered.
    "This is a showdown between the new and old Captains of Excellent Era! The character One Autumn Leaf that has been with Ye Xiu for many years is currently in the hands of Sun Xiang, becoming the opponent that Ye Xiu is going to defeat today. I don’t know what his mood is now. He is most familiar with this, and it can be said that he is his closest comrade in arms. How will he perform?" As if afraid that others would not know the highlight of this game, Pan Lin emphasized it again carefully, and this When the game finally officially started.

    The characters of both parties appeared in the map at the same time without any stay. Sun Xiang had already rushed up with One Autumn Leaf imposingly. Of course, he was disdainful of Tactic pathing. Being able to manipulate One Autumn Leaf and Ye Xiu on the official competition field, Sun Xiang originally thought that there would be no such opportunity again, and he was really sorry about that. He wanted to use a gorgeous victory to celebrate his becoming the new owner of One Autumn Leaf's, and the old owner Ye Xiu is the best sacrifice in his mind.
    Unexpectedly, after a lapse of one and a half years, he could actually meet Ye Xiu on the competition field. Although the stage is a little smaller, the attention received by this competition is pretty good, especially the media and public opinion. I think this is a perfect opportunity to sacrifice the flag.
    However, due to the competition system, it is impossible for him to fight Ye Xiu alone, and he can only expect to meet according to the rules of the competition. Now, he finally waited for the chance to face off, but it is a pity that Ye Xiu has been knocked out of half of his HP by Qiu Fei, which annoys Sun Xiang. If you can make him appear second, then everything will be perfect. However, in order to be safe, Team had to put him in third place, and this time Owner Tao Xuan personally supervised the battle, and also agreed with this arrangement, so that Sun Xiang could no longer oppose it.

    It's okay now, it's safe to win, but his plan to perfectly kill Ye Xiu has been disrupted. Half-life Ye Xiu, victory is not martial!
    "Ye Xiu, where are you? Don't hide, come out and fight." Sun Xiang manipulated One Autumn Leaf to approach the center of the map. At first glance, there was no trace of Ye Xiu's Lord Grim. He immediately talked to the public chat box. Ye Xiu had a conversation.
    "Don't worry, make up the blood first." Ye Xiu replied.
    recovery? Sun Xiang was taken aback for a moment, but he didn't know that the audience was already booing. At the beginning of the game, Lord Grim of Ye Xiu didn't come forward at all. He hid in a corner with a wretchedness comparable to Wei Chen of the same team. Then, he actually brushed himself up.
    Yes, healing. Even if Unspecialized masters low-level skills below level 20, in order to let gamers feel the difference of 24 professions when they are new to play, these low-level skills also represent the speciality of this profession. Cleric ClaBoss, of course there are two Recovering Skills below level 20. LeBoss er Restoration, small cure technique, one chanting health recovery, one instant health recovery, although the effect of Heal is not as good as the high-level Ability, but even the level 75 Cleric will never leave these two abilities unused. Low-level skill also has advantages that high-level Ability does not have. LeBoss er Restoration, cast speed is faster; small cure technique, cooldown time is the shortest.

    In the professional competition field, these advantages are critical. Especially when the battle is fierce, you need the ability to release quickly. A holy word recovered slowly and chanted slowly, and anyone who wanted Heal might have been killed.
    At this time, Ye Xiu, the small cure technique is useless, this type of instant Heal Ability has a cooldown time, and it is not short, it is usually a critical moment. But the caster type Restoration is fine, there is no cooldown time, so at this time Lord Grim chants one after another, and the white light of LeBoss er Restoration on his body has not been cut off.
    Besides, Restoration is still hanging on Lord Grim! He is an all-rounder of 24 professions. Among the 24 professions, Heal besides Cleric and Paladin! Restoration is Paladin's low-level skill. As a state of health recovery Ability, it is a Great God skill that even Cleric would envy. It recovers HP every three seconds when it is hung on the character, and it stays for 18 seconds after the full level. At this time, Lord Grim's HP maintained a rhythm of one jump every three seconds, which led to the fact that his Restoration was in the order of which no one could tell at all. This guy's Restoration Ability has never been interrupted and has been jumping.
    In this scene, except for the booing Excellent Era fans, everyone else was deeply speechless.

    Comes with Heal when duel? I can't say that I have never seen this. Although the two major professions of Cleric and Paladin will not play IndivID ual Competition, there are still two professions in Priest-claBoss, Knight and Exorcist. Low-level skills below level 20 are common to the same class set occupations, that is to say, the two major occupations of Knight and Exorcist can also learn these Heal abilities.
    So with Heal ability, and duel with others, can you triumph in every battle? Of course, those with a little experience know that it is not that simple. Knight and Exorcist can of course learn a few low-level Heal Ability, but the Heal effect is very different compared to Cleric and Paladin. For those two professions, there is a full-time bonus after the transfer class. Then, Heal There are also special Heal equipment. Heal effect, that is another element listed separately besides Physical Attack and Magic Attack. If Knight and Exorcist want to be equipped with Heal abilities, they have to make a certain trade-off. After this trade-off, no one thinks there is any imbalance in their own Heal ability.
    So it’s not uncommon for Heal Ability to appear on the duel court, but it’s not uncommon for someone like Ye Xiu to shrink the character directly in the corner and uninterrupted Heal unpretentiously at all. That’s a rare dynamism, and the audience has been suppressed. Up.
    It was Pan Lin and Li Yibo. After seeing Ye Xiu's behavior at the beginning, they couldn't speak for a long time.

    What an exciting game it should be! See how active Sun Xiang is! But Ye Xiu's move brought the style of this game to the insignificant direction.
    "Lord Grim of Ye Xiu...Heal to himself at this time, um..." said Pan Lin commentator. He couldn't find the passion before. It is impossible for him to yell with excitement, "Wow, what a great God, he hides aside and sings to himself Heal one after another, and Restoration never stops." Pan Lin can't do it.
    "Well, in Heal..." Li Yibo's comment at this time was also quite pale.
    "The effect is not as powerful as Cleric or Paladin." Pan Lin said.
    "That is natural, there is no transfer class bonus." Li Yibo said.
    "There is no Heal equipment on him either." Pan Lin said.
    "It all depends on the Heal effect brought by Element."
    "I just don't know if his weapon has Heal Element."
    The two people were chatting unnourishedly.
    "But if Heal goes on like this, the mana loss is a bit too big? How else to fight next?" Pan Lin finally found a question worthy of doubt.
    Before the words fell, a blue light suddenly appeared on Lord Grim's body.

    "This is?" Li Yibo was startled, and then saw Lord Grim's mana recovering quickly.
    "Hope... a prayer?" Pan Lin dumbstruck.
    "It's Prayer of Hope..." Li Yibo has an urge to cry. The commentator Great God game is really too difficult, I will never guess you!
    I suddenly found out today that the number of chapters after one thousand is not standard, one thousand and sixteen, is it okay to count like this? Does it need to be written as one thousand and sixteen?
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